‘Game of Thrones’: The Purple Wedding – SR Underground Ep. 139

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sr underground 139 game of thrones season 4 Game of Thrones: The Purple Wedding – SR Underground Ep. 139

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred thirty-nine of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we discuss X-Men solo movies, the How I Met Your Mother series finale, Agents of Shield‘s Winter Soldier tie-in, and Game of Thrones - The Purple Wedding. 

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 139 – Game of Thrones – The Purple Wedding

We discuss X-Men solo movies, the How I Met Your Mother series finale, Agents of Shield‘s Winter Soldier tie-in, and Game of Thrones - The Purple Wedding.

[0:00] News: Should Jennifer Lawerence’s Mystique Get an X-Men Spinoff Movie? and ‘Girl Meets World’ Trailer: Cory and Topanga Are Parents Now.

[35:50] Rants and Raves:

  • [36:57] Oculus Mini-Review (No Spoilers)
  • [46:18] Agents of Shield “Turn, Turn, Turn” Captain America: The Winter Soldier Tie-In (SPOILERS)
  • [1:12:57] How I Met Your Mother Series Finale (SPOILERS)

[1:37:26] Game of Thrones “The Purple Wedding” SPOILERS Discussion.

[2:04:02] Game of Thrones “The Purple Wedding” Super SPOILERS Explanation and FAQ.

[2:22:48] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week: Transcendence

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Captain America: The Winter Soldier opening): Sal reports there is a two-way tie between Chris B. and PeterGecko. Both had a score of 12 and coincidentally finished two spots away from the tiebreaker.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Bears - 1,600
  • A Haunted House 2 - 2,400
  • Heaven Is For Real (on Wed.) - 2,300
  • Transcendence - 3,400+

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • Make Your Move – 135

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  1. The happiest episode of Game of Thrones ever lol.

  2. 1st

    (substantive comment pending….)

    • damnit

  3. BOB:
    1. Captain America 2
    2. Transcendance
    3. Rio 2
    4. Bears
    5. A Haunted House 2

  4. This weeks podcast is definitely not for me but i’ll listen anyway.

  5. I love the colbert report, I am very sad, and if the new show isnt like that, Ill be even sadder. Also what gonna take the shows place on comedy central.
    On a side note, everyone knows the best episode of Boy Meets World was the high school halloween special.

    • OMG they killed Kenny!

      Yea Halloween episode was fantastic and the one with Fred savage

      • OMIGOD! I cant afford to live in my apartment anymore, if I cant live in my apartment I dont want to live at all!

  6. 1. Transcendence
    2. Rio 2
    3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    4. Oculus
    5. A Haunted House 2
    10. Muppets Most Wanted

  7. Box Office Battle
    #1 Transcendence
    #2 Rio 2
    #3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    #4 Heaven Is For Real
    #5 A Haunted House 2
    #10 Bears

  8. Out of all the X-Men girls the last girl I want to see a movie about is mystique. She shouldn’t even be in that conversation

    • also, we all really would like a bishop movie. then they could go nuts with telling the origins of Nimrod, the XSE and any of the future wars.

      if these other solo films succeed like a gambit or deadpool, then there is no reason they can’t finally do bishop. there is so many fans of him. he had a really long mini series and no way does a film short do him justice.

  9. In order of appearance: Here is the top 5 X-Men solo films that would work.
    These are needed because there’s no other way to tell the origins of
    Nightcrawler, the X-Cutioners, the origins of the Prelates and Shadow King.

    1. Storm – (Halle Berry) Needed to tell origins of Shadow King, X-Cutioner, background on Prelates, Hodge, etc. Hopefully if it happens, it gets a top director.
    2. Mystique – (Jenniver Lawrence) Next needed most definitely to tell origins of Nightcrawler, Destiny and the worshiping Madri cult of Apocalypse. During the AoA etc the Madri go on a rampage killing everyone who doesn’t worship Apocalypse, Mystique sort of joins them at one point to find out why they worship. She worships it too.
    3. Iceman – (Shawn Ashmore) Needed to tell origins of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, Bobby Drake and the beastly son of Apocalypse called Holocaust. Bobby aka Iceman has lots of run ins with the law, Multiple Man, Pyro and other cronies of Apocalypse like Sugar Man yet we never learn yet how he got going and tried to crash Hellfire Club one time too.
    4. Gambit – (Taylor Kitsch & Channing Tatum) Needed to tell the origins of the Externals, introduce Nate Grey aka X-Man and Gambit’s growing up with the Morlocks. If they plan on having some movie tie the externals to Nate Grey, this would be the one. Plus he’s just cool, he grew up in New Orleans and fought gangs as a kid. Opportunity.
    5. Angel – (Guy who plays Worthington) Angel’s origins need to be told in a spin off movie. Whether we wait until 2020 or not, it would be sick as hell to see how the Prelates get organized and why Angel almost joined Apocalypse twice. Also it could be super amazing seeing how Angel became Archangel, if they don’t cover it in a team film. And how he fought the High Evolutionary or heck, X-Force.
    6. Deadpool – (Ryan Reynolds) Last but not least, after the X-Force movie comes out they need Deadpool. This guy is pure badass. With the right lines and director, Reynolds would make this movie a smash hit. Need to tell the origins of Weapon X correctly, Project Genesis, Slayback and the Maverick stories. Deadpool is a major opportunity for 2018 in my book.
    7. Cyclops – (James Marsden) After the other solo movies are a hit, someone needs to make a cyclops film with him. It would be the last solo candidate. Could tell the whole history of Jean/Scott and the kid Nate Grey, the Shiar Empire, and Sinister.

    That about sums it up cold turkey.

    • ok, so here’s my thought on that.
      I think they should just roll Gambit and the Exiles, then include in the Gambit movie Mystique leading her group of the externals and also include the reavers.

      then tell the origins of all those individually, but call the movie “Gambit and the exiles.” heck if venom can get a solo flick and thor, so can gambit dang it!

      I think realistically these solo flicks couldn’t hold themselves up unless they include the age of apocalypse background, so here’s my thinking because fans want to learn the best partst parts of aoa. include the history of the exiles, externals and the reavers who mystique and gambit fight.

      combine the mystique and gambit characters into one film, like they do in the comics because then they got enough ammo for a really good story. use that, have jennifer lawrence bring in the reavers and x-factor. the exiles origins get told, done deal.

      as for real solo films, the only ones that they can do that work are storm, wolverine and iceman or deadpool. storm had over 50 issues that fans remember.

      storm could include age of apocalypse storyline, tell how she got her powers, fought the shadow king, led the first mutant resistance and how the prelates were born. I agree it would be a bad ass film especially if halle berry got the right director, she could go nuts with it and we saw lots of cameos of forge and others.

      storm could succeed, then they could do a cool as hell gambit + mystique film. then if that succeeds they could finally do iceman and deadpool. but deadpool first dang it! I don’t think the origin of the hellfire club is as cool as maverick, sorry. still that would tear it up so lets just wait and see how the new xmen does.

  10. Ben, with your comment about Jennifer Lawrence being in a lot of “indie” movies, it made me think of an argument i had with my friend the other day. About what makes an indie game or movie “indie”. It would be kind of cool to see you guys talk about it in the podcast, and/or do an article about it to see your guys arguments on it.

    • don’t get me wrong, jennifer lawrence is a great actress…

      I just don’t think she could carry a serious solo film on her own. mystique doesn’t have enough story to do 2 hours and 49 minutes of film. if fox got off their buts and just combined mystique with gambit like the comics, it’d be a big hit.

      good story, channing tatum and jennifer lawrence=success. hell even my brother would pay for that. reveals the origin of the exiles: boom. then no one could complain.

  11. Having the alternate ending on the DVD is a great marketing ploy. I think they knew that the ending was going to irk a lot of people and would want to see a different ending so they said “Hey let’s make them pay for that ending they think they want”.

  12. Can you guys do a break down of Game of Thrones like that every episode, holy shht. I had to rewatch everything again. Great job!

  13. Cap 2
    Haunted house 2
    Rio 2

  14. In AoS, Ward is just doing a big romantic gesture for Skye. He killed an innocent paraplegic and a few agents for love. He is protecting Skye by any means necessary and that means going undercover with Hydra.

    I really hope they don’t go that route, but it seems likely.

    Hail HYDRA!

  15. Joffrey was a person who killed women for fun, and who did other cruel things. With a person like that age couldn’t matter less. So no, not a shred of sympathy just because he was a teenager. No empathy whatsoever. He lost that privilege a long time ago.

    • But what if our world was like theirs and a 13yr old is given power like that. That kid was having a threesome at 14. He literally could have anything he wanted. Do you know how many Ghostbusters movies we would have if 13yr old me had that power? Man, I would have enacted laws to keep Ghostbusters around LONG after I’m dead – and yeah, death would absolutely be a part of it. (I’d also include some type of very large monetary fine cause… humans, you know? I don’t want them messing with my laws because of bloodshed – but I’m not a dick, either!)

      Many children are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad people. You’d want to punch them. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s at least 1000 13yr olds who are absolute MONSTERS. What if one of them got power? (Also, incest. :-/ ) I’m not saying all are – and many children in that world are wonderful! Arya is… crazy, I’ll admit, but she’s got a wonderful spirit about her. What about Sansa? That girl is just delightful, and the world does does nothing but continuously beat her down. When Dontos tried to help her escape she hesitated! She’s so messed in the head that she doesn’t even know what to do when someone offers to help her.

      Joffrey is absolutely a dick, and he deserved to die, but we are not him. That’s why sympathy should be given. We are not him. We’re better than that.

      ::mic drop::


      • You gotta take out the psychos when theyre young.

      • There’s another side to Joffrey too, that people don’t see or don’t admit.

        Yeah he was a really horrible dick and a psycho, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Joffrey is like that. Joffrey had a really terrible father who was a liar and a scoundrel, so even though Joff killed a few people, having that kind of upbringing would turn even the nicest kid into a total psychotic.

        If people gave Joffrey a chance and drilled that dead beat father of his out of him, they’d be surprised how different he becomes after prison. They would be most surprised that he quickly reforms himself, given he was nothing but a brat, not really a tyrant and not really the menace from the fifth circle of hell that his dad certainly was.

        I think he wished to follow in those footsteps, sure, but the kid was brainwashed for one thing and for two he thought his father was what he is supposed to be like. He couldn’t put two and two together morally, on account of being a rich brat. So yes I do think someone else will become his role model and I do think he can redeem himself to those he betrayed.

        • I don’t buy that. Psycholgists and other experts have tried so many times to turn murdering psychopaths around, but they failed. Once individuals like that have gone that far they can’t be changed, they are hardwired for murder and torture. All you can do is protect others from them by locking them up forever or killing them. And 30 seconds of pain are still a less cruel punishment than 30 years of incarceration, especially in a world like Westeros.

          • I think in Joffrey’s case it’s different, what he’s saying is that guy despite his activities is not older than 14 or 13. He hasn’t even had the proper development time to know the moral consequences, literally of his actions and just on that single merit he deserves some amount of pity.

            Don’t have mercy on him, give him a long sentence yet don’t assume he’s just an irredeemable psychopath. When they start out that young there is a chance.

            • Yes, he was 13/14 years old, and not 3 or 4 years old. At 13/14 he is well old enough to understand what he’s doing and to understand the moral consequences. People give teenagers way too less credit and think they still are those dumb automatons that barely function. No, they are pretty much fully formed personalites at this point with traits that are there to stay.