‘Game of Thrones’ Producer Wants 8 Seasons Total – Will You Watch?

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Peter Dinklage Face Scars Game of Thrones season 3 Game of Thrones Producer Wants 8 Seasons Total   Will You Watch?

Game of Thrones is riding high following the release of the full season 3 trailer – teasing the return of fan-favorite characters along with some new faces, not to mention some epic dragon action! The show continues to cull a strong and passionate following, leading many viewers to wonder just how long can the show keep up the pace and how many seasons will HBO produce. After all, the series is limited by creator George R.R. Martin’s book series, which includes five published installments with two more on the way.

So how many more seasons will HBO’s Game of Thrones stay on the air? If showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have it their way, the series’ lifespan could ratchet up to eight seasons, but only so long as the network wants to keep producing it.

Benioff and Weiss recently opened up about the program’s longevity in a recent interview with Mother Jones, in which they discussed not only the duration of the show but also some of the difficulties and challenges they faced in shooting its upcoming third season. On the specific topic of Thrones‘ remaining seasons, however, they had this to say:

MJ: I gather that Game of Thrones could last eight or nine seasons. Does that mean putting novel writing on hold for a decade?

B&W: Yes, if we live that long and HBO keeps wanting to make the show. We have the opportunity here to tell a coherent story that lasts for 80 hours. And while a canvas of that size presents all sorts of storytelling problems, it also allows us to spend more time with these characters we love than we’ll ever get again. Every once in a while we get five minutes to think about thinking about novels. But mostly we’re just happy when we get to read one now and again.

There has always existed a degree of uncertainty over how long Game of Thrones will last, but with the critical and mainstream success the show has enjoyed since first airing back in 2011 (not to mention the slew of Emmy nominations it has received and won), it seems likely that it will soldier on to the very end once George R.R. Martin has completed his as-yet unfinished septet of epic fantasy novels. If nothing else, it’s clear that Benioff and Weiss are game to continue serving as executive producers for as many seasons as HBO gives them.

Game of Thrones Danaerys and the Unsullied Game of Thrones Producer Wants 8 Seasons Total   Will You Watch?

For fans, 80 hours of television spent in Westeros and Essos should sound like a dream come true. If the span of Martin’s original work serves as any indication, however, that figure might be somewhat conservative. Season three – which premieres on March 31st, 2013 - only covers the first half of the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, titled A Storm of Swords; season four will adapt the remainder, a natural split given the immensity of the story. (The novel is so long, in fact, that the UK and Australia editions were sold in two parts.)

That leaves books four and five - A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons, respectively – left to transplant from page to screen, as well as the incomplete sixth and seventh entries, titled The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. The latter two novels remain unknown quantities in the television show’s scale; they could fit into a single season each or require separation just like A Storm of Swords. Meanwhile, A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons both boast impressive page lengths, but could arguably be cut down and combined into one total season together. Eight seasons, as suggested, seems like a good ballpark figure, but as Martin has neither finished The Winds of Winter nor A Dream of Spring, we can only go by what Benioff and Weiss have to say for the time being.

In the meantime, the show’s viewers can look ahead to season 3. Are you in it for the long haul, and does another five seasons of Game of Thrones excite you? Put your two cents in the poll below and in the comments section, and we’ll see you back here when Game of Thrones returns to television at the end of the month!

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Game of Thrones season 3 premieres Sunday, March 31 on HBO.

Source: Mother Jones

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  1. Are you kidding, the thought of them ending scares me to death, it is the BEST, and I mean the best, series ever.
    Anyone not wanting to watch this don’t, let us the ones who do want to watch it, watch, bring them on. Whoever did
    the Casting of Characters, right on!

    • Love this show I will watch everyone you make please make more than 8 I want to keep getting them I’m buying all the seasons ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • totally agreed man.thinking about the end of the show scares me to death too.

  2. It is well written, and the Cast of Characters are spot on, I would watch as many as they would make, Love this show, it is my all time favorite!

    • I agree, the casting is really great. I love to watch these characters – superb stuff that rarely comes along.

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  4. This is one of the best written books, and show that has ever been done, This is the kind of show, you hope will go on forever. Yes, I am a fan, and I would watch this forever!

  5. LOVE this show sooo much! It’s by far the best one I’ve seen in a long time. I hope it last forever!!!! :)

  6. I am crazy lovin this show- But the nudity and sexual scenes seem to be leaning on the side of a perverts desires- perhaps the writer needs to differentiate between his private collection of X rated videos/CD’s and a good directional script with HBO’s Game of Thrones. Enough with sex on sex with women-I’m tired of the exploitation-it’s not necessary. This show is Great Enough without the flesh.

    • It’s not about that,there are men in the story like us,and if you think to how we were in the past time and even now,a lot a cruelty and sex,that`s it,he wanna show you how the real men are,not a perfect image of them.Have a great day.

    • as I’ve been reading about it, people say that the nudity present in the show is as described in the books. So you might be complaining about the nudity but it is part of the story line and you’ll have to live with it !

    • About the nudity, come on, if you are a movie goer, look how many have sexual content in them, and nudity. Who cares look beyond that, the story line, the good casting, not too many good series come along like this. Give credit, where credit is due.
      Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The hobbit, done Brilliantly.
      Sit back and enjoy the show, If nudity offends you, change the channel!

      • I agree with Mary Ann. If the sex and nudity upsets you, please change the station. There is sex and nudity in many movies. Often the writing of some movies, does not come close to the brilliant scripts of “Games of Thrones.” One of the Best written Series offered for T.V.!
        I too would love to have more episodes in a season, but understandably, the cost must be astronomical. I will continue to view “Game of Thrones” as long as it is on T.V..
        Thank you for a wonderful program, with high hopes for many more seasons to follow.

    • it seems as if it’s the puritanical wish for a sterile mind that creates the taboo people associate with sex. c’mon, samantha. until humans evolve into some androgynous species that precludes it, sex shall continue to play a central role in the feelings & motivations of human beings. perhaps in your own life you’re willing to admit so, too. in GoT, carnal depictions go well with the brutal violence in reinforcing the primal nature of human relations during medieval times – fictional or not.

  7. The most well directed and designed show ever this show is an historic symbol in TV industry and will be a learning curve for tTV show makers in coming decades.

  8. The characters are so real straight from the books it will be interesting to see the dragons in the battle field, it will be exciting to watch armies getting destroyed in a blink of eye from the enemy they are incapable to fight oh man fire everywhere warriors burnt alive.

  9. There are only like 10 episodes a season, its sad to know that there are only 5 more episodes left in season 4. I think it would be kick-ass if they filmed the story of the first-men, Aegon the conqueror, the long reign of Targarian kings and Roberts Rebellion!. Take as many seasons as you need and as many episodes. I speak for many when I say,the more seasons the better.

    • Commet to Harlan,
      You are right on, I also think that is a great idea, a story of the first-men, Aegon the Conqueror, the long reign of Targarian kings, and Roberts Rebellion. You have to get a message to the Writer, Director’s, and Producer’s, great idea, this would complete all pieces of the puzzle, it makes great sense, good for you Harlan, great thinking!

  10. HBO would be insane not give them that many seasons. If HBO cuts them short, I don’t think I would ever watch another HBO series. It would not be worth the heartbreak.

    • I would wonder why HBO would even think of not giving Game of Thrones all the seasons.
      Example: The Soprano’s, talk about nudity, profanity, sex, drugs, violence, give me a break……..Really!
      Sometimes I wonder about these people behind their desks making these decisions?
      Leave Game of Thrones alone!

  11. season 4 is blowing…

  12. the thought of game of thrones ending is so scary come one ,best show ever hands down !

  13. We all wish there had been more episodes in a season but to bring out such fine quality the makers of the show spend loads of money for each episode it will be a very expensive affair.

  14. Message to Varun,
    I imagine you are right, some budget busters, Avator, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Titanic, but the return on Titantic alone was over 2 Billion Dollars, To make up some of the cost, they need to commercialize on selling products with the trademark Game of Thrones. Good movies at the box office, make lots of money in return, I often wonder how shows on HBO and such can make as much as Movies do! Game of Thrones, needs to be made into a Movie, with a lot of advertising, a lot of hype, it would be an all time Great, people in general will go to see really good movies, they are few and far in between!

    • Let’s not forget a new section in Disney World, like they did for Harry Potter.
      I would like to enter the world of “Game of Thrones.”

  15. I currently enjoy the series very much, but they should not sacrifice a final and good ending for money. I have seen too many of these things dwindled and dragged out to nothing in the end. All good stories should have a powerful storyline and equally powerful ending, before the storyline becomes annoying – like Greys Anatomy. (That should have ended two years ago already.)

  16. uuuh if they cast with the speed they are (about 1.3 seasons per book)i dont think that finishing in 8 seasons can be possible as there is going to be 7 books and there are debates that there may even be 8 at least 10 seasons would be required to cover the material in the books unless they dont cover the material in the books which i think is a very bad desicion as the books are up until now much more graphic and impacting than the series

  17. I love this show. I powered watched the first three seasons to be up to date for season four. As for scene with nudity, common on, this would be fairly realistic. I agree if you are offended by these scenes, why do you watch? Please do change the station.
    I hated for this season to end. I would continue to watch this show as long as it was on!

  18. WOW this series is absolutely amazing can’t believe we have to wait til April 2015 for season 5!!! I know many people that love this series! I don’t watch a lot of tv but wen I seen this series I watched 4 seasons in 10 days! Keep this series rolling my Grace!

    • Heh, I watched 4 seasons in 5 days or so…

  19. In my opinion, no show should last more than 5 seasons. It becomes boring, except if it’s a comedy show with no “actual plot”.

  20. Game of thrones is the first ever long running series, that has improved each season as long as this series is aired, I know many who will continue to drink in its sheer perfection in story, charictors and amazing cinema deliverance. Please don’t stop show us the next generation, sheer brilliance on all members of this production from writer to director and dedicated actors. Now the bar has been raised in viewer expectation. One can only hope this will set the standard of the 21st century, great start. To be blunt it equals an addiction with no harmful side effects other than raising viewer awareness THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM A DISABLED 44 yo woman a real wAy to escape into another world cheers

  21. if HBO ends Game of thrones 2 things will happen
    1. no one will ever watch HBO again
    2. mass suicide

  22. I love the series and have read the books and look forward to reading the further books, but I would actually like to have a great conclusion in the not to distant future and I hope Dany gets the throne and the world is once more full of dragons.

  23. Most definitely will watch if more seasons are to come. To many things left to open to not make more. Just watched all 4 seasons in two days. And I would really like to see what you will make become of the remaining starks. Arya and jon are my favorites. Dont pay any attention to thoes who say they wouldnt watch. When there are so many that will and want more seasons to come.

  24. I just recently started watching this show , I rarely get so attached to a show this quick , but the fact that I did should be enough for me to know that I’m not the only one. I’d watch 10 seasons and more . Bring it on.

  25. watching ? I’m ready to die for this tv Series ….]
    I’d love to watch season 20 ,,,,

  26. Listen, I will be so disappointed if this will not go on, if they have Reality shows that are pure trash, like the Kardashians which is going into their 9th season, they cannot act, sing or dance. I say put a end to Reality Shows.

    I am waiting and ready for Game of Thrones, as far as I am concerned, this show could go on forever and I would watch, a show worth watching.

  27. I would watch all 8 several times. I’ve read the books and the show had differences, but I enjoy them. Please keep them coming!

  28. The game is awesome too!


  29. I would LOVE more sesons of Game of thrones

    5 6 7 8 9 and 10

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