SR Geek Picks: ‘Game of Thrones’ One-Liners, Star Wars vs. Star Trek & More

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Nintendo Power Glove Oven Mitt Turns You Into a Kitchen Wizard

Power Glove Oven Mitt 570x380 SR Geek Picks: Game of Thrones One Liners, Star Wars vs. Star Trek & More

Fangamer released a Nintendo Power Glove-themed oven mitt designed by artist Jon Kay that will turn you into a kitchen wizard. The Power Glove is a video game controller for the 8-bit Nintendo console and referenced in the 1989 film The Wizard starring Fred Savage (here is a video reference). The oven mitt is available to purchase online.


Surprise Orchestra Pranks


Cartoonists visit Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, stand in stunned wonder

Pittsburgh comic book artists and Boing Boing podcast producers – Ed Piskor, Jasen Lex, and Jim Rugg – visit a singular archive containing the world’s largest collection of cartoon and comic book art: The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (Columbus, OH).


Awkward Handshake: The Game

Ever have an awkward moment while greeting someone? Time to level up on your social skills.


Star Wars vs. Star Trek Infographic

star trek vs star wars infographic SR Geek Picks: Game of Thrones One Liners, Star Wars vs. Star Trek & More

The battle wages on – that is between two of sci-fi’s most iconic franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars. It is s a battle that has been discussed by fans for over 30 years now. And with the recent news of J.J. Abrams accepting the director’s job on the next Star Wars film, the flames have been fanned.

The following infographic, discovered at, pits the two franchises against each other once again — with criteria including number of films, box office gross, number of Academy, Grammy and Emmy Awards, video games, books, toys, and social media followers.


That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

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  1. I would still put the Enterprise up against the Death Star any time. And Spock would figure out a way to destroy those blasted midichloriads. :-D

    • The Enterprise vs the Millennium Falcon, the nerdterprise has no chance
      and never underestimate the power of the force

      • Millennium Falcon?! Those blasters wouldn’t even penetrate the navigation shields. And the Falcon can only go .5 past light speed; Enterprise may have a problem at impulse though.

        The Force…right. Let’s see, just like in Plato’s Stepchildren, McCoy would just inject Sulu (since he’s good with swords) with 3 times the number of particles that Vader has. Game over. :-P

        • @Kahless.

          Relax…I handled it.

          • Your blood is truly Klingon!!


            • Well my mother did have an affair once.

              But…I let Star Wars decide how powerful their ships are.

              Hehehe, then use their on technology against them.


        • The Millennium Falcon has massive cool factor.

          That’s all that matters.

      • but the millenium falcon is han’s ship, and han doesn’t have the force… I don’t understand your logic…

        • It appear as though Han doesn’t have the Force. Han may very well have the Force with him. Technically everything in the Star Wars universe does. It penetrates and binds their galaxy together. Thus also effecting the abilities of Han Solo. This would also explain the saying of “May the force be with you.” because it always is technically with them but it determines the outcome of the events.

        • Meh, I’d pick the Falcon purely because it’s from a franchise that isn’t totally boring and suck-worthy.

          There we go, debate over since it’ll go on forever anyway if we don’t agree to disagree.

          • I think we can agree that you are a putz, at least. After all, if anyone here wants to have a conversation rather than hurling broad insults and hoping to make others unhappy for some reason, then you aren’t facilitating any mature conversation by insulting half the people here. Need some clarity? You are “boring and suck-worthy.”. How does that feel? Like a good way to contribute respectfully to a discussion? You know that many here are staunch fans, so why do you just want to pester and insult them? I like both, and think if you have nothing to add then you should bite your tongue. Share an intelligent opinion or save your insults for the playground.

        • @ Jeff W

          Yes… That is one way to end the battle of the skies but now a land battle?

          Force – Mind trick, push, pull, choke, lightning, vision, mind reading and speed.

          Lightsaber – Deflect phaser, able to cut through any object minus other lightsaber energy.

          Clone – The ability to mass produce an army of over 200,000 units and a million more well on the way within a 15 year time span.

          With these powers considered even in the ships they have available the outcome will alter by your calculations.

          • Force – McCoy can reproduce those midi-whatchamacallit
            Lightsaber – Can’t cut through a personal shield nor neutronium
            Clone – Let’s see them fight an army of Normans or Rocs

            Also, phasers can fire in multiple directions or even blanket an entire area.

            • True McCoy could attempt reproduce the Midiclorions however they would not be able to harness their own Force abilities. It took Jedi thousands of years before they were able to learn control.

              The Jedi are able to see visions (of the past, future and present) therefore seeing the Normans and Rocs and allowing them to know how to destroy or immobilize the threat. The clones could simply invade the less protected planets.

              Where does it say that a lightsaber cannot cut through a shield or neutronium. This is a quote from Memory Alpha, Star Trek Wiki : “according to Spock, rodinium was the hardest substance known to Federation” This doesn’t mean that a lightsaber cannot cut through the substance.

              I will admit that phasers can do that but I forgot the Jedi have the ability to become invisible using the force. Allowing them to slip past defenses unnoticed until it is too late.

      • PS3DRO


        Falcon has the maneuverability and speed at sublight . Enterprise stationary has a multiple targeting system, Shields and Torpedos. Falcon as concussion missles and turrets, which means two people would have to target the Enterprise, one would be Han which means he is not flying.

        Enterprise would target the Falcons deflectors and then hit the falcon with tractor beam.

      • Oh, yeah…. Well, Serenity for the win.

  2. Spock: Captain, sensors have detected a gravitational force
    Kirk: On screen
    Sulu: It looks like a moon
    Spock: That is no moon…it is a space station
    Kirk: A space station?! That size??!!
    Chekov: Keptin, sensors have detected an energy buildup
    Kirk: Red alert!
    Spock: Captain, I detect only one port for a weapon
    Kirk: Sulu, brings us around the other side at full impulse and fire a full spread of torpedoes

    Game over



    • i detect the nerdterprise, you may fire when ready. Boom!!
      game over

      • Do not start a fight, when I pretty much ended it without using one Star Trek ship.

        That was all done by your own Star Wars ships.

  3. Spock: Captain Senors indicate numerous fighters headed this way.
    Kirk : Red Alert…Raise Shields!
    Spock: We can stand down, all fighters just crashed into the Enterprise’s Shields. They did not have any shields…They are destroyed.
    Kirk: I wonder if their Women are as easy?

    • You owe me a new computer screen! Pepsi and electricity don’t mix! :-D

      • My Bad…and Kahless.

        Writer wanted to bring in the force…Talosians would wipe the floor with The force.

        Without even thinking.

        And I did not even mention The Continuum.

        Kahless…I GOT THIS!

    • Where does it say Star wars ships don’t have shields? They just don’t have to say “shields up!” and waste time.

  4. i would use Starkiller and destroy your biggest ships

    • The thing is, the Enterprise was able to withstand a shot from Vger, a computer that had amassed all knowledge in the universe. Also, the Death Star has to power up its weapon, which a starship can detect. By the time they are ready to fire, 20 torpedoes would have hit it.

      I actually love both, but I’m a Trek-nut. :-D

      • @ Kahless the Unforgettable

        I don’t think that he was referring to the Death Star. He was referring to Star Killer. Star Killer is a person who brought down multiple Star Destroyers with nothing but the force.

        • You are correct Sir!!!

          • Sorry about that; never heard of Starkillers before. Were these part of a novel or animated show, because I’ve seen all the movies?

            Of course, there are numerous races in the Trek universe that are godlike (Dowd, Trelane’s race, The Metrons, The Organians, The Q) but that would be cheating, so I won’t bring them up. :-D

            And Jeff W is right, this is all just for fun.

            Speak for yourself, weakling humaaannn!!

            Oh, sorry Kahless. Fun for us humans, bloodlust for Kahless. :-P

  5. I always wondered this… If Star Trek universe was to collide with Star Wars universe, one thing would be certain. The midiwhatchamakalems would either exist for all parties to use or disappear altogether. So anyone could be a Jedi or no one could be a Jedi.

  6. I love the power glove. It’s so bad!

    • @Pyronaut

      You bought a powerglove to a phaser and lightsaber fight???

      • Nah I didn’t really care to be part of that fight. I just loved that power glove oven mitt and Wizard reference.

  7. I would love to see a fight between Darth Maul and Khan. While Maul is trying to slice Khan up, Khan is quoting Shakespeare. :-D

  8. Patton landed on one good idea: undo the silly death of Boba Fett! Say what you will about the prequels, but the Jango character was better developed, and seeing him speak with his helmet off was cool. Since Boba is a clone they could hire the same actor (Temura Morrison) and finally make Boba Fett into a character who is more than style and a cool action figure. He could actually be a great character.

  9. I’ll take any excuse to discuss little Lord Tyrion and Sir Peter Dinklage, but I think there is a difference between “One liners” and just brief things that he said once. Not exactly a list of zingers. May as well shorten it (pun!) to meaningful glances or broaden it to full speeches. He’s really always good.

    Btw, if you haven’t heard about Mr. Martin and his turtles, it’s a cool story. I heard it on the horrendous G4 channel while they were wasting as much time as possible at E3. Somehow they accidentally got some good footage when the turtle story came up from his childhood.