‘Gangster Squad’ Being Delayed Until January 2013

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gangster squad release delay Gangster Squad Being Delayed Until January 2013

[UPDATE: Warner Bros. has officially set Gangster Squad to hit theaters on January 11th, 2013.]

Warner Bros. has decided to cut an entire sequence from Gangster Squad, where mobster Mickey Cohen’s (Sean Penn) men attempt to gun down members of the LAPD at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The gesture, in response to the Colorado massacre at a Dark Knight Rises midnight screening, has proven very divisive in the court of public opinion.

The debate rages on over whether trimming that fictional scene is appropriate or too drastic – especially given the context, as Gangster Squad is a dramatization of the real-life battle between LA police and Cohen’s criminal empire during the late 1940s. One thing is a given, though: the film won’t make its original September 2012 release date.

Studio heads are reportedly considering January 11th, 2013 to launch Gangster Squad in theaters, where it will face off against Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters (starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton). THR says the studio first has to plan a new timeline for reshooting the aforementioned theater sequence, and then reschedule press for the film (both will be affected by cast availability).

Gangster Squad was previously being trumped-up as an awards contender, given the caliber of the ensemble cast and script by up-and-comer Will Beall – who’s since been entrusted to write the Justice League movie. If nothing else, the film’s initial September date gave it a fighting chance to replicate the box office success of, say, Ben Affleck’s crime drama/thriller The Town from two years back.

Sean Penn Josh Brolin in Gangster Squad Gangster Squad Being Delayed Until January 2013

Sean Penn and Josh Brolin in 'Gangster Squad'

January isn’t the Hollywood dumping ground that it used to be, but even critically-lauded films released during that month struggle to maintain awards buzz (see: The Grey). If Gangster Squad does indeed end up being pushed back to January 2013, that means Warner Bros. is abandoning any Oscar hopes – and instead going for an early year hit, in the aftermath of the Winter Holiday Season.

There’s also the option of delaying Gangster Squad for about a year. Such a move would allow the film to avoid being rushed through a reshoot that could interfere with the quality of the final narrative – while still keeping its Oscar hopes alive. That’s assuming you’re not of the opinion that Gangster Squad should just be released this year, as planned and intact…

UPDATE: Gangster Squad is set to hit U.S. theaters on January 11th, 2013.


Source: THR

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  1. As much as my heart goes out to the victims and the families, pushing back the release is just admitting that the shooter won.

    • I whole-heartedly agree. We shouldn’t give the nutjobs out there this kind of power. It was shot before this happened, no one can mock it for that reason. It should be released as is, and if it isn’t it should at least have the scene included as a deleted scene on the blu-ray.

  2. The trailer for this film has pretty much been scrubbed from sites
    but I managed to find a copy and the theater shootout scene
    is so brutal and over-the-top I do not see how it survives
    whether this film is released this year or next year.

    From a practical standpoint the scene would be
    a public relations disaster during its promotion.

    From a style standpoint if the scene is an indication of
    the rest of the film approaches violence then the movie
    will not be attracting the kind of acclaim some have thought.

  3. This is super retarded. the second they banned the trailer it became obvious this is happening. One guy goes f****** crazy and we just start censoring stuff all over the place.

    l really don’t get Hollywood these days

  4. Overreaction much? They are going to ruin what looked to be an awesome movie

  5. oh man, whats next……really this is getting out of hand now. Just because this happened they have to can a film for a whole year!!!!! Its not about the shooter winninig or loosing because he didnt have a motive for it. but people how is this going to anger the people of america and the world. why dont we just ban all films all together lets burn all the movies about war. lets burn all books about the jew holocust, let forget about the oppersion of the blacks in the 50 becasue someone might get offeneded. by doing this it just goes to show just how narrow minded we are as a socity that by not facing this type of thing head on we just bury our heads in the sand, it happened i am sorry it did. but why are we going to denying the actors the studio and the public from watching and making our own desicion in regards to what we watch and enjoy.

    in that case because smoking causes cancer ban smoking make it illegal, ban alchola because it causes accidents, ban driving becasue people crash. all these things happen people. just because some lunatic killed people in a theater does not mean that we all need to subjected to the cries of a few.

    • I don’t think you appreciate the gut reaction people have to these things…Ath Anti Sew, it’s all psychological. You yell ‘Barracuda,’ everybody says ‘Huh? What?’ You yell ‘Shark’….. we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July

  6. It’s only a movie guys. There are more important things to worry about in today’s world. If changing a scene in a fictitious movie will help/ not harm the victims of the shooting, I’m all for it.


  7. no its not about the movie, its society as a whole. we have become a society of weaklings unable and afriad to stand up and say enough. hence why we have so much crap happening around us. people need to come to terms with it and just get over it. everytime something happens we freak out. god we have dont try this at home lables on movies all the time when stunts are involved. when i was a kid we knew not to do that. but now we need warning lables on everything we need to be held and told we are doing a good job all the time. back in the day you fell down you picked your self up and carried on. now a days we fall down we cry blame our parents blame society, blame the goverment religion global warming, you go see a shrink, write a book about falling down and become a martyer for all people about it. what we need is a swift kick in the ass saying enough!!!! get your s*** together and move on. If we did that this world would be a better place. This country was founded on people saying enough of this and they built what once was a great country now its a shambles. full of whinny me me me people. people who cant deal with crap around them. if it does not meet thier point of view if it offends them they make a rucks. well guess what if you dont like it leave if you dont want to see it gtfo!!! if for eveyrtime a tragic event happens and we react like this the day will come when a real war will occur and as a country we will roll over and say okay take me now. stand up for your belifes this is just the start of a down hill slid in what once was a great society of ass kickers. this guy killed people, let him sleep with the fishes, lets stand up proud and carry on. if any one tries that crap again they will know what will happen to them.

  8. The movie is called “Gangster Squad”.

    What did people think they were going to see?!?!! Picnics?!?!!

    Shooting other Gangsters is part of what makes a good Ganster movie fun.

  9. I’m for the change. For the studio to recognize that this scene would be to fresh after the tragedy in Colorado proves that there are people still out there who are sensitive to how their art influences (or offends) the masses. I shudder to think of the time when these such changes won’t happen, wherein a studio will say, “So what?” and push through their film to get the money that’s promised them.

    Realizing that sensitivity is proof that we’re still human. Some of us, at least.

    • exactly.

    • Thank you.

      I don’t know what the reason or motive of WB is, and I don’t care. Whatever the reason, it is an effect of the shooting. I don’t care about James Holmes. He’s not “winning” anything I want, and how is WB changing a movie scene adding to his tally of “winnings?”

      Plenty have said that the occasional kook and mass shooting is the price of living in a free society (i.e. easy access to guns). If that is the case, who cares about a stupid movie?

      Maybe it’s not the shooter winning. It’s us losing. Small price.

    • Agreed.

  10. My heart goes out the the Colorado victims but this cutting and adding because of one clearly crazy man is stupid.

  11. dan-o you are modern society, feelings, emotions, weakness of soul. its time to get past it and getting past it is accepting learning and getting on with our lives. trying to sensitve about it wont fix it. has anyone asked the families if this would even offend them. i think that they have bigger things to worry about then a movie that will come out in a few months. they are doing this for the bleeding heart liberals out there that never did grow up.

    • Just because I’m cognizant of other people’s feelings doesn’t mean my soul is weak. I’m looking out for someone else whom is hit way harder by this tragedy than I am. You think a movie can’t send the wrong message or be impressionable to the wrong people? James Holmes called himself the Joker.

  12. So what’s next?

    Lets not make a movie with scenes that include:
    - killer sharks cause a surfer got eaten by one near Australia
    - fatal bus crashes because a dozen people died in India when 2 buses collided
    - civil wars becuse of the hundreds dying in Syria and Iraq
    - murder because there’s a murder in the US every hour
    - teens binge drinking because the other week a teenager died from alcohol poisoning

    And the list can go on and on.
    I’m not insensitive, I just don’t like censorship. Also there’s a reason why Movies have age ratings.

    • Totally agree with this.

      I find it ridiculous when movies are changed anyway because it limits creativity regardless what happens in the real world but when it’s based on real life?

      What next, movies portraying Adolf Hitler as the good guy in case it offends any of his descendants and relatives?

      • This kind of stuff didn’t stop United 93 or World Trade Center, why should it affect a fictional movie, based on something that DIDN’T HAPPEN?

  13. From now on movies will be just a look at the sun and clouds becasue that wont offend anyone. unless it rains then i will be offended and ask for movie makers to not show clouds because it rained on me once and now i am offended by clouds. or god now i got a sunburn once never show the sun again!!! oh god the humanity!!!!! they had better stop showing dogs becasue people have been bitten by dogs, or cats becasue they scrath. like a poster said here has anyone in the media or from the studios actualy spoken to the family memebers of the victims, if they are will be offended by the scene in this movie???

  14. I was just 3/4 of the way through a very long rant saying no to this but I deleted it because I don’t want to get political on this site.
    I’ll just say I hope WB takes their time to decide if this is the right thing to do. IMO any altering of our lives wether it’s going to movies or what movies we choose to see is playing into the motivations of this mad man.
    He wanted to have fame and notoriety and I refuse to do anything that helps this psycho achieve more of it…

  15. When sensitivity is carried to the WB extreme it becomes just plain silly.
    However, the comments listed would carry much more weight if those making them had some command of punctuation and spelling. Otherwise they take the risk of being thought of as illiterate and therefore dismissible.

    • I’m pretty sure that any posts made by grammar police commenting on article reply posts have a much higher risk of being dismissed :)

      • Yes, because those doing the dismissing are too lazy to educate themselves. This laziness will lead to a language barely understandable and communication projects such as Screen Rant will perish from the Earth.

  16. My heart goes out to the people involved in the tradgic shooting. But sad to say in 1 or 2 months this event will be almost forgot about by the general public as it didnt personally effect every moviegoer and person on the planet. People move on, this is just ‘hot news’ this week and it make it easy to capitalise on. I think WB should NOT edit or change this movie in any way as it will remind people of the shooting and then will be majorly publicized that the scene has been cut due to the nutcase. If anything move the release date to early next year January – April. But it is a gangster movie and i want to get the best experience out of the movie and that scene looked great in the trailer. If they do cut it i hope that there is an alternative version to watch on the Blu-Ray with the original scene.
    Stop censorship of movies, you americans already tried to censor the internet just stop already!

  17. I understand pushing back the release date, but the reshoot is totally not necessary in my opinion

  18. this is b*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sorry guys this is heath from across the depth of time and space….Hi….sorry i did such a good job at acting out the joker and creating a monster like him. Sorry. if its any benift to anyone out there, some one please go speak the victims families and say sorry for me. this guy was sick, if its anything this just seems like trending news. give it a few weeks and people will forget and a movie studios will have canned what may have been a very good movie for no reason. do those you say that we are insensitve because we arent thinking of the victims we are. by simply not letting our selves fall down we are. so dont be serious smile, i sure did.

  20. If we push back the release of “Gangster Squad”,…the terrorists win.

  21. To all of those here making the argument, “no more movies about gang violence, wars, rapes, etc, because there are people who are victims to these tragedies”, I say your arguments are ridiculous and extreme. Obviously, nobody (or at least very few people) is/are saying that we should edit all violence out of all forms of entertainment for fear of offending individuals. That would be insane and would be an abomination to the art of film, what, among other things, is supposed to entertain us. As sick as it may be, violence entertains us, and cutting it out of everything would leave for very boring movies and tv shows.

    The truth of the matter is, this tragedy made national headlines and is something that really caught people’s attention. Whether it’s right that this tragedy gets so much publicity and not the countless other tragedies that occur every day all over the world is irrelevant. The fact is, this shooting was made into a big deal, whether you like it or not. To have a scene so soon after the tragedy, a scene that so closely reminds people of this horrific incident, even if it’s a fictitious scene that was conceived months, maybe even years before the tragedy, is nevertheless in poor taste. I believe the scene should be omitted, or at least the movie should be delayed (like it is) so the event is not as fresh in the public’s mind.

    Now, I don’t know whether WB is doing this because of a PR stunt, or if it’s genuine sensitivity, and none of us truly know (unless you or someone close to you works for WB and has inside knowledge on the motivations behind this decision, in which case, please speak up). If I had to guess, I’d say it’s some sort of combination of the 2, but again, I don’t really know.

    And to all of those saying that omitting the scene is letting the shooter “win”, I’m simply confused. As far as I know, he had no motivation. He didn’t care about scaring people away from the movies. He didn’t care about making a name for himself. As far as I have heard from the media, he’s just an insane kid who dressed up like movie characters and slaughtered innocent civilians. Nothing you do or don’t do will make him “win” or “lose”. Those kind of comments are ridiculous. He murdered innocent people. That’s it. Nobody wins or loses.

    I don’t know if the victims’ families care about this scene or not. I don’t know if they will feel better and appreciated that people are being sensitive to their situation, or if they will be upset that we are sweeping these issues under the rug. Or if they just won’t care at all. As someone who has been involved in a tragedy, I would venture to say that the families barely even know what they think, and their thoughts and emotions are probably not very rational. I think the best thing we could possibly do is approach this situation with caution and sensitivity. We don’t know what these families want, so play it on the safe side, and get rid of the scene, or at least delay the movie. That’s all I have to say.

    (This is all IMO)