‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 ‘Rains of Castamere’ Review – Red Wedding [Spoilers]

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Kit Harington in Game of Thrones The Rains of Castamere Game of Thrones Season 3 Rains of Castamere Review   Red Wedding [Spoilers]



One of the more intriguing aspects of Game of Thrones season 3 has been the emergence of unseen depth in characters who, in seasons past, have largely been understood to possess a singular, mostly villainous quality about them.

Take for example Jaime Lannister, a man who pushed a young boy out of a tower to protect the second worst kept secret in all of Westeros, has become an individual not only capable of garnering compassion from the audience, but is seemingly deserving of it as well. And while Tyrion has always been the Lannister with whom the audience typically sided, his sister hasn’t faired too well in the court of public opinion (or Mother’s Day list posts). But after witnessing the siblings’ interactions with their father (especially when asking for a favor or, say, the keys to Casterly Rock), we have been given new insight into what makes these Lannister’s tick. It may not have brought Jaime-like levels of empathy, but it certainly granted a clearer understanding.

This may seem a digressive point to make concerning an episode that doesn’t even feature a Lannister, but it serves to highlight the series’ extraordinary ability to rework preconceived notions about story and character (especially within the confines of a particular genre), and to remain unpredictable and daring through its willingness to break down walls of convention and break the hearts of its fans. It’s not rare for the “hero” to sometimes lose. In fiction, setbacks build character. But as seen here, this is no mere hindrance; it is the complete destruction of Robb Stark, and with him the dream of a new and possibly better kingdom. But it’s also the unmistakable end to a journey that, for all intents and purposes, appeared to be a major portion of the series’ overall narrative.

It is said that history is written by the victors, which, if true for Game of Thrones, means that the history of Westeros will largely be written by the Lannisters, as the events of this episode strike a massive (and likely decisive) blow against uprising in the North, and certainly quell any thoughts of beating the Lannisters at their own game. While ‘Blackwater’ was all about a Lannister victory in the face of an overwhelming force, through a combination of gutsy resolve (setting fire to Blackwater) and an 11th hour alliance that saw the Tyrells of Highgarden invited to take a seat in King’s Landing, tonight’s victory – known to many as the ‘Red Wedding’ – presents yet another Lannister triumph, but from a very different perspective, and with a very different outcome.

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones The Rains of Castamere Game of Thrones Season 3 Rains of Castamere Review   Red Wedding [Spoilers]

Blackwater‘ defined the family as untiring in their defense of the Iron Throne, and Stannis Baratheon as presumptuous in his belief it could easily be won. This occasion, however, will mark the Lannisters as ruthless and cunning, while the Starks are once more seen as recklessly beholden to apparently outmoded constructs like principle and tradition – basically the kind of thinking that got Eddard Stark killed. And while the disparate creeds of the Starks and the Lannisters perfectly mirror the discussion had by Varys and Littlefinger – regarding the larger concept of the ‘realm’ – the events that conclude Edmure Tully’s wedding speak largely to Littlefinger’s theory that chaos is indeed the rule of the day.

Unlike ‘Blackwater,’ however, ‘The Rains of Castamere’ isn’t entirely focused on a single story, which helps to make its final moments all the more shocking for those viewers unfamiliar with the storyline and unaware that yet another Stark casualty would be used as a focal point to end a season. The other storylines, though, certainly do not share the finality of Robb, Talisa and Cat’s portion of the episode, which offsets things a little.

Seeing how the world of Game of Thrones works is one the most fascinating aspects of the series, and Dany’s interference with an economy that runs entirely on slave labor (thanks to Daario Naharis, Grey Worm and Ser Jorah) has so far yielded some interesting results, which help to make her storyline lively despite being so far from the rest of the narrative.

Michelle Fairley Oona Chaplin and Richard Madden in Game of Thrones The Rains of Castamere Game of Thrones Season 3 Rains of Castamere Review   Red Wedding [Spoilers]

Elsewhere, Jon Snow comes within yards of being reunited with Bran and Rickon, but after refusing to kill an innocent man, he’s set upon by the wildlings and is forced to kill Orell and flee from a very perturbed Ygritte. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jon, his life was saved in part by Bran’s warging of the direwolves – which Bran can apparently do at will and to humans now, as seen by his calming of a panicked Hodor.

Season 3 has been a thin storyline for many of the Starks – Sansa and Arya being the two with the meatiest storylines, and even those were scant in comparison to the Lannisters’ arcs – but this feels in keeping with the best and worst aspects of what Game of Thrones has to offer. Stories like Bran and Rickon’s, and, also, Robb’s, can sometimes feel as though they’re slogging through the mud, going nowhere fast and taking time away from more interesting and compelling stories that are happening in the present. But the series excels at planning and illustrating the importance of things to come. Unless of course, as was the case of Robb Stark, his wife and his mother, the surprise is that the end was the only thing coming.


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Game of Thrones returns next Sunday with the season 3 finale, “Mhysa” @9pm on HBO. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. This is all robs fault, a lot of good people would still be alive if he could just keep his D*** in his pants and obeyed the oath that he made to that old geezer. As much as what that old man did was wrong he had every right to be upset considering he risked a lot to help the starks only asking one small favor in return. I can’t help but feel terrible for momma stark because she has gone through so much s*** and has gotten ZERO redemption.. If it was up to her she would have never allowed rob to marry that women she would have had him marry the old farts daughter like he was supposed to.. Honestly i think the daughter he would have wed had he obeyed his oath was much prettier than the woman rob picked up along the way.. Rob could have at least married the old farts daughter and kept the brunette as his real love. That old fart could care less if the marriage was genuine love or not. He just wanted his daughter and future bloodlines to have ties of royal blood. That is understandable. Rob could have had the best of both worlds and alot of good people would still be alive.. Plus if he stayed true to his oath that old geezer would have died within 10 years anyways which would put him in the clear to do as he pleased. Honestly rob put EVERYTHING on the line to get with that girl as well as go against his mothers discretion. Rob got what he had coming although i did not wish it upon him

    • As annoying as Cat sometimes is, she was pretty much right about EVERYTHING. If Rob just listened to his mom, he wouldn’t have been in this mess.

      • Its crazy how often Cat is ignored, and she’s often right.

        - Bran! No more climbing the castle walls!
        - Rob! You must marry the Frey girl!
        - Ned! Don’t go with Robert! Stay in Winterfell!
        - Sister! Stop this foolishness and kill Tyrion!
        - Brother! Don’t attack Tywin! Stay behind your castle walls like Rob told you to!

        Even in the books

        - Rob! You said your wolf growls at the Freys?! Don’t trust them!!

    • While I do agree about Robb, Caitlin releasing Jaime back to the Lannisters was still a stupid move. Caitlin capturing Tyrion is what started the whole war. So you can sit here and point fingers at Robb all you want, but let’s not pretend that Caitlin is blameless.

  2. I’m pretty much done with GoT now. It seems to be a show that delights in showing us how the psychopath always wins the day. No, I don’t really want to see a pregnant woman stabbed to death in front of her husband.


    And as for obnoxious characters… I view each episode to see at least one of them get their comeuppance. But it never seems to happen. So where is the interest for me to watch a show that just makes me feel like crap when it’s over?

    I’m exhausted and don’t think I’ll watch another episode.

    • The storm is always first, then the clean-up. You will get your revenge, Robinson. Don’t give up hope!

      George R.R Martin is brilliant; he crushes our hopes, expectations and loved once – building up a hate and love inside us, that – when payment is due – will leave us cheering and smiling upon the deaths of those who truly deserve it.

      • You say that, but we’re 3 seasons in and I’m still angry that Ned Stark has had his head lopped off. The only vaguely bright spot is Daenerys, who seems to at least have some sound libertarian principles. But even there, an oily and vomit inducingly nauseating moron is suddenly and quite absurdly introduced, seemingly just to annoy the viewer (Daario).

        I really can’t make any sense of it.

        • Dude stop being a punk its a tv show which please pull the tampon out of your vagina and grow a pair sheesh

      • that’s almost exactly what I said and people cried spoiler…even tho the past 3 episodes, if we are strictly talking show here have proven time and time again the tide shifts…good die, bad die…

    • I agree with you. I will not be watching this series next season. Life is depressing enough, I wont have my tv series make me sad. Life is too short for that!

      • @DoneWithGOT

        Your loss then. You’ll never find out how the people you hate will become much-loved or worse.

        I haven’t read the books so that isn’t a spoiler but knowing how Jaime went from despised character to much-loved and respected because of the scenes with Brienne of Tarth should be an indication.

        Otherwise, you’ve just wasted several years of your life on something that you’ll never know how it ends, just because you were too soft to see it through to the end.

      • Well go back to watching Teletubbies and Barney if your afraid of engaging television, that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat, with characters that you become more connected with than in most shows because you truly dont know if they’ll survive, a show thats realistic in that the good guys dont always win everytime and the bad guy has his day, that entertainment. But obviously you need sing alongs and bright colors to get through the day

  3. I wonder if they’ll sew the wolves head on robbs

    • Wondering the same thing

  4. I find it hillarious that GoT is being bashed. C’mon peeps, all u gota do is turn the TV off.

    • Of course. We should never, ever criticize anything that we can turn off. If only most had your profound wisdom, sir.

  5. Dunno if I’m being dick but GoT rocked the hell outta me last episode! This is Television baby!

  6. Dick move.

  7. Hey, the wedding wasn’t all doom and gloom, Edmure Tully seemed to be enjoying himself.

  8. I can’t even bring my self to rate this episode. As much as I’d like to say that it was a good episode I can’t ……
    I haven’t read any of the novels, but I will be reading them after this season is done with. Honestly right now I’m a little taken back as to how GRRM is able to kill these characters off. I guess that’s what makes this show very appealing to my eyes….I’ll never get bored and he will always keep me on my toes, because this is me ending I would have never guessed in a million and one years. That’s saying a lot seeing as how most television shows/movie are pretty easy to guess anywho poor Arya, just as she was about to be re-united with her family it’s once again taken all away from her. I had a feeling they would do something like that to her this episode, but I didn’t expect it to be in such a manner…. Shame

    R.I.P. Catelyn Stark – Michelle Fairley you’re a wonderful actress nd hopefully I’ll be able to see more of you on the screen :(l

    • Yeah, the same feeling was shared by those who read the books as well. It was just as sudden and just as shocking. It was difficult to digest it when I first read it. I had to reread that part 2 times just to make sure I read it correctly. I then had to put it down for a while because it was too damned depressing.

      But, the story does continue. It is still amazing and will continue to create strong feelings either way; good or bad.

      • This sort of thing was to be expected, but I was thrown off. One moment were at a wedding everything seems to be going well, Arya is going to be re-united with her mother and brother, but then all of a sudden the doors are closed, music starts being played, and that look on Catelyns face. I usually don’t tear up when watching a television show, but when she was pleading for her sons life, my entire body was filled with goosebumps and I was watering at the eyes. A part of me was hoping they’d let her live so she could be tormented by the thought of her husband, eldest son, and her two younger children were dead. So that she would later on gather forces and defeat these bloody a**hole lannisters( excluding Tyrion and probably Jamie) but no her throat was sliced. What a shame

    • GRRM states it plainly in an interview I read…this series is about WAR…good people die in WAR

      • It’s one thing to say that good people die in war, but at this point it appears that what he means is that all good people die in war and everything good in people dies. Now that the Lannisters have killed off both parents and the older sibling the natural lesson that I see the rest of the Starks learning is to become malevolent. At this point what I see the series becoming is something like the Iran-Iraq war where Kissinger said it best “isn’t a shame that both sides can’t lose”.

        • War has its own set of rules … especially in the time when a soldier/warrior would have to pretty much see the eyes of his enemy to kill them. That being said, in a time when power is as much real as perception, the loss of perception or perceived power is dangerous to personal survival. If you are perceived as “soft,” you are open to attack without likely compromise as opposed to never failing to reward your friends and to kill your enemies (often after torture). Being feared is as good or better than being respected and, of course, both is even better!! The Stark’s dug their own grave when Robb broke a vow to a powerful and proud man. Ed Stark died because he danced to close to a fire while loaded with gasoline! As Varys said, power is a shadow … it is as much about the perception of power (or wealth, etc) as the reality, itself. It is about possessing dangerous information with powerful allies and willingness to be ruthless in the use of both. It doesn’t mean that a person has to stop being “good,” but it means that being “good” means sometimes the ends forces the means to it. One must, after all, survive to continue to do any good… or the good inside dies with the individual.

          • very good comment, totally agree! Rob broke a vow, and Catelyn freed a Lannister that would have kept her son safe from a RW. I understand as a mom she wanted her daughters back, but to think they would make it to KL, and Jamie would keep his word, seemed like a long shot. Tywin would have never orchestrated the RW if Rob had Jamie, big mistakes from the heart, equals death in Westeros.

          • Elegantly written. Right now I’m wondering where the story will go, who will rise and fall. Because if I am to follow the show there has to be more good-hearted people with interesting stories to follow. With this slaugther I actually reacted by thinking that I might not see this show to it’s end. If there are no ‘good’ people to cheer for or hope to cling to, then the show has to go out my window. It’s good for anyone if the show gets filled only with self-serving malicious people. The only thing we would get from that might be making a bigger effort to right wrongs in our real life :). Which would then be very good. I hope it gives a positive hint at least in the season finale. A great show with quality cinematcs and acting. Though I do wonder where it’s going and if there is an overall point at all..

            • the thing your missing about the story is that people change, some characters who appear malicious on the outside turn out more kind hearted than we originally thought, like Tyrion and the Hound who are both judged by the house names their relatives tarnished, or jamie who has recently shown a lot of compassion, whatever ‘good’ characters we lose the ‘good’ will always resurface in other characters.

        • Jon Snow, Sam, Bran, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, Stannis, etc all good people, all still alive

        • Both sides (Starks and Lannisters) can lose. Remember Daenarys Targaryen?

  9. 1. You’re an ID10T.
    2. You’re wrong. Not going to say how you are wrong, but you know you are.
    3. Go punch yourself in the face.
    4. Repeat step 3.

    • :) best comment yet: ” Repeat step 3″.

  10. That was sooooooo not cool!! I have not read the books and that was just plain creepy that you spoiled next week’s episode for me. Shame on you JoseHuffingPuffle

  11. JoseHuffingPuffle – Did you really have to spoil next week’s episode? Your a fu&*in d^%k. Karma’s a b!tch …

    • read the damned book slund.

      • “mutantx23″

        Maybe I’d rather watch the show and then read the books as I go? Surely makes the show a lot more enjoyable. This forum is for reviewing the EPISODE that just played each week (so you may want to pay attention to what is being reviewed), the entire book isn’t being reviewed weekly…

        I come here, as do many others, theory craft and vent w/ the other viewers who enjoy the SHOW.

        Would be nice to interact w/ Adults on the internet, eh?

      • Why should he read the book?

        Is it law to read the books? Did we have a global government enforcing the “you must read the ASOIAF books immediately or die” law upon every living citizen?

        Go away you entitled little troll.

        • I’d like to take this opportunity to correct something I see on the internet quite a bit. You don’t mean that the person is “entitled.” You mean that they are not “entitled.” Please stop saying the opposite of what you mean. This is like when people say “literally” when they mean “figuratively.” It’s annoying.

          You mean that this person has an inappropriate sense of entitlement, or that they are self-entitled. If they’re actually entitled to something, then what’s the problem?

          • ty

  12. hats off to JoseHuffingPuffle way to go dude soo cool

  13. muck

  14. Hodor hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor hodor!!Hodor hodor hodor
    hodor hodor, hodor.

    Hodor hodor(hodor)hodor, hodor? Hodor hodor hodor hodor?
    Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor….

    • hodor.

      • I agree.

  15. So glad I didn’t see this infamous comment.

    But WHAT A SHOCKER. These deaths rocked me harder than Ned’s and I thought nothing would at that point. GOT is the best show on TV

  16. I have an important question! When Lady Stark hears the music, does she not recognize it? Does she not know that it is a Lannister song? Wouldn’t that have made her suspicious right away? Especially since it played right after the doors were shut. This may have been explained in the book, I haven’t read them

    • of course she recognized it. it’s what made her suspicious, did you even watch the show?

      • IF she noticed it why didn’t she do or say anything about it right away?

        • She tried once Bolton revealed his armor underneath his sleeve…

        • What was she supposed to do? I guess Starks had no weapons there and most of their soldiers were drunk. Plus, you cant do much against crossbows :-/

  17. Loved this episode! It was a total and terrible surprise, but since those legitimately unanticipated plot twists are so rare I just have to love this show even if I hate what happens.

  18. Hey guys,

    We deleted some offensive comments on here – and will to stay on top of them as quickly as possible.

    Sorry for the inconvenience – the Internet just attracts all kinds of the wrong types…

    • …and who are you the proud lord said, that I should bow so low?

    • So, not enough dead people to keep you interested?

      Only the boring get bored.

    • boring? this show is all about the characters and the interplay of dialogue. you must have developed ADD from watching the Transformers over and over again. shame….

  19. “Lord Bolton, what lovely Chainmail you have. Where are you going?”

    • All you single ladies out there–Walder Frey is back on the market!

  20. OK, someone who’s read the books tell me, without spoilers, whether or not it all works out OK in the end. Because at the moment we’re at the Bryan Cranston standing in the middle of the road in his underpants stage and I’m not sure whether I want to stick with it or not.

    • You mean, does it end with everyone alive, holding hands at sunrise, with a glorious rainbow in the background, singing happy songs? ;)

      The show is about WAR. And about consequences for people’s behavior. In this world, NO ONE is safe.

      • I feel this needs to be said (and yes I am limited by my own perception :) : Whenever someone (including myself) expresses a wonder or concern whether or not good things will happen it is not due to a fairytale mindset but due to the fact that some of us want some good to cheer for and connect with in any story. Everyone doen’t have to live and a rainbow is not a must-have :). Let us meet in the middle and be neutral on our own opinions, don’t throw it in their face. Also ask if in doubt, I know it makes me smarter. And agian I’d also like to know if some sort of goodness lies down the road, as I’m also wondering whether or not to follow the show. And yes I can turn off my TV, but also I’d like to like the show. = Peace =

        • Sorry secretmantra, I didnt see your winky smiley – man I’m getting way to worked up with this show.. good a brake is coming up ;).

      • Except dany oh and Tyrion. Maybe Jon snow. Aside from that no one is safe. Well, maybe Jaime. His “escape” was one of the most contrived moments of the season. Catelyn’s rationale made no sense.

        The fact is, this is fiction and if Martin wants to keep characters around he seems to come up with pretty questionable methods for doing that. I’m sure the resurrection guy won’t use his power to bring back someone we thought was dead. Please.

        But a more important question is, why is Sam still fat? Seriously. The dude doesn’t even have a backpack. Where’s he getting the grub?

    • Only 5 out of 7 books have been released yet. So nobody knows how the series will end. GRRM has said – and this is obviously a (rather general) spoiler, even for book readers – that he anticipates a bitterweet ending.

      • I think what Robinson is getting at is if there is anyone who could be considered a sympathetic character playing from here on out or is it just a bunch of malevolent scum clawing there way to the top of the dung heap from here on out?

      • if he would actually finish the books then it would be nice to discuss them. Martin is too wrapped up in this show and other projects to give the books the time they deserve.

    • No one seems to be safe, but if you need someone to root for Tommen Lannister and Rickon Stark seem to be alive and healthy at 5 books in. Lancel is still strolling around. Podrick Payne gets an adventure. Female Martells and Female Mormonts (according to the show). Robert “Sweetrobin” Arryn somehow hasn’t succumbed to an illness. Walder Frey is outliving everyone.

      Your best bet is to stick with the lesser houses and the youngest of the main two families. George seems to be against onscreen child kills, so their good until they’re about 16 or so.

    • Don’t know… true drama is when you don’t know the ending and a true sense of reality intrudes into the storyline. People in dangerous situations can miscalculate, be stupid (Starks), or simply be unlucky … and come to an unanticipated demise (or in the case of Robb Stark .. an anticipated but unhappily so, end .. as a consequence of his prior actions from which fate he could not escape). If you are looking for rain, a lamp post, and an umbrella and an upbeat musical score, I think you’d best stop watching now.

  21. Terrible fantasy. So glad I didn’t waste my time on this filth.

    • So why do you have internet access? Do you own a TV?

      I hope not if you called this “terrible fantasy” and “filth”.

    • Filth? Maybe. The human condition – and its artistic representations – is pretty filthy. Terrible fantasy? Now that’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

  22. That was brutal!! The scene when the pregnant Talisa gets stabed in her belly!!Man couldnt get that out of my head, I dont think I have ever been emotionaly effected as I was by that scene!! I hope the Freys get wiped out! Is there some justice or revenge in this story? I hope so I dont think I could stand it if they dont get destroyed all of them especially that traitor Bolton!!

  23. Kofi,

    Thank you for staying on top of this and removing the spoilers for the next episode. Unfortunately, I caught part of it before I looked away…

    I love to come here and read the follow up reviews, and there’s always good comments. It’s too bad that there’s always jacka$$es that get off on ruining it for others.

    Anyways thank you for the effort. I’ll be more careful in the future.

  24. I really wish they would just sit down and talk about some of the things going on in this show. How are you non-book readers even keeping up? The season is almost over and you still don’t know that the person torturing Theon is Ramsay Snow (Bolton). I feel like, as slow as these last few episodes have been, those exposition scenes were the only thing that made the show worth watching. Even then, they were mostly philosophical.

    I CANNOT wait for the Martells to show up.

    • Really? What is it with you people who’ve read the series of books? Do you feel so superior, so righteous in your literary choices that giving away major plot lines makes you somehow unaccountable for your actions? Cheese and rice! Shut up and get over yourselves already and keep your frickin’ spoilers under wraps for not all of us want to know what’s around the bend for the characters in GoT.

      To echo (albeit revised a tad) an excellent previous post made herein:

      Hey troll!

      1. You’re an ID10T.
      2. Shut up.
      3. Go punch yourself in the face.
      4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 many, MANY times.

      • I don’t feel superior to TV watchers, I just feel like I’d be really confused if I hadn’t read the books. I feel like I’d spend hours on sites just to figure out what the hell was really going on. I don’t think anything I just said was a spoiler, especially since any GOT site will tell you that Iwan Rheon was in fact cast for the part of Ramsay Snow. So unless they change that up and never bring in the Martell family, nothing was spoiled for you.

        • it doesnt matter, just because you think people will be confused doesnt give you the right to ruin the surprise :/

        • some of these people are nuts, imagine a life being ruined by saying some people in a book/t.v show live/some die/some come back/some don’t, and the show is not following the books in a lot of ways, so who knows, the book readers could be completely wrong, something people would know if they read them (not saying you HAVE TO calm down with your fingers). I read that Iwan Rheon would be playing Ramsey Snow, and thought Theon and Ramsey are in book 5 that is odd, but it didn’t ruin my life, people need to chill out, GRRM said he cannot stand coming to these forums because of this exact thing, people going nuts over nothing. Close the lid, go outside, life is good. :)

  25. I voted ‘Hated it’, though don’t count that vote in a negative way. Robb Stark, I hate it had to be him.

  26. Unfortunately, this was just the type of ending I was anticipating for Robb Stark. Catelyn, herself, alluded to such a consequence in an earlier conversation with Robb when she advised against Robb breaking his vow. She said something to the effect that Walder Frey is not one to forgive such a slight … or something like that. Given that, it is hard to believe that Cat would not suspect potential treachery and prepare accordingly. Robb, of course, was guilty of wanting to believe that he could soothe Walder’s grievances with mere word was him wanting to believe it so badly that he never gave potential betrayal a second thought. Then, he was so enraptured with his wife and potential child, that he was blind to seeing that he was throwing further insults into a powerful and proud man’s face … very very dangerous. The Stark’s sense of honor and open honesty suits them poorly to engage in political games of power and deceit. Such people are good and because of such are poor bets to survive let alone win games of intrigue. Stark is Westeros for Stupid or Naive. Catelyn was so engrossed in getting back at the Lannisters through W Frey’s alliance that she also was guilty of a reach exceeding her grasp and never once thought that the Lannisters might have gotten to old Walder well before the Starks came calling again and subverted any chance of success for Robb with the added spice for Walder of revenge and saving of his face. I felt saddened but almost laughed when such idiocy (or hubris) came to its inevitable conclusion.

    • This is one of the things the book addresses better than the show. Basically there is an old tradition called “guest rights”. If you gave someone bread and salt then they were protected by you as guests. It is a major MAJOR thing to break “guest rights”. In the books the Starks were extremely suspicious of the Freys and prepared for treachery, that is until the ceremonial eating of “bread and salt”. It is a quasi religious and ancient ceremony and no one expected it to be broken. The closest real world examples I can give is poisoning someone during Eucharist (Holy communion or sacrament depending on your denomination) or killing someone while under a “white flag”.

    • Also in the books Rob’s wife was not at the wedding specifically so they did not insult Walder Frey.

      While I love the show the books are much better because of details like this. The tv show just skips over these type of details to save time and cost of hiring more actors.

  27. Terrible fantasy. it’s really just a retelling of the War of the Roses. I can’t believe people really get into this trash. Wheel of Time, Dragonlance, Shinnara are sooo much better than this mess. Oh well, that’s television for ya…

    • You sure are grasping at straws. Shakespeare’s Richard III is a retelling of the War of the Roses, but I bet you don’t know how people get into that “trash” either.

      This is all academic anyway since A Song of Ice and Fire isn’t a “retelling” of anything. It’s an original story loosely based on some historical events.

  28. Killing off the Starks makes this not worth watching anymore.

    • To me their deaths will make the rise of Bran, Rickon, Arya, Sansa and Jon all the sweeter when it happens, even if there’s only one of them left when it does.