‘Game of Thrones’ Season Finale Spoiler!

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game of thrones season finale fire and blood spoiler Game of Thrones Season Finale Spoiler!

There’s only one episode left of Game of Thrones, HBO’s most talked about series since True Blood. Last week’s episode – “Baelor” – was all things thrilling, shocking, and for many fans, devastating. With any luck, the upcoming season finale will be the climax we’re all hoping for.

If you haven’t seen “Baelor” but still intend to – or if you don’t want to know anything about the season finale, we suggest you bail on this article immediately, because…












After last week’s shocking conclusion – wherein Ned Stark, played by series star Sean Bean, was beheaded at the behest of the young King Joffrey – fans of the show were left reeling. The character they’d fallen in love with was abruptly dead and gone, never to be seen or heard from again. However, as it happens, that wasn’t exactly the truth and we’ve yet to see the last of Ned Stark on Game of Thrones.

According to Natalie Abrams of TV Guide:

“Although Ned Stark was beheaded on the Sept of Baelor, it’s not the last we’ve seen of Sean Bean. In fact, in the finale, two of his children will see him in a way you’d probably expect of television; a third, though, will have a shocking run-in with dear old Dad.”

Shocking? Frankly, we’d be more shocked if something on Game of Thrones wasn’t shocking. Any bets on who the child is? Arya? Robb? Snow? Bran? (We’ll thank fans of the books to NOT answer this question.)

For those who’ve read the books, there’s some speculation — from our resident Thrones book reader, Michael Crider — that Ned’s appearance relates to “The Tower of Joy” (which, apparently, is a pretty big deal in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire).

Courtesy of InsideTV, the premiere airing of “Baelor” tied Game of Thrones’ highest ratings from the previous week with 2.7 million viewers at 9 p.m. It was down slightly for the night’s overall count (3.4 million from 3.6), though the numbers are still impressive for an HBO show that aired the same time as the Dallas Mavericks/Miami Heat game.

Check out the video recap of “Baelor” below:


After “Baelor” aired, many a fan all across the Internet threatened never to watch Game of Thrones ever again (because how dare those HBO jerks kill their precious Ned Stark!). In fairness, Sean Bean’s portrayal of the honorable Northerner was so endearing, it was pretty much impossible not to be seething as a result of his execution. That said, it’s hard to believe anybody could watch all nine episodes, including “Baelor,” and just throw their hands up in the air and walk away from the finale, seething or not.

What about you guys? Will you be watching the Game of Thrones season finale, “Fire and Blood”? How about season 2? Drop us a line in the comments.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays @9pm on HBO. The season 1 finale will air on June 19, 2011.

Source: TV GuideInsideTV

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  1. People who haven’t read the book, but have seen a pale shadow of one the character portrayed for a few hours on T.V are up in Arms…

    The same people with a very low attention span or little room in their minds for a story that isn’t part of the catch all, disappoint none Hollywood curve..

  2. I demand that Stark is reinstated immediately, and made impervious to harm from this point forward.

    He will thus be surrounded by men in red shirt. We shall never know these men.. and shall not throw toys out of our pram when several of them perish in every episode…

  3. the shocked folks are the same people who wanted no changes to their beloved characters on Heroes and we know where that show ended up in the end.
    Though suprising I thought it was great to do it.

  4. listen to all the people telling you the same thing on all these GOT forums.


    You guys are going to need counselling after the Red wedding
    Seriously… Chill.

    • The Red Wedding won’t be until season 3 assuming it is renewed. I can’t wait to see the reaction to Melisandre and her “skills” next season.

  5. Didn’t you see that Varys was an actor.. Maybe his act had a magic show that pretended to behead people. That would be a great way for Cercei to be comfortable that Ned be out of the way and keep good ol’ Ned in the show..
    At least that is what I am hoping.. Still in shock on that ending!

    • Why are you speculating? The story is written already – go read a book!

  6. Well unfortunately for those poor pathetic viewers who were shocked to the almost end of this first series in the long winter that Ice and Fire is. After I read book four and waited five years for book five I said I would never again read one of Martins stories, but alas I was wrong as I have pre ordered a dance with dragons due out next month. There is nothing to compare this adventure with, it is exceptional in all the twists and turns that plot across the pages, As I pretty much know the end of book one I cannot wait for season two to arrive.

    • I’m with you brother! I find that I hope that #5 is the finale because I don’t think I can take another five years wait. Or another dead author like with WoT.

      I’m a nerd.

      • It’s not the finale… there are two or three more books after the next one.

  7. I don’t know why I am always shocked that there are so many people willing to watch a series based on books, but are unwilling to actually READ the books. Seriously people, if you love these shows so much, consider for a moment how much more you might enjoy the books. Plus, you’ll actually be smarter when you’re done! I promise, this is true.

    That said, this series is SO faithful to the books that I can’t even be bothered to watch because it’s like watching re-runs of a show I watched as a kid. I DVR’d them, but it takes several sitting to get through an episode. It did inspire to start re-reading the books though, and THAT has been great. Can’t wait for book five next month. JUST finished the red wedding scene from book 3!

    • Who are you talking to? Who is unwilling to read the books?

  8. hey easy on the viewing fans!! After all they are soon to be readers and they aren’t pathetic!! Thats just how good the actors are they have us falling in love with their characters, and on the edge of our seat when they’re in peril. I Freak’n Love this series tv and book version!!! That said Book Worms go easy on the newbies.

  9. I really don’t get where the sense of elitism of people who’ve read the books come from. No need to insult those who haven’t and look down on those who haven’t read the books. I have read them, but I have several friends who haven’t and are LOVING the series, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it as much as me. Get off your high horse, just enjoy the series for what it is.

    • I’ve read the books, and I’m glad the TV series is bringing more popularity to them. I am so excited that all of my friends are finally getting on board and reading the books because of the series. It’s awesome being able to discuss the show / books with them! Welcome aboard!

  10. george R R’s comment on the last episode :)

    “Speaking of my trip… maybe it is good that I am getting out of the country, with “Baelor” scheduled to air tonight. Those of you who have read the novel will have a good idea of what’s happening this week, just from the title, but there are millions of viewers who have no idea and some of them may soon be turning up on my virtual doorstep with virtual pitchforks and torches.”

  11. Ned Stark HAD TO DIE.

    He was a nice enough fellow, but he simply didn’t understand the RULES of the GAME.

    He NEVER did.

    And he was not a good leader.

    One of his men came to him and said, “I SAW WHITE WALKERS!!!” What did Ned do? Ned beheaded the guy.

    The guy just didn’t get it. He should never have left winterfell.

    • Sadly, you are absolutely right.

      Ned Stark got over his head. Simple as that. King Robert SHOULD have gotten his brother Stannis to be his Hand, instead.

      • When we meet stannis in S2 you’ll know the answer:p

        • Exactly! Stannis should have been the one Robert put in the Hand’s tower, a post known for gruesome and tragic deaths, instead of his BEST FRIEND. ;) Not to mention Stannis took it as an offense that he didn’t.

          Okay, I know Robert didn’t know what was coming, but even so.

      • “Ned Stars got over his head.”
        **ba-dum TSSSSSS**

  12. exactly, Ned was a straight talking northerner who came from a place where people spoke their mind and wore their hearts on their sleves. He also had a thick streak of honor.

    Once down south the rules of the game changed, and he couldn’t play.

  13. Oh geez, as a reader I think I know what the “shocking” thing is for this episode. I don’t know that they really needed to hype it.

  14. ah well.. in a few years we’ll all be debating what is Brienne’s one word?!!!

    • Buffy fan?

    • We should know next month when the new book comes out! ;-)

  15. This show is such a waste of time. The only episode that was remotely interesting was the one written by Jane Espenson. Otherwise this show has been lame and boring.

  16. Ya i will watch the final and may be S2 but giving away the only mark of honor is just sad, ya Rob seems to have some of that but he is still young and he doesn’t know how to play the game of thrones

  17. Ned’s death is pivotal to the G.O.T, it serves to establish that honor and the “old ways” has no place on the board when the weight shifts. -I just started reading the books so I’ve watched the G.O.T series free of reference(so far). I felt Ned’s execution strengthened Cersei’s point, “You Win or You Die”, the strongest point for me so far. Hands down G.O.T is an incredible show imo, it’s hard to imagine I’ll have to wait a year for season 2 after Sunday’s finale.

  18. I love the show and have set out to find all the books and begin reading. I knew Ned was going to die when he was sent to the dungeon and was not surprised to see it. Really people it’s not the end of the world.

  19. I can’t wait for Dany’s scene at the end of the season finale! It is going to be such an awesome way to end the season!!!

    • I was excited to see that scene too! It’s the one I was waiting for, and I don’t think they could have pulled it off any better. They did an awesome job with it!


  21. I cant wait for the finale…I have read the book already and I am happy that HBO is sticking to the book…It was shocker when I read the book…But I can tell you that there are more shockers in season 2… GRR Martin is a cruel man ;) But that makes this book stand out from the rest… :)

  22. Only 10 episodes??? Is this per season and there will be a winter instalment with another 10 or is that it for the next year?! If it’s the latter I think what constitutes a “season” is really getting out of hand. I agree we haven’t quite reached The Walking Dead’s epic SIX WHOLE episodes being labeled as a season but that was a “test the waters” mini series more than anything else.

    I can hardly wait until a “season” is a mere one episode! You might think I’m being a bit far fetched but considering where we started (with a season equaling 26 episodes yearly) we are now closer to 1 episode than we are to where we started. Kinda make you wonder.

    AND……for someone who didn’t have HBO (or a device that can run Netflix) how can I see this show legitimately without needing to buy it outright???

    • Uhm, season 1 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philly” only had 7 episodes, season 1 of “The Office”(U.S.) had 6. Those are only comedies, why would these TV stations not test the waters with shorter seasons on much more expensive endeavors?

      • I can understand testing the waters, especially on a high budget show (as I mentioned the Walking Dead did) but you are talking about low budget shows. They should be able to field more that 6-7 episodes.

        That was part the point of my post though, it seems that TV/cable are not even willing to give shows even a fighting chance now a days. If it doesn’t do stellar out of the gates then it just gets canned. If they had done that with Seinfeld we would never have gotten to season 2 which would have been a travesty because it is one of the all time great sitcoms. It took audiences 2 FULL seasons to catch onto the show and then it took off.

        The other point though is, even AFTER “testing the waters” and being successful, we are still getting these progressively shorter runs. It’s kind of hard to care about a TV show when you watch it for 2 months and then not see anything new for another 10 months.

    • your typical 26 season show will have 16 forgetable filler episodes, and 10 of actual content that drive the characters forward… not sure what your complaining about..

      • That’s not true at all. First of all there isn’t a typical 26 season show. Very few shows go beyond 22 episodes and when they do it’s usually only 24.

        On a 24 episodes season it’s usually only 5 or 6 filler episodes. I rarely see a show that only has 10 actual content to drive characters forward. I do agree that most shows simply do not need 22 episodes even, but 10 is also to low. 13-16 is the sweet spot and best position for a show to tell a full story. Game of Thrones would of really benefited from hitting that sweet spot. The show has been good, but a little more would of been better, but certainly not 22. This is why I think stations like USA and FX have been spot on with their line ups. Just the right amount of episodes. Network TV has to many and premium like HBO and Showtime is to few.

        • Also remember guys, These are 10 one full hour episode with no commercials. A lot of other shows that are being compared are either half hour with commercials or one hour with commercials. Either way it’s less content per episode so they can afford to make more episodes.

  23. Wow there’s some real jerks in this thread that believe reading a book makes you special and one of the privileged few.

    I read plenty, thanks very much, but had never bothered with Martin’s works. That doesn’t make me lazy, unwilling to read or a “pathetic TV viewer”. So yes, I was shocked by the episode 9 conclusion. Get over yourself.

    I like GoT but I’m hoping that this series is a scene-setter for the rest of the book. The story can be very slow paced and whilst it may remain true to the book it will turn off a lot of viewers.

    Season 2 must be about drawing new fans into the genre. It must have more action or I fear it will get relegated to the “niche” viewing we regularly see getting cancelled on Sy-Fy.

    • Game of Thrones is drawing new fans to it every week, based on the ratings, so your evaluation that “it’s very slow” and will “turn off a lot of viewers” is flawed. Whatever it’s doing, it’s doing right, from a drawing-more-viewers-to-it perspective.

  24. I may have missed something in the episode but from what I recall we never saw Stark beheaded. We heard a sword cut something and Stark kneel down to be beheaded but we did not see it nor anything afterwords to indicate he was actually beheaded like a head falling into a basket.

    I have not read the book(s) the show is based on but I’m betting he was not beheaded and that the sound we heard was another sword cutting the executioners head.

    • Nope. He’s dead. They played it pretty obvious IMO they just decided not to be gory with it. I don’t see how anyone could think he wasn’t killed read the books or not.

  25. Na he’s brown bread mate.

  26. Yes Starks die. Get over it. The story isn’t about the cherry at the end, if you open your mind a little it’s about loyalty, family, blood, honour, betrail, cunning, perception and love.

    Life is what happens while your making other plans…

    Dont missing the point of game of thrones waiting for the Hollywood ending…

  27. If i wanted to be depressed and get disappointing i be watching the news . i watch series to escape depressing crap and politics.

  28. If I wanted to be depressed I’d watch 24/7 pop corn flicks and cotton candy zero supprise tv… For a little escapism I’d switch on the news…