‘Game of Thrones’ Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

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HBO’s Game of Thrones has fast become the surprise hit of the spring and one of the most talked about shows of 2011. Not only have the ratings consistently grown with almost every episode – 2.7 million viewers last Sunday and rising – but so, too, has the buzz. Needless to say, it’s good to be Game of Thrones.

On Friday, we learned that the highly anticipated Season 2 would begin filming next month with a slew of new actors (in addition to the old, of course), as well as a larger special effects budget, due to the more fantasy-laden storyline. Is it strange to be impatient for a second season when Season 1 isn’t even finished yet?

Tonight’s season finale will see the Stark family come to terms with the violent loss of Ned Stark (played by Sean Bean), beheaded at the behest of the rotten, inbred King Joffrey. In the preview, we saw Catelyn Stark swear revenge upon the Lannister clan for what they did to her poor husband Ned, promising her son Robb (the new Lord of Winterfell) that they would kill every last one of them.

It seems likely that we’ll see how the other Starks react to the news that Ned is dead, as well, from the bastard Jon Snow on down to crippled Bran Stark. As to whether or not the Starks will kill ‘every last one’ of the Lannisters in the finale, whether or not Khal Drogo will die from his festering wound, or whether or not the White Walkers will finally show up in full force — I guess you’ll just have to watch the season finale to find out.

If you’ve read the books – DO NOT DISCUSS THEM HERE! There are plenty of other places on the Internet for you to do that, we assure you.


game of thrones robb stark season finale fire and blood Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

Tonight’s episode – “Fire and Blood” – was easily the most eagerly anticipated of the season, as it dealt primarily with the repercussions following Ned Stark’s death. Not only were fan expectations through the roof, but many a viewer unfamiliar with the books assumed that those repercussions would be swift, thorough, and explosive.

I confess that I, too, had dreams of Jaime Lannister (or, really, any Lannister but Tyrion) being bludgeoned to death with an aluminum baseball bat. Sure, it seemed an unlikely development, given that aluminum baseball bats probably don’t exist in this world, but a man can dream, right?

Alas, preconceived notions of how a TV show should or should not work are what led to viewers last week being incensed to the point that they threatened to drop Game of Thrones altogether. After all, how could the protagonist in a television show be killed off so soon, and especially before the end of the first season?

Viewers looking forward to immediate, violent vengeance on behalf of the Starks (as was referenced by Catelyn Stark in the preview for this week’s episode) will no doubt be disappointed again. There’s no revenge to be had in “Fire and Blood.”  There are no explosive action scenes, no Lannister heads lopped off in retribution, no cathartically satisfying set pieces with classic one-liners to top them off.

game of thrones fire and blood jon snow Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

That’s because Game of Thrones Season 1, for all intents and purposes, is literature on TV. Whereas most TV shows are compelled to end on a climax of massive proportions or with a cliffhanger that nobody saw coming, Thrones did something even less predictable: It gave us a denouement.

If you were looking for a mind-blowing climax, take solace in the fact that you already saw it last week in “Baelor.” The beheading of Eddard “Ned” Stark was the climax of this season’s story, and it took place in the last five seconds of the penultimate episode. “Fire and Blood” was all about the settling of the pieces from the explosion that was Ned’s execution:

  • In Winterfell, we see that the two youngest Starks, Bran and Rickard, have been visited in their dreams by the ghost of their father, seemingly notifying them of his death.
  • Southward, we see Catelyn and Robb learn that Ned is dead, by way of messenger. We see their reactions: sadness, tears, anger, hatred. We see them swear vengeance upon the Lannister clan. All of them. Just as soon as they get Arya and Sansa to safety.
  • In King’s Landing, we see Arya being taken under the wing of Yoren of the Night’s Watch, who gives her a new identity as a boy named Arry. Obviously, if Arya is caught, it’s her death, too.
  • We see the oldest Stark daughter, Sansa, being held captive in the hell that is King Joffrey’s castle. Joffrey forces his future wife to look upon the severed head of her dear departed father on a pike twenty feet high, for “as long as it pleases” him. Then he orders an underling to smack her across the face, because his mother told him it’s wrong for a king to do such things to his lady.
  • On The Wall, we see Jon Snow galloping southward to flee the Night’s Watch and join his brother Robb against the Lannisters; his friends and fellow Night’s Watchmen stop him and convince him to stay on The Wall — as he promised, as is honorable.

game of thrones fire and blood tyrion lannister Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

In spite of this episode being an obvious denouement, there were major developments as well:

  • Instead of swearing fealty to Stannis or Renly Baratheon, the Northern armies decide to separate from the South and  proclaim Robb Stark the king of the North.
  • On The Wall, the Night’s Watch Commander decides it’s time to stop messing around and orders a full force of Watchmen to ride beyond The Wall and deal with the White Walker problem head on.
  • In the northbound caravan led by Yoren, Arya makes friends with the dead King Baratheon’s bastard son — though neither of them are aware of this fact.
  • At Tywin Lannister’s war camp, Tyrion is ordered to King’s Landing to serve as the new Hand of the King, and he immediately disobeys his father by bringing the young prostitute Shae with him. Could they be falling in love?
  • Far to the East, Daeneris’ baby son dies during childbirth. The witch whose life Daeneris saved two episodes prior used her son’s death – with Blood Magic – to “save” the life of Khal Drogo. But Khal is a vegetable now. He can’t move, talk, or think. The Dothraki armies ride away, leaving those loyal to Drogo behind. (“A Khal who cannot ride is no Khal at all.”)
  • Daeneris quickly realizes that the witch tricked her, so she decides to work a little Blood Magic herself – she kills Drogo by smothering him out of his misery; ties the witch to a Drogo’s funeral pyre; places her Dragon Eggs near the corpse of her husband; lights the pyre on fire; then enters the flames herself. Only, she doesn’t burn. She doesn’t die. Because she has the blood of the dragon, in the way her brother never did.
  • The next morning, after the smoke has subsided, Daenerys is covered head to toe with living baby dragons. Those long-dormant eggs have obviously hatched.

Was this the best episode of the season so far? No. But that isn’t saying a whole lot for a season full of excellent episodes, one after the other. All in all, “Fire and Blood” was a solid Season 1 ending that gave us much to look forward to in Season 2. Dragons and white walkers and civil war, oh my. Personally, I can’t wait. How about yourself?

For fans clamoring for any news related to Season 2, watch this very brief and nearly meaningless teaser for it:

Game of Thrones returns to HBO – likely Sundays @9PM – in April 2012. Remember to keep checking back with us for more Season 2 news, especially during our coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2011.

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  1. I’m sorry.. but was that it???

    A flippant comment perhaps, but I’ve persisted with this show where at at times I’ve struggled to see where it’s going and I think after 10 episodes we should’ve got more.

    I concede that the show is sticking faithfully to the books, so I’m spekaing from the view of a viewer of a tv show. Spare the final scene, nothing really happened at all this episode. Yet again we had too much focus on background characters, who aren’t imortant to the main events.

    The core struggle of the Starks & Lannisters has been compelling throughout yet it was treated almost as a side issue here. After last weeks shocking episode, we should’ve seen some sort of retribution, vengeance or even comeuppance, especially when Ned was such a great character.

    Ben has explained the lack of incident, but season finale – faitful to source material or not, needs a sense of build up, an upping of the ante, the delivered ‘pay off’ and off course the cliffhanger (s) to create anticipation for the next season. (see 10 seasons of Smallville as a prime example)

    This episode delivered only on one of those counts, and even that itself, felt like it was thrown in to compensate uneventful 50 or so previous minutes. This felt more like a season building episode for season 2 rather than a finale.

    Overall, Game of Thrones is very similar to Boardwalk Empire. A great premise bolstered with high production values. A slow burner at times but hitting great heights at times. You can sense true greatness but it has yet to fully deliver what it promises. For me Spartacus remains superior as a tv show, giving two truly outstanding season finales.

    Still despite all this I’ll be looking forward to season 2

    • Based on your post, I get the impression that you haven’t read the books. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

      A Song of Ice & FIre is a tricky thing to translate to a show or film. The first book is really just setup and exposition for the real **** hitting the fan, and people who don’t know that sometimes say that this first season doesn’t have enough “ramping up” or enough this or that. All of the stuff from Season 1 is important, and informs the later books/seasons. It’s a preamble if you will.

      • @Ken

        Yes, you are correct, I’ve haven’t read the books. To be honest I tend not to as I prefer to see everything visualised on the screen. I’m all for adaptations being faithful, but sometimes you have to deviate slightly from the books to make it translate better as a movie or a tv show.

        For example, and this is my own opinion, the Dothraki carried such a menacing presence initally, but became more marginalised as the story went on. What a great scenario, it could’ve been to have both Starks and Lannisters join forces to combat a threat greater than them both.

        Of course there may be greater things to come, as you will know from reading the books, but will the show last the 5-6 seasons probably needed to cover all of the events.

        Books themselves don’t always get it right, I use the ending from Angels & Demons as a example.

        And just imagine how different the Lord of The Rongs trilogy would’ve been had they stuck 100% to the books.

        • you havent read the books so you shouldn’t comment on if the tv show is better to have changed or left elements out. The Dothraki story is a sleeper. To have had the tribes unite, invade and fight a combined army of hundreds of thousands in a matter of months would have been rediculous…
          You lack the understanding of the daenerys’ story, the relevance of dragons… She isnt destined to ride into kings landing behind a Dothraki warlord. Shes destined to be the warlord of her own people and army. That takes time. The game of thrones writers know this which is why the story has evolved as it has, you do not which is why you post opinionated inaccurate comments..

          • @Ridenar or Tyler – whoever you are

            First, I’m not sure why you are posting identical comments under two different identities. That it itself doesn’t make sense.

            Second, an ‘opinion’ cannot be ‘inaccurate’ as I’m just stating what I think, not what is fact. It can be disagreed with your own opinion, but it can’t be said it is defnitely wrong.

            I understand that the show is always building to a larger story but as a season finale or a movie where you have less room to tell an expanded story I think you should focus more on the characters that are part of the primary story. Peter Jackson understood this when translating Lord Of The Rings and we should’ve got more Stark / Lannister conflict

            Third, I’ve already conceded not reading the books. I’m speaking as a viewer of the show on has their own views on how a season finale should work. In that respect the episode was lacking and I believe tha many would’ve thought the same, had Game of Thrones been an original television concept (heaven forbid) rather than an adaptation.

            Just my own opinion, nothing historically accurate.

            From lebsta, the one and only…

            • Felt like I needed to comment here, since lebsta seems to be all alone in his/her sentiments.

              I love the FIre and Ice series. I think it is masterfully written, but the chapters aren’t always eventful. Often, especially later in the series, they only serve to lay the groundwork for later events and are only mildly captivating in-and-of-themselves. The real interest lies in seeing how these, at times, seemingly trivial or inconsequential actions reverberate through the entire story and at times ripple out to have significant consequences. However, it takes hours of dedicated reading sometimes to get the real payoff, which doesn’t necessarily translate well to TV.

              In this respect I agree with lebsta, if this series is going to stick to the book, there are going to be episodes where nothing ‘dramatic’ seems to happen, and characters will be exiting an entering the story in ways that make it hard for someone to really develop a connection to the character or find themselves truly engrossed by the events.

              It would be easy if the story were strictly linear, as it is in Boardwalk Empire, The Borgias, The Tudors, etc. That is, it follows a few characters who are all moving forward on similar trajectories and whose actions generally are felt by the rest of the cast fairly immediately.

              For what it’s worth, I’ll be watching season 2, to see how they adapt the story – but the real anticipation is saved for the release of Feast of Crows in the next couple weeks.

              • Crows came out in 2005 mate. You mean dance. You put so much effort into the beginning of your heart felt opinion, and for a moment there, I truly thought you knew what you were talking about… unlike most of the opinionated but ultimately clueless on here…. Shame..

            • I havent read the books yet but i loved the season ending. I was not sure if dragons would be part of the story since the CGI would be expensive. i am on season 4 now and i can’t wait to see where this is going. People will complain whether the original source material is followed to the T or not. I prefer to stay close to the source material. Less people complain that way. Hey, can’t please everyone right?

    • The end of the first season of “Lost” was just getting the hatch open–not even seeing inside–let alone finding out the secret of the island. But unlike “Lost,” this author actually knows where he wants the story to go. This show is epic and will be told over many seasons. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

      • So many people just need to be immediately satisfied, there has to be some shocking revelation or plot twist in order to keep a lot of people interested. It is not enough that it has great dialogue, endearing actors, and doesn’t have Ashton Kutcher in it. They will always find something they hate about it, just to complain about how much better they could have done it. I think it’s great though. 😀

    • get ready for next season, its just starting up… by the way all the starks die!!!!!!!!!1

  2. the are all flawed that’s what make this serie so fantastic
    Lanisters got pride in abundance
    Starks hold to tightly on to their honour
    Tagierians are half mad half blinded by naive childrens storys
    Baratheon well the one who has been introduced was a drunken svagger who lived in the past and the rest of them is yet to be properly introduced.

    And that is just the family’s then there is the turn tale Varys and the oh so crazy b**** in the vale. Not even the children are pure and innocent, ben sulk’s and arya is to hot tempered.

    It’s wonderful and even though the saga is very much a high fantasy story (which at least I have read far to many to be enchanted by) the characters is not and that makes all the difference.

    I really enjoyed the books and now I’m in love with the series. The only disapoitment is the hound who isn’t even half as ugly as I pictured him. In comparison the series paints him as a pretty loveble chap

  3. Great ending to a great season.

  4. @VR46 have you read the 2 new Wheel of Time books? Also if anybody hasn’t read Windhaven by George RR Martin you should check it out. P.S. Is the second season still going to be called Game of Thrones or is it going to be Clash of Kings?

    • hi fn8up,
      nope haven’t read the last 2 books. From what i know, along with his misfortune, Jordan was lucky to know when he was about to die (more or less) so he had a lot of drafts and notes prepared that he left to his wife so that the books could be written in the way he wanted. She and his publisher then gave those notes to Sanderson to complete the saga.
      Don’t know if he has done a good work of not, but i hope he has continued along the path Jordan paved, and i hope his style bears a resemblance to J’s. The story will probably end like J wanted it, so that is a good thing.

      Thanks for the suggestion on the “Windhaven” didn’t know about it.

      I’m wondering the same thing about the name of the second season.

        • Yes i believe that is what will be done. It would confuse the viewers if they changed the name each season.
          What should have been done though is to keep the name of the books in each season, and to avoid confusion they should have kept the “A song of ice and fire” as the first part of the name (in order to have a constant in the whole series) and then change the second part of the name according to each season/book.
          A naming similar to the Spartacus series (gods of the arena, and blood and sand)
          I guess they didn’t like that cause it would get too long for a name.
          Anyway, no biggie

  5. Love the show! I want to buy and read the book now, but if I start reading the books, than season 2 will be spoiled. I’m not sure what to do.

    • You are joking right? You say you don’t want to read the books out of fear that you may spoil the season two; in reality you have spoiled the book by watching the show, as the T.V. adaptations are rarely as good as the original stories (even GoT which stays as true as it can to the books do not do them justice.

      I highly suggest you read the books before each season, and please note the first book (Game of Thrones) is perfectly in sync with the first season; in fact it HBO’s Game of Thrones overlays slightly into Clash of Kings. Rest assured, you will not “spoil” season 2 by reading the first installment of A Song of Ice and Fire.

  6. The evil little king must die first by Danys little dragons! I as a fathful viewer demand his death! And I will be back to read more from you when season two begins Benjamin. The ending was great and I’m gonna be going crzy until April! ughi hate season finales, but thank you for Kipling me updated even when I missed the show.

  7. The “spoiler” thing is getting tired. If a storyline is known because it’s been in another medium for years then there are no spoilers.
    It just caters to the lazy. I’m not going to edit what I say around people because I’ve read the books and they haven’t.
    Exactly how do you do this I wonder? When approaching a group of people do you hand out little questionnaires?
    “If you read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows check this box- ”
    “OK so I’ll only discuss up to the film version, part 1 only”

    Then there’s the TIVO crowd. “Hey I recorded it 6 weeks ago and haven’t watched it yet!”

    Here’s a thought. It’s how it was handled a few years ago.
    Don’t read anything until you get around to watching (or reading) the topic. I’m getting so tired of the spoiler frenzy.

    • It’s really NOT that hard to stick to talking about things that have only happened in the show vs. things that have happened in books, but not yet appeared in the show. You say it’s lazy for people who haven’t read the books to not want spoilers, because they’re watching the show first, but I submit to you that it’s lazy for you to not want to have to make the distinction between show and book discussions.

      You need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes…a lot of people have trouble doing this, but it’s a very basic process that everyone should take part in. If you were starting to read the books, and you wanted to talk about Book 1, and the show was in season 3, would you like it if a fan of the show told you what was going to happen to your favorite character in Book 3? No. You would be throwing a fit.

      Do what is right. Talk about show content when the show is being discussed. The book content should be left out of it entirely, except perhaps when talking about how something is different between book and show. SCREENrant. SCREEN rant.

      • Fair enough, this site is called SCREENrant, not BOOKrant.
        But you have kinda opened yourselves up to critiscism regarding this point by posting articles that relate directly to books. The article posted yesterday that covered other fantasy novel series that would make great adaptations springs to mind.
        Also I’ve read lots of articles relating to comic book news and technology.
        So I don’t think that this site is completely, rigidly, pigeon holed into dealing with just tv & movie news.
        And that’s a good thing if you ask me. What’s wrong with Screenrant being a one stop shop for all us geeks out there?:-)

        • I agree…one stop shop for all things geek…but this is precisely the philosophy that leads me to defend people’s right to a spoiler-free discussion about the show. I remember the first time I read through the books, and how exciting it was to be exposed to something new. I take that feeling and apply it to people who are watching the show for the first time, and don’t have knowledge of the upcoming events from the books.

          I am doing what everyone should do, but so few people seem to even realize is an option…putting myself in someone else’s shoes. If I hadn’t read the books, and was watching the show, I wouldn’t want to be reading a great discussion about the show and have someone interject a description of upcoming events.

          Honestly it baffles me that something so logical and basic needs to be explained to anyone. When talking about the show, don’t bring up events from the book that haven’t been shown on screen yet. Talking about the books is fine, but not when the article you’re commenting on says “NO SPOILERS PLEASE.” When you go ahead and do it anyway, it means one of two things, 1) you’re an @sshole, or 2) you’re learning English and still have trouble with some words.

          • Ridenar, I thought you were done with this thread? Or did you not get your own memo?

            • The allure of correcting self-righteous fanboys was just too much to resist. Grown men who reads comics I find somewhat fascinating…. And the fact I have superior knowledge about this ice and fire stuff is somewhat of a giggle…

              • Oh, yes, as opposed to grown men who read make believe fantasy novels with dragons and snow men and witches, oh my. Hypocrisy, thy name is Ridenar. Slash Tyler.

                • If your mind sees marvel comics if the same vein as this or lord of the rings… well… that actually explains a lot..

    • gotta agree.

      It’s ok to discuss the most absurd shallow theories about what might happen… Or whiney little &*&* who are constantly belly aching and getting all confused because the story isn’t racing forward and wrapping up nicely like an episode of Friends.

      What’s the point in that.? it’s already happened. it’s out there..
      why not discuss the outcome of WWII.. Will Hitler create robot women who invade Brazil? and get upset when someone quotes from history.

      But don’t change a thing please. the theories based on a few hours of abridged TV, and the constant book reader discrimination are wonderfully amusing.

    • Wow, really? What about for people, such as myself, who had not heard of the books until this came out? I started reading the books when I heard of it, and I’m on the third book now, but I would be extremely upset if someone told me something that happened. I’m not really sure how this classifies as lazy, unless I’m not reading fast enough for you. And usually when I want to know if someone has read something, I just ask. No need for a written survey. It’s quite easy! If it really IS that hard for you to keep your mouth shut, find one of the million discussion boards where people do want to talk about spoilers. Please, for us “lazy” people.

  8. “What about for people, such as myself”?

    let me stop you there..

    what about you?

    • I was saying that there are many reasons why people haven’t read the books yet, one of those reasons being that, like me, people had not heard of them yet. Clearly, you and frank are unable exchange ideas like other rational human beings. I had better not say anything else, lest being accused of being a racist.

  9. I agree, a very good reason for not reading the books is you haven’t heard of them yet…

    can’t argue with that.

    • I dont know If you noticed, but I used past tense. I had not heard of the books until the show came out. After I had, I started reading them, however, as I have a child,work full time and go to school full time, I have not finished them yet. Therefore, I do not want to know anything that happens further than I am in the books. In any case, Thank you for proving my point further.

  10. thanks for clearing that up. Had not, have not and yet all in the same sentence got me all confused…

    • Oh man. Well I am sorry my sentence confused you so much. Lemme explain. Some people HAVE not read the books yet. there are probably many different reasons why, besides for being lazy. Like me, I HAD not read them until The show started, but im still not done. I know, a lot of different words IS confusing. Maybe you should think about going to community college.

  11. oh dear..

    google the word ‘facetious’

    • You’d do well to do the same.

  12. Now I may have failed miserably at being funny.. Obviously

    But the sarcasm was blatant…. wasn’t it?

    Maybe I’m losing my edge …. hmmm… note to self.. less subtlety on a forum frequented by Americans..

    • I also thought my post had a fair amount of obvious sarcasm. Hence my last comment. And with that, I am ending this conversation, because its not fun when I have to explain each post.

    • Oh, here we go. That’s what the world needs, another self loving European with a superiority complex. Please, just leave.

    • I am European and I find your comments rather childish and quite annoying to read tbh.
      Back on topic, what a great ending to a great first season! The baby dragons put a huge grin on my face hehe.

      Also may I add that I really wish people stopped talking about future events as its just selfish and very inconsiderate to others. .

      • That was aimed at Ridenar btw.

        • And it made me feel all warm inside…:)

    • Way to be a pretentious, arrogant, narrowminded d***

  13. sarcasm is based around wit and irony… Your comments were simple putdowns.. I’m happy to explain the difference.

    • You both lose.

  14. Morning Kenneth.

  15. This discussion is probably ruined by now by the above posters but I really have enjoyed this show. The first episode was very rough but I was hooked and truly emotionally vested after the scene with Catelyn and Bran and the assassin in his sick room. The images that I had conjured while reading the novel were painted perfectly upon the screen. Since that episode the rest of the book was carefully and expertly rendered also. And I had the added bonus of being able to fill in the characters thoughts.

    Well done HBO, I will renew my subscription next Spring!

  16. I was actually a little disappointed in the season finale. I felt like “Fire and Blood” and “Baelor” were essentially the same episode. Nothing new or surprising really happened. Anyone paying attention had to have imagined that Khaleesi would have hatched those eggs eventually, that Rob would be proclaimed King or at least some other form of revolution would take place and that eventually, the Night’s Watch would have to leave the comfort of The Wall and face the white walkers. So as far as HBO finales go, this was kind of lacking. But overall great season and I’m dying to experience the epicness of season 2!

    • @Killejay

      Absolutely spot on. It’s been a good seires but the season finale didn’t meet the expectations set by the shocking end of the previous episode


    • That was an HBO season. They’re typically that long.

      • Also, I’m pretty sure the first season premiere was not two hours long, and that you just made that up.

    • There were 10 episodes in Season 1 and season 2 is also slated to have 10 episodes.

  18. It sure seemed short though…I guess if there’s no commercial revenue they really can’t stretch the seasons too long. I guess I’ll have to download the books to listen to in my semi if I want to break the suspense eh?

    • I downloaded one of the books to listen to while driving on a trip and it was great. Definitely made the trip go faster and allowed me to keep up with the story when I, otherwise, would have been forced to take a 2 week break.

  19. @Ridenar/Tyler: Are you doing some kind of psych research? I can’t imagine why you clog up this site with these superior little comments, otherwise.

    I loved the last episode, thought it was a perfect way to end the season with all of us wanting more. And as regards Dany’s hair not burning away: if her skin doesn’t burn, why should her hair?

    • That’s the way I felt when I read it as well, although either way, I don’t mind. I actually like the fact that they kept daenerys hair….. Although I’m not sure why

  20. Oh my god. I think I just read the red wedding part. Sorry for talkIng about the books. I need to find a halfway through the third book discussion board!

  21. It has been claimed by a poster that anyone who is not reading the books ahead of time is lazy. Well, my friends and I love this show and all decided to view it together for the first time on the screen – it makes for a great shared experience. We made each time into a great party and at times we would pause and discuss what was happening. To claim that this makes us lazy would be the same as me claiming that someone who reads the books ahead of time is impatient and lacks self control (I don’t believe this!). That said, I can’t wait for season 2! We plan on continuing our viewing parties next year. So please don’t spoil it for us “lazy” people.

  22. My favourite characters so far: Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Sandor Clegane. Can’t wait for the second season (although I’m reading the books, I do love the film interpretation and think it’s very faithful to the books).

  23. me myself can’t wait for the next episode. I wonder what will happen to the dragons. O_O

  24. If you like surprises don’t read the books, 2 and 3 are excellent and the Red wedding(3rd book) will ruin a lot of things if you read ahead. I try and make my friends watch first then read….
    Excellent series, best since Battlestar Galactica!

  25. Just picked up the show this week, marathoned the series today and loved it! Finale although I sensed something with regard to Dragons wasn’t predictable!

    I’ll have to pick up the books, waiting until next year is too long!