‘Game of Thrones’ Season Finale Spoiler!

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game of thrones season finale fire and blood spoiler Game of Thrones Season Finale Spoiler!

There’s only one episode left of Game of Thrones, HBO’s most talked about series since True Blood. Last week’s episode – “Baelor” – was all things thrilling, shocking, and for many fans, devastating. With any luck, the upcoming season finale will be the climax we’re all hoping for.

If you haven’t seen “Baelor” but still intend to – or if you don’t want to know anything about the season finale, we suggest you bail on this article immediately, because…


After last week’s shocking conclusion – wherein Ned Stark, played by series star Sean Bean, was beheaded at the behest of the young King Joffrey – fans of the show were left reeling. The character they’d fallen in love with was abruptly dead and gone, never to be seen or heard from again. However, as it happens, that wasn’t exactly the truth and we’ve yet to see the last of Ned Stark on Game of Thrones.

According to Natalie Abrams of TV Guide:

“Although Ned Stark was beheaded on the Sept of Baelor, it’s not the last we’ve seen of Sean Bean. In fact, in the finale, two of his children will see him in a way you’d probably expect of television; a third, though, will have a shocking run-in with dear old Dad.”

Shocking? Frankly, we’d be more shocked if something on Game of Thrones wasn’t shocking. Any bets on who the child is? Arya? Robb? Snow? Bran? (We’ll thank fans of the books to NOT answer this question.)

For those who’ve read the books, there’s some speculation — from our resident Thrones book reader, Michael Crider — that Ned’s appearance relates to “The Tower of Joy” (which, apparently, is a pretty big deal in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire).

Courtesy of InsideTV, the premiere airing of “Baelor” tied Game of Thrones’ highest ratings from the previous week with 2.7 million viewers at 9 p.m. It was down slightly for the night’s overall count (3.4 million from 3.6), though the numbers are still impressive for an HBO show that aired the same time as the Dallas Mavericks/Miami Heat game.

Check out the video recap of “Baelor” below:

After “Baelor” aired, many a fan all across the Internet threatened never to watch Game of Thrones ever again (because how dare those HBO jerks kill their precious Ned Stark!). In fairness, Sean Bean’s portrayal of the honorable Northerner was so endearing, it was pretty much impossible not to be seething as a result of his execution. That said, it’s hard to believe anybody could watch all nine episodes, including “Baelor,” and just throw their hands up in the air and walk away from the finale, seething or not.

What about you guys? Will you be watching the Game of Thrones season finale, “Fire and Blood”? How about season 2? Drop us a line in the comments.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays @9pm on HBO. The season 1 finale will air on June 19, 2011.

Source: TV GuideInsideTV

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  1. If Arrya and Bran are wargs, when do they get there boon!!!!!!!Arya’s dirwolf isn’t ever far from her they are connected. like bran;s wolf summer and he is, but Arya is special she has more wolf in her than all the reast thars why she becomes so blood thirsty and kills so many!!!!!

  2. Yea… I am not going to like the red wedding but it has to happen to continue the story, I also hope for more action in season 2 as there are so many battles in book 2 and a great navel battle, hope they show some of them.

  3. WTF is wrong with you?

    • I apologize if you read her book spoilers, Angie. I’ve unapproved the comments.

  4. Seriously what’s up with the game of thrones elitist fans? Get over your selves. Yay you read the book and liked it. Congrats. Now shut up. Seriously. It’s not about happy endings. No one said they wanted a happy ending. People are upset that the one actor and one character they cared about is dead. Hard to stay interested in a show if you don’t care one way or another about the characters.

    Not everyone will like the same thing as you.

    Lets pretend I have not read the books. Lets just focus on the show and what’s it’s delivered.

    Sean Bean is easily the best actor on the show. He gave one of the best performances on TV period with Ned Stark. People have grown attached and fell in love with the character. His death ruins it for a lot of people given how invested they became in him.

    Other than the Imp many of the other actors fail to deliver much personality and come off very bland and stale. Outside of the dwarf not one actor has put on a good performance all of them have been dull and very average. Even characters that seem fairly interesting have been blah blah blah to death by less than good acting. Jon snow is a good character, but the actor really doesn’t seem that interested. Same could be said for Robb, but even more so. The actor playing Robb really seems like he just wants to be some where else. Line next line next line ” Can I go eat now its lunch right?”

    Sure a few of the actors are better than that, but other than Sean Bean and The Imp no one stands out as good or in Sean’s case awesome. Also almost every character has taken a back seat to Ned in this season. He was the main character plain and simple. He had a large supporting cast, but to say he was the main focus may just be an under statement. It doesn’t help when Sean Bean is so great that even if the scene isn’t focused on him if he appears at all he steals it. No one has a chance to shine when he is on screen and it’s left a bad impression of the other characters.

    With the best actor off the show and there for the most loved character gone many people are wondering why watch?

    It has nothing to do with it not being a happy ending because hollywood and tv land have proven that non happy endings can still be successful time and time again some shows break your heart more and more every year and still bring in the ratings. No it’s not about happy endings, but rather lack of interest out side of Ned Stark and Sean Bean.

    Read the book or not, but the majority of responses about being upset are from people who have not and only have the show as their example. Just because in the book certain characters are great doesn’t mean they are on the screen with sub par actors in their roles.

    • Relax. It’s happened, get over it.

      Read the book!!

    • Are you even paying attention?

      How hard can it be for a simple Northerner to play a simple Northerner?

      Bean isn’t even acting he’s just being a Northerner…. Leading with his foreheard, blocking with his face, wearing his heart on his sleeve and being all straight talking and Northern…

      Eddard is fully formed right out of the book. The actor needs to add nothing and Bean doesn’t… So to say he’s the best actor is complete drivel.

      The best actor by far is the one who plays Little finger, he has the balance of a much more complex and thus harder to play character just right…

      • “So to say he’s the best actor is complete drivel.” In your opinion. Sean Bean does a fantastic job, as always.

      • lol

        fair play 😛

    • Wow…. I don’t even know what to say… I’ve read the books and watched the show and I didn’t think there was a single boring episode. I don’t know which people you’re talking to that are wondering “why watch” but most of the people I’ve spoken with, and from the reviews I’ve read, are very excited about the show, even AFTER Ned died. Yes, when I read the first book, I was completely shocked that one of my current favorite characters (Ned) was killed, but there are plenty of other characters to love in the book, and I don’t think a single actor on the show is doing a bad job. Many are even predicting the actor/actress portraying Rob and Daeny to win emmys for their scenes in the finale. Ned’s death is supposed to make you despise Joffrey and Cersei (again, two actors that are doing an amazing job portraying their characters) and make you cheer for characters like Rob, Caitlyn, and Arya. Arya and Daeny are by far my favorite characters in the books, and I am extremely excited to see them portrayed on the show. Ned’s dead… You just need to reassess your view that he was the main character and move on. In Game of Thrones there ARE no main characters!

      • It does not make me cheer for Catelynn… I hate her for being so mean to Jon Snow and being so stupid. What did she think would happen when she “arrested” Tyrion? She starts the war and every scene she’s in she complains about the war… she rarely even admits that this would all have been avoided if it weren’t for her! My favorite characters are Jon Snow and Tyrion so I’m a little bit biased.

  5. I dunno, I sort of like all the banter here between those who read the books and those of us that haven’t. The show is amazing, of that we all seem to agree. I’m about 3/4 finished with the first book and it is also amazing…just in a book way. The sad part is we all have to wait so long until the 2nd season (book) comes out. Not that it changes much, but I did hear from a friend that works at a rival network say that HBO hit a homerun with this series and that it was a bit unexpected as some of their rivals didn’t think Game could be made into a show/series.

    • Kinda glad it was made into a TV series, we get more video this way. 10 hours instead of a rushed 3 hour movie for the 1st book.

  6. I’d just like to put in my two cents. Love the show but we should have seen the battles that Rob Stark was involved in. What was the non-sence with Tyrion getting knocked out. The white walker scene was lame, and the dire wolves need to be bigger. I can see how HBO is spending very little on special effects.

    Keep the seasons coming you’ve matrial for years.

  7. I agree the dire wolves are very different to normal wolves, they are bigger, smarter and stand out a mile. I guess that would have required a bigger CGI budget.

    • They were smart not to CG the wolves. Glad they didn’t.

      • The wolves are a huge part of the story. Initially with why a direwolf (which would never be mistaken for a normal wolf), doesn’t rip the stark kids to shreds in a heart beat as soon as they can (which is weeks old).

        They are woefully under used and lack luster when they do appear.

        • You’re saying they’re underused, but as a person who has never read the books, they never come across that way. They don’t have to physically look like massive wolves for us, the imaginative viewers, to understand they’re abnormal dogs. That’s called the magic of cinema. Or in this case, the magic of television. We make the connection without needing to see CGI, which would just take us out of the show anyway (especially on television). All I can say is, again, as a person who has never read the books, they’re anything but lackluster in the show. You can hold your preconceived notions of Game of Thrones against the show, but there’s no law that the show has to be exactly what you foresaw in your brain when you read the books.

          • You seem to argue against people for arguments sake.
            Just listen to yourself, your arguing from a point of complete ignorance. You say it yourself many times. You said it man. You have no idea how they are supposed to look or act…..
            You also seem to have appointed yourself as the spokesperson for the audience with no prior knowledge of the story outside a few hours TV. I have no idea where that notion came from but each to his own…

            Let’s cover a few points of your…. Argument: P
            “They don’t have to look massive for us” Who’s us?
            “We make the connection without” Connection without what, any real understanding?
            “As a person who has never read the books, they’re anything but lack lustre” Isn’t this a contradiction?
            “You can hold your preconceived notions of Game of Thrones against the show”
            How is it preconceived? I’ve watch what you have watched. I’ve also spent days reading in depth the source material. By that very nature I’m much more equipped to cast an opinion about the Dire wolves than you are.
            “Foresaw in your brain when you read the books”
            I didn’t foresee anything. If you actually read the source material, (It easily available) Martin describes the Dire wolves in minute detail. Every time they appear it’s hammered home how different they are from regular dogs/wolves. If you had any idea of how characters reacts when confronted by a Dire wolf.
            Like I said, I have this information. You don’t. I don’t understand your arrogance and delusion that you are arguing from a point of strength. It’s like arguing about the taste of real Champaign when you’ve only tasted Sparkling wine (HBO TV show) and I’ve tasted both..
            Many, many people who have read in detail about the dire wolves feel the same way as me.

            • Game, set , match Ridenar lol

              • Hah. When you comment from the same IP, Ridenar/Jasonp, it kind of makes your patting yourself on the back less impressive. Nice try, though.

                • housemate. yes naturally bias to me..

                  • Oh, I’m sure…

                    • Ben, as your blog shows you are your own biggest fan, so obviously your always correct…

                      Be this self-fascination and perception of huge achievement some form of clinical delusion or drug induced.. I shall not comment.

                      I see you’ve written food guides. So I’ll sign off with a repeat of above.
                      Let stop argue about the taste of Champaign when you’ve only tasted sparkling wine…

                      later mate.

                    • Man, you started this. I just expressed my opinion that I was glad HBO didn’t use CGI to create the dire wolves. You took issue with my comment. Your insistence that champagne vs. sparkling wine is a valid analogy for reading the SoIaF books versus watching a TV show when dire wolves were a real thing in history and were used in fantasy books long before Martin came along is…well, weak.

                      And your personal attack against my website, which is my online resume, so obviously it’s about me, is unwarranted. Furthermore, your personal attack claiming that I’m clinically deluded and/or drug induced is absolutely against the rules of our forums.

                      There’s nothing wrong with arguing your point and being passionate about it. Up until now, you’ve done that just fine. But personal attacks are not allowed, so knock it off.

            • “You seem to argue against people for arguments sake.”

              No, Ridenar, I just disagree with you. The wolves don’t come across as lackluster to me, a person who has never read the books. You read the books, imagined how they would appear by way of what George Martin wrote, and are disappointed because they don’t perfectly match your imagination on the matter. I plan to read the books as soon as this season is finished, FYI. Regardless, it won’t change the fact that they have been incredibly effectively depicted, in my opinion.

              “Who’s us?” The majority of the audience.

              “Connection without what, any real understanding?” No, I understand what dire wolves are, seemingly more than you. You do realize that they’re a real thing, right? That they went extinct on Planet Earth thousands of years ago? Martin did not create them for the sole purpose of A Song of Ice and Fire. He plucked them from history.

              “How is it preconceived? I’ve watch what you have watched. I’ve also spent days reading in depth the source material. By that very nature I’m much more equipped to cast an opinion about the Dire wolves than you are.” It’s preconceived because you conceived of it prior to watching the show. That’s what preconceived means. To conceive of something. Before. And, again, I’m fully aware of what dire wolves are. They weren’t created by Martin. They’re an extinct creature.

              “Many, many people who have read in detail about the dire wolves feel the same way as me.” And many people don’t.

              Out of curiosity, what’s your position on how HBO would create your version of the dire wolves? CGI? Practical effects? You really thing anything they could’ve done would’ve been more effective than using actual, living animals?

              I’m sure the books are amazing, but I’m looking at this from the point of view of someone who wants believable awesomeness from every aspect of the show. CGI dire wolves on HBO just wouldn’t cut it. And frankly, it probably wouldn’t cut it with quality cinematic CGI, either.

              • There you go again…
                ” You do realize that they’re a real thing, right? That they went extinct on Planet Earth thousands of years ago? Martin did not create them for the sole purpose of A Song of Ice and Fire. He plucked them from history”.

                You offer assumption as fact again…..

                You assume a supernatural Wolf in a fantasy series should be confused with a real world creature.
                Why? Because you have no knowledge of the GOT Dire Wolf… seriously print this sentence out, read and re-read until enlighten is achieved..

                I was interested what kind of person argues from a point of complete ignorance. I took a look at your blog.. I now understand.

                This really is getting very silly and tiresome so lets let it lie…

                • oh and your U.S based, at least 5 hours behind me which means my comments got you out of bed. sorry for the lost sleep :)

                • Hah. Okay. Says the person who pretended to be somebody else to cheer himself on in an argument.

                  FYI, I may not be familiar with dire wolves from A Song of Ice and Ice and Fire, but I am familiar with them by way of many other fictional fantasy works and dungeons and dragons. Wargs = dire wolves.

                  This all started because you disagreed with my statement that using CGI to create dire wolves for the show would’ve been a bad idea. Tell me — how are dire wolves of the real world different from dire wolves of GOT, physically-speaking? They’re both about five-foot long once grown, right? So how do I not understand how they should appear when they appear precisely the same?

                  • no like I said housemate. bias yes me no.

                  • Technically Wargs/Worgs are a larger version of the Dire wolves with an evil inclination.

                    But I think your winning this showdown Ben :)

                  • I read the books and, while I disagree with Ridenar/JasonP about the fact that they’re lackluster, I agree with him on one point… I wish that they showed more of the direwolves. The direwolves are very important in the books and they are in every scene that the Stark children are seen.

                    P.S. Ridenar the direwolves aren’t fully grown yet… they weren’t even full-grown in ASOS. The dogs were playing direwolf puppies… they were big enough.

              • ok, preconceived is before the fact. a pre formed idea about what is to come…

                We are discussing after the fact…

                This really is very tiresome. Lay off the wiki

                • insulting people does not prove superiority

                • Coming from someone who HAS read the books, I am personally glad they didn’t use CGI creations for the wolves. It would have made it awkward looking, and less natural. I am glad they used real wolves even though they aren’t as gigantic as a direwolf is supposed to be, however, you need to remember, in the first book, the direwolves were still young and growing, and were NOT full sized. Who knows how they will look as the series progresses. I do agree with you though on one point, the wolves do need to be seen with the kids more, at least Rob, Jon, and Bran… After Arya chases off Nymeria, she is never seen with her in the series again (yet), lady was killed… but the other kids should have their direwolves with them almost always…. Other than that, realize that you AREN’T reading the books! You are watching a series BASED off the books. Some adjustments are going to be made, whether you like it or not. Try to enjoy the series for what it is, not for what you think it should be.

                  • And yes others have read the books as well.

          • Nope sorry man, the direwolves are completely down-played in the show. I am usually totally against excessive CG, but in this case I would rather have some CG rather than taking them out of crucial scenes, namely when Bran was attacked in the woods and when the wight fought Jon. They are too integral to the story to have them demoted to semi-importance. HBO will have to make a decision eventually on what they want to do. Either a little CG or more screen time with live dogs (which I heard was very difficult). But all in all, GREAT adaptation from book to film all the way from music to casting to pacing. It could have been SO much worse and I thoroughly enjoyed season 1 and can’t wait for season 2. What do you guys think about Mark Strong for Stannis?

  8. Hi to all, a true fan of the show, love it and just wanted to let peeps now that in Costa Rica the show has lots of viewers that are really exited about the upcoming episodes.

  9. Yes this is the best show since TB and the Tudors…kind of a Hybrid? Looking forward to this Genius Show!

  10. When “cable” first got here in Oz, a friend of mine remarked,
    “If we let the a-holes that own freeTV, own PayTV, we’ll be the ones that loose.”
    As an example the last 3 episodes of “Vampire Diaries” aired, back to back, at 2am!!!
    The rest of the times it’s foul mouthed cooks with anger management issues, “celebrities” dancing, spelling or whatever and crappy cop shows!
    So guys, it could be worse! lol

    OK, end of rant!

    I have yet to read the books (going to!), but right from the start, I could see Ned coming to grief.
    As the Queen told Ned, “still just a soldier.”
    Police make terrible soldiers, soldiers make worse policemen.
    Generals usually make really bad politicians!

    Ned was a great General we have been told, but managing the logistics of running an army and planning a campaign are NOT the same skill set required to rule a kingdom.

    Ned ended up a man of honour in a den of thieves. (spot the quote)
    As the eunuch told Ned in the “pit”,
    “What did you expect would happen?”

    For all you peeps who think this show is too slow, stop watching!
    They haven’t invented gunpowder, so there’ll be no ‘splosions!!



    • “Police make terrible soldiers, soldiers make worse policemen.”

      That’s actually not true at all especially the second one. Soldiers generally make great police especially soldiers who worked as an MP or MA. Not sure where that idea came from, but it’s terribly wrong.

      Generals making bad politicians yes that’s true with a few exceptions but not most.


  12. Again – The choice will have to be made; CG the direwolves or leave them out. That’s my opinion and I hate CG, but come on- they don’t stay pups forever. Nobody’s going to buy that some alaskan sled dog can kill men in armor and their horses.

  13. Now I’ve watched the final episode a couple of times…
    Why has no one made mention of Arya and King Robert’s basterd son making friends?
    Did I read too muvh into that?
    And what about the Chancelor or who ever he is, the guy that wears the sail and chain suit?
    He would seem to be damn spry and fitter than he lets on.

    Jamie Lanister showing a tiny splinter of remorse for tossing Bran out the window? I started to feel sorry for the prick when the shorter brother starts relating growing up.

  14. i was seriously impressed with the episode “baelor ” included after following the book so closely and religiously im glad they killed off ned if they didnt then it wouldnt have been fair to the author or even the book im a massive fan of both and dont know how im gonna wait till next year for series 2 ohh and ive fallen madly in love with danyerys

  15. Where is the thing about khal drogo, he was my favorite and now he is dead. I also think that season to will have a major difference than season 1. Because in season 1 it was all about the iron throne, but now most of the people who could claim the throne are dead it will be mainly about Robb and dragons.