‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Series Being Considered By HBO

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George R. R. Martin is a busy guy. In addition to his role as a producer on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Martin still has to wrap up the novel series – A Song of Ice and Fire – for which the show is based, pump out more prequel novellas, and he’s also got a development deal at HBO.

In a recent interview on the red carpet of Game of Thrones‘ season 3 premiere, Martin discussed that development deal, what kind of general projects he has in mind, and whether he’s discussed adapting his prequel series into a companion show for Game of Thrones.

Here’s what Martin had to say IGN, about what kind of series he’s interested in pitching to HBO:

“I have some ideas for some pretty cool new series. You know, I can’t spill them here on television… But, they’ll be dramas. I’m not a comedy guy, so it’ll be one hour drama shows. I have an idea for a science fiction show.” Martin also mentioned that he had a couple of shows based in history in the chamber, adding: “I know HBO does great historical dramas from various different periods. So we’ll see which ones they like and want to develop.”

Martin acknowledged, though, that creating a show takes more than just a great idea, noting that he would need to find partners like David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, because he couldn’t write on any new projects – what with more than “3,000 pages” owed for the Ice and Fire books and his need to keep that as his “first priority”.

On the idea of a Game of Thrones prequel:

Well I have been writing for a number of years, a series of novellas set in the same world, in the world of Westeros about 100 years earlier, about two characters called Dunk and Egg… I’ve published three of those novellas – The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight – and I have in mind about nine or ten more novellas about the adventures of Dunk and Egg. So, we have been playing with the idea of doing those, you know, as prequels. They would be prequels in a sense they’re 100 years earlier, but in the same world. They’re somewhat lighter in tone than the main series, a little more adventurous but my fans love them and I love the two characters too, and it all ties into Westeros. So maybe, maybe that will be what we do, we’ll see.”

When pressed by the reporter about whether the prequel idea was “something that you guys have been talking about in terms of a series?” Martin responded: “Yeah… yeah.”

The Hedge Knight HBO Game of Thrones Prequel Series Being Considered By HBO

Artwork from the “The Hedge Knight” comic book series

While the idea of fleshing out the history of Westeros and widening the world of Game of Thrones may sound appealing to fans of both the series and the books, some may wonder if there is a danger in imbibing too much mead – which is to say, too much of a good thing might be too much of a good thing.

The story of Game of Thrones is already so vast and intricate – requiring so much of its audience’s patience and dedication as the stories slowly make their way toward resolution. Will that audience embrace more of the same from a new show that is only loosely connected to the overall story? Perhaps, but the allure of seeing Martin’s flair for the epic play out in a sci-fi series has me far more excited, personally speaking.


Game of Thrones season 3 premieres on HBO @9:00 PM on Sunday March 31st

Source: IGN

Header Image by Living Rope @DeviantArt; “Hedget Knight” Art by Mike S. Miller

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  1. Intriguing idea, I always thought they’d do a prequel for the books. But since Martin is busy (and considering his age) it’d be much better for the screen.

    • He should do the prequel, but then start a prequel to the prequel before he finishes the prequel. That way he makes sure not to finish any of them.

  2. Alternate Headline: Martin announces he’s given up even trying to finish writing GOT series.

    • +1

  3. Finish “A Song of Ice and Fire” first, George. Finish what you started. Finish what launched you to stardom. You owe it to your fans.

    • He doesn’t “owe” anything to his fans. They support the series, sure, but writing an ASOIAF book is no simple task. All the intracies, foreshadowing, etc. takes time and GRRM is an ambitious man. He’s never been one to write a book in a year or two. His books are massive. Of course as a fan of Thrones, I’d love nothing more than for GRRM to lock himself in a room for a year and do nothing but write, but it’s not going to happen. He has a lot of projects and I trust that whenever it’s done, it’ll be great.

    • Indeed. They should first focus on finishing those 8 or how many seasons they still have to direct.

      If they want another show that badly than they should never make any prequels, honestly nobody is interested in those prequels.

      • Wow, I had no idea you knew what everyone in the world wanted. congratz

  4. As a lover of the book series I couldn’t be happier to hear this news, but knowing the reality of how TV works I can only think they might be hesitant to bankroll a full series until one of the prequels proves itself.

  5. I think showing the overthrow of King Targaryen would be interesting to see. Gives HBO a reason to bring back Sean Bean. I’d love to see more Eddard Stark.

    • Sean Bean would be too old to star in the prequel.

  6. Save it for after GoT is over. I would like to see it, but lets focus!

  7. Forget those characters, I want to see how the Targarians conquered Westeros or when young Robert and Nedd rebelled against the mad king.

    • That’s what I said! Anything that may bring back Bean.

      • Well Ned is in his 30′s during GOT and they took the throne 15 years before so if they did do a prequel about Robert taking the throne they would probably get younger actors instead of bringing back Sean Bean.

      • That would have to be for a “sequel” not a prequel, don’t you think?

        • (He’s not getting any younger:)

  8. Come on George, just finish the original series first!

    If I was HBO I would dangle the other project to him like a carrot…”George, we’d love to have you involved in many other shows, but let’s table that until you finish your next two books.”

  9. As long as he finishes aSoIaF before he dies, i’ll be happy.

  10. I think it would be cool if it has to do with the Stark.

  11. Here are an idea for a new Sitcom based on the GOT tv series “Married with the Lannisters”.
    It will be hillarious.

  12. Or Cop Drama/Police Procedure:

    CSI: Bravos

  13. Or Reality Show based on dancing :

    Dance with the Dragons (literally!)

  14. Another One:

    Westeros Got A Talent

  15. Or …..

    Pyke’s Shore.

    • Real Westeros

  16. Cooking with Hodor?

  17. Robert’s Rebellion is the only way to go

    • best way to deliver robert’s rebellion imo is a movie trilogy

  18. I’d be up for Valyria before and during the Doom. The prequels as they are so far don’t interest me. I’d even be up for Aegon’s landing.


  19. When it comes to a prequel, the idea of doing Roberts Rebellion sounds like a bad idea to me. I just think that should remain as something the readers can just think up the details for themselves. I wouldn’t mind some internet shorts or something detailing the events that are given in the books themselves, (eg. The Battle of the Trident, Stony Sept). What I really would like to see would be a show about Aegon the Conquerers and his arrival to Westeros. I’d love to see The First Men and the Andals. I’d love to see the story of house Baratheon (Orys defeating the Storm King and so on). The world is just so full of Lore that there so much that could be done, and well never get to see half of it.

  20. I would love to see Robert and Eddard winning the iron throne in a series. It could run alongside GOT for all I care. I would watch it,you would watch it, somebody do this and send me a check for .01 percent of profits. You’re welcome.