‘Game of Thrones’ Ratings Hit New Series High

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Game of Thrones Purple Wedding Aftermath Preview Game of Thrones Ratings Hit New Series High

When series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss first teamed up with renowned author George R.R. Martin to bring his A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels to TV as Game of Thrones, they probably didn’t foresee that the series would become the worldwide phenomenon that it is today. While there was little doubt that the show would be successful – to say that the books are popular would be a vast understatement – very few can honestly say that they predicted the coming wave of fandom that has since launched a thousand variations of the “Winter is Coming” meme.

The Game of Thrones legion grows larger every Sunday, with this past weekend proving no different. The latest GoT episode, entitled Oathkeeper, has set a new all-time series high in total viewership, being seen live by just under 7 million people.

This blows away the 6.6 million that tuned into last week’s installment “Breaker of Chains,” which caused much controversy due to the altering of a scene from how it played out in the book. While exact 18-49 demographic data is not yet available for last night’s episode, the current pattern suggests that it will likely end up scoring around a 3.8 in that measure.

George R R Martin Responds to Game of Thrones Controversy Game of Thrones Ratings Hit New Series High

The aforementioned controversy may have ended up being a blessing in disguise, as a large portion of the bump upwards is presumably attributable to the even larger than normal amount of Thrones related social media chatter that has taken place ever since that fateful scene involving the Lannister siblings. Not to mention the fervor surrounding the events of the “purple wedding” two weeks ago.

Much like The Walking Dead, it appears that the ongoing tide of Thrones devotees isn’t likely to start ebbing anytime soon. The ratings growth the series has made over the course of only four seasons is astonishing. For the record, season 1 averaged a 1.1 demo rating and 2.5 million total viewers. Season 2′s average shot up to a 1.9 demo and 3.8 million viewers.

Last season increased to an average demo of 2.6 and an average total audience of nearly 5 million. It’s pretty safe to say that season 4′s average demo will end up coming close to a 4.0, if not surpassing that number. Most dramas on broadcast TV couldn’t draw that kind of number on their best day. Now, more than ever, cable is the place to be.


Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO. It has already been renewed for seasons 5 and 6.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Spoilers possibly -

    If that final White Walker with the crown of horns was the Night’s King, then the show has official gone into territory that the book hasn’t revealed yet. It could be that the legend is real and it will have major ramifications on the stark family and how this entire story will be resolved. Woah.

    • That was not the Nights King, it was simply the same Other we’ve seen all along.

      If Coldhands is indeed the Nights King, perhaps George will finally show us in the Winds of Winter. Coldhands has been removed from the show, however.


      • That Other at the end was not the same one we’ve been seeing. In fact, I don’t think the other Other was the same one we’ve seen (specifically the end of season 2).

        With what happened at Crastor’s Keep and the changes that have taken place in the series, all bets are off. I am sure the major plot points will still be there, but this series has taken a decidedly different course than the book.

        I am pretty excited about it. I like not knowing again.

      • we have never seen the Other with the crown of horns before, and it is very possible that it is in fact the Night’s King. There are fourteen Others in the background when he approaches the baby, fourteen fires of valyria. Coldhands is not in the show yet, but could still appear later.

  2. That White Walker at the end looked like Darth Maul’s albino cousin.

    • I’ll give you a hint. That was no white walker.

      • Yes it was White Walker.

      • sure it was

  3. Worldwide phenomenon ??? 7 million live viewer historic high ?
    excuse me but I think there is a lack of perspective here
    Got is commercially successful quality show
    It brought heroic fantasy to the mainstream tv audience in the same way as lor did on the widescreen.

    But that’s about it.

    - As for commercial success Friends scored 40 millions in average 52 millions for the finale. Seinfield more than 30 millions the last seasons with a finale above 70 millions. If you go back to the 80′s Dallas, magnum, etc… Hit all the same kind of audience.
    And I m not even considering foreign countries. Shows like eastenders in the uk are said to be massively popular.
    - Although its liberal use of nudity is by now well known, it wasn’t the show who brought an adult tone to tv – sopranos, breaking bad and to a lesser extent mad men and walking dead did.
    -sorry to take the op down a few peg but I think a little perspective is needed here.

    • It’s paid cable not broadcast TV. So its numbers translate differently. If GoT was on broadcast TV it would be the highest rated show. The article doesn’t even touch the untold millions that pirate the show. I don’t have HBO like most folks in America, but I do have a computer & piratebay is how I watch. And what about DVR which isn’t accountable? GoT is also the most expensive show on TV to produce as well. With all that said, this show is THE BEST IN TELEVISION HISTORY!

      • 100% agree. +1

      • Never mind the 15 million people a week who are trading it online. Oh, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

        And yes, it’s the best series ever.


    • what are you rambling on about, comparing network tv to hbo? just silence yourself already and stop proving your ignorance.

    • Yeah, I appreciate your argument and your willingness to put things in perspective for us but with all due respect you are quite wrong.

      Game of Thrones is the very definition of a phenomenon.

      Sure when you see 7 million viewers you think that’s not that much but you first have to consider the show airs on paid cable. Secondly it doesn’t count Re-airs, DVR and OnDemand viewers. Thirdly based on the numbers Game of Thrones is popular worldwide. From North America to Asia, Europe and Australia the show is watched by millions and I haven’t even mentioned the piracy viewings. There’s a reason why it has been the most pirated show over the past few years.

      If that doesn’t convince you, take a peek at it’s online presence. Twitter and Facebook explode every time a big moment happens. Type Game of Thrones in Youtube and see how many videos pop up. Heck just look at sites like Screen Rant. If you’re a movie/tv site covering Game of Thrones is a must. Not covering the show would be like a Grocery Store not selling Coca-Cola. It’s just bad for business.

    • The biggest Eastenders rating was Christmas Day 1986 (30.15million tuning in to see Den Watts serving divorce papers to his wife as a Christmas present).

      But that’s free TV, paid for in part by taxes that go directly into the BBC (much like our taxes partly go into the National Health Service too, meaning that most of the services for it are free for everyone too).

      What you’re talking about is cable (and even in the UK, we have to pay for Sky digital TV to get the channel that GOT airs on).

  4. I was shocked to see Hoat standing in the middle of the Night Watch. That to me was the second most shocking aspect of last night’s show.

    No spoiler now… in the book, Hoat was captured by the Mountain and slowly died by multiple amputations over time.

    So, knowing he’s a really bad, bad man and now he’s going with Jon to Crastor’s, I am excited to see where this is going to go.

    • That’s not Vargo Hoat.
      Hoat was a leader of a mercenary company sworn to the Lannisters, They betray the Lannisters and side with the Boltons. Hoat suspects the Boltons are going to go to the Lannisters side, so to try and drive a wedge between Tywin and Roose Bolton, he cuts off Jaime’s hand when Jaime is Bolton’s prisoner.
      He never goes to the Wall. He dies eventually from an infected wound.

      In GoT, the story is more simplified. A man named Locke who works for Bolton is transporting Jaime and cuts his hand off to teach Jaime a lesson. But he’s forgiven by Bolton and told to go to the Wall to take care of Jon Snow.

    • The character you mentioned is Locke, not Vargo Hoat. Locke is a new character created for the show, though he does have a lot in common with Hoat.

    • Yea, that is Locke, and while he played Vargo Hoat’s role in the show, he isn’t Vargo Hoat, but a new character created for the show.

  5. Does anyone know if a show being PVR’d counts towards the ratings?

  6. Well..? Who is she?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!