‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Trailer: There’s a Beast in Every Man and Woman

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The celebrated HBO Medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones returns, beginning its third season following the aftermath of Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) failing to seize control of the Iron Throne by force. King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) remains as tyrannical as ever, even once his grandfather Tywin (Charles Dance) assumes responsibilities as the Hand of the King. Meanwhile, Cersei (Lena Headey) and a cast-aside Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) struggle keeping their own heads above the water, as King’s Landing’s new inhabitants join the ongoing power grab.

Elsewhere, in the far North, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) prepares to meet the King-Beyond-the-Wall Mance Rayder (Ciarán Hinds), even as an army of White Walkers make their way beyond the frozen wastelands. Robb (Richard Madden) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) have problems of their own to worry about, as the war for Westeros rages on. However, there’s someone else who will soon become an even more important player in the “Storm of Swords”: Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), who’s begun assembling an army of her own – and that’s not including her three rapidly growing “children”…

On that note, check out the Game of Thrones Season 3 poster (via EW) below:


game thrones dragon poster Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer: Theres a Beast in Every Man and Woman

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and George R.R. Martin are making things bigger in every sense, including the sheer number of characters and sub-plot juggling per episode (which will each be 4-5 minutes longer). The trailer barely scratches the surface of the improving production values and denser story material the newest season is covering, drawing primarily from the first half of Martin’s third book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series – which features some rather interesting developments that fans of the book are eagerly awaiting to see brought to life.

Suffice it to say: next month cannot get here soon enough…

Game of Thrones Season 3 begins on the evening of Sunday, March 31st, 2013 at 9/8c.

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  1. Always a shame,trailer doesn’t work here in china ! Must be youtube :(

    • Kind of sucks that your gov blocks that stuff.

    • Just use Youku and you’ll find the trailer.

  2. So stoked for this!!!!!

  3. Man this is getting stressful waiting on season 3. But it is getting closer. the trailer looked AWESOME!!!!!!!

  4. Someone follow me on twitter so we can dissect this trailer together haha

  5. Can’t wait for this, I was a bit disappointed with Season 2 (The Blackwater episode was fantastic though).
    However the source material of aSoS is so good it’ll take a monumental effort to screw it up.

    • Agree Season 2 was a bit in a rush.

  6. Looks great! Wonder if anything will be lost in the the next two season’s adaptation though, considering the size of the third book.

  7. Best Book=Best Season!!!!!

  8. My favourite book, my favourite show. I’m from Ireland and went up to Belfast to be an extra on it, they were shooting (SPOILERS,,SPOILERS) the Bear pit scene with Brienne, it’s gonna be amazing, they actually built a huge structure and pit and we had to stand around it singing the song, The Bear and the maiden fair from the book, can’t wait to see how it’s gonna turn out.

    Bit disappointed with that trailer though, awful choice of music for GOT, it deserves something more epic.

    • Wish i could visit Ireland see the areas this show is shot from. i have deep Irish roots in my family.

  9. I know that some of you have complained about the promotion of Game of Thrones Season 3, but if you had read the books, you’ll understand why there had not been a lot of trailers or posters. Book 3 is the book that happens a lot to the characters and so many things that are surprising. So to have reading the book, HBO doesn’t want to give to much away. That’s the only reason why the promotion for Season 3 hasn’t been much. HBO probably wants to keep you TV viewers from wanting to know what will happen and keeping Season 3 a mysterious one. People who had read the book or are reading it, know what will happen and hope it will be awesome. Unlike with Season 2 where you TV viewers knew what what might happened for that season. Again, i think this whole promotion was on purpose. Don’t want to be spoiled to much right TV viewers? Anyway, I think you guys who haven’t read the books are going to love this season more than the 2nd season.

    • that’s true but the writers aren’t following the books to a t, so it will be a surprise in many respects. We truly don’t know what the show runners will do because they have the power to change the story line if they please and they have G R.R Martins backing to do so. Names, places of birth, and certain characters religions have been changed from the book. There’s one character in the book whose now on the show whose role on the show is completely different from that in the book. Robb Starks wife in the book isn’t named Telisa but on the show she is, so you get what I’m saying? Nothing is set in stone. Robb Stark married Telisa on the season finale of season 2 and yet isn’t that the setting for the RW? but that’s not what’s going to happen just yet because Robb Starks character remains on the show until the season finale of season 3. So I’m guessing that gives the writers enough time to map out his death. I’m just guessing.

  10. If the 3rd season is even half as good as the book, it’s still going to be amazing!

  11. Game of Thrones is an epic – mess.

    The TV show improves on the books (I’ve read 1,2, and half of 3) but when you consider how poor they are (no better than Twilight, and if you take offence to that you’re in denial about what you’re reading) there’s not a lot left to say.

    The dialogue is some of the absolute worst on TV today, and the plotting is absolutely shocking. And don’t bother telling me that anything happened last season because it didn’t. There was Wildfire and the season ended. Rubbish.

    It would also be nice to have one character that isn’t a sadistic idiot, too.

    It’s just one long fantasy cliche after another. All done before and quite a lot better.

    • Your opinion is your opinion but why comment? You’re just going to end up torn apart by people who can appreciate the genius of both spectrums: the book and the show.

      • Why comment? Because it’s what I was thinking after I viewed the clip. I don’t mind if people want to tear me apart. That’s their thing. Comment sections aren’t just for glowing positive opinions are they?

        • So not only do you admit to reading Twilight but you took the time to read thousands of pages of a book series that you consider as bad or worse than Twilight? And not only that but you invested dozens of hours into watching a show based on a book series you claim to be sub-Twilight quality? If I didn’t know better I might think you were a troll, Mr. “IHateThisShow”…

          • Oh, burn, right?

          • @IHateThisShowLikeTossingSalad , Dude get a life ok geeze! just dont watch the show., That Is what your TV remote is for. geeze!

            • I’ll watch whatever I please, thank you. I’ll also continue to badmouth GOT whenever I feel it’s required. “geeze!”

              Finally I do not need you to tell me what my remote is for, either. I know it’s for throwing at the TV whenever Khaleesi appears onscreen…”geeze!”

              • Never really gone with this: IF you don’t like leave mentality.

                Imagine if human history was like that. We’d all be living under draconian dictatorships because no one would ever question anything, or just plain say things are bad, and the nodding fools would speak for all of us.
                When I see someone constructively criticise or just hate against something I like I ask myself, what did he miss that I got, or maybe, did he get that I didn’t.

                Hate away my friend, it keeps me thinking.

                Seems there some miss understanding of the site purpose here.

                Screen Rant forum members ranting at ranters for ranting about what’s on screen..

                • Wow! Someone with sense!

                  • You do realize the person you said is making sense has the worst grammar/spelling out of anyone on this forum right?

        • No but they also aren’t for people who only watch clips because their to lazy to watch the show. Maybe if you actually watched the show, reading your comments would feel like your making a legitimate criticism, instead of a out right complaint based on nothing but speculation about the show based on trailer views. Also, if you’ve read the books and your bitter about the show not matching up to the books then there is something wrong with you. The books are (ADAPTED) for television meaning they can take ideas from the book and fuse them with their own, they don’t have to follow the books every word or detail. Not to mention they don’t have the money to follow the books verbatim. Now go troll elsewhere.

          • As I’ve stated already, I’ll post whatever and wherever I want and your moaning will have zero impact on that.

            But anyway… I’ve watched both seasons of the show. Not just “clips” as you suggest. You can’t imagine someone watching it and still not being absolutely devoted and fawning all over it, I guess? It happens. Perhaps there’s “something wrong” with YOU!

            Is it impossible to believe that one might have read the first 2 books because one happens to enjoy fantasy work but then decided enough was enough and just not bothered to finish the third? I didn’t like the style of writing. It was poor and meandering with not a whole lot of focus or direction. Much of it read like a massive fantasy cliche if I’m being honest.

            Mostly though I read as far as I did just because a good friend who was really into the series gave me his copies. As I became frustrated with the books I kept hearing the typical fan instruction of “just wait, it’s so good… you’ll be blown away”…

            I wasn’t and so I stopped reading.

            The TV adaptation seemed like it might be worth checking out though, because I wouldn’t have to deal with GRRM’s way of writing, and I thought there would be a lot of nonsense cut out.

            The first season wasn’t so bad, but season 2 really got on my nerves. I found the pace odd with most episodes having zero obvious importance, and the few characters that I liked in the first season became tiresome and unlikable in S2.

            Jon Show and Khaleesi in particular went from being kinda my favorites to being characters I now detest. Jon for being pointless and boring, and just standing there in the snow ALL THE TIME. That whole thing with the chick from Downton Abbey up in the mountains went nowhere special, and mostly it just felt like a lame attempt to make me/us care about her because there was a romance on the way. I hope she’s never seen again.

            The “Mother of Dragons” went backwards in development in S2, and mostly she just whined and shouted at people like a stroppy child. Towards the end of the season I took to recording the show so I could FF her completely. She was an interesting character that was made too annoying to stick with. There was also far too much “moon of my moons”, “moon of my stars”, “where are my dragons?”, “give me my dragons!” talk, too. It just never stopped and I was hoping that before the credits rolled she would be eaten by said dragons and forgotten. That, or tossed in the massive empty vault thing and sealed up for good.

            I found no other characters worth cheering for, and mostly each episode felt like a hollow hour of horrible people doing horrible things for no really clear reason.

            The only interesting Lannister – Jamie – spent the entire season making jokes tied to a stick or tethered on a rope! It did nothing and went no where. And Arya, who I had some time for in S1 spent her time dealing out death like the Grimm Reaper/Tony Soprano. I didn’t buy it or find it all that believable – even for a fantasy.

            Tyrion is and was insufferable in every way.

            There was wildfire, a woman gave birth to a puff of smoke, a lot of characters came and went without any real reason or purpose…And Catelyn Stark over-dramatically chewed a wasp through it all.

            I plan to watch the S3 premiere and maybe the first few weeks of episodes, but if I don’t like what I see, I’ll be back to rant some more.

            Good night and thank you!

            • If you really felt this way you wouldn’t go out of your way to post here. I see right through people like you… always have. You dislike something just for the sake of disliking it, especially when it has such a following. You think disliking something that many people adore puts you above them. It doesn’t.
              I wanted to read why you “hate this show like tossing salad” to see if you really had any valid points to make,(you did have a couple) but all you really did was put a negative spin on everything. I can do that too. Check it out-

              “Man… the movie “the Godfather” is such a piece of crap! The Corleones are such a-holes! Why does that fat actor Marlon Brando ever get work? He’s fat and sounds funny! How fake did that horse head look? The whole thing was predictable and the dialogue and acting are terrible.”

              See. I can put the same negative spin on something and apply it to anything, like how you did. And to be honest, it sounds like you have watched every second of every show so it is hard for me to believe that you truly hate it.

              You made a couple of valid points, the main one being that S2 crawls at a snails pace where not a whole lot of anything happens until the Blackwater episode. I can agree with this. All television series get progressively aimless over-time, the reason I let this one have a pass because I already know there is a conclusion that we are headed to, whether the pace be fast or slow.

              And I too had a problem with the fire lady giving birth to a shadow demon who appears to cheaply murder Renly Baratheon and then we hear and see nothing about that again.

              Yeah, I have a couple of gripes with certain aspects of the show… but these things aren’t enough to deter me away from this program. It truly is the perfect mix of fantasy, sex, and violence- which is what everyone seeks in entertainment whether they want to admit it or not.

              And by the way… your youthful ignorance is displayed in all it’s glory by the name you chose to post under. IHateThisShowLikeTossingSalad implies that you hate tossing salad. So, either you have tossed someone’s salad and hated it or you had your salad tossed and hated it.

              • So the only points that are valid are the ones you agree with? Whatever, man. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. You did say…

                “It truly is the perfect mix of fantasy, sex, and violence”

                There really wasn’t any point in discussing it anyway, was there?

                Those are my issues with the show, and why I’m so annoyed with it. It is negative because that is my impression at this point. My feelings dipped considerably in the second year, so why would I put a positive spin on something that I’m complaining about?

                As for my screenname… it’s a screenname! It means absolutely nothing. Get over it.

              • @ Dr Mindbender
                + 1

          • Laura,

            Unless you live with “IHateThisShow” how can you be certain that he/she just “watched clips”? That’s a pretty pedantic thing to say, isn’t it? Your comments strike me as someone who is offended because a show you like has received negative comments so you have to lash out with whatever assumptions you feel you can grab onto.

            To say that there is something wrong with someone because they don’t share your opinion (and, admit it, that’s what the REAL issue is here for you, isn’t it?) or that they haven’t really watched what they’re complaining about is just childish, unimaginative and, well, typical of what I’ve come to expect from certain fan communities on the Internet.

            Laura, you make the GOT community proud, I’m sure.

    • It’s better than LOTR or the Hobbit.

      • Any reason why you brought those films up?


      • Dude, have you even read LOTR or The Hobbit or are you just wanting to start something there by throwing those names out? Even George RR Martin enjoys Tolkien’s writing. He cites it as an influence. Try reading the work before you try and bash it.

        • That’s exactly what was being done there. Throwing out names assuming that anyone who doesn’t like GOT must do so because they prefer Tolkien. It’s the type of thing anyone who has even the smallest complaint about GOT or Martin encounters time and time again.

          • Right… because it is outlandish to draw comparisons between LoTR and GoT. I mean, one is a movie about swords, kings, magic, monsters, and dragons… and the other is a show about swords, kings, magic, monsters, and dragons. How dare these people bring up one thing when referencing another. It’s like someone comparing this series to the Twilight series because they are both book series.


            Please. I’m quite intrigued by those who would attempt to troll Game of Throne fans, because I’m interested to see the angle.

            Yours my friend, is weak… at best.

            • The angle is that I’m annoyed by Game of Thrones. And it was quite odd to bring LOTR into the discussion for no apparent reason. Had the poster opted to defend Twilight which was mentioned (negatively, by myself) that would be understandable.

              So.. um…Wrong.

              • If you honestly hate this show why would you spend so much time commenting on this forum and responding to every post? Most people that dislike something rant about it and then are done. You obviously just want to see how mad you can make people and you aren’t worth anyone’s time.

            • Dr. Mindbender:

              Using your logic, one could compare this series (GOT) with literally anything that employs swords, kings, magic, monsters and dragons and it wouldn’t be outlandish to do so. I can compare GOT with the Harry Potter series? Nope. Wouldn’t be nothing outlandish there. Just because both GRRM and JK Rowling use the same elements in their writing it’s fair for me to judge one against the other.

              Tolkien and GRRM may use the same elements in their work, but that hardly means they can, or even should, be used in the same discussion as meters against the other. That’s like comparing a Pinto with an Aston Martin because they both have tires, motors and spark plugs.

              • The reason you know the Aston Martin is so awesome is because you have cars like the Pinto to compare it too, professor.

                Try again.

                If you want to compare GoT to Harry Potter go right ahead. I would go so far to say that Harry Potter is Game of Thrones minus the blood and sex.

                • Explains why they’re both so terrible then.

                • Dr. Mindbender, Professor here.

                  I agree that we know the Aston Martin is such a fine car because we have vehicles of lesser quality to compare it to. In essence, we are comparing the ground beef (Pinto) to the filet mignon (Aston). We are of absolute agreement there. I’ll take my Aston over a Pinto any day of the week. As I am sure you would also.

                  The same is true that we also know Lord of the Rings is such fine literature because we have other fiction works of lesser quality to put up against it. Again, comparing the ground beef (GOT) to the filet mignon (LOTR).

                  Try again.

                  • Oh I get it now. You taking the snobbish “you can’t bring up this one in a conversation about this one angle.”

                    My whole point was to call the comparison odd is stupid. How can you not compare the two? Yes indeed, very odd to compare two book series that share the same genre. Just because your opinion of Tolkien is diety like isn’t going to convince me that Martin doesn’t write well.

                    • He doesn’t.

                      My take on Martin is that he doesn’t have much vision of where his work is going long term, and hardly anything comes off as truly unique or inventive.

                      I’ve long felt that his use of character death is only to distract from the lack of forward motion in the plot, and although it keeps fans interested right now, it’s to detriment of the story long-term.

                      The actual writing style is also troubling. It’s a mixed bag of styles that never truly finds a singular voice. The story itself has some good ideas, but the way it’s presented is sometimes nonsensical and juvenile, and uses a lot of typical fantasy language that quickly becomes old and tiresome.

                      He’s not a writer that I’d ever really recommend to anyone outside the fantasy genre, as his literary skill probably wouldn’t pass beyond the boundaries of folk who enjoy what the writing community often deems ‘silly monster tales’.

                    • Dr. nothing “snobbish” at all here. If I really wanted to be “snobbish” I’d correct your grammar. :-)

                      My original post was to simply “wonder out loud” so to speak why the original commenter chose to bring LOTR into the discussion. I’ve been around the GOT community long enough to know that there are GOT fans who seem to enjoy bashing LOTR if someone dares to say something less than flattering about the books or television series. Why do none of the defenders bring up any other high fantasy authors? GOT is always better than LOTR. It’s never better than anything by David Eddings. It’s never better than anything by Terry Goodkind, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks or anything by Fred Saberhagen. Surely, comparisons can be drawn between A Song of Ice and Fire and any of these other authors and their works. Fans of this genre should know these works and these authors. Why pick on Tolkien and LOTR? Because he and the series is the most well known? Most easily recognizable? Why is that?

                      It’s easy to not compare GOT and LOTR because there is no comparison between the two. I see no reason to compare any two series with one another regardless of what genre they are in. Each should stand on their own and should be strong enough to not warrant comparison and the flippant “well, at least it’s better than such and such” comment. That is, if they are well written. I certainly wouldn’t ever want to compare Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series with Piers Anthony’s Xanth series. While both use some of the same elements, it’s like, to quote Mark Twain “comparing lightening to lightening bugs”. The same holds true for LOTR and GOT. While you have some of the same elements in both, you are still working with lightening and lightening bugs.

                      At no point did I elevate Tolkien to deity status. If I think that GRRM is a brilliant author that always hit a home run with every single thing he pens, I’ll say it. If I find issues and weaknesses with Tolkien’s work, I’ll say that, too.

    • I disagree with you.

      • OK, have a nice day!

    • Okay, I respect that you don’t like the show, and I don’t even mind that you comment on how much you hate it. But how can you say the books and show are CLICHE?

      Killing off the main character in the first season, the beautiful people with white cloaks aren’t always good guys, redemption arcs for characters, each character having flaws, dragons not being some savior thing but actually a destructive force when not controlled, betrayal, bad guys sometimes coming out on top, AND not to mention what is coming up in the series.

      I love fantasy novels, and this series is so anti-chiche its not even funny. Twilight and Harry Potter were cliche. I knew how it would end after the first book. This series is so much in the air it drives me crazy. So I don’t know how you can call it cliche.

  12. Man this show is F****** awesome

  13. I’m over the moon excited for the season to start.
    I hopped aboard the Game of Thrones bandwagon much later than everyone else. Last month I decided to give it a shot and four days later I was done with both seasons.
    The thing I love the most is that every sub-plot is as interesting as the bigger story. There’s never a dull moment. I’ve heard some people didn’t like season two as much as the first but I loved it, especially episode 9- Blackwater. The wait to see some actual battles did not disappoint.

  14. Can’t wait for this show! Wonder why it doesn’t get many awards. It’s the best there is IMO

  15. Really can’t wait until April 1st, been anticipating this since season two ended.

  16. I wanted to see more of The Unsullied.

    • that glimpse we saw was such a tease!

  17. yo whats the name of the theme song ? or is it a part of the OST ?

  18. So excited for the new season! The wait is becoming such as burden

  19. I’m lossing my mind waiting for this damn show to begin it’s third season. The show runners and G R.R Martin has stated that they’ve been waiting and prying that the show would work out, just so they could make it to season three. So I don’t know what writers have planned but it sounds like it’s going to be good. Now I hope that they don’t follow through on the RW because I’m quit fond of Robb Stark, and would like to see him continue on with the show. But it’s like Martin said at comic con, all of your favorite characters will eventually die, so I’m trying to deal with that fact.