Rant: First Look At Gambit In ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

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Some of you may have seen a brief glimpse of the infamous “ragin’ cajun” from leaked footage of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine teaser trailer that debuted at the Fox panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

For those who did not (and even those who did), we have the first official photo of Gambit thanks to Empire Magazine. This comes just days after a new picture of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was released.

If you didn’t see the low-quality leaked videos but you’re excited to see the trailer for this movie like me, then you’re in luck as the official trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine debuts alongside The Day The Earth Stood Still on December 12th. That’s just two weeks away!

As for the image, this particular picture does not impress me. In those clothes with that face, I don’t see Gambit anywhere. It looks like some random shot from a poker movie. I imagine he’ll look much better and should resemble the character more when in uniform working for Weapon X… or perhaps not. Where the heck are his red eyes! How about the trench coat he is never seen without? Is that really supposed to be Remy LeBeau? Did I just say Weapon X?

Take a look and see what you think:

gambit taylor Rant: First Look At Gambit In X Men Origins: Wolverine

The Gambit character entered the Marvel universe in 1990, appearing in Uncanny X-Men (issue 266). However, it was not until the hit cartoon X-Men, the animated series that Gambit earned his massive fan base. The show lasted about 5 seasons and is by far my favorite cartoon of all time. It is where Gambit and Wolverine became my favorite X-Characters.

Just thinking about it brings back fond memories of all the guys in elementary school trading the Marvel cards. Gambit is still one of my favorite characters although I can’t say the same for Wolverine anymore with how overused he has become – not only in the comics, but obviously in the movies. I would even go so far as to say, the character has been partly ruined by Marvel.

I personally preferred Wolverine as just a part of the team as opposed to the central focus or for some crazy reason, the leader (The Last Stand, anyone? Even the new cartoon is called Wolverine and the X-men). As a side note, the new X-Men series has aired nearly a dozen episodes in some regions and is set to air in the U.S. in January. In this show, Wolverine is the leader of the X-Men and the real leader (Cyclops) is a background character. Without exaggerating, there’s been a complete trade and Cyclops has taken Wolverine’s exact role from the original nineties cartoon (the quiet angry badass).

wolverine1 Rant: First Look At Gambit In X Men Origins: WolverineTo me, Wolverine was awesome back in the day because he was the dark and dry support character with the short temper, sometimes-questionable morals and a mysterious past. He was the gruff man’s man who chilled out, drank beer and smoked while lying back on the couch with feet up.

Rules were not a priority of his but when crap hit the fan, you sure as hell wanted him on your side. However, you always feared he could go over the edge and might not always be easily restrained. When asked to do something he didn’t want to do, he’d argue or disagree but he had a heart of gold when it came to protecting his own – and this made him a father figure to several young female X-Men team members throughout the years.

Now? Well, now he’s the goody two-shoes who appears in like 328 comics a month – or something close to that. His mystery is gone, his coolness factor has dropped and what made him more awesome then most has faded. That being said, the character is still tons of fun to read (there’s a reason he got so much attention in the first place) and I love watching Hugh Jackman play him in the films. I just wish he could be used better to make other characters better as well, rather than inappropriately overshadowing them (and the story).

All right – now back to Gambit.

Known for being the resident ladies man of the X-Men, Gambit is part of one of Marvel’s most well-known (and complex) relationships with fellow teammate Rogue (played by Anna Paquin in the X-Men trilogy).

gambit Rant: First Look At Gambit In X Men Origins: WolverineIn X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Gambit is played by Canadian Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights and The Covenant fame. I think it’s cool that he’s a fellow Canadian but I actually was a supporter of the idea of Josh Holloway (who plays Sawyer in Lost) taking the role in the feature films and I’m saddened this did not come to fruition.

It’s obvious they needed a younger actor to play the part in this film as it is a prequel to the X-Men trilogy while completely out of any form of continuity. I love Gambit but he does not belong in this film. I understand that saying that doesn’t mean anything because Fox Studios’ take on the X-Men is far from what is in the source material. But I’m easily able to enjoy the films and separate the films from the rest of the Marvel material and take it for what it is.

I loved the first X-Men film, liked the second but really despised the third. The footage I saw of X-Men Origins: Wolverine makes me think it could be a fun ride. I just hope they don’t screw characters up as much as the story already is – or this is going to go from fun to frustrating and disappointing. Specifically, Deadpool had better have his scars and costume and Gambit had better throw some cards that glow and make that sweet sound similar to the cartoon. We can already see that they’re not giving Gambit his trademark visual feature of black and red eyes; they best not pull another Colossus and make him have no accent.

Wow…all of this over one picture I barely talk about.

What do you think of the picture? What do you expect from the film? What do you think of the use of the Wolverine character?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters May 1, 2009 while Wolverine and the X-Men airs in the U.S. on January 23, 2009.

Source: Empire Online

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  1. I feel the same way about Gambit. Both enjoying the character and for his presence in the film. However I still love Wolverine (My love for the character came to be in the comics, but the Xmen of the 90′s featured some cool Wolverine storylines). I’ll definitely see this film.

    Now on to business. Deadpool. I have read every single issue Deadpool has appeared in. The character just plain doesnt have a bigger fan. I have been thinking for years that he belongs on the big screen. There is a really great story to tell; similar to Wolverine in many ways. But where Wolverine was able to mostly maintain his sanity, Deadpool lost it. His wisecracking and breaking the “4th wall” (talking to readers of the comic directly, knowing he was a comic character) are fantastic. And I think Ryan Reynolds is the perfect casting choice. He proved to me in Blade 3 that he can be a bad a** and be hilarious at the same time. Its the role he was born to play.

    *However* I don’t think he will be done right in the film. The footage leaked, while it is brief and dark, it looks like Wade before he was scarred by Weapon X’s cure for his cancer. I could be wrong though. I think he needs the scars and the mask, those are integral parts to the character. Anyone who has read Deadpool comics knows Wade never takes of the mask. Only in front of AL (his blind old lady friend/prisoner) or if he is using the image inducer. Wade Wilson is ashamed to show his true face. We have to see the mask. I would like to see the origins of Wades tragic scarring in Wolverine, setting up a kick a** mask wearing Deadpool movie. Maybe even a Wolverine vs Deadpool throwdown in Wolverine? Wouldn’t it be cool to see two heroes with healing factors tearing each other up? Fans of the comics, who have seen Wolvie throwdown with Deadpool to near stalemate (with Wade even beating Wolverine once) would enjoy that. And it would be a great way to hype the Deadpool film. A good fight showcasing Deadpool’s bada**ery would be a great way to get unknowing fans excited for the film. Villain suggestion? Ajax first (as they can use his inclusion in weapon x as an intro to the character) Second choice would be T-Ray.

    Here’s hoping Wolverine is a brutal movie. And that Deadpool will be awesome.

  2. Having Cyclops and Wolverine switch roles is like having Leonardo and Raphael (TMNT) switching roles…it makes me sad. Also im right up there with you Jon, if they screw up DeadPool i will never beable to forgive them. And on to the topic of Gambit: the x-men movies have really good sounds, from Nightcrawler’s ‘phh’, to Colossus’ ‘ching-ching-ching’, and Wolverine’s ‘phhisting’, i have no doubt that Gambit’s ‘bhum’ will be done well.

  3. I agree about Reynolds – I think he is perfect for the role.

    I noticed from the comic-con trailer that he was only featured in it for one quick second and it looked like he was just training – maybe that’s just pre-scar and real outfit and that’s why they made a point of not showing him again at all in the trailer.

    I hope we get a better look at him in the real trailer in 2 weeks.

    I think he may be done well in the movie if our hopes come true and that would help explain some of the talk about a Deadpool spinoff film.

  4. Is Gambit a mutant? What is his power? Should Sylar bother scooping out his brain?

  5. Yes Sylar, Gambit is a mutant. His power is the ability to charge things with a kinetic force that allows things to go BOOM!

    As for Deadpool, I’ve read that he’ll have scars that’ll be CGI, so I guess we’ll see him pre-scar, then scarred. I just hope that they’ll keep him as the wise cracking nut jobe we know and love. And I had BETTER see some 4th breaking in this movie. I mean as in refferencing other marvel films, making jokes about thje script department, and thinking out loud.

    Gambit on the other hand, I do hope that this is just a pre-Gambit Gambit picture. Because if it isn’t then there is another character that Fox ruins. But who knows, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Lets just keep our hopes up, after all look what it did for FF2: rise of…I mean look at X3…I mean what about Dare…never mind.

    PS. I agree, despite him being my favoriute mutant, Logan does pop up too much. It kind of ruins his coolness when he isn’t the support character ready to beatdown.

  6. I hope we see the real Wolverine in this film instead of the cute and cuddly one they are forcing us with. I was tottaly disappointed of how they butchered his character in X3. As for Deadpool, if they screw that up I wont watch another X-men movie till it is out of fox’s hands.

    I am praying that we get a great movie instead of a stinker like X3.

  7. Man, it is good to see the Deadpool fans come out in support of the character and we all have high hopes for his cameo. I have to agree with all of you.

    I am glad to hear one of you guys have read Deadpool will have the scarring in either this film or the spin off. It just wouldn’t be Wade Wilson without some hideous scarring. I really hope he throws down with Wolverine a bit in this movie. And I fully expect a spinoff film. Why else would they cast a star as big as Ryan Reynolds to play a character that they only intend to have play a bit part in some other characters movie.

  8. Wonderful assessment, Rob. I couldn’t agree more.

  9. As I said on The Beat, looks pretty much like Gambit to me. Silly fashion sense, teenage girl’s idea of a cool hairstyle, shallow fascination with card games. The epitome of trying to look cool and failing. They got this one right. I even like the addition of the girl-tee.

  10. I have not read any comic books with Deadpool (sadly), however based on what I read on Wikipedia, he sounds freakin awesome, and I would love to see him in his own movie, and also being a Big fan of fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds, I have to agree with what everyone else is saying, that he fits the role.
    As for Wolverine, I am somewhat conflicted, because does Wolverine really need his own film, explaining his orgins? I prefer not to know his backstory, because for me, having that mystery surrounding him, was the appeal. I throughly enjoyed Brian Cox as William Striker in X2 and felt that, that was all the information I needed to know about Wolverines back story.
    I am a huge fan of Gambit, I was really pissed that he was excluded in the Original movies, and have been waiting for him to show up on the big screen ever since they began making the X men Films, I really hope that it was worth the wait and that they don’t screw it up. The pic doesnt really do much for me, that really could be anyone playing cards, what i want to see is him in the full get up, kicking some a$$.
    So heres hoping that this movie will be good. They seem to have done an excellent job casting, lets hope that the story is well written and that the direction is done well

  11. Rob, I completely agree with your take on wolverine! He is better as just the tough team member, much like how Michael has stated, Raphael to Cyclops’ Leonardo. I am mos def in the Cyclops camp, and imo, wolverine is way overrated!
    As to this Gambit and Deadpool, come on, it is the movie version! Just be sure to have that Uncanny X-Men 266 & X-Force 98 handy when this movie comes out. I know I will!

  12. You guys are spot on. Wolverine as a character in the comics and especial in the films has become a metroman and has lost the grittiness, mysteriness and rawness (hope that enough ness for ya)that is Wolverine. What I’m afriad of is that FOX is in control of this film and that pretty much guarantees the raping of childhood heroes origins and charactistics.

    I’m betting the following:
    1. Gambit gets killed of in this one.
    2. Deadpool only wears the mask 10%-20% of his presents in the film.
    3. ALL battle scenes will be bloodless even if its decapitations or guttings and lots of big explosions.

    That’s my two cents.

  13. @adrain
    Amen Bro!

  14. i would just like to say, i cant wait to see this movie but, because im such a major gambit fan, i may walk out of the movie if his cajin accent is not in place, the loss of rogue’s accent between the first and second movies really bothered me. as for the picture of Taylor Kitsch as gambit i think it looks pretty good with the purple shirt, the ‘tash looks kinda crap though, it should be a soul patch

  15. @ Adrian,

    Not to mention there will be practically no blood (what are those claws for?) and there will be barely any use of profanity even when it comes to Wolvy telling Sabretooth he’s gonna cut his head off (from end of leaked comiccon trailer). Not that profanity is necessary in all movies, but in the moment like that… with these characters… come onnn. Then again, this is ‘loosely’ based on the comics, heh.

    I think there was a director or two that turned down the film because they wouldn’t let it be rated R.

    As for Gambit dying in this film – won’t happen, his contract is for 3 films and if he comes out being a popular background character (which they’re counting on by including him when he doesn’t belong), he’ll get a bigger role in the sequel to this or other X-related projects.

  16. Meh I love WOlverine still and I love how much he gets used. To be honest there is not such thing as overused for me. I don’t see what you do as far as calling him a goody toshoes. He still kills he is still gruff and still a bad ass. THe new cartoon is excellent in story. It’s got some good depth and is pretty freakin dark.

  17. @Rob
    I actually read way back when they first started discussing the X-Men: Origins films (both Wolverine and Magneto) that they also wanted to do a Deadpool solo film and a Gambit solo film before their ownership of the characters is up. So I think you are spot on about Gambit living through this one. I’d bet on his next appearance being in a solo film, because of the timeline issues of having him appear in Wolverine, which happens before the Xmen films. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they worked Gambit into some future/dream/flash forward sequence in Wolverine. And even though I know he is not a member of Xmen First Class, would anyone be surprised if Gambit appears in First Class? I know I wouldnt.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right about Deadpool’s mask. They are going to want to milk Reynolds for all the teen girls they can get into the theaters. But that wouldn’t bother me if they just made sure to show his un-scarred face BEFORE weapon X experimented on him. Thats how he got the scars (and the healing factor) and they could easily find a way to do that. Especially since Deadpool is a secondary character. It would also be a great way of showing the horrific things done by the weapon x program to people not named Logan. Really set up the bad guy, you know?

    If you get the time/cash whatever, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the new Deadpool series. You could also easily find and download the older Deadpool comics onto your computer and view them with a comic reader program (I use CDisplay, it works great, I highly recommend it) Thats a great way to get to know the character. And if you enjoyed the wikki page on Deadpool, you will enjoy the comics. There is so much good stuff in the Deadpool comics. You won’t be sorry, if you can check it out!

  18. I’ve lost all faith in x-men after the abortion that was the X-men trilogy

    “I loved the first X-Men film”

    sorry but i thought it was crap! No sentinals, no action, no real charactor development, and basically a wolverine wankfest!

    I like wolverine but im sick of all this making out like he’s the best thing in the marvel universe!

    I dont know much about deadpool but so will reserve judgement!

    Gambit is one of my favourite chracters and i was astonded that he wasn’t in any part of the trilogy! Just hope they do him justice at least!

    But my faith in marvel is tainted! X-men and spidy 3 were dreadful! and the buck has to stop with stanlee for sanctioning these films :(

  19. @Rob Keyes
    Your probably right about the Gambit not dying clause. It just that in everyone of the X-Men movies and most superhero movies someone, a well-known comic character in the fanboy commune, has to die that usually had never been killed in the comic world.

    Since it FOX in control, they may decides to FLIP the Deadpool scarring storyline from post Weapon-X to after saying that the projects healing factor would fix the battle scars and also give Deadpool that special power. Pray to God I’m wrong.

  20. Sadly, I think you are right about Deadpool Adrian.

  21. I think that the x-men rocks no matter what.They can put whoever doing whatever .once there is Halle as storm i dont care wolferine,gambit and (halle berry)storm.LOVE,LOVE LOVE THE X-MEN.NO X-MEN WITHOUT HALLE BERRY (STORM)

  22. Okay, here’s my little idea-
    Deadpool and film Gambit are Weapon X experiments, right? Well, maybe we see them as semi-butt kicking non mutant (technically mutate) characters for the majority of the film, then to really give us our narrative hook, get us to really hate the bad guy (Weapon X), they show them basically torturing these people. It gives them awesome powers, wilts off Remy’s stache and turns his eyes red and black, gives Wade some B.A. scars and therefore a reason to wear a mask, and allows them to do some really awesome fighting somewhere before the end of the film, thus setting them up to be anticipated solo films.
    Yay for run on sentences!

  23. If i remember correctly, DeadPool is a mutate. But i am hoping that maybe that Remy was just wearing contacts in that shot so he doesnt scare people

  24. If i remember correctly, DeadPool is a mutate. But i am hoping that maybe that Remy was just wearing contacts in that shot so he doesnt scare people

  25. @michael
    I certainly hope that as well, of course that doesn’t fix the horrible facial hair…

    But the way I see it, they’re gonna mess with his origin regardless, why not make it make sense? I know you can get full sclera contacts, but I doubt the whites would look that real. It would be obviously fake, so not plausible. Not that that would stop them.

  26. I hope the trailer next week gives us a sneak peak at these characters in fighting form and maybe a little insight into how our favourite characters really are made in this film.

  27. @Brandon Foster

    Halle Berry is a TERRIBLE actress, and she made a mess of playing Storm. Should have been Angela Bassett.

  28. I hope the trailer will help some of my nervouse feelings towards this film.

  29. i am a die-hard Gambit fan.
    i’ve seen the trailer. looks freak’in sweet.
    i hope this redeems X-man fans from the hell that X-men:the last stand, was for comic book fans this one look WAY better.
    and i am happy 2 see there finally going to go deeper with weapon-X story.