‘Game of Thrones’ Creator George R.R. Martin to Develop New Series for HBO

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George RR Martin HBO Deal Game of Thrones Creator George R.R. Martin to Develop New Series for HBO

With the explosion of popularity that Game of Thrones has brought to the Song of Ice and Fire novels, author George R.R. Martin is currently experiencing some serious widespread acclaim. Though his fantasy epic has enjoyed brisk sales and a devoted fandom for almost two decades, the HBO adaptation of his novels has thrust the once-niche writer into the mainstream.

Martin has definitely had a direct hand in the shaping of Game of Thrones, even though he’s only been credited with writing one script per season (so far). Now, it looks as if HBO wants Martin’s talents for arenas beyond the adaptation of his magnum opus.

Deadline has reported that George R.R. Martin has signed a two-year contract with HBO to both executive-produce Game of Thrones and develop an unspecified number of new series for the network. Game of Thrones is not Martin’s first foray into televised entertainment; in fact, he spent a good deal of his early career in television. He wrote several episodes of the mid-80s revival of The Twilight Zone and contributed heavily to the 1987 Beauty and the Beast series that starred Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Linda Hamilton (Terminator).

Any speculation on the content of these new series is fruitless at the moment, but that won’t stop us from making some stabs in the dark. As a lifelong genre writer, Martin will likely be producing science fiction or fantasy properties. As far as adaptations of previous material are concerned, there isn’t much to go on – other than A Song of Ice and Fire, Martin hasn’t written many stories that could support a full television series. For instance, the novel Fevre Dream – which features vampires piloting riverboats down the Mississippi River – would make for a delightful miniseries, but probably could not support something more extensive.

George RR Martin Fevre Dream Game of Thrones Creator George R.R. Martin to Develop New Series for HBO

Cover image from Avatar Comics’ adaptation of ‘Fevre Dream.’

Unfortunately, the most obvious candidate for an adaptation, Wild Cards, has already been optioned by Syfy. A series of novellas and short stories that Martin edits (and sometimes contributes to), Wild Cards collects many different tales of an alternate Earth where an alien “gene bomb” has created two classes of super-powered beings – “Aces,” who receive gifts without strings attached, and “Jokers,” who are painfully and often horrifically physically disfigured. An HBO-produced version of the series might have been quite interesting indeed.

In any event, more of Martin’s writing on television is an exciting prospect. Not only does he come from a solid television background, he also penned two of Game of Thrones best scripts (“The Pointy End” and “Blackwater”). Let’s just hope that his new duties don’t interfere too heavily with finally finishing The Winds of Winter.

Game of Thrones will ride back onto HBO on March 31st, 2013.

Source: Deadline [via Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. Off-Topic: I want to see AMC adapt more Image properties since the walking dead is a success.

    Game of thrones is a decent show, not great but decent. It helps me kill the time

    • Game of Thrones is a decent show, not great? lol GoT is not even great, is amazing and an epic show!!

  2. Leave Martin alone HBO! He still has 2 books to write and at his pace that will be ten years without another series in his head.

    • Thank you! Dying for Winds of Winter.

      • I agree! Those two chapters released of Winds of Winter makes the wait even more unbearable!

        • Much agreed! GRRM does not have much time left with us, and he needs to spend all of that time finishing the last two books.

    • exactly!

  3. How about he just finishes a song of ice and fire series???

    • I agree with the posters above. George needs to concentrate on finishing the Game of Thrones books first. He is already at a pace of writing one book every five years. It’s hard to imagine what type of delay he is going to have now with other projects.

  4. Who’s hoping for ASOIAF prequels? <—–This guy.

    • Oddly enough, this already exists. Martin has published three novellas in the “Dunk and Egg” series that take place about 70 years before the beginning of “A Game of Thrones.” They’re (somewhat) more lighthearted than the main “Song” novels, focusing more on Ivanhoe-style chivalry and the day-to-day life of a down-and-out knight and his (unlikely) squire. The stories are “The Hedge Knight,” “The Sworn Sword,” and “The Mystery Knight,” each published in the anthologies Legends, Legends II, and Warriors, respectively.

      • Still waiting for The She Wolves of Winterfell too…wasn’t that promised last fall? You would think HBO would WANT him to concentrate on ASoIAF because eventually the TV series will catch up to the books…remember, Feast for Crows and Dance of Dragons are both set at the same time which equals maybe 2 seasons tops.

  5. Meh. I don’t care if Martin finishes A Song of Ice and Fire, the last two books sucked.

    • Did they ? Why ?

    • I wasn’t that big on Feast, but I actually really liked Dance. I think everyone else would’ve liked it better if it didn’t end on so many damn cliffhangers.

    • Feast was meh, but I though Dance with Dragons was good.

    • Love all of them. Best character development in modern fantasy. Last 2 were equally good to me.

  6. Feast is actually the most interesting so far as far as characters go for me. (The Greyjoys and Dornish). Can never understand why it gets hates on.

    • I believe it’s because we didn’t hear from Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion during this book, and since these characters are considered amongst the series favorites, some people didn’t like that, nor the “split timeline” thing.

  7. Great, so he’s basically going to die before finishing “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

  8. Thanks, HBO, considering it was looking like a serious possibility he might never finish the books before, with this, it just seems like the most likely scenario now. Thank’s a bunch.

  9. Well, there goes my little shred of hope for ASoIAF being finished.

  10. Damn that! When the hell is Winds of Winter coming out George?

  11. How old is he anyway ?
    Start to worry about that now !

  12. There’s something very entitled about demanding an artist’s work be completed according to your own schedule. If you need further segments of ASOIAF so badly, write them yourselves…

    • I totally agree, and I know I’m being very selfish in my wishes he would finish the series as soon as possible. I just feel that he should really be focusing on it, as an artist, that he should WANT to finish his works.

      However Martin has never been like many authors in that respect. He is enjoying the success fully at the moment, and he has every right to. It’s just my opinion, if it was me, I would want to at least devote much of my attention to finishing the next book right now, for the fans who at the end of the day, have contributed to the current success. Yes, it is his work, but without a fanbase it’s hard to say if it would have gotten this far.

      I think what really irks people is how he brushes it off as more of an annoyance, writing the sequels, more than anything. If he doesn’t want to finish them, fair enough, I just wish we would get told that.

      • “If my work is remembered at all after my death, if I’m ever going to have a part of literature, it’s going to be for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ not anything that I can write before and after, so it behooves me to make it as good as it can possibly be. This is my masterpiece, so to speak, so I have to make it good.”

        Maybe he just wants a bit of a break, you know, after 25 years of writing ASOIAF. You’ve got the tv show, the books themselves, Dunk and Egg, and pre-released chapters. Nothing is good enough for some people. I guess George should personally write and apologize to anyone who’s “contributed” to his success. Ridiculous.

        • Nice job, it takes a really special kind of effort to miss the entire point of someones post as spectacularly as you just did. And I’ll try and explain as simply as I can for you, how fans contribute to success :

          Person A writes a masterpiece. No one buys this masterpiece. No one talks about it, no one cares. Is that a success? No. Maybe in a personal fulfillment sense, sure, but that won’t pay the bills or get the work noticed.

          Person B writes, not a masterpiece, but an enjoyable story. People buy this story. They talk about it. People care. In ASOIAF’s case, it becomes a show, yada yada. Is that a success? Yes. Now what is the biggest difference? Yup.

          You’re a fool if you think fans don’t matter.

          • You bought the book… you were entertained. That’s all he owes you. But go and pat yourself on the back for telling a couple friends about it, cause you deserve it.

            And my statement was in direct reference to this…

            “I think what really irks people is how he brushes it off as more of an annoyance, writing the sequels, more than anything. If he doesn’t want to finish them, fair enough, I just wish we would get told that.”

            • Sorry. I sound like a dick in both my replies. I forgot that you can’t edit them after you post. I get where you’re coming from, and it seems like your opinion is that of the majority. It kinda irks me when I read some of the callous statements about “hoping he doesn’t die, first” or “how lazy his work ethic is”. It really shows how selfish and demanding people actually are. Your post was more thoughtful than that, and you took the time to explain your position on the issue.

              George needs at least a few defenders. I want him to finish the series, and I’m willing to wait for for it to be the best it can be. If that takes another 6 years, like DotD, then so be it. So far he hasn’t disappointed me. Even at his worst, he’s still leap and bounds ahead of most of the fantasy out there.


  14. Armageddon rag could make a fun series :)

  15. Loved the first GoT TV series but the second didn’t get close to the first in most departments. Perhaps the newness wore off a little? Haven’t tried the books because I prefer my fantasy stuff on screen. Are the books so much better?

    • Aren’t the books always better?

      In this case if you skip the books you are missing out. Season 1 did stick very close to the story, but season 2 changed the narrative in quite a few ways, even foregoing action to progress certain characters quickly.

      The biggest thing I think though is that the TV series refuses to include the prophecies and foreshadowing of the book in an effort (I’m guessing) to keep viewers from getting confused. GRRM really shines in this area leaving very clever little hints allowing you to “connect the dots” so to speak.

      I’ve read hundreds of books (reading at a college level since 5th grade) and have never read one twice until A Song of Ice and Fire. Now I can’t stop re-reading them over and over, and every time I discover something new, form new predictions about the future of the story, and literally laugh out loud at the hilarious dialogue (Tyrion’s best quips in the show are ripped straight from the pages).

  16. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. If it takes years to write each novel I am not sure how he is going to come up with new shows for HBO.

  17. Am I the only person who is more familiar with his short stories and novellas. the man has done more than just A Song of Ice and Fire. there are a wealth of his works that can be adapted or serve as influences such as “The Fortress” “Haviland Tuf series” “Wild Cards,” “Fevre Dream” “Skin Trade” “A Song for Lya”

  18. As much as I admire Martin for writing an amazing series, don’t you think it’s a little too much right now to do another series when he is almost done with the GoT series. Plus at this rate, I just hope he finishes the series before the HBO counterpart catches up…