‘Game of Thrones’ Hits New Ratings High; Episode 6 Video Preview

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game of thrones ratings high and episode six video preview Game of Thrones Hits New Ratings High; Episode 6 Video Preview

Game of Thrones is one of the best shows currently on television, thanks to its heavy reliance on character development, political intrigue, and suspense – not to mention the excellent acting from all parties involved.

Though Thrones started out with somewhat underwhelming ratings, those ratings have steadily risen with every new episode – and Sunday was no exception. Today, we have a video preview of episode six, “A Golden Crown.” And if you’re an HBO GO® user, you’ll immediately be able to watch episode seven after episode six has aired!

First, the ratings, courtesy of EW.com: Like the Sunday before it and the Sunday before that, episode six of Game of Thrones experienced a ratings high with 2.6 million people watching the 9 p.m. airing and 3.3 million viewers total for the night. This is extremely good news for a continuity-heavy show that is still building its story toward the midseason point.

Second, the preview for episode six, “A Golden Crown”:


Last week’s fight between Ned Stark (Sean Bean) and pretty boy Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) was one of the more stressful experiences thus far in the show, due primarily to how likable and endearing Stark is. It proved how effective the rare but awesome action scene can be with a foundation of top-notch character and plot development to support it.

“A Golden Crown” seems to be a continuation of that stress with the persecution of the also very likable and endearing Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) – mockingly nicknamed “The Imp” – by Stark’s wife, Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley).

game of thrones episode 6 a golden crown Game of Thrones Hits New Ratings High; Episode 6 Video Preview

It seems highly questionable at this point that Catelyn would take the story of who hired her son’s (attempted) murderer at face value and truly believe that Tyrion was responsible, especially considering Tyrion is well-known for his intelligence and would never be implicated so easily. Hopefully, Thrones doesn’t prolong this development well past the point of plausibility.

Lastly, there’s a pretty awesome deal courtesy of HBO that will allow HBO GO users to watch episode seven of Game of Thrones an entire week early. Check it out below:

Following the debut of episode six of Game of Thrones on Sunday, May 22 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET), episode seven of the hit HBO series, entitled “You Win or You Die,” will immediately be available to subscribers on the HBO GO platform.  HBO GO can be accessed at hbogo.com or via the HBO GO app – now available for download on Apple’s iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® and numerous smartphones using Google’s Android™ operating system – and is free of charge to HBO subscribers through participating television providers.

“You Win or You Die” debuts on the main HBO channel on Sunday, May 29 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

Based on the bestselling fantasy book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, GAME OF THRONES was created by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss; executive produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; co-executive producers, Carolyn Strauss, Guymon Casady, Vince Gerardis, Ralph Vicinanza and George R.R. Martin; producers, Mark Huffam and Frank Doelger.

So basically, if you’re an HBO user – which one presumes you are if you’re watching Game of Thrones – HBO GO is free of charge. The only downside is, you’ll have to watch “You Win or You Die” on your computer, your iPad, or your smartphone, which is probably considerably smaller than your television. Probably.


Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights @ 9PM on HBO.

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Source: EW.com

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  1. Can’t wait! this show is just amazing!

  2. i know, it’s definitely the best show on television today. i had to run out and buy the first book because i can’t wait on a week-to-week basis.

    i just wish screen rant would do more coverage and reviews on this fantastic show!

  3. It’s amazing how this show has so quickly earned a big part of a high-standard audience worldwide. And i mean worldwide, i’m from peru! i’m just about getting my hands over the first book, as the user above, i just can’t wait. awoseme tv, al the way around. good things.

  4. This show is absolutely fantastic. I’m worried though about how closely it follows the book.



    It follows the book very closely with very minor changes which is great for now, but the books kill off a lot of main characters and I don’t see that going over very well. Not to mention my biggest reason for watching this show is how fantastic Sean Bean is with out him I don’t have many characters that are likable and enjoyable to watch and Since his character dies I’m a little worried. Once he is gone I might lose interest in the show. None of the other actors aside from The Imp come even close and while Imp is likable he isn’t all that exciting or interesting to watch. I quit reading after Book two because with out Ned the series lost a lot of what I liked about it.

    • TOO bad…you missed out…book 3 is the best in the series…

      • Story wise it very well may be but I can tell you right now I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the first book because the only character I ever truly felt invested in was Eddard Stark no one else was compelling or interesting enough. I don’t see him getting resurrected lol so I have no interest. I read up on it over on Wikipedia got the gist nothing to spectacular that would bring me back I think killing him off was a mistake especially with the lack luster characters in the book. if you are going to kill off such a likable interesting enjoyable character you need a back up and since the Imp was the only other one even likable it doesn’t leave much since he is in tow with the rest of his pile of crap family and his likability is gone in the second book. Starks oldest legit son is very dull and dies any way. His bastard son is a decent character but feels worthless in the story and may play a larger part in later books but he’s been wasted so long as it is.

        • I felt that Martin wrote Ned to be a reliable yet boring character. Ned is honorable to a fault so the reader can accurately predict what the character is feeling and thinking based solely on what Ned has done in the past. His death was not really a loss because he was a predictable character. With characters like Tyrion and Varys however you never know what they have up they’re sleeve, and that makes them so much more compelling. I felt that Feast for Crows really without their presence.

          • I personally have to disagree. I found Ned to be the only character that was interesting and Certainly the only one that was likable. Everyone else is pretty much a D*ck for the most part. Tyrion starts off funny and Likable but very uninteresting and as he becomes more interesting he becomes a jerk and less funny. After Ned died I really didn’t like anyone. It was hard for me to even make it through book 2 because I disliked every single character either because they were d*cks or because they were just boring. No one was likable at all and hardly any of them were at all interesting. With Ned dead there are no more likable characters there is no one to care about. I honestly don’t care if anyone lives or dies at this point. Honestly once Ned died I just wanted everyone else to die because they either deserved it were so boring I didn’t want to read them anymore. Also not sure why out of all the family they are desperate to kill off the only good and noble family The Starks so there is nothing but pile of crap jerks left. Seriously is it to much to ask to have strong good guy male characters do they really all have to die? So we have nothing but the evil / crazy familys left killing each other? Basically the gist is this world is doomed and you have no one to root for.

            • I have to agree with you here. The writer went out of his way to make every character as conniving and unlikable as possible. The only characters that I cared for in the beginning were killed or became villains halfway through the book. That and there was loads of filler! The show is infinitely better than the book in my opinion because it stripped out a lot of the unnecessary crap. Martin has a bit of the Stephen King syndrome sometimes. I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre, but I had a hard time getting through that book. It wasn`t until the last 100 pages or so that it started to grab me. The show on the other hand has been extremely engaging right from the beginning. Sean Bean and the rest of the cast have a lot to do with it.

    • Mehh Ned was great but his daughter Arya steals the show afterwards that and the Imp is great, so 2 good characters where the 1 left of is not a bad deal.

      • Lucky for you IMO Arya is a horribly dull character. Doesn’t interest me at all. She has an annoying personality IMO she is certainly not likable just an annoying stubborn tom boy brat. IMP is likable but very UNINTERESTING and once he gets a bit more to do he becomes a complete jerk not at all likable. So for me no nothing left

        • You just have bad taste and like dull predictable characters. Sean Bean is a great actor but if that’s the only thing keeping you attached to the series, you may as well give up now. Some of us can actually enjoy the overall story.

  5. Just watched episode 1 and I can’t believe I’ve missed this until now.

  6. I never post about a TV show, but I am so addicted to Game of Thrones, that I had to make sure HBO knows they are hitting their demographic. I watch every episode two or three times and like other posters here, I am looking for the first 4 books in the series. HBO did an incredible job with this show. Camelot on Starz is good but just can’t compare to all the characters in Thrones. To me, this is probably the best series I have seen on HBO. Hope they go through all the books. I can rely on good TV for a few years…

    • +1

  7. @ Danial F
    Ned is one of my most hated characters. He is an idiot and I wanted to slap him after every chapter. I like Bronn, Varys, Stannis, Jamie, and Jorah. It’s illogical to say you will not like book three when you haven’t read it. Book three is definitely the best. You should be careful and reassert your spoiler declaration in following posts where you give spoilers. Some people will skip your first post and end up reading the others where there are major spoilers. thanks.

    • Perhapse you should use the reply feature to keep all the spoiler comments in one place?

      I disagree with you nothing stupid about Ned. I also think Bronn, varys , Stannis are not very interesting at all and I think Jaimie is the worst character in the book not only is he not interesting he is a total piece of crap a waste of words and is nothing more than a 1D villain

      Nothing wrong with me saying I wouldn’t like book three. I know who the characters are and you have to like characters in order to enjoy a book or a story. I don’t like them I know that from book two and book one.

      • Its humorous that you think you know who the characters are. One of the most commonly said things about this story is that in later books things are revealed about certain characters that completely change peoples opinions about them. I think the term people use in this case is redemption. I urge you to continue. you WILL be surprised.

        • No thanks. Why do people always try to force people to continue reading or watching something they know they don’t like? It is so strange. “No really waste more of your money and time on something you can’t stand I promise you will like it more” it’s not as if I can refund the the time I waste when you’re wrong.

          • I’m going against the rules here, but I don’t care. to daniel f; kubokor and the others weren’t forcing you to read the book. he/she was making a suggestion in order to HELP you, based on your own stubborn refusal of anyone else’s opinion. you’re making a painful example of your inability to perceive foresight in the evolution of the story, or even a viable insight of what you’ve already read. these people have an open mind and are trying to convince you to be the same, however, you are simply being insanely negative, opinionated, and dogmatic. you know what? you’re the most “boring” commenter here, and I’m not going to read what you type any more. (see what I did there?)

            for hilarity’s sake (I have no doubt that my advice will be ignored) can you justify to us all, in a relatively objective manner, why ned was so much more interesting than every other character and why he should be the centrepiece of the story? or, at least, describe why every other P.O.V character (we’ll only stick to them because that’s easier) is so utterly bland in comparison?

            be constructive, and I’ll do the same. repeat your previous comments now and you’ll only receive cynicism.

            • I do apologize for stating my opinion. I didn’t know you would take offense and take to being rude and insulting because I don’t share your thoughts. My mistake.

              I never said Ned should be the only story. I simply said losing him hurt the story FOR ME. You may very well enjoy other characters I DO NOT. I didn’t realize we all had to have the same exact opinion as you.

              You have managed to take everything I have said in all most post and twist it and distort it. I never said the book should only be about Ned. I never said that it shouldn’t be told in multiple POV’s. I also wasn’t only talking about interesting character I repeatedly said over and over the word LIKABLE which everyone seems to be forgetting.

              I liked Neds attachments to other people. I found it interesting to see all of his personal interactions and history between the many other characters be it love to his family , trusted friendship to his king or disdain for the Lanisters. I am intrigued by characters who believe in absolute honor in the time of kings. They intrigue me and no pun intended, but I find it interesting to see their stark differences to the other characters with in a story. I found the backstory of Neds war and his sister to be of interest. His story in the first book was all the the story that drove the main plot forward the most with his investigation.

              I like characters that some times have personality traits that are at odds with each other. Ned is honorable overly to a point and believes him self to be Better than most if not everyone yet he is a humble man with dignity. Characters who know where there own personal line is and will never cross it I find interesting. How can they be so certain? How can they stand so firm on an issue others may consider grey? Ned made me think how can a man surrounded by Grey characters stuck in a grey world see things in such black and white terms. It made me ponder on his life and things he had been through to make him the person that he is. His moral stands make me question my own morals allowed me to think how I would react? Could I stand as strong and firm as Ned? or would I reside in the murky Grey everyone else lived in? Would I falter under my own morals or stand strong until the end as Ned did?

              As I said before Ned wasn’t the only interesting character I also found his Bas- Snow son to be interesting, but under used and developed in both the first two books by the second book I stopped caring about him because his story felt pointless in the grand scheme of things. So much so that if he played a larger role in things later to me it would feel forced and to little to late.

              Another key factor is again I said LIKABLE. Not everyone has to be likable, but there has to be a likable character. Ned was likable because he was the best person in the story. The only truly good man in the story at all. His honor, dignity and humbleness made him a great man. He made mistakes like most men, but he made less and regretted them more. He embraced his mistakes rather than try to hide them and never forgave him self for them rather than try to forget them.

              The Imp was likable but very uninteresting in the first book. In the second he became slightly more interesting, but completely unlikable and I actually hated him because IMO he became a complete d1ck. His humor became less and less and what little honor he had faded. He became another terrible person amongst a long list of terrible people.

              Some very talented writers can make even their bad guys likable and while Martin is talented this is something he failed at in this series. The bad guys in this franchise are just to easy to hate and impossible to find even a shred of likability in. Jamie is the perfect example even when they try to redeem him in the slightest it doesn’t help I still want him dead and every page has me wanting it more and more. There is no redemption or forgiveness for the things he has done and any regret he shows is to little to late.

              Many of the other characters lacked anything that made me want to read them. They had no humor and very little honor. They lacked intelligence and were far less humble though had less right to be arrogant given their lack of gifts. Those are the good-ish people. The more evil of the characters are just complete jerks and when it seems Martin regrets over playing their evilness and tries to give them redemption to make them a little more grey it seems forced and far to late for any kind of redemption for them. The books seem to try and kill of all the characters with honor and good in them so it’s nothing but the evil fighting the very dark and murky greys. I like a little morally grey here and there. For a comic comparison I prefer Batman to Superman, but the grey characters in these books make batman look like a boy scout heck they make Punisher look almost white in the grey scale. The second book featured a lot less good and a lot more evil. A lot less humor and a lot more dry bore. A lot less enjoyment and a lot more boredom.

              I loved the first book. I had no problems with Neds death in a singular book, but the franchise moving beyond his death holds no interest for me. He was the only character I liked and I don’t know how much I have to stress that this is all MY OPINION. If you don’t share it fine. Read the books and enjoy your selves. I don’t care. I merely wanted to express how I felt about it all and how the franchise let me down. If you disagree that’s fine good for you. Continue to read and watch. The franchise beyond Ned doesn’t interest me. I’m not trying to convince anyone my opinion is right. That was never my intention I was merely expressing my thoughts. Everyone else is trying to convince me that I’m wrong. As if my opinion is not valid because mine disagrees with the hardcore fans. I do not stand alone on my beliefs there are communities easy to find on the internet of people who were equally upset about Neds death and liked the series much less after him. I have a friend who stopped reading on the very page that Ned died. Never read more after that. He simply asked me “Does Ned stay dead?” I said yes and he said “I’m done then. ”

              If you are not a fan of Ned that’s fine. If you love the books and want to continue reading that’s fine as well. I don’t want to try and tell you that you are wrong. I don’t see why you feel the need to tell me that I am. My opinion can not be wrong. That is why it is mine and not yours. Please try to not be so rude in the future. I have no problem discussing our opinions but there is no need to be rude to each other or to try and force feed me the rest of the franchise. I know what I like far more than you do and I know what I don’t like more than you as well. I’ll take my feelings on something over your opinions on it anyday. The third book does not interest me because I already know the characters in it do not interest me. If I’ve spent two books getting to know them with out liking them or being interested in them why would I want to continue reading?

              If you see a TV show and dislike it after two seasons do you continue watching it for three more simply because the hard core fans of that show tell you it’s great? Why would I dedicate more of my personal time that could be spent on things I enjoy on something I know for a fact I already don’t? I have seen enough episodes of Smallville to total 3 seasons and hated it. Should I continue watching every episode that I have no seen just to see if maybe some how this thing I know I hate becomes good?

              • The fact you think Jaime is a one dimensional villain shows how completely ridiculous your point is. Jaime, by the end of book 4, has become one of the most complex and multifaceted characters in the story. That isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact.

                • The fact that you put words in my mouth that I never said shows how completely ridiculous your point is.

                  I never said Jaime is one dimensional. I just said he’s an evil prick. The things he did in the first half of the book alone are there is no redemption for. He has many layers, but not matter how hard he tries to redeem him self the things he has done are evil and he’s still a POS for doing them in the first place. There wasn’t even instant regret it’s months before he feels any remorse for his horrid actions. I agree though he isn’t one dimensional had I thought that I would of said it, but I didn’t.

                  Also him being the most interesting and multi layered is an opinion and it is in fact YOUR opinion. That is the definition of opinion. It is indeed not a fact.

                • Dude i dont wanna curse, but you are seriously annoying. It’s ALL subjective. why the hell do you care what Daniel thinks of the characters and series? does it bother you THAT much that he doesnt agree with you? You are nothing but a troll if you cant leave someones opinion alone and bash it. so stop COMMENTING

                  • Dude if you think its all subjective you are just as ___ as Ned.

                    How about if our generals called up hitler during ww2 and said: hey man! uh ur a bad guy.. you know. and by the way on June 6, 1944 we are going to land our troops on Juno beach.. sooo.. you better watch out! and get your family out and stuff.

                    And yes it does bother me. If I have a favorite restaurant in the whole wide world and I tell all my friends to try it out, then some bozo comes along and starts saying the food there tastes like !@#$, I’m sure as hell going to want a detailed explanation that makes sense.

                    The fact that you called me a troll after adding NOTHING to the conversation but whining and complaining is ironic and laughable.

                    • I call you a troll because you are a closes minded fool that can’t respect anyone elses opinion besides your own. Now THAT is laughable. How do you think daniel feels when you come along and bash Ned which is his favourite character? you are nothing but a troll, face it. You will always meet people that have the opposite or a different opinion then yours. And especially when it comes to movies and books where most is subjective. You cant just go around and say “hey you know what, you are an idiot for thinking that. think like me and things will make sense”. and calling it “ironic” that i called you a troll after adding “nothing” in your eyes does not make sense. and your ww2 reference had nothing to do with this. AND Daniel even made a very detailed explanation to why he likes Ned. and you bash that as well! seriously whats wrong with you? he likes ned, you dont. DEAL WITH IT. stop being such a baby and grow up.

                    • @kubokor & magnus – I’m letting this last comment go through but I’m ending this conversation before it turns into nothing but a flame war. You’ve stopped talking about the show and that is what these comment threads are for.


                      Paul Young

  8. I agree that the repeated spoilers above are far too easy to see and need to go before someone’s fun is ruined. I’ve read the books, fortunately, or I’d be mad about them.

  9. Quote from article “It seems highly questionable at this point that Catelyn would take the story of who hired her son’s (attempted) murderer at face value and truly believe that Tyrion was responsible, especially considering Tyrion is well-known for his intelligence and would never be implicated so easily. Hopefully, Thrones doesn’t prolong this development well past the point of plausibility.”

    ***I don’t think this is a spoiler but don’t read on unless you’re fine with a mild spoiler.*** I understand what you’re saying here but perhaps you didn’t catch that the one who told Cat this is a former friend from childhood and almost became her husband. So that makes her more likely to believe it than not. If I hadn’t read the books, I might not have caught it either.

    • That’s not what happened in the show, though — they’re told not to trust the Lannisters, not specifically Tyrion. I just think it’s incredibly shortsighted of her to buy into a story so willy-nilly. Oh, that knife was once Tyrion’s? Well, of course he must be the one who hired the murderer. After all, what murder-hirer wouldn’t give the man he hired his own blade — which would undoubtedly implicate him if the attempt failed — to do the deed! It just seems all-too-obvious that this is likely a set-up.

  10. @ Daniel F

    I agree Jaime may have seemed 1D at first, but by book 4 he matures a lot, and becomes more of a protagonist than an antagonist. George R R Martin has always revelled in subverting stereotypes, and that is exactly why you SHOULD read the later books!

    Don’t you like Jon or Arya or Daenerys?

  11. @ Daniel F –

    i dint like most of the characters of Book 4, and yet I liked it a lot. Give it another try – this isn’t a typical fantasy series, which is exactly why it is considered the greatest ever! :)

    • I can’t read a book if I don’t like the character. I have to have someone to feel a connection to someone to route for some one to like and actually hope for. If I’m reading a bunch of characters that I just want to die than I’m not enjoying the book it’s that simple.

      Also know I don’t like any of those characters you listed. I can tolerate Neds bastard to an extent, but he was wasted for the first two books being the most useless character. He is pretty much the only decent person left in the books, but they kind of ruined him for me in Book two.

  12. Please read about a “character arc” it just may help your stubborn attitude about something you haven’t yet experienced. Some of the best scenes occur in A Storm of Swords. It’s a fantastic book.

  13. @Paul Young
    It is true magnus never mentioned a single thing about the show. It is true he spent his entire post flaming me. But every one of my posts asked questions or gave examples concerning the show. I will honor your request and allow him the last word.

    That is all.