‘Game of Thrones’: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?

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Game of Thrones Lady Stoneheart Game of Thrones: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?


[SPOILERS AHEAD for the A Song of Ice and Fire books and Game of Thrones Seasons 1-4.]


The last three episodes in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones managed to depict multiple brutal battles, many major character deaths, and more than a few revelations. However, the season 4 finale, “The Children” - read our review - failed to unveil a book character that many fans have been anticipating since season 3: Lady Stoneheart. The character makes her first appearance in the epilogue of A Storm of Swords, the book on which most of season 3 and 4 were based, and plays a bigger role in the fourth novel, A Feast For Crows.

For non-book readers, Lady Stoneheart is the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark. After the Red Wedding, Catelyn’s body is recovered by the Brotherhood Without Banners and their leader, Beric Dondarrion, gives his life for hers. In A Feast For Crows, she leads the Brotherhood on a mission to exact vengeance for the suffering of her family.

During an interview about 24, EW asked Michelle Fairley, who portrayed Catelyn on Game of Thrones, about the likelihood of Lady Stoneheart joining the other magical creatures — such as dragons, whitewalkers, the children, etc. — in season 5. Fairley reiterated one major criticism of the Lady Stoneheart plotline within the A Song of Ice and Fire novels: it’s not imperative to the overarching narrative (not yet, anyway).

Read the full exchange:

EW: There was a lot of online conversation. I heard third-hand that you were basically told that it’s not likely to ever happen. Is that accurate?

Fairley: Yeah, the character’s dead. She’s dead.

EW: Do you have a preference at all — do you think Catelyn’s arc should end where it ended, or would you be into the resurrection idea?

Fairley: You respect the writers’ decision. I knew the arc, and that was it. They can’t stick to the books 100 percent. It’s impossible — they only have 10 hours per season. They have got to keep it dramatic and exciting, and extraneous stuff along the way gets lost in order to maintain the quality of the brilliant show.

As explained on the Screen Rant Underground podcast, it was unlikely Fairley would return as Lady Stoneheart in the season 4 finale for monetary reasons. Now, these new comments from the actress don’t give much hope for her return in season 5 – unless, of course, Fairley is better at the “game” than her character, Catelyn, was.

Game of Thrones Lady Stoneheart Red Wedding Game of Thrones: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?

Additionally, after “The Children” aired – to HBO’s best ratings since The SopranosEW interviewed the episode’s director, Alex Graves, who said Lady Stoneheart was never planned to be included in the fourth season.

Read Graves’ full quote:

They [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] have such a challenge adapting the books into a really focused television experience. It’s very hard, it’s very complicated, it’s much harder than they’ve been given credit for, I think — and they do a brilliant job. But to bring back Michelle Fairley, one of the greatest actresses around, to be a zombie for a little while — and just kill people? It is really sort of, what are we doing with that? How does it play into the whole story in a way that we’re really going to like? It just didn’t end up being a part of what was going to happen this season. And finally one [more] reason: In case you didn’t notice, a lot happens this season … To add that in is something they opted out of. But what’s funny is that it was never going to be in the season, yet it took off on the Internet like it was going to happen.

The idea of Lady Stoneheart on Game of Thrones is appealing – who wouldn’t want to see a vengeful zombie wreak havoc (and justice) on Westeros? Lady Stoneheart’s revenge storyline sounds exceptionally exciting on paper, but so far in A Song of Ice and Fire it hasn’t proved to be an important part of the story and more or less acts as a branch moving farther away from the central themes rather than intersecting.

Whether or not Lady Stoneheart’s plot will pay off over the course of the books, however, remains to be seen when the final two, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, are released. But, in terms of Game of Thrones, both Graves and Fairley make sound points that Lady Stoneheart may not be able to fit into the show in terms of time and story structure.

Game of Thrones Lady Stoneheart Beric Dondarron Game of Thrones: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear in Season 5?

As Benioff and Weiss mentioned while talking about the fourth season finale, the tenth episode is usually “clean-up” but “The Children” had just as many, if not more, revelations than the preceding episode, “The Watchers on the Wall”. Running an extra 15-20 minutes longer than a typical Game of Thrones episode, it’s clear that “The Children” had enough going on without the addition of Lady Stoneheart.

Still, Graves said the showrunners didn’t give him a definitive answer as to whether or not Lady Stoneheart would appear in season 5. Though Fairley’s perspective on the status of her character seems set in stone (pun intended), it’s possible the Benioff and Weiss are keeping Lady Stoneheart under wraps for now.


Game of Thrones will return for season 5 in 2015 on HBO.

Source: EW

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  1. They will add lady stoneheart. The overall plot be damned. She has too much influence over the story. She kills off characters and without her they would have to find other ways of doing so that fans would most likely flip tables over considering those methods would replace an entire awesome character. No. No sane writer would cut out lady stoneheart. That would be insanely unintelligent.

  2. She was a major character, and Cateyln coming back to life as that… thing, was my favourite part of the books. It’s intense, creepy, unexpected, and totally badass. They can’t leave her out of the series, it has to be some kind of joke.

    • Catlyn and Aria personify the rage and urge for justice the male Starks could not achieve for their house. I think another male Stark will be brought back ala Stoneheart too in book 6 and book readers know of whom I speak…maybe they will work together against the Others…

      • Actually I think the intention is for Brienne and Stoneheart/Catelyn to (re)join forces and lead The Brotherhood Without Banners.
        Working together those two could cause a lot of grief for a number of characters in the Riverlands area.
        Jaime will probably be the first.

  3. “Lady Stoneheart’s revenge storyline sounds exceptionally exciting on paper, but so far in A Song of Ice and Fire it hasn’t proved to be an important part of the story”

    Not important? Very obvious you have not read the books

    • I don’t know, I’ve read the entire series a dozen times. On my 3rd read thru of The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros book. Read the Dance of the Dragons short story a half dozen times so far. Read the Dunk and Egg story the same half dozen times easily.

      So far, the cringe worthy “Zombie Cat” storyline adds nothing to the story that a simple rewrite wouldn’t easily remove. Why not add a headless Ned storyline and they could go all in on the comedy angle, a Westeros version of the Munsters. Zombie Cat cheapens the impact of the Red Wedding and that is frankly a tragedy.

      Hopefully we’ll have Lord Bloodraven reveal that the entire Zombie Cat segment was a bizarre dream sequence that never happened.

      • You’ve read the entire series a dozen times? s**t son, that’s impressive considering there’s at least two books that haven’t been released yet. I always thought there would end up being a reason Martin included her in the story, but I guess you know better, huh?

          • That’s such a weak argument. Random character A B and C or what type of food a character is eating are hardly the same thing as a major viewpoint character being brought back to life.

            and by the way: “I’ve read the entire series a dozen times” I usually interpret to mean “I’ve read the entire series a dozen times” since, you know:

            with no part left out; whole.
            “my plans are to travel the entire world”
            synonyms: whole, complete, total, full; undivided
            “I devoted my entire life to him”

            but idk. English isn’t my first language so I could be wrong =)

            • Dante, don’t bother trying to argue or talk sense with this dude. if you go back through the thread you’ll see he’s a massive troll who doesn’t care about having an actual dialog and will just keep shouting the same thing over and over again until his word is the last. I just want to stop receiving email notifications for this six month old thread.

              • Yeah, because when someone takes a position you don’t agree with, they are a “troll”. So to review, as soon as they have the audacity to take a position that you don’t agree with, well they are a problem. If they post additional reasons they have different opinions? Golly, that’s just them “shouting”.

                Thanks for so succinctly illustrating why the Zombie Cat acolytes can’t really be taken seriously.

              • So to review, when someone posts something that you disagree with, they are a “Troll”. When they have the audacity to flesh out exactly why they don’t agree with you, well that makes them really “Massive Trolls”. Better still, when they can respond while working in a little sarcasm illustrating the other person’s silliness, well that means they’re….”shouting the same thing over and over again”….

                Couldn’t have succintly illustrate the Zombie Cat fans silliness anymore than that.

              • No, he did not see it, they ignore yu. Is hilarious to read hiw you keep kn the ranting.

                • Stating facts/free exchange of ideas isn’t “Ranting” where I come from. As anyone with a pulse can see, towards the bottom of this very page both Rabbit3 and I are having a conversation about the story to come. It isn’t “Ranting” when two adults communicate. Although admittedly one would have to be an adult to know this. I suppose that is slightly hilarious. After all these years, children still make me giggle.

            • Dude your use of definition proves that you are wrong and the other guy is right. It proves that you just don’t understand the simple things you are reading.
              To travel the entire world is not possible the way you use the word entire, yet still it is the example used. If you tried to travet the entire world you would have made it if you visited every country or maybe even just every continent. But according to you, you would always fail because you will not have the chance to get in to my house or someone elses house.
              Entire in the sence of the definition you found, and in the sence it was used by the other gut here, means of what is availible. Like if you eat an entire cake you suddently didn’t because there are some crumbs left on your plate.
              You are missing the entire point, even of what you write down your self, and that is exactly what the other guy pointed out.

              • You’re right. That Rent dude knows nothing and he still won’t shut up about lady stoneheart’s uninvolvement.

    • Why she’s back? This is still written 2013 :(
      But that’s the same way I check for actors to know if they will come back hehe

      • There is something peculiar going on.
        A couple of sites like IMdB, an HBO info site and wiki have been edited to suggest that Michaelle Fairly is going to appear in episode 10.
        Then the information has been removed shortly afterwards.
        A hoax? Or some creative hype from HBO`s PR dept.

  4. I think that resurrecting dead characters is generally a bad idea. Especially if it happens on more than 1 occasion. It’s one thing to assume a character is wrongly dead (take for example Brand and Rickon), but even that is a well you don’t want to drink from too often.

    Having said that, I have accidentally seen some spoilers on line, and it seems like this is exactly what will happen. Here’s to hoping it’s done properly…if that’s possible.

  5. Why devote so much time to the Brotherhood if they were never planning to introduce Lady Stoneheart?

    • Well, there was the whole detail about getting Gendry to Melisandre along with Arya’s continued anger at the events unfolding that ultimately lead her to end up in the Hound’s hands. So other than those two key parts of the story, I guess there was no reason to show the Brotherhood…

      • Except that The Brotherhood is a Westrosi cult of Rh`llor thats not under Mellisandre`s control.
        Add in Catelyn, Brienne of Tarth and Gendry to the mix and you have a group that could cause problems for Stannis later.

          • It depends on on what happens once Stannis takes Winterfell and destroys the Boltons.
            With the Northern Lords behind him the most obvious move is to go south and deal with the Freys.
            Once the whole much awaited “Downfall of The Freys” story ends thats when he`ll meet the Brotherhood.

  6. “She does not speak,” said the big man in a yellow cloak. “You g****** bastards,
    too deep you cut up her neck. But she remembers. “He turned to a dead woman and said:” What
    say, my lady? Did he have a hand in it? ”
    Eyes Lady Catelyn have not abandoned him. She nodded.
    Merrett Frey opened his mouth to beg, but his noose choked river. His legs
    leave the ground, the rope cuts deep into the soft flesh under his chin. It flies high
    in the air, thrashing and writhing, increasingly, more and more.

    • A Faceless Man trained Arya could easily dispatch each and every Frey in Westeros with minimal effort and it would be far more compelling than the absurd Zombie Cat cheapening the impact of the Red Wedding.

      Michelle Fairley’s acting talent wouldn’t need to be wasted on that hot mess. Any old actress in a mask would do. Heck, any skinny old actor in a mask would do.

      • So, I gotta ask.. What is your deal? You reply to almost everyone, disputing their claims and arguing against their opinions. Do you just enjoy to “hear yourself talk”? Or, in this case, read yourself type? You lost me after I read the very first couple sentences of yours about how you read the books and the World of Ice and Fire as well as GRRM’s other works set in Westeros… That almost reminds me of Tywin’s statement to Joffrey about how “Any man who has to proclaim that ‘he is the king’ is no true king.” Extrapolating that to this situation, well, I think you see what I mean.
        You are an annoyance and a bother, and if you can’t tell by now, it seems that almost no one cares to hear (read) what you have to say. I am sure you will respond to this in a huff and use your well-crafted sentences chock full of big boy words to try an put me in my place or continue to be one of the world’s biggest douches.. probably both simultaneously. I assure you, your words will fall not upon me, for I will refuse to read them. If I liked you, this is where I would say Good Day.. but since I don’t, I won’t, and will take my leave with a simple: “f*** you.”

          • The simplest reason to have Lady Stoneheart in the show, eventually, is that they have already laid all the ground work for here story. If they were NOT going to do it, they could have simple left many of those parts out.

            I the whole reason we see the brotherhood without banners is to establish red priests can bring people back from the dead. They are also the group essentially formed by Ned Stark when he sent Beric Dondarrion out to round up the Mountain. Why have the point of how many times they’ve brought Beric back and how it is getting harder and harder if not go to where that story is headed. There is nothing else for the Brotherhood story wise if they don’t move to the next stage with Lady Stoneheart as their leader.

            Where is Brienne’s story line headed? Why have her engaged with Lady Stark to begin with if you aren’t coming back to the same huge moment for her.

            Where is the story with Brienne and Jamie headed if not to where we last see her luring Jamie into her ultimate confrontation?

            People lost their minds when they left out the speech between Jamie & Tyrion when he was escaping the keep. I think they didn’t want to put Jamie in a negative light when character story arc wise, he is basically on a path to redemption. This horrible thing he did in his past could counter a large part of it AND the only real reference to it before than was that one speech from Tyrion when he discussed it in the tent with Shae & Bronn. It had minimal set up.

            Lady Stone heart is different. She is a key element to multiple character story arcs and in fact an ultimate destination for some of them.

            None of us know the final total story path except George, David & Dan. Maybe in the end she doesn’t play a big role in how things ultimately play out. Maybe she is critical. What we do know is that it is harder and harder to keep a big secret… and if they want to do this… much like the Red Wedding or Ned’s Death, they are NOT going to talk about it before it happens.

            I know in the end we will get to the same general conclusion as the books have planned. I’m just looking forward to the journey.

            • Welp, sorry to break it to you, but Lady Stoneheart was only relevant in the books. She is a throw away character that is a shining example of GRRM trying to do too much. The whole resurrection angle on the Beric side of things doesn’t culminate in Zombie Cat. From Jon Snow to the events in Essos where there are plenty of Red Priests, including the High Priest Benerro, their powers (that only got cranked up when the dragons were hatched) can play a role in many different ways in the story ahead, ways that have absolutely nothing to do with Zombie Cat galavanting around the Riverlands with her band of Scruffy Men.

              Brienne’s story is being shown on the show this year. Since the first four episodes of Season 5 are available online, we already know Zombie Cat isn’t coming. Although, since anyone can google the IMDB of each and every member of the Brotherhood as well as Michelle Fairley herself, it’s easy to see that their careers have moved on to other projects. She is as gone as the King in the North now sadly is.

              You’re right, the writers of the show know Zombie Cat’s importance in the way this story ends. Hence, she’s not in Season 5.

  7. She’s coming. It’s only a matter of which episode
    D&D aren’t idiots, they’re not going to pass up the opportunity for that amazing scene.
    I highly doubt GRRM created her for just to be an insignificant throw away character. That would be ridiculous.
    Maybe the people who seem to know that LS is unimportant to the story could let the rest of us know where they managed to get their hands on copies of TWOW and ADOS.

    LS doesn’t cheapen the red wedding, she accentuates it if you bother to consider that it was ultimately orchestrated by the Red God and also consider the whole Stannis/Mellisandre angle.

    If you hate the LS character I highly suggest you don’t read any future ASOIAF books because she’s going to be in them. Or at least TWOW

    • You are absolutely right. Anyone who disagrees with you are blind, stubborn or stupid. Don’t waste you’re time with You-Know-Who that person won’t stop till he’s proven wrong. The look on his face would be priceless.

  8. Lady Stoneheart is an important part of both Brienne and Jaime’s storylines.

    Spoiler Alert:
    The last we saw of Brienne’s POV in the books was her being captured by The Brotherhood Without Banners and having to choose between being hanged or being forced to presumably deliver Jaime to Lady Stoneheart. Lady Stoneheart believes that Brienne has betrayed her because of the sword that Jaime gave her (Oathkeeper). Brienne does not want to betray Jaime but ultimately chooses the “sword” in order to save both Podrick and Ser Hyle Hunt, who were also about to be hanged.

    The next we see of Brienne is in Jaime’s POV where she finds him and tells him he needs to come with her or else “The Hound will kill Sansa”. As we know, Sansa is currently under Littlefinger’s protection and the Hound is (presumed) dead. It is only logical to conclude that Brienne is leading Jaime to the Brotherhood Without Banners in order to fulfill her deal with Stoneheart and probably to save Podrick and Ser Hyle.

    The bottom line: Both Jaime and Brienne are important characters and this event seems to be a key plot point in their stories. Of course, the television series could change this, but according to the books there is no one else that could have such a strong hold over Brienne than Catelyn Stark due to the oath Brienne gave her. This conflict is important in Brienne’s character arc as her honour is one of her greatest qualities and here she is torn between her oath to Catelyn and her oath to Jaime. Besides, without Stoneheart’s influence, the Brotherhood Without Banners would not have become as bloodthirsty and punitive.

    The Verdict: Lady Stoneheart is too NB to leave out.

    • Just curious, when Lady Stoneheart is shown to have been completely written out of the show like Quentyn Martell (an actual POV character), what will your position be?

      Particularly if they have Brienne and Jamie’s arch go in the same direction GRRM has them going, just without LS?

  9. The excuse that the show has to be more concise than the books just doesn’t cut it.
    Why introduce Thoros of Mir and Beric Dondarrion AT ALL?
    What was the point of showing their ability to bring back the dead if it wasn’t leading to something?

    • Why introduce Thoros and Beric? Well, that’s an easy one. The slight detail regarding getting Arya into the Hound’s hands, Melisandre getting her hands on Gendry just to go with two. Details, Details, Details.

      Those two arcs are far more important to the greater story than the absurd Zombie Cat and her Merry Men journeying the Riverlands hacking and chopping random Freys. Other than a focus of Arya’s wolfdreams (something that didn’t happen on the show), there is no point to Zombie Cat.

  10. Awesome, just found a great stream for the first few episodes that leaked!

  11. Saw the 1st 4 episodes
    She’s OUT
    You win!
    You’re still an imbecile though

  12. If they planed not to include her in the series, why they did bother to show the Brotherhood (…) earlier? As for now, Beric Dondarion etc. doesn’t really make any sense.

    • Well, I suppose after Hot Pie, Gendry and Arya escaped Harrenhal, they could have had Gendry decide to steal a boat, Hot Pie and Arya agree to come along, Arya falls overboard and is rescued by the Hound, Hot Pie falls overboard near the Inn and Gendry sticks it out all the way until his boat runs ashore on Dragonstone. That would solve getting all three characters where they needed to go I suppose. Though you wouldn’t be able to demonstrate that the Red Priests have become dramatically more powerful since the dragons were born (hence Melisandre telling Thoros he shouldn’t have that power) laying the ground work for actually important Red Priest resurrections (and other demonstrations of their growing power) yet to come in the story…

      Sure, that could work I guess.

  13. When people are afraid of the truth, the default meme they trot out is the “I barely read your post” blather.

    Of course, it’s fascinating that someone so dedicated to a character that adds Zip, Zero, Nada, Zilch to the story mentions that Lady Stoneheart was…..”enough” for the Producers.

    For the Class, could you offer ONE link that states that ANYONE involved with Game of Thrones on HBO is going to bring that laugh fest to the television show? I’d LOVE to read that. Of course, anyone with a pulse knows that there is NO Lady Stoneheart on the show, nor will there be. But please, let’s see you “evidence”.

    Note: When one can post around 110 wpm, “time” involved in posting a couple of short paragraphs takes a mere couple of minutes. But you keep thinking that illustrating the absurdity that is a meaningless character is time consuming. I’ll be it will take you a lot longer finding a SINGLE reference to Zombie Cat making her absurd appearance on HBO.

    Winter WILL come and be gone before that happens. Fortunately, as that sad character doesn’t show up, I’ll come back and reread your posts that will enable my laughter to keep me warm.

    THAT is inevitable you silly child. It’s a shame you won’t be around for my amusement simultaneously. On the brightside, at least I won’t be able to laugh at my favorite show for jumping the shark with Zombie Cat-orama.

    One shivers (see what I did there?) to think of what G.O.T. Sans Zombie Cat will cause you to do. Or not.

  14. Of COURSE you “Skimmed” it (Wink Wink!!!), that argument is as vacuous as Zombie Cat’s role in the story and as NON EXISTENT as Zombie Cat’s role in the HBO series.

    For the clown who has stated several times now that he was “Done” you sure have a funny way of following thru with your absurdity.

    Actually, do YOU want to play this game? To quote from one of my favorite books, until the sun sets in the East and rises in the West, until the oceans dry up and the mountains blow away like leaves, I’ll be here demonstrating just how empty your argument is.

    So, the guy who types 110 wpm with IPAD in hand can and will play out this little game as long as you like. I’ll be trotting you around like my prized chimp before this is over with. You can take it to the bank.

    So yes, let’s play “stubborn” Herr Clown.

  15. This just in. Zombies/undead are an integral part of the ASOIAF story.
    White walkers/Wights/Beric Dondarrion.
    The Red Wedding would have been cheapened if it turned out to be someone’s nightmare, or if clones were killed at the RW
    LS a metaphor of revenge being served ‘Cold’

  16. What you seem to not understand is that it is EXTREMELY fun to illustrate the patent absurdity that people like YOU demonstrate. You have assigned a mythical significance to a throw away character who the people that unlike YOU actually know how this story ends point out does NOTHING but kill people.

    Just an FYI: That was why the director pointed out how insulting it would be to ask an actress who is as good as Michelle Fairley is to come back to a show she is no longer working with to do nothing more than be an instrument of death.

    We both know that after Season 5 is over and there has been Zip, Zero, Nada, Zilch appearances of the silly Lady Stoneheart, you will be MIA on this little thread. It is amazing that, with the wonders that are Internet Search Engines, that people like you don’t realize that each and every actor and actress that was involved with the production of Season 5 is named online. Michelle Fairley is listed in exactly ZERO of those lists.

    But that being said, tell us MORE about how “Smart” you are.

  17. This Just In: White Walkers are NOT “Zombies”. Of course, anyone who has read these books knows this. The Red Wedding’s significance to the story is indeed cheapened by a character that does nothing but galavant across the Riverlands and kill people. Zombie Cat is yet another of example of GRRM cluttering up the story. Like an Engineer designing a car, always looking to add just “one” more feature to the car, blowing past deadlines because he doesn’t know when to say “when”. That’s why the books aren’t even close to being done. All the threads he has spun require resolution, resolution that at this point is no where in sight.

    In kinda works in the books because of how it is tied into Arya’s wolf dreams. For television it never, ever would have worked because of the cost of paying Michelle Fairley’s salary while she plays a third tier character PLUS the cost of SFX to make Zombie Cat look convincing.

    Zombie Cat is as important to the story as Quentyn Martell was. The Writers who know how this story ends know this, hence they cut both. It’s as simple as that.

  18. No, a “Troll” just posts things on threads trying to provoke a reaction. What is “embarrassing” is that you miss the detail that I’m merely responding to comments directed at me (Comments like YOURS). What folks like Rabbit3 can attest to is that I’m more than happy to discuss story arcs and plot lines coupled with easy to find facts. For the children that want to stomp their feet and demand Zombie Cat NOW…..I offer nothing but sarcasm and levity (because it really isn’t worthy of an investment beyond that point).

    Folks who are into facts would probably like facts like the writers of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” D.B. Weiss and David Benioff already know how this story ends. How? From GRRM’s own lips. Hence, they know where and how to invest their limited funds to construct the best television show ever made. So they know not to spend said funds on Michelle Fairley’s sizable salary coupled with the SFX costs and the precious limited time of only 10 episodes to merely show Zombie Cat killing her way around the Riverlands while offering ZILCH to how the story was always going to end, just as much as Quentyn Martell did…

    But what was that about what “we” don’t already know?

  19. I know the White walkers are not zombies, but intelligent sentient beings that we’re going to learn more about in TWOW. I was merely pointing out (not thoroughly enough) that the white walkers are creating an undead army that that is scaring the s**** out of the wildlings and causing all the chaos at the wall, and in that way zombies are significant.
    I think lS is going to do more than just gallivant around the Riverlands and murder people as the story progresses. It might be as much about closure as it is revenge, like finding out her remaining children are all still alive. And the fact that she’s resurrected by a disciple of R’hllor and how that ties into the Stannis/Melisadre plot, and considering that Stannis is sympathetic towards Catelyn because of Eddard being the reason he knows anything about his claim to the throne, it makes the LS character potentially very significant.
    It seems like all anti LS people leave out one key word; “yet”
    I probably in the minority but I always liked the Catelyn character and I guess that’s why I’m pro UnCat.

  20. What he said was;
    Graves : “They [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] have such a challenge adapting the books into a really focused television experience. It’s very hard, it’s very complicated, it’s much harder then they’ve been given credit for, I think – and they do a brilliant job. But to bring back Michelle Fairley, one of the greatest actresses around, to be a zombie for a little while – and just kill people? It is really sort of, what are we doing with that? How does it play into the whole story in a way that we’re really going to like? It just didn’t end up being a part of what was going to happen this season.

    ‘this season’ (meaning 4) Not speaking to the entire series.
    He never said ‘insult’ (unless it was in another interview which I never saw)
    It would be an insult if she was a mindless zombie bent on murder but that’s not the case. In fact it might be the greatest challenge of her career; a very complex and extremely tragic character.
    There’s a chance they already filmed the scene of the LS reveal or at least got some pre production shots (different facial angles, backgrounds etc) when they shot season 3 in order to free her up contract wise until season 6.
    As far as the ‘she doesn’t speak’ angle. Very simple; let her speak. Just give her a raspy voice or a whisper.

    Something else to keep an eye on:
    The hand on the railing at 1:40 of the first trailer. Livid with black cuticles. If you pause it, you can see that figure seems to be cloaked. If that isn’t Maggy the Frog I’d say it’s an 90% chance it’s LS. We’ll know early, the introduction of Maggy is in Ep 1

  21. Sorry kid, but Michelle Fairley’s current work isn’t some state secret. Anyone with a Search Engine can look at her current work. She is currently doing exactly —Nothing— involved with Game of Thrones. She isn’t listed —Anywhere— as part of the Season 5 cast. The implication to why they won’t have LS is clear, to have one of the greatest actresses around and ask her do nothing more than stand around killing people isn’t something worthy of her talent. To do so would be the opposite of “Complimentary”. Where I come from, that’s an “insult”.

    I get it, you’re a fan of LS and that’s fine. But she isn’t going to be in the show anymore than Quentyn Martell is. It’s as simple as that. No need to clutch to a false hope that isn’t going to come to fruition.

    I mean, if you are a Michelle Fairley fan, I can give you a list of the productions she is involved in. Exactly none of them are Game of Thrones. It’s as simple as that.

  22. There is a possibility that Dany will turn into an actual dragon and fly above the wall then melt everything north of it. I mean, they didn’t say it “Wouldn’t” happen, so obviously it could happen in Season 5. Golly, what a fun game you’ve created!!!! Headless Ned could then take the month long ride north and join the Night’s Watch to show he’s sorry that he never told Jon the truth about his parentage. Then a sandstorm will blow Dorne clean, leaving a mysterious maze left in it’s wake. The Hightower will then turn into a rocket ship and fly over the maze and that will be a sign that the people of Westeros must sacrifice themselves to the Drowned God. Then the people of Essos will celebrate and live happily ever after. Which means it’s not impossible, just too soon to assume anything.

  23. Dear Troll: You trolling my posts doesn’t negate your Trolldom. Just embrace what you are, be PROUD and stand tall upon “Entirety” of the empty chasm betwixt thy ears.

  24. First, this show isn’t being written for people who have read the books. It is being written for the average television viewing audience. If they read the books after the fact, that’s fine. But the story is geared towards building and retaining an audience that doesn’t know Lady Stoneheart from an Ibbenese sailor. They have to tailor 10 episodes a year into a compelling show that will entertain said audience and draw more viewers to the show. If a character is integral to the shows storyline as it moves forward, driving the show towards it’s necessary ending, the writers necessarily must include said character while also bending parts of the story to their target demo in ways they think will make the show more popular. Grey Worm’s “Love Story” that they started showing us in a handful of scenes last year instantly comes to mind.

    1. Though we don’t know what LS’s role in the books is, the writers do. If she is integral to the story’s resolution, they have to fold her into events so that the audience doesn’t forget about her (again, the VIEWING audience, not the book audience). For example, the role of the Tysha story from the books is obviously not integral to the story either, hence they trimmed it from the show, completely removing it from both Jamie and Tywin’s final interactions with Tyrion last year. So we won’t be treated to Tyrion asking people “Where do whores go?” this season. Again, they are shaping the story for time, target demo (on a worldwide level with a show such as this) and story necessity.

    2/3. They said they didn’t want to bring a talented actress like Michelle Fairley back to simply kill people. If bringing her back was necessary to the story going forward, they would have (same goes for paying her higher salary) The actors involved in Season 5 are known. Michelle Fairley isn’t one of them. After having Lady Cat die at the end of Season 3 and not having Zombie Cat in Season 4, are they going to try bringing back a dead character after the character has been completey gone for an entire season? We’re not talking about a character like Bran who is obviously integral to the story ahead particularly now he is with Lord Bloodraven. His warg abilities are obviously going to play a role in the story’s conclusion. Probably involving the dragons. Zombie Cat and her Merry Men galavanting around the countryside murdering Frey’s isn’t exactly the same thing.

    4. The “truthfulness” of the writers is only relevant if the actress was scheduled to appear in the show. She isn’t. It would be one thing if she was part of the production and they said she was actually doing a flashback for Arya or Sansa for example and then “Suprise” Zombie Cat shows up on the show. That would be the equivalent of saying Gwen Stacey isn’t going to die and then she does. But when the production and the actress both say she’s done. She’s done. Again, the average viewer doesn’t know Zombie Cat from the Darklyn family, so they’re not missing her.

    5. The writers DO know the story to come. If she was integral to the story ahead, she’d be a part of the production. She isn’t anymore than Quentyn Martell was (and unlike Zombie Cat, we know he was an actual POV character). Hence, due to HBO’s limited resources, the character got the snip. When she doesn’t show up in Season

    6. I’ve read every book that has Tolkien writing in it. That’s why when people were bashing the Hobbit for the “Extra stuff”, I knew how full of crap they were since a great deal of the “Extra stuff” was straight out of the LOTR Appendices. THAT added to the children’s book story that was “The Hobbit”, where Tolkien wrote to tie together the Hobbit with the LOTR. Details like the White Council fighting against the Necromancer who turned out to be Sauron is a long way from Zombie Cat and her Merry Men slaughtering their way around the Riverlands. Tying one story to the other for the film goer is one thing, included a throw away character in that doesn’t actually contribute to the story’s conclusion is another. IF Zombie Cat isn’t important, they should cut her. If she is, they won’t. But it has to be in a way that the average viewer who never heard of her before will be okay with it.

    7. Again, you’re looking at the character as someone who read the books. Look at the character as someone who hasn’t read a single page of the books. If she is no more important than Quentyn Martell was……what’s the point in adding her? The writers already know GRRM’s outline. GRRM doesn’t just sit at the computer and make it up as he goes along. He has an outline to follow, a direction the story is going to go. The writers know that outline. They’ve seen it. THAT is what they are writing for. Honestly, I wouldn’t be suprised if the books weren’t almost done and that he wasn’t just holding them for the right “moment” to maximize the impact of their release no matter what he says or how much he may deny it.

    8. Yet again, you are placing an importance on Zombie Cat that no one who has ONLY watched the television show ever would. Their last view of Lady Cat was getting her throat cut and dying. They never saw her corpse be pulled out of the river by Nymeria. They never saw anything about Lord Beric kissing her cold dead corpse. We’re coming up on two years since Lady Cat died on TV. Reversing course after this long may make sense but to the average viewer whether it be in New Zealand or Argentina who hasn’t touched a GRRM book and never will…can you honestly say it would?

    9. Placing one article on one thread as the “only” place that something is happening is absurd. There are plenty of places on the internet, from Facebook to the Westeros website where people just like me are saying that Zombie Cat needs to just stay dead. Again, ONLY GRRM book readers are looking forward to it. The vast majority of those who watch the series couldn’t care less because they have never heard about Zombie Cat. Sorry, but that’s just a fact.

    10. Again, Michelle Fairley’s Resume is open for public consumption. Anyone can google her to see if she is involved. She isn’t. Again, if you detach yourself from the subject and view the show as the vast majority of the viewing public does, you’ll see how the writers have to look at the audience. They know that 99% of the people who have read the book (and have HBO) will watch the show irregardless of Zombie Cat being involved or not. If they, who –Know– the outline of the story to come and how it concludes, know that Zombie Cat doesn’t play a role in the ending anymore than Quentyn Martell did, they’d cut her.

    That’s where we’re at. The amazing bit will be how the book fans will be on the internet dreaming up fantasies on how Zombie Cat will be introduced in Season 6 when she never shows up in Season 5. Me personally, I’m hoping Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes get resurrected and team up with Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion to burn the Others into puddles. But that probably isn’t going to happen either.

  25. Just curious, if LS ends up being included in the television show, what would your reaction be? Would you retract all your previous assertions? Or would you try and find some other way of making everybody stupid except you in your head?

  26. Golly, “Rent Biatch”? How entertaining the mini-mind is!!! What next Mini-Mind? How about a “Your Momma” joke?

    Comparing Stoneheart with examples not in the books?????? Yet there are endless things that WERE in the books and that are NOT in the books. Since we KNOW that Michelle Fairley doesn’t appear in Season 5 of Game of Thrones (since her current jobs aren’t State Secrets) we know that Lady Stoneheart via HER isn’t in Season 5. Paul Kaye plays Thoros of Myr. Paul Kaye is NOT in GOT Season 5 either. Shall we proceed down the list of Brotherhood actors to see where they currently work to FURTHER prove my point?

    Use those few brain cells you have left to noodle thru what 2+2 equals (i.e. what Game of Thrones WITHOUT the actors that portray the Brotherhood means for Zombie Cat).

  27. you keep mentioning someone who was using different names and then got blocked.. what are you even talking about? You aren’t SR staff. If someone was blocked, you wouldn’t know about it. Can I please stop getting email notifications on this almost year old thread? please???

  28. It is not mentioned anywhere that Paul Kaye is no longer with GoT, let alone confirmed.
    He’s appearing in Dr Who for 2 whole episodes so I’m sure he doesn’t need any other work

  29. Who knew people could be fuzzy on how this works? I’ll try to break it down to you:

    If you contact Screen Rant Moderation and point out that someone is posting repeatedly under different names (and do like I did which was Copy/Paste examples) you’ll get a response from them thanking YOU for the head’s up and that the person in question…

    who was posting as “Brian”, “Janey”, etc.

    is —Blocked— from posting. Hence, my previous posts in response to said individual are now ALL that remains from said conversation. Feel free to scroll up and note that my responses are now ALL that remains from said interaction.

    But thanks for allowing me to explain this basic process. When one starts explaining the posts of “others” using the same diction as the other “Person”, one can easily see that the fraud is starting to unravel.

    But tell us more about what I don’t know.

  30. It is not mentioned anywhere that Paul Kaye is no longer with GoT, let alone confirmed.

  31. So……………that would be a “No” on you finding a single, solitary piece of evidence that he had —-Anything—- to do with the production of Season 5 of Game of Thrones? I haven’t read anything that says Sean Bean is “Confirmed” to be a part of Season 5, but just like Paul Kaye, I’m willing to put money on him not being involved in the production either.

    As Paul Kaye’s IMDB page illustrates, he’s been really busy since LEAVING Game of Thrones, but if one wants to cross one’s fingers and toes and pretend otherwise, well I say have at it. My former employer hasn’t “confirmed” online that I don’t work there anymore, so I guess that means there is a chance I still do…

    Paul Kaye? Phillip McGinley? Michelle Fairley? Anyone? Anyone?

  32. Re-read my very simple sentence.
    I didn’t say that Mr Kaye WAS confirmed as being part of season 5, just that it WAS NOT confirmed that he isn’t part of it. IF LS is going to be part of S5 it would certainly behoove them to also hide the fact that he’s involved, coz that would obviously let the Cat out of the bag.
    There’s no solid proof either way.
    Perhaps you can provide a “solitary piece of evidence” that he’s NOT involved
    BTW I don’t find his active career or lack of mention on IMBD as being such.
    It’s just speculation, same as I’m doing

    We all knew the Red Wedding was coming but did any of the actors talk about it. Of course not.
    It’s called a gag order. I believe they’re contractually bound to it.

    after ep 1 the speculation plot might thicken considerably. The robed figure’s hand on the railing in trailer 1
    If it’s not Maggy the Frog’s then who’s is it. Why a close up on the hand. Why is the hand flexing. Pale skin and nails, dirty cuticles. I wonder.

  33. First of all this is not desperation, just speculation,(on my part and yours)and I will lose no sleep if LS is left out.
    There is no solid evidence that LS or Thoros will or will not appear in season 5
    You invariably misconstrue my words and ignore any point that complicates shortsighted arguments.
    You keep bringing up ‘sold evidence’ but provide none yourself. Why? Because there is none.
    Seriously? You lend NO credence to the idea that if (keyword ‘if’) Ms Fairley or Mr Kaye were part of season 5 they would have to hide it?
    If my speculation turns out to be true, then the gag order would apply.
    Digging myself a hole? Ridiculous
    Aside from all that and considering how they’re drastically changing the logistics of the events moving forward, and if Thoros and the Brotherhood were just a conveyance for the LS storyline,it can be argued that they could leave him out and still include LS.
    Yes. I guess it is cute how I bring up the hand. Sounds like something someone says when they’re a little worried Still no guess on your part as to whom it might belong to.
    Okay. I will. Maggy? Probably the best guess at this point
    Cersei on her walk? Doubt it.
    Robert Strong, Theon? Doubt it. Looks like a woman’s hand
    I’m not 100% convinced it’s LS but we’ll find out. Again, just speculation so please don’t ask for indisputable proof.

    You’re scared of the hand ain’t ya?

  34. Once again not actually responding to what I said
    I won’t waste my time again
    You are an imbecile
    There is no point arguing with imbeciles
    I’m sure you have more that a few ‘former employers”
    You make no sense and apparently don’t understand simple english

    Enjoy the snoozefest of season 5
    I’ll be back when it’s over
    I KNOW you won’t

    You really are scared of the hand!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Saw the 1st 4 episodes
    99.9% She’s OUT
    You win!
    You’re still an imbecile though

  36. Of COURSE I won. Anyone with a reasonable grasp on logic and the basic comprehension necessary to use a Search Engine could have discovered what I was saying was true. But the hilarity of someone who plays the Argument from Ignorance card calling someone else an “Imbecile” is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiicccciiiiiiooouusss!!!!

    Irony 101

  37. Don’t you have anything to do at all? Instead of…you know, arguind with everyone that comes here throughout the last months, we already know that you hate the charater with all of your forces but let the ones who like her debate in peace…

  38. lol

  39. Then I’d say it was well worth it.

  40. By “well worth it” if you mean having your posts deleted because you couldn’t play in the ring with the big boys hence you played the personal attacks card (illustrating your intellectual bankruptcy)….I whole heartedly agree.

    Children like yourself always ending playing your whole hand too early. Makes getting owned by adults that live in the real world, like me, that much easier.

    Thanks again Son!

  41. If you were a real “adult” you would have no need, or desire to be continually arguing with other random people you have never met. It makes absolutely no sense to me. What is this burning desire you have to fight with people continuously? Your definition of adult is skewed my dear friend.

  42. Well, I enjoy debate. From my days as a Corpsman to now in the Fire Service, I work with people who debate/disagree about things all the time. It sharpens the senses, makes us more intellectually aware, the mental equivalent of training with firearms.

    In my world, children don’t get to say what they want without consequences. I LOVE being the consequences.

    That being said, G.O.T. is on, so I gotta go for now.

  43. Ok see you in a hour I love you

  44. But I said I love you does that mean nothing to you :’(

  45. I thought you were watching Got, why do you keep coming back? OMG YOU CAN’T BE WITHOUT ME FOR THAN A MINUTE, ah thanks babe I love you too. <3 <3 <3

  46. oh ffs get over your self man. Nobody’s buying your bulls*@t. you aren’t a fire fighter, you weren’t in the army, nobody has been making up fake names to argue with you, and you don’t poop gold. Look, at four episodes into season 5, its seeming more and more as though you are in fact correct; LSH will not be in the show. This however does not mean that she is unimportant to the story, but simply that the show writers have realized that there is no possible way for them to include everything from the books in this television show with only a few seasons remaining. Is Arianne not important to the story? Are the Griffs not important to the story? How about the ENTIRE Iron Islands subplot? Are the Crow’s Eye, Victarion, and Aeron just as unimportant as Gatehouse Ami? No, of course not. These cuts have been made to streamline the MOST important story beats to fit within seven seasons, not because these excluded elements will ultimately amount to nothing. There’s a recent interview with GRRM (I’m not finding the link now. google it) where he gets asked by the host if “because a plot element/character is excluded from the show, does that mean they wont be important in the books?” and he replys with a short, sweet “No” before chuckling and explaining why. Now, before you respond, as you so often do, with “oh, so i guess all those 10 page descriptions of six ft tall lemon cakes are also important dur hurr I’m so incredibly clever”, take a moment to realize how stupid it is to compare entire characters and plot lines to gratuitous descriptions of inanimate objects. These characters and stories are simply LESS important than other aspects of the story that the writers have chosen to include (barring pointless filler scenes, but those are usually pretty short, so excluding them would probably not create enough space for the more important material that has been left out) and even then, the voids created by the absence of these characters and plot elements are tangible, as the writers visibly scramble to make up for the butterfly effect created by their absence. “What the hell is Brienne going to be doing this season?” and “why the hell is Jaime in Dorne?” are questions that come to mind. Now, I know I’m being hopelessly optimistic by asking you to please find something else for your life to revolve around besides arguing with people on this YEAR OLD COMMENT THREAD, but I’m getting really tired of these notifications showing up in my inbox every 2 or 3 hours, and I don’t want to tag screenrant as junk mail, so please, PLEASE, for the love of god: GO AWAY. Almost nobody on this thread agrees with you and the one guy who did has long since left. We’re so far off point at this stage that your trolling has just attracted more “trollish” trolls than even yourself. And if your entire reason to continue posting is just to antagonize people, then you’re getting exactly what you want, so i guess the joke’s on me. But it seems to me that you’re actually want to make a point. So OK. You’ve made it. You think “Zombie Cat” is completely stupid and unimportant, undermining the Red Wedding, and GRRM has over-salted the stew. Great. Good for you. Nobody agrees with you. Time to move on.

  47. Ah thank you it was two by the way just ones with links in them.