‘Game of Thrones’: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?

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Game of Thrones Lady Stoneheart Game of Thrones: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?


[SPOILERS AHEAD for the A Song of Ice and Fire books and Game of Thrones Seasons 1-4.]


The last three episodes in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones managed to depict multiple brutal battles, many major character deaths, and more than a few revelations. However, the season 4 finale, “The Children” - read our review - failed to unveil a book character that many fans have been anticipating since season 3: Lady Stoneheart. The character makes her first appearance in the epilogue of A Storm of Swords, the book on which most of season 3 and 4 were based, and plays a bigger role in the fourth novel, A Feast For Crows.

For non-book readers, Lady Stoneheart is the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark. After the Red Wedding, Catelyn’s body is recovered by the Brotherhood Without Banners and their leader, Beric Dondarrion, gives his life for hers. In A Feast For Crows, she leads the Brotherhood on a mission to exact vengeance for the suffering of her family.

During an interview about 24, EW asked Michelle Fairley, who portrayed Catelyn on Game of Thrones, about the likelihood of Lady Stoneheart joining the other magical creatures — such as dragons, whitewalkers, the children, etc. — in season 5. Fairley reiterated one major criticism of the Lady Stoneheart plotline within the A Song of Ice and Fire novels: it’s not imperative to the overarching narrative (not yet, anyway).

Read the full exchange:

EW: There was a lot of online conversation. I heard third-hand that you were basically told that it’s not likely to ever happen. Is that accurate?

Fairley: Yeah, the character’s dead. She’s dead.

EW: Do you have a preference at all — do you think Catelyn’s arc should end where it ended, or would you be into the resurrection idea?

Fairley: You respect the writers’ decision. I knew the arc, and that was it. They can’t stick to the books 100 percent. It’s impossible — they only have 10 hours per season. They have got to keep it dramatic and exciting, and extraneous stuff along the way gets lost in order to maintain the quality of the brilliant show.

As explained on the Screen Rant Underground podcast, it was unlikely Fairley would return as Lady Stoneheart in the season 4 finale for monetary reasons. Now, these new comments from the actress don’t give much hope for her return in season 5 – unless, of course, Fairley is better at the “game” than her character, Catelyn, was.

Game of Thrones Lady Stoneheart Red Wedding Game of Thrones: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?

Additionally, after “The Children” aired – to HBO’s best ratings since The SopranosEW interviewed the episode’s director, Alex Graves, who said Lady Stoneheart was never planned to be included in the fourth season.

Read Graves’ full quote:

They [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] have such a challenge adapting the books into a really focused television experience. It’s very hard, it’s very complicated, it’s much harder than they’ve been given credit for, I think — and they do a brilliant job. But to bring back Michelle Fairley, one of the greatest actresses around, to be a zombie for a little while — and just kill people? It is really sort of, what are we doing with that? How does it play into the whole story in a way that we’re really going to like? It just didn’t end up being a part of what was going to happen this season. And finally one [more] reason: In case you didn’t notice, a lot happens this season … To add that in is something they opted out of. But what’s funny is that it was never going to be in the season, yet it took off on the Internet like it was going to happen.

The idea of Lady Stoneheart on Game of Thrones is appealing – who wouldn’t want to see a vengeful zombie wreak havoc (and justice) on Westeros? Lady Stoneheart’s revenge storyline sounds exceptionally exciting on paper, but so far in A Song of Ice and Fire it hasn’t proved to be an important part of the story and more or less acts as a branch moving farther away from the central themes rather than intersecting.

Whether or not Lady Stoneheart’s plot will pay off over the course of the books, however, remains to be seen when the final two, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, are released. But, in terms of Game of Thrones, both Graves and Fairley make sound points that Lady Stoneheart may not be able to fit into the show in terms of time and story structure.

Game of Thrones Lady Stoneheart Beric Dondarron Game of Thrones: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?

As Benioff and Weiss mentioned while talking about the fourth season finale, the tenth episode is usually “clean-up” but “The Children” had just as many, if not more, revelations than the preceding episode, “The Watchers on the Wall”. Running an extra 15-20 minutes longer than a typical Game of Thrones episode, it’s clear that “The Children” had enough going on without the addition of Lady Stoneheart.

Still, Graves said the showrunners didn’t give him a definitive answer as to whether or not Lady Stoneheart would appear in season 5. Though Fairley’s perspective on the status of her character seems set in stone (pun intended), it’s possible the Benioff and Weiss are keeping Lady Stoneheart under wraps for now.


Game of Thrones will return for season 5 in 2015 on HBO.

Source: EW

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  1. They will add lady stoneheart. The overall plot be damned. She has too much influence over the story. She kills off characters and without her they would have to find other ways of doing so that fans would most likely flip tables over considering those methods would replace an entire awesome character. No. No sane writer would cut out lady stoneheart. That would be insanely unintelligent.

  2. She was a major character, and Cateyln coming back to life as that… thing, was my favourite part of the books. It’s intense, creepy, unexpected, and totally badass. They can’t leave her out of the series, it has to be some kind of joke.

    • Catlyn and Aria personify the rage and urge for justice the male Starks could not achieve for their house. I think another male Stark will be brought back ala Stoneheart too in book 6 and book readers know of whom I speak…maybe they will work together against the Others…

      • Actually I think the intention is for Brienne and Stoneheart/Catelyn to (re)join forces and lead The Brotherhood Without Banners.
        Working together those two could cause a lot of grief for a number of characters in the Riverlands area.
        Jaime will probably be the first.

  3. Game of Thrones Season 5 sneak peek leaves alot to the imigination : http://youtu.be/CjnlVwYwFD4

  4. “Lady Stoneheart’s revenge storyline sounds exceptionally exciting on paper, but so far in A Song of Ice and Fire it hasn’t proved to be an important part of the story”

    Not important? Very obvious you have not read the books

    • I don’t know, I’ve read the entire series a dozen times. On my 3rd read thru of The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros book. Read the Dance of the Dragons short story a half dozen times so far. Read the Dunk and Egg story the same half dozen times easily.

      So far, the cringe worthy “Zombie Cat” storyline adds nothing to the story that a simple rewrite wouldn’t easily remove. Why not add a headless Ned storyline and they could go all in on the comedy angle, a Westeros version of the Munsters. Zombie Cat cheapens the impact of the Red Wedding and that is frankly a tragedy.

      Hopefully we’ll have Lord Bloodraven reveal that the entire Zombie Cat segment was a bizarre dream sequence that never happened.

      • You’ve read the entire series a dozen times? s**t son, that’s impressive considering there’s at least two books that haven’t been released yet. I always thought there would end up being a reason Martin included her in the story, but I guess you know better, huh?

        • I think someone needs to work on their reading comprehension skills…..unless you care to Copy/Paste where I said ANYTHING about reading the books that have yet to be released????

          Feel free to work on that, I’ll wait.

          Although, since your reading skills are more than a little challenged, it doesn’t suprise me that you’d think that merely because Martin wrote about something instantly makes it important.

          Yes, because as we all know, the endless description of “Character A” or “Character B”‘s dinner on a given night that Martin hammers us with again….and again….and again….and again…..are also so amazingly important. Gosh, when I think of the nuanced exposition behind describing the fat a certain meal is made of, I think how can the Uber ridiculous Zombie Cat NOT be important????

          Thanks for illustrating absurdity so well for the class. Couldn’t have done it any better myself.

          • That’s such a weak argument. Random character A B and C or what type of food a character is eating are hardly the same thing as a major viewpoint character being brought back to life.

            and by the way: “I’ve read the entire series a dozen times” I usually interpret to mean “I’ve read the entire series a dozen times” since, you know:

            with no part left out; whole.
            “my plans are to travel the entire world”
            synonyms: whole, complete, total, full; undivided
            “I devoted my entire life to him”

            but idk. English isn’t my first language so I could be wrong =)

            • Dante, don’t bother trying to argue or talk sense with this dude. if you go back through the thread you’ll see he’s a massive troll who doesn’t care about having an actual dialog and will just keep shouting the same thing over and over again until his word is the last. I just want to stop receiving email notifications for this six month old thread.

              • Yeah, because when someone takes a position you don’t agree with, they are a “troll”. So to review, as soon as they have the audacity to take a position that you don’t agree with, well they are a problem. If they post additional reasons they have different opinions? Golly, that’s just them “shouting”.

                Thanks for so succinctly illustrating why the Zombie Cat acolytes can’t really be taken seriously.

              • So to review, when someone posts something that you disagree with, they are a “Troll”. When they have the audacity to flesh out exactly why they don’t agree with you, well that makes them really “Massive Trolls”. Better still, when they can respond while working in a little sarcasm illustrating the other person’s silliness, well that means they’re….”shouting the same thing over and over again”….

                Couldn’t have succintly illustrate the Zombie Cat fans silliness anymore than that.

            • This is hilarious!!! “A weak argument”? This from the guy who thinks Zombie Cat is a foundational character to the ASOIAF world? The same guy who wants to pretend that when someone is speaking in the present tense, that he really means he’s speaking from…..a future perspective???

              Wait, is this your clumsy attempt at illustrating your own profound absurdity by being even more absurd?

              Perhaps books that don’t exist yet can be…..read….on your planet? What other amazing thinkgs happen on your world? Gravity only works every other day? Down is up? Up is down?

              Listen, I get it, your argument is so flaccid that you’ve got to make common sense non existent. Although it’s obvious that your envy towards others who have spent more time reading and analyzing the story that you pretend to understand motivates a large portion of your statement.

              Just an FYI: When one says “I have spent my entire life being vigilant” that only covers said individuals life up to that moment. One actually can’t say that apply present and past tense to future events. Strange that your oh so finely honed grasp of causality and grammatical tense have allowed that basic concept to elude your comprehension. Or not…

              See what I did there?

              • No, he did not see it, they ignore yu. Is hilarious to read hiw you keep kn the ranting.

                • Stating facts/free exchange of ideas isn’t “Ranting” where I come from. As anyone with a pulse can see, towards the bottom of this very page both Rabbit3 and I are having a conversation about the story to come. It isn’t “Ranting” when two adults communicate. Although admittedly one would have to be an adult to know this. I suppose that is slightly hilarious. After all these years, children still make me giggle.

  5. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0265610/

    She’s baaaaaaaack

    • Why she’s back? This is still written 2013 :(
      But that’s the same way I check for actors to know if they will come back hehe

      • There is something peculiar going on.
        A couple of sites like IMdB, an HBO info site and wiki have been edited to suggest that Michaelle Fairly is going to appear in episode 10.
        Then the information has been removed shortly afterwards.
        A hoax? Or some creative hype from HBO`s PR dept.

  6. I think that resurrecting dead characters is generally a bad idea. Especially if it happens on more than 1 occasion. It’s one thing to assume a character is wrongly dead (take for example Brand and Rickon), but even that is a well you don’t want to drink from too often.

    Having said that, I have accidentally seen some spoilers on line, and it seems like this is exactly what will happen. Here’s to hoping it’s done properly…if that’s possible.

  7. Why devote so much time to the Brotherhood if they were never planning to introduce Lady Stoneheart?

    • Well, there was the whole detail about getting Gendry to Melisandre along with Arya’s continued anger at the events unfolding that ultimately lead her to end up in the Hound’s hands. So other than those two key parts of the story, I guess there was no reason to show the Brotherhood…

      • Except that The Brotherhood is a Westrosi cult of Rh`llor thats not under Mellisandre`s control.
        Add in Catelyn, Brienne of Tarth and Gendry to the mix and you have a group that could cause problems for Stannis later.

        • Yet Stannis’s focus is the North(along with solidifying his place with the North men), manning the Wall and the Others, how does that cross paths with the Brotherhood? Especially when Benerro (who played a cool part in the G.O.T. PS3 game a couple years ago btw), the High Priest of R’hhlor’s girl Daenerys becomes more and more known to exist to the rest of the world. Honestly, once it becomes commonly known that the dragons exist (hence why the Red Priests like Melisandre and Thoros’s powers are now so stronger), Stannis is going to be in for a rude awakening. I think the Queen’s Men will flip the script either then or even before that when Melisandre works her magic with Jon Snow. Honestly, I can see him being the tip of the spear for the Three Targareyans, as their General in the North (IF he has the honor to defer to those with greater claim to the throne than he has…..like Rhaegar’s sons…..but I digress..) when battle begins…

          • It depends on on what happens once Stannis takes Winterfell and destroys the Boltons.
            With the Northern Lords behind him the most obvious move is to go south and deal with the Freys.
            Once the whole much awaited “Downfall of The Freys” story ends thats when he`ll meet the Brotherhood.

            • So Stannis, the guy whose tactics helped destroy the Greyjoy Rebellion….will knowingly turn his back on the ACTUAL enemy he has to fight…..aka the Others? The Freys aren’t his primary enemy. In fact, it wouldn’t take more than a well trained Arya to deal with the Freys. Stannis knows his greatest battle is against the enemy in the North. Don’t see the tactical advantage of journeying south of Moat Cailin and forgetting that fact. Particularly when he is trying to solidify his strength in the North so he doesn’t HAVE to worry about what is at his back once he moves against the Others from the Wall.