‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 ‘Rains of Castamere’ Review – Red Wedding [Spoilers]

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Kit Harington in Game of Thrones The Rains of Castamere Game of Thrones Season 3 Rains of Castamere Review   Red Wedding [Spoilers]



One of the more intriguing aspects of Game of Thrones season 3 has been the emergence of unseen depth in characters who, in seasons past, have largely been understood to possess a singular, mostly villainous quality about them.

Take for example Jaime Lannister, a man who pushed a young boy out of a tower to protect the second worst kept secret in all of Westeros, has become an individual not only capable of garnering compassion from the audience, but is seemingly deserving of it as well. And while Tyrion has always been the Lannister with whom the audience typically sided, his sister hasn’t faired too well in the court of public opinion (or Mother’s Day list posts). But after witnessing the siblings’ interactions with their father (especially when asking for a favor or, say, the keys to Casterly Rock), we have been given new insight into what makes these Lannister’s tick. It may not have brought Jaime-like levels of empathy, but it certainly granted a clearer understanding.

This may seem a digressive point to make concerning an episode that doesn’t even feature a Lannister, but it serves to highlight the series’ extraordinary ability to rework preconceived notions about story and character (especially within the confines of a particular genre), and to remain unpredictable and daring through its willingness to break down walls of convention and break the hearts of its fans. It’s not rare for the “hero” to sometimes lose. In fiction, setbacks build character. But as seen here, this is no mere hindrance; it is the complete destruction of Robb Stark, and with him the dream of a new and possibly better kingdom. But it’s also the unmistakable end to a journey that, for all intents and purposes, appeared to be a major portion of the series’ overall narrative.

It is said that history is written by the victors, which, if true for Game of Thrones, means that the history of Westeros will largely be written by the Lannisters, as the events of this episode strike a massive (and likely decisive) blow against uprising in the North, and certainly quell any thoughts of beating the Lannisters at their own game. While ‘Blackwater’ was all about a Lannister victory in the face of an overwhelming force, through a combination of gutsy resolve (setting fire to Blackwater) and an 11th hour alliance that saw the Tyrells of Highgarden invited to take a seat in King’s Landing, tonight’s victory – known to many as the ‘Red Wedding’ – presents yet another Lannister triumph, but from a very different perspective, and with a very different outcome.

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones The Rains of Castamere Game of Thrones Season 3 Rains of Castamere Review   Red Wedding [Spoilers]

Blackwater‘ defined the family as untiring in their defense of the Iron Throne, and Stannis Baratheon as presumptuous in his belief it could easily be won. This occasion, however, will mark the Lannisters as ruthless and cunning, while the Starks are once more seen as recklessly beholden to apparently outmoded constructs like principle and tradition – basically the kind of thinking that got Eddard Stark killed. And while the disparate creeds of the Starks and the Lannisters perfectly mirror the discussion had by Varys and Littlefinger – regarding the larger concept of the ‘realm’ – the events that conclude Edmure Tully’s wedding speak largely to Littlefinger’s theory that chaos is indeed the rule of the day.

Unlike ‘Blackwater,’ however, ‘The Rains of Castamere’ isn’t entirely focused on a single story, which helps to make its final moments all the more shocking for those viewers unfamiliar with the storyline and unaware that yet another Stark casualty would be used as a focal point to end a season. The other storylines, though, certainly do not share the finality of Robb, Talisa and Cat’s portion of the episode, which offsets things a little.

Seeing how the world of Game of Thrones works is one the most fascinating aspects of the series, and Dany’s interference with an economy that runs entirely on slave labor (thanks to Daario Naharis, Grey Worm and Ser Jorah) has so far yielded some interesting results, which help to make her storyline lively despite being so far from the rest of the narrative.

Michelle Fairley Oona Chaplin and Richard Madden in Game of Thrones The Rains of Castamere Game of Thrones Season 3 Rains of Castamere Review   Red Wedding [Spoilers]

Elsewhere, Jon Snow comes within yards of being reunited with Bran and Rickon, but after refusing to kill an innocent man, he’s set upon by the wildlings and is forced to kill Orell and flee from a very perturbed Ygritte. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jon, his life was saved in part by Bran’s warging of the direwolves – which Bran can apparently do at will and to humans now, as seen by his calming of a panicked Hodor.

Season 3 has been a thin storyline for many of the Starks – Sansa and Arya being the two with the meatiest storylines, and even those were scant in comparison to the Lannisters’ arcs – but this feels in keeping with the best and worst aspects of what Game of Thrones has to offer. Stories like Bran and Rickon’s, and, also, Robb’s, can sometimes feel as though they’re slogging through the mud, going nowhere fast and taking time away from more interesting and compelling stories that are happening in the present. But the series excels at planning and illustrating the importance of things to come. Unless of course, as was the case of Robb Stark, his wife and his mother, the surprise is that the end was the only thing coming.


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Game of Thrones returns next Sunday with the season 3 finale, “Mhysa” @9pm on HBO. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. ARGGHHHH! (And I knew it was coming!)

    • I’m hijacking this comment to let people who haven’t read the books know to skip any comment by melanie. She’s trying her hardest to spoil

      • just read Richard Maddens interview, even he says ‘don’t be idiot like me and google GOT if you don’t want to know’ the books have been out for what 20 yrs??? FB pages, tweets galore, not my problem the novel is too big for you. I am not even giving massive details, and people all over the internet have been giving crazy details, most of them completely wrong. keep hearing **** is dead, and I have read all 5 books, must have missed that 1…the internet is not known for keeping secrets

        • @melanie

          This is the kind of ignorant comment I hate reading.

          “It’s been out for X number of years”


          I’d never heard of the books until after the first season was done and chose not to bother with them, preferring to watch the show to completion first. Just because the books have been out for a while, doesn’t mean everybody knows they exist and jackasses like you and others around the net can spoil it.

          Already annoyed me that Screen Rant put “Red Wedding” in the title of this episode review and than a wedding invitation was mentioned and shown in Geek Picks, that was before the GOT UK page on Facebook posted “bet you haven’t been to a wedding like that” after the episode aired last night (Monday at 9pm….I record it at 1:20am and watch it on tuesday afternoon).

          Because of the above paragraph, the show was less of a shock for me unfortunately.

        • I’ve read the books. I know what happens. That doesn’t mean I think others should have it spoiled for them

  2. Well, that was depressing. The weak always live.

    • UGH…note to self DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO ANY REMAINING STARK FAMILY MEMBERS…they always die…and the scummy Lannisters continue to live

      • Dont’ be too sure about that …

      • There will be another wedding hosted at King’s Landing. And don’t worry. People will die. It will be a purple wedding!

        • uhoh sounds like a spoiler

          • The difference is he didn’t name anyone


    I knew it was going to happen but i didnt think it was going to go down the way that they did it.

    That was straight up cold and calculated murder of the entire family. And Catelin (Spelling) Starks attempt to save Rob after he was just shot by crossbows 4-5 times was heart-wrenching.

    What an amazing and disgusting scene all at once!

  4. holy crap …holy crap wtf is wrong with this show killing all the heros and only the villains survive

    • If you’re looking for a show where the hero always manages to win with very little losses, GoT isn’t for you. Good guys die very often, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better if they stick with the storylines in the books.

      • I have read all 5 books and things don’t get much worse, this was probably the worst for the hero side, as of yet. I won’t comment on the Jon Snow aspect because after book 5 you really don’t know. GRRM is wonderfully gifted at making us scream in agony, and then yell YES DIE YOU LITTLE SH*T…so people will get an equal amount of sadness and rage as happiness and revenge. They will have to wait another year tho for the revenge part. Have a good summer :P

        • Don’t do that. Besides, I’m not sure that I agree.

          • This person doesn’t realize there is one more episode. Shut up with the spoilers for those who haven’t read. It wouldn’t be that hard for someone to put together what you’ve said here and expect something for the finale.

        • You really, really want to spoil it. Jesus, stop.

        • @melanie. I bet you don’t even realize how much of a spoiler that is.

    • This is part of what makes this story great. The brutal realism of medieval style rivalry makes the magic almost believable. One of the major themes that seems to wind through everything is that mostly, there are no heroes. The Hound communicates this to Sansa when he explains that knights are for killing. Her father was a killer. Her sons will be killers. We will find heroes in this story, but they will not come from one line. Remember how epic this story is and what we’re working toward with the White Walkers. The petty squabbling will eventually shake loose the characters who have come through the fire changed. It looks like it will be people like Jaime and Tyrion, Arya, Bran, Dany, perhaps even Stannis? This is a complicated world in a genre that is usually black and white. That’s what’s awesome!

  5. I knew that wedding seemed too comfortable.

    • Stfu! I just read the first sentence and I hate ur guts.

      • I don’t hate ur guts, jk. But serious vaguely mentioning future episodes is annoying. Here to discuss the episode. Nobody likes spoilers.

  6. Having never read the books, I wasn’t really expecting this. While I have been on the side that believes Stannis should be King, I don’t how I can watch this anymore now that Starks are no more

    • There is four Starks left

    • There is four Starks left plus Jon snow

      • It’s still are. :P

        • Nautius:) You really made me laugh! I love your corrections:)

    • You have to keep watching, the tide will turn on the Lannisters, and the and there is still 5 Stark kids still alive (if you count Jon Snow). Possibly 6 with Benjen Stark just missing.

      • are*

    • I wondered how someone who had never read the books would react, that must have been sickening, I read that scene last summer and started bawling, my husband who was a book behind me was like DON”T TELL ME. I didn’t and when he got to that part I knew because he came in, red eyes, and hugged me, we didn’t even have to say anything. Revenge is coming, don’t stop watching I promise you will feel elated next season!

      • Wow. Smh….

      • You really, really want to spoil it. Just stop.

      • I was the same way last night. Not having read the books, i was just Sad and in mourning. I feel like i have lost real friends. I understand the aspect of “no one is safe” but this broke my heart. I was still crying in bed last night. :(

    • Only 3 of the Stark’s are dead (We still have Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon, and Jon) Possibly the missing uncle as well. Though to the rest of the Westeros world the only remaining true Stark is Sansa (Since Jon is a bastard).

  7. That was a crazy ending I didn’t see that coming…. so sad but the season finale will be awesome

  8. OMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! My mouth hit the floor. I have read the book but seeing it was a whole different level. I just did not think they were going to go through with this killing!!! OMG!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!! I soo wish some of my friends watched this show…I was SHOCKED at the detail and the gruesomeness. It was great!!1

  9. I have never read the books, but I hope and pray that Jon Snow will seek mighty and horrific vengeance on everyone involved. I want to see The Twins and everyone inside burn. And I want Walder to be last. I want him to see his house and castle burning around him, so the second to last thing that goes through his mind is how terrible a mistake he made. And then I want the last thing that goes through his mind to be Jon Snow’s blade.

    • My thoughts exactly!!!

  10. Good lawd! My husband read the books and said the Starks are tragic characters, but HOLY SH*T. That was bleak.
    Can’t wait for the season finale!

  11. That was perfect. They did the whole scene exactly like I imagined it from the book. Well, for the most part. Michelle Fairley played her part so well.

    Amazing episode.

    Can’t say enough good things about it.

      • Don’t do that. That’s a pretty major damned spoiler and a pretty clear hint. No spoilers regarding further events. I’ve read the books as well bud don’t feel the need to ruin things. Quit it.

        • Hey, how about you ease up a bit. Sure, some of her other posts have been filled with spoilers for future season, but this comments only addressed stuff that happened in this episode only. How did anything she say in this one comment change what happened in the episode itself? If you don’t want “spoilers” then don’t read comments on a thread that itself says [Major Spoilers Ahead]. I’m sick and tired of whiny little b*tches crying about spoilers on a spoiler-full review of a given show or movie. The wolf died, two Starks died, and Melanie only wrote about how different people died in the book as opposed to the episode. Grow up, her comment didn’t change a thing.

        • What spoiler? There is no spoiler in Melanie’s post. There were just a few differences pointed out. There are a lot of comments doing the same.I have read the books also,but am I missing something?

      • Why does Melanie keep spoiling with multiple posts?

      • Melanie, knock it off. What is wrong with you?

      • Wth is wrong with you, melanie? Bad hair day? All people who wish not to be spoiled should skip over anything written by her.

      • Major spoiler dude, you shouldn’t have done that.

  12. at the end of the show, with a single tear running down my face, I asked myself, why do I keep watching this? It is amazing though incredibly sad. Someone should kill Martin after he finished the books! (Im kidding, not a hater)

    • Because it can make you cry.

    • yeah, i quit reading the books for like 3 months after this scene.. it royally pissed me off… but thank goodness i finally got over it and started reading again. lolz… this is probably the most emotionally scarring/traumatizing fantasy genre literary event that ever touched me in such a visceral and personal way as id become attached to the “undefeated” rob stark and had such high hopes for him… qq sum moar…

      • Agreed on so many levels. I feel like im in mourning today after losing close friends. God!

  13. And now my wife doesn’t want to watch the show anymore… I was a little surprised they had the wife come with him to the wedding but seeing as she was a different person entirely in the books I guess they needed to get rid of her.

    • I think they made her a different person for a couple reasons. First is that they don’t have to include another battle (at the Crag where he meets Jeyne Westerling) and to flesh out her character and make us care for her. Jeyne is pretty two-dimensional in the books, and seems more of a symbol of what kind of mistakes can be made by a young king than the kind of person who would make a king break a promise. Damn, what was her name, Talia? They made her an exceptional person and it didn’t seem like a stretch that Robb would risk so much for her. Then, once that was done and we came to like her, why not have her make the whole thing even more wrenching, both with the cute little convo with Robb that ends up being a prophecy a few moments away from being fulfulled, and by being pregnant (with Ned’s namesake no less), when she is murdered. They shored up her character to make more sense, and as a lever on our emotions, basically.

  14. Best show on tv!!! just totally stunned!!! I keep rooting for the Starks but they just keep dying.

  15. I read the book, so I knew it was coming. However when Rob’s wife attended the wedding, I thought maybe they were going to cut the scene,or save it for the next episode because he’s wife didn’t attend the Red Wedding. Than When Weld Frey said he has a wedding present for Rob’s wife. I was like “Oh Nooooooooo!

    • They were sneaky with this, even more so than in the books. We weren’t given the foreshadowing of Grey Wind’s reluctance and imprisonment despite Caitlin’s protestations, and although we saw the bread and salt being handed ’round, we also didn’t get Caitlin’s insistence that Robb ask for this guest-right. I wonder what those that haven’t read the books are expecting for the season finale.

  16. Wow, my mind is destroyed, never felt this way about a TV show before, I don’t know what to do with my self… I don’t want to wait until next week, and then it’s over for a year? This is madness!

    • I have not read the books and I am really good a predicting the outcomes of movies and shows.
      I have NEVER been as shocked as I was at the end of this episode. I am still in a state of disbelief.
      What an incredible show, and an incredible story line. I was just speechless at the end of the show. To keep that on edge, the producers played no music as the credits rolled. Left with silence and our shock and awe.


      • loved the silence…all we could hear were my sniffles

    • Madness? This… is… Westeros!

  17. What a great episode, have never read the books so I was shocked. Sucks to see Robb Stark go as he was one of my favorite heroes, but it is game of thrones, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m still a bigger fan of the Daenerys’ story-line. For those who have read the books don’t tell me anything of what happens to her, please.

    • Rob was a good character but, like his father, didn’t truly know how to play the game.

      • Yup, thats life brother. Survivor of the fittest.

      • The world is just a stag to be skinned.

      • +1

    • Better be careful, then. There are some around here that don’t seem to realize how obvious their hints are.

  18. If you haven’t read the books, I would highly encourage it.

    Knowing what’s going to happen really doesn’t take anything away from the tv show. It’s just done so damn well that it really enhances the experience.

    • I disagree. After I read the books I now feel the smallness of the TV show. The shots are tighter, the sets contained, the people fewer, etc. You can see and feel where they’re trying to make budget (the biggest budget on TV, I know, but the story in your imagination from reading has no budget). That said, the TV show is the best thing on TV anyway.

    • Yeah it sure does.

  19. Damn straight winter is coming. remind me how people think theres better shows then this?

  20. I am totally floored right now. This show is insane…

  21. I agree with nautius. I love watching the old lady’s face when I know something is coming up.

  22. i have never read the books, i didnt even know there was books until reading some other comments. Me and my husband watch every sunday, we look forward to it. honestly after that episode we dont even want to watch anymore, i am so mad right now, i think that was really dumb to kill off the starks. people actually like the good guys to win. not that i wanted them to win cuz i am a Kalesie (spelling i know) fan, but the starks were a huge part in this show i feel.. we were just about to get all happy for the young girl to finally reunite with her brother and mother, and Rob’s wife naming the child after his father was emotional. then out of no where they are all slaughtered? just think it was stupid..i am upset..

    • If you haven’t read the books, I highly suggest you give it a shot. I’ve read them several times and discover something each time. The Starks are by no means through. The Lannisters time is right around the corner. These stories are really close to Greek Tragedies, but as the last two books are not written yet, I still believe their may be a “true” Stark on the throne

      • The Iron throne or the throne of Winterfell??

      • Yeah I came to the same conclusion that after its all said and done that a Stark will sit on the throne, whether its the Iron throne or the Throne of Winterfell but the question is how? Out of the girls Sansa has the best chance and out of the boys Jon would probably be the likely choice with Bran being the Darkhorse. Though I wouldn’t count out Rickon.

    • I thought the slaughter was done well. Robb Stark stands with arrows stuck on him and comforts his wife as she dies was powerful. He stands up and accepts his death and took the blame that was on him since he decided not to marry the Frey’s daughter.

    • How much do you want to bet you will be watching it next Sunday……

    • Cheeks.. It is a pivotal part of the story, and you will see eventually, that it is one that is entirely necessary for the stories progression. Stick with it. This is adult fantasy. IMO, it is a better story, because as a reader/viewer, you know damn well that no one is safe, and it is therefore that much more real/gripping. The good guys seldom win in real life, so why should they in fiction?

  23. Ah, they must’ve gotten to the Red Wedding. Shocking, scandalous, and an awesome twist!

    • Definitely did the book justice. If you are one of the above who complained that this show doesn’t end all “happy” for the good guys, then stop watching it and go back and watch reruns of I Love Lucy or Matlock, because the true fans of the book do not need you bitching about this show.

      • stfu or gtfo. if u read the books then you should be more empathetic to these fans who were emotionally attached to the characters. personally, i was so angry i put down the book and didn’t pick it up again for like 3 months after this scene. we are not “better” in any way bc we read the books and shouldn’t have snide, degrading comments like that posted *HERE* on the TV SHOW thread/forum. This is for THOSE that watch the show. If u want a forum for only those who have read the books then LOOK ELSEWHERE.

  24. “The Lannisters send their regards.” It was like watching a Mafia hit.

    • In the book it’s “Jamie sends his regards, but still just as good

      • saying that Jaime send them would have made him less likeable for the audience and i guess they are going the other way

    • This, ladies and gentlemen, is why a few weeks back I was saying that Bolton could not have chopped off Jaimie’s hand… and got some people mad at me, writing in the lines of “What’s the diff? Who cares if he did or not!” I’ve red the books and knew this was going to happend, but wanted to lay a bit of a mystery (not a spoiler) because I truly thought that that was Bolton who chopped off Jaimie’s hand (because of the banners behind him when he surprised Jaimie and Brienne on the bridge) and was appauled by the difference it made in the red wedding (and in the future). But appart from Talia, this was pretty accurate.

  25. wow… didnt see that coming…

  26. really not sure if i care to watch any more. when i watch a movie or series i want to be pleasantly entertained. if i want to remind myself of the horrors of humanity i will seek them out, although i would prefer not to do it on a Sunday night before bed. For example, I dont ever want to see a mother stabbed in her belly, or even people acting it out for the sake of drama. Its wrong on so many levels. I haven’t read the books, and now im quite sure i never will. Its fine for heroes to die sometimes but im so sick of the current trend in media where things are overly dark, violent, and malevolent. And dont tell me ‘thats the real world’. This is fiction. To assume the world is evil is as much of a fallacy as the opposite. fiction is a projection of the world filtered through the lens of its presenter. Theres plenty of ugliness in the world, when i seek entertainment i do so to be relieved from that ‘darkness’ not to focus on it.

    • Again, I recommend My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. You watched the first season and that shocking turn of events should have told you what kind of show this was. So you sticking around is your fault not the show’s.

      • LMAO!!!!! HAHAHAH lol yup. I’ve been waiting all season for the reactions to this. A few weeks ago on the talkbacks I kept saying… COUNTDOWN.

        It was killer.


      • Yeah. Because, if you don’t like to see a pregnant woman stabbed in the belly, clearly your only option is to watch My Little Pony. U r sew klevr.

      • I apologize if I seem harsh. I’m just emotional right now after that ending. You’re right, different strokes for different folks. If this was the last straw then I hope you find something to replace it that you like more. But for me, and many others, this was an amazing, series defining episode, that makes me want to run out and read the books between seasons.

    • Robbs wife doesn’t attend the wedding in the books, she leaves with her parents, Robb actually doesn’t let her go. (which pisses Frey off) Also, when Jon takes off on the horse in the book, Ygritte grabs her bow and arrow and shoots him in the leg, she tries to kill him. Another thing I found shocking, in the book Edmure’s new wife is crying throughout the entire service, and because Robbs wife is not present…Rob says ‘mother Grey Wind” when he hears his wolf howling, MAN I love those wolves. I think Bran will be the most powerful of the Starks, and Jon’s lineage may not be what we think, he may be the King of Ice and Dany the Queen of Fire…I hope I hope

      • About your last sentence, I had a theory similar to that long ago. If it turns out to be true, fans of both the books and the tv series will be extremely happy.

        • I am glad you realizing I am generalizing and coming up with my own theories I could be completely wrong…the books have been out for 20 yrs don’t know what all the fuss is about, can people discuss LOTR movies without spoilers from a hundred years ago…Richard Madden has an article should be read here, “don’t google GOT at all if you don’t want to know’ and btw this is public there are private member sites for very specific like don’t discuss one word past the episode…

          • No Melanie you’re wrong. This is a site about Movies and TV shows, not about books. These articles and comments are to discuss what was scene on screen. Unlike you and I, many of these individuals are hearing about GOT for the first time and don’t know what happens in the books. Yes there are private sites, but this is a TV/Movie site. Just because there is a book out doesn’t mean you have the right to post whatever or wherever you want. Like you said, there are sites for you to do that. This site was built so that people who are watching things, for the first time, can come on and discuss what they saw with other viewers without having future event spoiled.

            • @DT

              Very well said my friend.

              It’s like the people who trolled and flamed those who complained about the Carrie remake’s trailer telling the entire story by saying “the book and movie have been out for 40+ years, it can’t be spoiled”.

              Yes, it can.

              I’m 29 years old and haven’t read or seen Carrie. Haven’t read a single LOTR or Hobbit book. Hadn’t heard of A Song Of Ice And Fire until the GOT show and chose to purposely avoid the books.

              Some people seem to lack the intelligence to know that just because they’ve read or seen something before, doesn’t mean everyone else has and that spoilers can be posted willy nilly.

              Like the GOT UK Facebook page that posted a comment about the Red Wedding minutes after the episode aired last night. I can’t watch it on mondays at 9pm so I record it during the early hours and watch when I can during the week. I just don’t understand why things have to be spoiled by cretins just because they know what’s coming up or what’s just happened.

              I had the Vegas finale ruined for me despite only having episode 16 last week. We don’t get The Borgias on TV until June 17th and I’m avoiding spoilers for that show. We get Revolution episode 12 this friday so I’m avoiding the finale review at the top of the TV page on this website.

              I’m just sick of avoiding websites and still finding things ruined for me.

    • So far we’ve seen the person everyone thought would be the hero beheaded, a baby torn from its mothers arms and murdered, a small boy thrown from a window and left crippled, Sansa threatened with rape on numerous occasions and psychologically tortured, Winterfell burned to the ground and everyone in it slaughtered, Theon tortured, babies left out in the cold to be taken by supernatural beings, a prostitute used as target practice and countless other deaths.

      And yet you still were watching this show expecting to be “pleasantly entertained”?

    • Who the hell do you think you are? People are entitled to their own opinions and feelings and can express said feelings on this site if they choose to (it’s called Screen Rant not Bottle It Up Inside). Some people form very strong attachments to characters in shows they like and even though it might seem a strange reaction to say they’re never going to watch again since said character died it’s not for us to judge. You’re strong enough and mature enough to get through this episode unscathed since you realize it’s just fiction, good for you, but don’t denigrate the feelings of others if they choose to ‘Rant’ about it. Fu$#ing troll.

      • Can I report Jon somehow? Especially for that last line.

  27. And who are you, the proud lord said,
    that I must bow so low?
    Only a cat of a different coat,
    that’s all the truth I know.
    In a coat of gold or a coat of red,
    a lion still has claws,
    And mine are long and sharp, my lord,
    as long and sharp as yours.
    And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
    that lord of Castamere,
    But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
    with no one there to hear.
    Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
    and not a soul to hear

    • The Lannisters pay their debts.

    • Yup.


    • +1

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