‘Game of Thrones’ Producers Reveal Plans For Season 3, 4 & Beyond

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game of thrones producers Game of Thrones Producers Reveal Plans For Season 3, 4 & Beyond

Today HBO announced that it had picked up its epic fantasy drama series Game of Thrones for Season 3. Fortunately, not only do the producers already have a plan for what to do in season 3, but they also plans on how to tackles seasons 4 and beyond.

With Game of Throne’s 10-episode second season encompassing the entirety of George R. R. Martin’s second novel of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, “A Clash of Kings,” fans have been curious how subsequent seasons will be handled, given the extensive length of the source material, as well as the style in which it’s written.

Here’s what executive producer D. B. Weiss had to say about how they’re going to handle Game of Thrones season 3, 4 and beyond:

Well… “A Storm of Swords” is too long to fit in a single season. And as readers know, “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons” takes place during roughly the same time frame, so we’ll have to fold those together. The plan, if we’re lucky enough to be given the opportunity to see it through, is to use as many seasons as we need to tell the story as a whole, to do justice to George’s entire opus.

Continuing, executive producer David Benioff goes on to explain their approach to adapting George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series to television, and how keep a book per season isn’t important.

We’re not looking at our series as a book-by-book adaptation so much as an adaptation of George’s entire saga. In other words, in our minds season two is not “A Clash of Kings.” It is the second season of our adaptation of “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

From what Benioff and Weiss are saying about their future plans for the series, Game of Thrones fans should be excited about the impending adventures in Westeros.

game of thrones george r r martin peter dinklage Game of Thrones Producers Reveal Plans For Season 3, 4 & Beyond

With the producer’s intent to tell George R. R. Marin’s story first, rather than maintain the novel per season structure that some adaptions use, fans of the book series shouldn’t be worried about significant absences in its translation to television.

For fans of Game of Thrones, who have no interesting in reading the source material, you’ll be happy to know that the series you’re watching is attempting to stay as true to the George R. R. Martin’s vision as possible, without having to edit the 1000-page source material to fit into ten 1-hour episodes of television.

And if Game of Thrones’ ratings continue to rise, there’s no doubt that Weiss and Benioff will succeeded in their goal of telling the entire tale of “A Song of Ice and Fire” – no matter how many seasons it takes.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday @9pm on HBO

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  1. I accept everything in this article as true, but the inner cynic also says “also, we’ll get more than one season per book out of this moneymaker.”

    • I don’t see that as a bad thing.

    • If that’s true, it will be all the better for us!

  2. Welp, the producers are going to have to stretch out the seasons as I doubt ol’ Georgey boy will be able to write books fast enough to keep up with the TV series. If he follows his current pattern it’ll take around ten years for him to finish the last two books. He might release the 6th in time to adapt it for the show, but then what?

    • maybe a movie a few years after the last season airs for the last book? they could make it a two part, or even a three part depending on the fan base and ratings the show will have gathered by then. this is just an idea, though.

    • Martin has been taking longer to write the novels as he refuses to focus only on the novels, do other work instead. All well and fine. My guess, though, is with the success of GOT on HBO, he will have far more incentive to complete the last two novels in under ten years!

      • I hope so. He is old too, you cannot forget that. My worst nightmare is him dying without completing the series.

        • He isn’t that old.

          • For being an obese man, he is quite old. He is already on borrowed time.

  3. Comforting news.

  4. I’d expect ASOS to be Seasons 3 and 4, then AFFC and the first half of ADWD being Seasons 5 and 6, with the second half of ADWD being Season 7.

    So Book 3 split into 2, and Books 4 and 5 combined split over 3 seasons. With Book 6 presumably being Seasons 8 and 9, and Book 7 as Seasons 10 and 11. And of course there could even be a Book 8! GRRM has said so himself that he will not truncate the story he wishes to tell in order to fit an arbitrary number of volumes, and we all know it was originally intended to be a trilogy! Of course let’s hope he can speed up and get ‘The Winds of Winter’ out in the next 2-3 years!

  5. I both understand and dispute their claim to adapting “A Storm of Swords” into more than a 10 episode season.

    While I know the source material is vast and couldn’t fit into the “standard” 10 episode season, it’s hard not to argue the thought of having a 12 or 13 episode season in order to keep the material sequential.
    Budgeting aside, there is no reason they cannot extend the season. I’m sure that a budget could be increased to accommodate if necessary.

    It’s clear they are stalling for both Martin to finish the story as well as the ability to milk every last penny on extra DVD & BluRay sales.

    That being said, I love the novels and the show, so I can’t complain either way!

    • There is absolutely no reason they can’t depict a book properly with 10 hours of screen time at their disposal.

      • Idk the third and fourth book are pretty huge

  6. Shut up and take my money!

    • one does not simple search the web without find gagers.

  7. No? 10episodes is already a very respectable amount of episodes. As long as the series is of good Quality, alls fine.

  8. Somehow that makes me worried if they can keep production cost under control for more than 6 years – somehow I highly doubt it. What they should do, perhaps, take the Marvel route and get those actors attached now for several seasons. But on the other hand that’s a gamble too if GoT doesn’t prove to be popular with the mainstream for longer than a few years.

    • There is a huge fan following for the books. The buzz has just started, with fantasy you hardly get bored & the books get interesting after the second one. So I am sure the popularity won’t fizzle that soon. Also when shows like Smallvile can last so many seasons, with the backing of HBO I think Got will survive.

  9. Lord of the Rings was pulled off successfully with 10 hours of screen time. There’s no reason they can’t pull off each book of the ‘Song…’ series with 10 hours of screen time a piece. They just have to ignore all the fanboys howling about their favorite insignificant character being left out.

    • Except you have to realize if you take out all the scene and character descriptions (don’t need on film because everything is visual) and needless background plots and characters(don’t move story along, require too much time to explain properly and confuse the hell out of people who haven’t read the book or other compilations) in the LotR trilogy you’d probably be left with only one book, shorter in length than ASoS. And it took two years to film all three LotR films with very little down time in between(something you can’t do with TV crew and/or cast). Not to mention people wouldn’t put up with a two year hiatus and would move on and become extremely outraged.

      Lastly, as much as I love LotR, GoT is fare more complex. There is really only one story with a couple of minor subplots in LotR, this is not true with GoT which has so many main plots tossed in with major subplots most people get confused (referring to viewers and some readers). I’s rather have everything come out right in more seasons than get everything thrown together in one season. I already feel like I’ve only watched 5minute when an episode ends with the second season that I’d be afraid to even comprehend what it would feel like to have ASoS as one season.

  10. Comparing LOTR to ASOIF in my opinion is like comparing “Aliens” to “Timecop” both are set in a fantasy universe but they are completely different books Georges work seems to get into the soul of the characters involved and takes a very human approach vs the high fantastical approch used in lord of the rings. I love the realism in his works

  11. I haven’t heard of Game of Thrones before and only because I saw season 1 on TV last year that I started reading the book. I feel very lucky as I was able to fully enjoy the show without any previous knowledge and then enjoy the book to help fill in some details. This is the best book adaptation that I have seen bar none. I’ve read LOTR and harry potter before seeing the movies and let me tell you that watching the movie is not as exciting since you already know the story. This year I plan on watching season 2 on TV first before reading A Clash of Kings.

  12. You gotta take into consideration the actors aging. What will they do!

    • Isn’t there like a time jump in book four and five anyway? So there’s that age thing for you. By the time their ready to film the seasons that cover those books, everybody will look the way they’re supposed to.

      • There isn’t.

  13. I think, they should have expanded even the second book into two distinct seasons, clash of kings should be made in like 3 or 4 seasons 😀 that way there would be much more to watch 😛

  14. As long as Sean bean is there to the end and at least one dire wolf I’ll watch it. Now no one ruin it by telling me they die or something cause i don’t have time for a week of mourning.

  15. SEASON 2: WHY, WHY, WHY are they changing the story, inserting things that DID NOT HAPPEN in the book!!!!!!! Why can’t they keep it TURE???????

    • CG, it’s simple. Some events in the books happen at the same time, but occur in different books. Some things make sense in written form, but in a show need embellishments or alterations to fit into the flow of a TV show. It’s a simple fact of storytelling. Some things work in a comic but need changed for film. Some things work well in a book but need fudged around to work well in a TV show.

      people always seem surprised or dismayed, but we would never see film/tv adaptations if the creative engine (the people behind the projects) didn’t adapt the content for the medium.

      • Try watching the first episode on DVD/Blueray with the commentary turned on. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss give a really excellent explanation of what they had to do to adapt the book to the movie.

  16. if they kept it TURE the book would be boring for those who saw the show and vice versa. It’s not supposed to be exactly like the book, that’s why they called it GAME OF THRONES not A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.

    • That’s not why the title change. “A Song of Ice and Fire” is clunky as a TV show title. “Game of Thrones” is nice & smooth.

      Even if the show was exactly like the book, they would’ve changed the title for television.

  17. All the plot changes I’ve seen (Tolesa of Volantis and the absence of the Reeds aside) make for a better story than what happens in the books. Admittedly somethings are early, but having Daenerys’ dragons kidnapped makes more sense than her just up and going to the House of the Undying. I wish they didn’t kill half of her Khal, but such is life.

    • Sorry, can’t agree with that. Tolesa will only be a part of the future plot, but the Reeds! The Reeds will keep on going! We’re already at the 5th book, and they are still playing an important plot! Where’s the greendreaming, so important to teach Bran’s derisive future? Where do they flee to, after Winterfell’s fall? Into the woods? That’s all?

  18. Nice thing to be eating nails for a year before having at least the name of the 10 episodes for season 3, I just want to know where they are going to cut it and by where, I of course mean, is The Scene going to be season 3’s finale?. It can’t be season 4’s finale… that could easily be the epilogue and Lady Stoneheart with the Brotherhood… and it can’t be put just randomly in the middle, it’s THE moment, THE RW, it must be a finale… ANTICIPATION.

  19. This series deserves to be co-screened in cinemas as well as tv, so that the full vision can be appreciated in it’s vastness. Globally, there is a market for this suggestion as fans could pay in advance for the season and spend one hour a week happy. No other program is as down loaded as this and people who love cinema would love this. Others can continue to watch at home, but please start a viewing revolution and co-screen. That way the money can be re-invested to further better the production value. Everyone wins. so HBO please do this. And remember, it was my suggestion!

    • Your comments regarding screening Game of Thrones in cinemas is already happening……. well in Belfast Moviehouse it is. Sorry. The second series is due to be screened within the next three weeks, with 5 episodes being shown back to back (with breaks, naturally) on one night, and the other 5 episodes on the following night. Goodie bags are up for grabs if you can answer the questions quick enough!!!

      Watching the first season like this was brilliant, until the winter wait for the second season.

  20. I want to start by saying “F*****G good job all round!” I have not read the books, and until i read these posts, i did not know the books existed.
    This series absolutely rocks. I love fantasy films, books etc. I have read near enough all books that have hit the screens and this by far smashes it on every level. The writer is a damn genius, he tells a good gripping story that captures the heart and imagination. As much as i want the next season to come out as fast as possible, its not worth racing through it as this will lead to mistakes and the story being lost. I do not have any life changing ideas or comments, i just wanted to show all involved in this epic saga that they are all doing an amazing job as actors and directors etc and should be proud of what they have achieved and intend to achieve in the future. Thank you to all involved for bringing this to us. xxxx

  21. I am having withdrawls. How much longer till Winds of Winter.

  22. think they is no problem

  23. Hi everyone,

    I cant come up with anything new, just have to say, that me and my friends are crazy about this series ! I love fantasy, but I really dont like many series or films in that section, becaus they eigther have bad (or in some way unfitting)actors or they a produced with very little money wich one can generally notice every second of the film. This series has the best actors I have ever seen in a series, they actually look like they truley live in Westeros. Even the good looking actors fit there ( good looking actors for instance in cop-series automatically destroy the character of the series because there are very few model- like cops out there who look like they go to the beauty-salon half of theire work time ^^). The Story is complex and amazing but since everything is being made easy and simple nowadays this is a great way of creating an own style and on the other hand still being successfull. I really look forward to the books but for now I cant wait until session 3 and the following….
    I dont have to exaggerate when I say that this is by far the best series I have ever seen and I would even say that I only know about 10 – 20 Films that have fascinated me that much (considering all genre)! Big respect to all the actors , producers and all the staff from GoT from a german fan !

  24. I’m really glad they’re dropping the one book to one season ratio. A Storm of Swords is far too big to fit into 10 (or 13 episodes). Anyone who thinks they can take 10 hrs and film that book in its entirety is crazy, and you probably haven’t actually read the book. These aren’t 300~400 page books here. Plus, not only is A Storm of Swords one of the biggest books (bigger than the previous books by 200~300 pages), but there are just /so/ many things that happen that absolutely need to be covered.

    Really pumped for S03.

  25. As a person who has study filmmaking (learn it myself), it is impossible to have 20 episodes for the Game of Thrones for each season. While it might have been nice, but lets be realistic. There are only two or maybe 3 reasons why. 1) Budget on on the production (filming the scenes). The directors, the writers, and the producers all have to think of how much money they can handle (afford). How much time they need their actors and how much money they can afford for costumes and settings (such traveling to a location shoot). It’s all very hard and they need to keep in with the budget and try not to go over the budget (there have been many cases of over budget in TV shows and movies). Like for season 2, a lot of people who read the books were disappointed that the chain wasn’t in the battle. That will be like almost hundreds of thousands of dollars right there for a 1 minute or under to fit that in the battle. Also how much time that the minutes have to fit in (52 to 53 minutes an episode), impossible to do it. It’s easy to say of “It’s not that hard, just put a chain in there!” “CGI it!” and so many more that others have complained. Tough it! It’s all about keeping in track with budget, think about it. 2) The creators, the writers, and the directors have 10 months (or even a bit under, well they have about a year to finish each season) to finish each season as possible. It may seem like a lot time for viewers, but time is like an enemy to TV shows and movies. Game of Thrones has 10 episodes and for it to finish in entire season, they need to finish each deadlines. Yes, TV shows and movies all have deadlines, like when you write a essay paper, it calls for a deadline. It’s a lot of pressure, a lot of things will not go their way (thus comes to changing dialogues, scenes cut out, and whether each scene makes scene), as it is the same way when you write essays or your other homework. You change a lot of things in your papers your answers to math, science, and many more subjects. Game of Thrones has the same way of what you’re dealing with. Change, stress, and deadlines. Also I would like to add when you work on projects on you daily work jobs. Do you see how similar it is to do projects? 3) This sort of ties in more with why the Game of Thrones only has 10 episodes instead of 20 episodes, as some of you claim or would like. That will not be very good to the TV show, not fair to the actors (actors want to do other projects to, like we want to work on different projects in your life), and not fair to you. Yes, even you! Why? Because honestly would you remember all the names (there are lots and lots of names, a lot of hard ones to pronounce) of names by the end of the 20th episode? Don’t lie. Even I wouldn’t remember most of the names. As much as I’ve love the books, a couple of times now, I still don’t know over half of the character’s names. Major names or important ones, those are the names that are mentioned over and over (stick out the most), while other minor characters are mentioned, but when you read those minor character names, you’ll forget them, skim over them. You know when you read those minor characters in your head. Don’t you feel the same each time you read the books, forgetting names? Then again, some of you guys have a great memory. But the majority of us viewers and book readers, you’ll forget a lot of the names. It’s a smart move when they decided to take 2 or 3 names (or more) characters and then combine those characters into one character (like Ross for example). Not only it is smart, but it won’t be tedious to the makers of the show. It’s won’t be tedious of you viewers watching the show, trying to remember the names. Would you even care about those minor names? I know that I’ve been lecturing and babbling to you guys for a long time, but I can’t stand when people are so overly picking when the show got something wrong. I guess what’s more important for the show and as book readers who loves the books is keeping the spirit of the books and the characters acting similar to the characters in the books. That’s more important than anything else.

  26. I cannot wait for the third season to air… I was fortunate enough to discover the series when the second series had just ended, so I could watch the whole 2 seasons back to back :) Now there is white foam covering my mouth, so I guess it is time have some more! Love it.

  27. So im probably the youngest person here too wach this movie…Im 11 HeHe,
    So im not in it for the movie (yes i am) im in it for the acting, the people in here are probaly the best actors ive every seen (Ive seen alot of actors)
    Im really looking forward to seson 3,LETS GO GET EM IMP!