‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 2 Starts Filming In July; Producers Talk Cast & Story

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game of thrones season 2 eddard pycell littlefinger renly Game Of Thrones Season 2 Starts Filming In July; Producers Talk Cast & Story

UPDATE: Check out the new teaser trailer for season 2: Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Trailer

After last week’s shocking development, Game Of Thrones fans are clamoring for the season one finale this Sunday. While it’s a long wait for the Season 2 premiere next year, filming begins next month, and executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss revealed a few details in a recent interview.

Game Of Thrones has climbed steadily in the rating since its mediocre debut, with last week’ episode winning 2.7 million viewers. HBO renewed Game Of Thrones almost immediately after the premiere, and we can expect the second season to arrive in or around April of next year.

The production will remain a UK affair, with indoor filming in Belfast and exterior scenes shot on location around Northern Ireland. Last year, the crew went to locales like Malta to film scenes in the fictional eastern continent, so expect the same location or a reasonable facsimile for the continuation of Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) storyline.

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While no new cast members have been announced, expect the characters from the current season to return (at least the ones that make it out of the finale alive). The next season is based on the second book of A Song of Ice and Fire, A clash of Kings, and will call for dozens of new parts, large and small. Executive producers Benioff and Weiss gave an interview to the L.A. Times and let loose some tidbits about adapting the second novel for the small screen:

Benioff: …There’s a lot of writing and a lot of casting still. Most series if you get second season you’re done with most of the casting. With the second book and the second season, a whole slew of characters make their appearances.

Weiss: I’m sitting here looking at our casting grid, which is a grid of names and faces of all the characters. …Now I’m looking at the grid again, and half the people are gone because they’ve been massacred wholesale. And now there’s a grid to be filled in again with a new group of people.

With filming beginning so soon, you can expect casting for important Clash of Kings characters like Stannis Baratheon, Balon Greyjoy and Melisandre to be announced or leaked in the next few weeks.

game of thrones arya syrio Game Of Thrones Season 2 Starts Filming In July; Producers Talk Cast & Story

Readers will be happy to know that author George R.R. Martin‘s role as an executive producer is not a mere title. He’s had writing duties of his own, and continues in an oversight role as production on the second season begins. In fact: Martin will be writing an entire episode which portrays the pivotal event that concludes the second book/season.

Benioff: He’s writing an episode for the coming season, which is probably the heaviest, the [spoiler]. Now that we’re on the ground here in Belfast and working with the visual effects team and production team that’s going to create the sets, we have to talk to George about what that looks like. He’s just as involved as in Season 1.

Weiss: …After each episode we get a report card.

The pair also mentioned some of the special effects-heavy events in Season 2, which we’ll omit for spoiler reasons. Benioff and Weiss acknowledged that there are challenges bringing such a large-scale fantasy world to life, especially when it comes to budget, but a continued focus on the various characters of Game Of Thrones has allowed them to pick and choose when and where to use expensive and time-consuming effects.


Game Of Thrones concludes its first season Sunday night at 9PM.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, L.A. Times

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  1. Do we know when season 2 will be shown on hbo?

  2. I miss Khal Drogo! Love his character…………A year, really!

  3. I’m reading “game Of Thrones” at the moment after watching the 1st season… It’s almost word perfect to the TV episodes so quite an amazing read, it’s like i’m re-living it all over again, only this time i have the characters faces in my head… I live in Belfast and know a few Taxi drivers who picked the Actors up from they’re hotels and took them to the locations. They all said the same thing about the dude who played Khal Drogo, that he was arrogant, and obnoxious. Sean Bean was a gentalman who apparently took a handful of the drivers out to Dinner when the Wrapped up. Top bloke that Sean Bean…

  4. Just a warning to those who start the series, dont get attached to anyone (characters). George is a cruel author at best when it comes to making you like somebody, and then having them viciously murdered. I used to love his books. Now i wish id never heard of him.

  5. Dont get attached to any characters. As an author George is cruel and unusual in the way that he punishes his readers for liking his characters. I liked a dozen people in the first book. Up to the most recent there are now two. Just a friendly warning to anyone who hates seeing their favorite characters murdered viciously over and over in a way that lowers the importance of any murder in the story. Even to a point that makes me wonder why i was reading about these people in the first place since none of them mattered…

  6. I hope George is as sad and unhappy as he should be, to be able to write such deplorable hopeless joyless garbage. Former fan, now wishing I’d have saved myself several full days of my life instead of investing all that time, money, and interest in characters to read 5 books, thus furthering his need to make other people as sad as he is. Two thumbs way down! Long live the memories of Robert Jordan and David Gemmell! Fantasy as it should be!

  7. bes serie i`ve ever watched, i hope that in the next season “the other” can appear more in the show

  8. I like the HBO series. But I very much wish the author of these novels wrote that Bran Stark fell on his face and only temporarily broke his legs, instead of having poor Bran have his spinal column permanently broken!

    Even modern medicine in our world is not advanced enough to regrow nerve cells and help people who suffer spinal cord injuries. In other words, if Bran Stark lived in our world, he would still be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

  9. YAY! Melisandre is going to be portrayed by Carice van Houten!!!
    The Dutch are so proud! finally a Dutch actor is getting famous in America.
    (it has been a while since Rutger Hauer) :D

  10. Who else thinks that tyrion lannister is the best character in the show and the books and peter dinklage’s portrayal of tyrion is spot on with all his cunning and comedic relief in an otherwise dark show. He truly gives an emmy caliber performance.

  11. i frigging love this series and i read the first two books before the series even started i was so excited to see that it was going to be a tv series the prob i had was it was only ten episodes :(. now i have gotten to book four and it is slow for me. because all of my fave characters are dead. except for jon snow and arya and the imp. but so far i love the books and hope i can get through this book soon and start book five. those of you who havent read the books i reccomend it to you. the series has gone word for word (as one has said in posts) but it really is an awesome series to read.

  12. Man, this tv-show is so awesome.

  13. I missed this show completely but my daughter told me about it. I watched the entire season 1 in 1 day, that’s how hooked I was. I am a 72 year old mother of 5, grandmother of 11 and I loved it. Can’t wait for season 2

  14. omg i love this show

  15. Nice soap opera. Can we please get MORE MAGIC, MONSTERS, and action? Less Masterpiece Theatre-like muttering dialogue. In fact, ditch the British actors and their stupid accent.

      • I’m American and I agree with you Dave. The characters bring the whole show together. Think I’m gonna read the books I bet they are good.

      • Thank you very much. I dont know why that person would even say that. There are some really good British actors

        • exactly. and if this person had bothered to watch any of the making of they’d realize that it’s filmed around Glasgow (scotland) and ALL the accents aren’t english…some are scottish (wondering about irish too). also if you go back in history there was a “wall” built during roman times…that i believe this author patterned “the wall” after. so…it make sense that they would locate it, and cast it the way they did.

    • Go watch something else

    • If you take all of those out ,the show wouldn’t be what it is!!!!

      The show is great the way it was made, can’t wait to read second book and then watch the show!

      And why is that British accent is stupid? I don’t like it ether ,but you can’t call it stupid , I assume you are American, and those people were speaking that language waaaaay before YOU!

    • Your a loser

    • The english do this the best, nothing wrong with their accent, fantastic show. Wish there were more like it.

    • Ah Rich, nothing better than an ignorant critic.

  16. this is one of the coolest shows iv ever watched it had me hooked right away lol i never new about it realy till a few days ago and i watched the whole season 1 in a day lol cuz i was so into it lol i cant wait to see the second season !!!! good stuff to who ever decided to make it into a show and i will be waiting to watch more !!

  17. I just cant wait for Season 2,though i miss khal Drogo and Eddard Stark but from what i read its gonna be awesome *fingerscrossed*.

    • Really didnt think they would kill Sean Beans character. Thought he was a main character

    • yes i agree. but catch Kahl Drago as “Conan” any day now!


    • yes…reading ahead…you will not be disappointed…guaranteed!

  18. Great show, but if you havnt read the books do it. SO much more depth to the characters. PLus the show added/changed/removed some important things. I understand for the sake of time that they had to but some stuff I was baffled that they omitted or changed. Like Ned fighting jaime, didnt happen in book, totally different event took place

    • that’s why i wanted to read the books, because you know they take theatrical license with movies.

      • Love this show, but got tired of people telling me to read the books.
        I like the show.
        Like the show.
        The show.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind someone suggesting me I should check the books out for more background story, it’s the whole “You like Got??? READ THE BOOKS”.

        Had to rant.

  19. I started watching this show six months ago and was immediately hooked. The plot, characters and special effects are what make the show intriguing. I have always been a fantasy buff and I think that the shows that HBO has come out with in the past four years (True blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of thrones)has been the greatest lineup they have had in a long time. Keep it up HBO…and dont skimp on the nudity and violence:)

  20. Love the whole series, by episope two I had bought the book. Just coming to the end of Feast for Crows, can I just say it has been an amazing journey, full of unexpected twists and turns. can’t wait to get hold of A Dance with Dragons.

  21. I like the little girl, Ayra Stark. I think she is the only interesting character in the show. That girl is definitely the show break out star.

    • 2nd it..

    • She is interesting. But Tyrion Lannister (the imp) is by far my favorite :)

      • mine too.

  22. Im on the 4th book now and i can’t wait to see how they portray the second book and all its twists. Im even more impatient for the 3rd season.

    I strongly suggest reading the books, at least the first one if your worried about spoiling it all.

    • i don’t think it spoiled it to read them ahead. gave me a more in depth picture of the character motivation.

  23. I love this show. I’m glad to see something interesting that does not include blood sucking. I can’t wait for the new season. After reading your comments I’m buying the book.

  24. I think this is an outstanding series. I didn’t watch it at first, but after watching the first episode I was hooked. I really like the actors, they are very professional. British/American actors. I recognize one from “The Wire”, (The white Mayor of Baltimore). I hope this series runs for years!

  25. LOVE the show can’t wait for season 2 to start. This is the only t.v show I watch since tudors.

    keep them coming!!!!

  26. I really love the show, a lot about this show is what I have been missing in S F / Fantesy and I absolutely love it. Where is the seres located, it looks like england after the Romans? Keep it up. Please let me know if you have any updates.

    • i watched one of the “making of” things…and i thought they said around Glasgow. i also think “the wall” comes from the wall constructed during roman times.

  27. I cant get enough of this show!!! My girlfriend is going to kill me if i dont stop saying “spring of 2012?!?!?” cause i dont know if i can wait that long. LOL.

  28. winter is coming,love me the slogan!!!!!!