‘Game of Thrones’ Creator Wants to Make Worse Villain Than Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg

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Game of Thornes George R.R. Martin Worse Villain Walter White in Breaking Bad Game of Thrones Creator Wants to Make Worse Villain Than Breaking Bads Heisenberg

Sometimes you hear someone make a statement and you have to wonder, “Is he/she aware of the massive irony that is laced in their words?Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are undisputedly the awards winners for “most tense and/or shocking moments” of the 2013 TV year – both shows cementing reputations for bringing heroic types to brutal, vicious ends, while also showering the evil or unjust in rewards and riches for their misdeeds. 

Apparently  the world ain’t big enough for there to be such insidious people in two separate shows, because Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is making the claim that the exploits of Walter White/Heisenberg have left him feeling that the villains of his massive fictional world of Westeros aren’t quite villainous enough…

Hypable picked up on an entry from Martin’s personal blog, where the author was dropping commentary on the much-talked-about “Ozymandias” episode of Breaking Bad‘s final run:

“Amazing series. Amazing episode last night. Talk about a gut punch… Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. (I need to do something about that)…”

Martin is, of course, racing a pretty serious clock right now: There are two more volumes of his A Song of Ice and Fire novel series to churn out, and the gap between the last two books was six years(!). Meanwhile, the Game of Thrones TV show is going at a season-a-year pace – with the current maximum stretch being two season per book – and (as of season 4 in 2014) three out of the five published volumes having already been adapted by HBO. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that time is running out for Martin to deliver his final two books – point being: Does he really have time to worry about developing a whole new big bad to rival Walter White?

Jesse Pinkman Walter White 570x391 Game of Thrones Creator Wants to Make Worse Villain Than Breaking Bads Heisenberg

Game of Thrones already has too many people, places, and different things to remember, and Martin has already established a lot of story that still needs sorting out – does he really have the room/time to develop an entirely new villain? Granted, there are already openings for there to be a new (and evil) face introduced into the world of Westeros (the leaders of the White Walkers and/or House of Black and White have yet to be seen, for instance – not to mention any threats waiting in Old Valyria) but how much time should be dedicated to building, developing and exploring that villain in the same way Breaking Bad took slow, careful care shaping Walter White’s descent into the dark pits of Heisenberg?

More interesting question: Are we even sure this NEEDS to be done?

We’re talking about Game of Thrones here. Ignoring the books (which never stop in their onslaught of twisted, shocking, brutal deaths) and just sticking to the show [Season 1 - 3 SPOILERS AHEAD!]: We’re talking about a series in which the main character got decapitated before the end of season 1, and the main characters to replace him got mass murdered in season 3 –  complete with multiple stab wounds into a developing fetus. How do you get worse than that? [Breaking Bad SPOILERS AHEAD] – Misguided attempts to save the brother-in-law you’ve doomed to die? Doesn’t sound quite as bad, comparatively.

When Will George R R Martin Finish Game of Thrones Game of Thrones Creator Wants to Make Worse Villain Than Breaking Bads Heisenberg

Listen, when George R.R. Martin starts dedicating his creative power to coming up with something worse than the rapists, sadists, murders, thieves, incestuous nymphs, liars and sociopaths he’s already given birth to –  worse than the totally compromised man that Vince Gilligan methodically sculpted over the course of Breaking Bad’s epic run - we should all be worried. Very, very worried.

…Though,  we wouldn’t be all that surprised if something in those last two Song of Ice and Fire books finally broke down the final sliver of light in our souls. Been pretty much headed that way from the start….


Breaking Bad is currently airing its final episodes.

Game of Thrones will be back for season 4 in spring 2014.

No telling when Martin will actually finish book 6,  Winds of Winter.

Sources: GrrM via (Hypable)

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  1. From sometime io9 contributor Jason Shankel,

    Walter White is Tywin Lannister. Consider:

    Both men have amassed great wealth.

    Both men have handicapped sons

    Both men are in the Empire business.

    Both are primarily concerned with family, legacy and reputation.

    Both men are relentlessly tenacious in the pursuit of their goals, even at the expense of their aforementioned concerns.

    Both men can arrange to have a dozen people killed in under two minutes.

  2. Cinema Sins-

    “…Batman doesn’t kill King Jeoffrey when he has the chance…”


  3. Only existing character that can become something close to Walter White is Littlefinger

    • I was thinking the same thing

    • I was thinking Sansa… because she started off as an innocent little girl and now is beginning to change into a more complex character. GrrM could easily take that somewhere close to Walter White.
      However I don’t know what happens in book 4 and 5 so I’m not the best person to make predictions about whats going to be in book 6…

  4. I love Game of Throne’s cast of characters, but Joffrey was always too boring for me. One note and predictable. Cerseis is stronger of a character. I hope Martin can create a character as menacing and memorable as Walter White.

  5. joffrey and walter are nothing alike.

  6. Second Paragraph, first line, “their” needs to be “there”

  7. Oh this is silly. Nice to see George plugging BB though. The truth is…

    Yes, Lord Baelish is still alive, and is worse than Heisenberg already. Tywin Lannister was another, but since he’s toast now, forget him.

    The other thing is, Lord Varys could be another, if he ever stopped serving the realm and went into business for himself.

    The other major morally reprehensible people like Ser Gregor, or Ramsay Snow, aren’t on Heisenberg level mentally or stylistically.


    • Roose? He’s a Tywin/Heisenberg type through and through.

      • Oh he’s sneaky, but he’s sure not on Tywin level.


        • You need to read the books

          • I have. Provide once piece of evidence that Roose Bolton is on Heisenberg level.


            • I’m not saying Bolton is Heisenberg. Am saying a lot o people making argument for people do not know where these characters go in the next 2 books. All they know is the TV show. George RR Martin is talking about a character in his next books. Without giving spoilers, some characters people think are bad now, are actually trying to fight evil. It could be any character, even one that is already dead now.

              • A case could be made for Lord Baelish easily, the series hasn’t shown the depths of what he did yet. TV show only viewers are going to be shocked.


  8. His statement doesn’t seem to me to be overtly referring to creating a brand new character, could just as easily be taken to mean an existing villianous character who started off somewhat well-meaning could be pushed evn further towards being a monster. For instance, I could see him going further down that path with what he has done with the character of Lady Stark.

    • Agree…there are many characters who could go that route.

  9. Jeoffrey is a spoiled child who has always gotten his way. His is a petty evil given to petty cruelties because he wants someone to dare to say No.

    Walter White is a more mature evil. He is about protecting what is his. He will stop at nothing to protect those things he considers to be his. This is how a normal school teacher family man decends into the darkness that now consumes him. One defense of his family and his life at a time. Walter thinks he’s the good guy. Doing what he can to keep his family together and funded even after he is either caught or dies from his cancer.

  10. Game of Thrones had the most fearsome, intimidating,
    dominating bad-ass ever, Khal Drogo, who was
    wasted by George R. R. Martin & Company.

    • He was a bad ass, sure, but certainly not on the level we are discussing. Drogo was just a killer fighter, not some kind of mastermind.

      That being said, Drogo would have had a hard time taking Ser Gregor out.


      • Khal could take out anyone, mastermind or not.

        • Khal stands no chance to the Mountain or even the Hound for that matter.

          • Not the way I would write it.

      • Meaning amongst the canvas of characters in Game Of Thrones.
        They are looking for someone they already had and could never top.

  11. The Red Witch is the agent of the Darkness, burns people alive to harness their souls for magic power, and gives birth to shadow demons. Sounds like we have a winner!

    Of course, the real monster is the fact that Books 4 & 5 were meandering wastes of time, and unless G.R.R. really plugs himself into an IV line of pure stimulants, it will be another 6 years before the last two books are finished. The TV show will be done by then (one way or another), and that means it will not end well – since the last book will not have been part of the story, so there will be no end. Since this is a TV comparison, if that comes to pass, then G.R.R. will be the monster, not his characters.

  12. some characters i’ll love to see go down the path is Aray or tyrion although sentimental but very very dark.

  13. I wish people would get of their high horse and piss off with complaining about how fast Martin is writing, I’ll take a slowly written piece of genius over a rushed piece of trash any day.

    Anyway, I get the feeling Euron Crows Eye could end up as the major nasty in the not too distant future.

    • What happens when it’s a slow mess though?

  14. Please get rid of the “Retail Me Not” ad that blocks half of the text of the article and can’t be dismissed. Incredibly annoying.

    • We’ve had some crazy ads lately. We’re working on it.

  15. Heinsenberg isn’t a villain his just a myth.

  16. Worse than Heisenberg?

    Man, Heisenberg has nothing on Joffrey as a villain. Everyone seems to love Heisenberg and want to be him but nobody likes Joffrey.

    Martin can rest easy that he’s written a 12 year old boy to be more evil and badass than Heisenberg could ever be.

  17. I aint seen breaking bad but I think the got villians are pretty evil

  18. Holy Hell, he was making a joke.

  19. Joffrey is the worst villain I’ve seen as of now. And I really hate him.
    Maybe GRRM could kill some of his villains, since they never die ever and only the relatively good people die, so that he could open space to this new character he’s planning to create. But I don’t think this fits the grey area the characters of A Song of Ice and Fire use to be.

  20. The difference with Waltwr White and any of the characters on GoT is that Walter White started out with good intentions and even though he did some awful things many people still wanted him to get away with the things he did. I think I fall into that group. The problem is their aren’t any characters in GoT that can really fill that type of character. He’d have to remove a character from there current arc to do a transition like that and it’d more then likely hurt the story..

    BTW Littlefinger can’t be a Walter White type character b/c he’s not universally loved by the viewers.

    The only person is Dinerese Targaryon (can’t spell it).. She would have to do a complete 360 though to pull it off.. I just can’t see that being her intended story arc. She’d have to go from where she is now to a character like “the mad king”. And unless she goes crazy like “the mad king” how is he going to pull that off?

    Then maybe Aria Stark but I can’t see myself not liking her if she committed Walter White like acts tho.. Only because (on the show) I want her to start taking people out now!

    John Snow? He is generally good (at heart) but he can’t really put together a scheme to “break bad” without getting knocked down before he pulls it off. He’s a bastard and he’ll lack the support.

    The imp could break bad but seriously he basically already has.. They’re all a bunch of schemers and the people who aren’t keep dropping like flies with the exception of the 2 I mentioned above.

    With that being said the truth is George R R needs to sop watching Breaking Bad and put pen to paper he’s running short on time!