Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

With the news that DC and Warner Bros. mega-tentpole film Batman vs. Superman won’t be out in theaters until 2016, most of the focus has turned away from the casting of Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, turning instead toward the more surprising recent casting announcement that Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor.

Before Eisenberg stepped into the crosshairs, Gadot certainly got more than her fair share of hate from those who question – or outright criticize – everything from her acting ability to her physique when it comes to playing Wonder Woman. Aside from some interviews overseas (in which she took jabs at her critics) the Israeli actress hasn’t had much to say about her Wonder Woman role; but sometimes, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout  570x319 Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

Click image for larger version

Posted to Gal Gadot’s Facebook Page with the caption, “There’s nothing like a good workout in the morning.. Love it! You?“, this photo is no doubt aimed at those who feel the actress lacks the muscle to be a woman wonder. In our own breakdown of the Wonder Woman casting choice, it was (and remains) somewhat ironic that Gadot’s real-life status as both a former athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force AND a professional model had less bearing on people’s opinion of her Wonder Woman qualifications than her waist or bust size. This photo will perhaps serve as a reminder that A) this woman knows workout regiments, and B) that actresses can transform their bodies in fast turnaround.

…Or it won’t.

Arguing for DC movie casting choices seems to be a loaded task these days – and if anything is abundantly clear, it’s that some fans will not be swayed about their notion that this is all wrong. Gal Gadot’s bicep is unlikely to change that.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

New 52 Wonder Woman

For me, she is looking more and more like the leaner, meaner, armor-clad and sword-wielding Diana we see in the New 52 comic series (which is worth actually reading, for those “fans” wondering) or in the recent Justice League: War animated movie (read our REVIEW).  But that’s just me, and you have your own opinion, so let us know what it is!

Just remember: This is the lady who will be playing Wonder Woman in 3 major DC movies, so be thinking about the long-term when dropping your comment.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Facebook (Gal Gadot) via Coming Soon 

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  1. Oh WOW, now she REALLY looks like WW! Gimme a break!

  2. Aw heck, she just need some spinach!

    This is gonna suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Why are comic book fans upset?”

    Um, maybe, cause unlike you, we grew up on this and deserve better than some woman from stick figure theatre!

    • Did you have the same fake outrage with Linda Carter? they both are the same height and almost the same weight.

      • Linda Carter was fine at the time, but she looked unhealthily skinny to me. I think we want meatier women playing strong roles nowadays. Anyway, they probably won’t Gabot’s role until the very last scene or something, so she most likely still has time to woof down all the protein. I just hope the’s taking acting lessons as well. Her ability to act isn’t very impressive.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve seen better muscles in a plate of spaghetti!

  5. Seriously…
    are we supposed to be impressed by this?

  6. If a picture is normally worth a thousand words, then this photo is only worth one,


  7. If this was the casting for Popeye’s Olive Oil, she’d be perfect!

  8. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe people are taking this seriously!!!

  9. Can not get why people insist this piece of garbage will be a hit…

  10. “New 52 is worth reading”
    If you’ve never read a comic before and know absolutely nothing about Wonder Woman. DC’s screwed her up in the New 52. She went from being a colorful and unique character to a Thor-ripoff. I mean even her costume screams MARVEL. Now she’s just another masculine female who is the bastard child of a god. The story is terrible not to mention the dull Thor-outfit. Low sales are evidence that her New 52 self isn’t working. 32k is extremely low for a Flag series. Last time she hit that low she and the DC universe were rebooted in 1986. -_- if they want to avoid controversy and backlash keep away from the New 52 and keep with the iconic version: the one that is a success and mass-marketable. Give the iconic Wonder Woman a film twist but keep the hateful, sexist, and war-loving New 52 out f Hollywood. -_- I’m all for Gadot and I’m excited for the film. :D but I don’t want “Wonder Herakles, DC’s clone of Thor, bastard child of Zeus, goddess of War!” To ruin the film with his/her over the top violent and blood thirsty ways. I would rather see the diplomat and princess who seeks peace and kicks ass not a murderess. -_-

  11. This movie is going to suck.

  12. Wonder Woman’s gonna be a cheap Thor knock off.

    This movie will be just terrible!

  13. Being that I’ve wanted a WW on film for a couple decades now, my thinking: sure it make suck but they will reboot. They’ve done it for the Supes, Spiderman and they will do it for WW if need be. Just glad there’s the demand. About darn time Warner Bros. They need some serious catching up to do. Sometimes you need to do a bad movie to make it better, than do nothing at all. I’ll judge it when I see it. I’m giving her a chance. But please oh please don’t put WW on screen and then wait a decade or two to put her back up again. Or have M. Night do anything DC related LOL. Remember the live action Avatar movie. Or let’s forget now. Total Sadness. That’s what would suck more! ;)

  14. Has there ever been THE perfect WW on screen ever? Lynda Carter did not have the right physique for WW either. Just like Gal, Lynda was tall and thin – a stick with fun bags. She had her breasts and blue eyes and black hair, but absolutely was she not built like an Amazon. Sure, Lynda Carter was a great WW, but that’s sentimental talk.

    In truth, she was too slight to be a real WW, so in terms of weight, how is she different from Gal? What’s with everybody’s complaining? It’s a mess of contradictions on the forums right now when people claim L.C. was the ultimate WW, yet they want someone strong-jawed, muscular and curvy when Lynda just a third of that and Gal will actually work out to attain the most of it.

    • Gemma Arterton would have had the right physique. Lucy Lawless would have been great had she been cast 10 years ago.

  15. face it, this movie will blow

  16. Its not muscle with her as it is her slight and narrow frame, she was fine in F&F, just not this movie.

  17. Why the heck didnt they pick Rhona Mitra?!? They picked a horrible body type in general. I can careless about her acting at this point. WW is a BA and this chick makes me sick!!!

  18. I was upset too when I first found out then realised I was an being a judgemental idiot. Give her a break people. She can put on muscle just like loads of actors do. Think about Christian Bale in The Machinist vs the Nolan Batman trilogy.

    Wait until we actually see her as Wonder Woman before judging her physique. Then wait until you actually see the movie before you condemn her. Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen both make fantastic Magnetos but are NOWHERE near as muscular as Magneto in the comics.

    Trust me, as a Wonder Woman fan and a person who is sick of the sexism in superhero movies (come on you have to admit that Hollywood is yet to bank on leading female superhero because they think it won’t be successful. Electra and Catwoman were terrible due to no-one banking on them leading to lesser writers, special effects, directors etc) I want and NEED this Wonder Woman portrayal to be fantastic.

  19. Gadot is not Wonder Woman. She’s Wonderwaif. I don’t care how much time she spends in the gym, she’s not going to ever be right for this part.
    That and Affleck as Bats have me turned off to this movie and not willing to give one iota to any possibilities for it.

  20. Everybody keeps saying 2 things that I want to address:
    1) “Just give her a chance, people!”
    2) “Any actor/actress can put on muscle for a role.”

    For the first, let me reiterate something sensible I’ve read. Our concerns are valid. If it’s done horribly, WW may not be back on the big screen for another decade! The stakes are high. There’s no room for this mentality of “give her a chance”–like it’s a new drink at Starbucks and if you don’t like it you can just ask them to make you something else instead for $4.

    A good actress (under the direction of a proper visionary) can convey the justice/composure/innocence/bad@$$ness that we expect from WW. But, for better or worse, superheroes born of a visual media come with a certain set of expectations about what they will look like. Sure there have been attempts to modernize and reboot these things, but icons are icons, and that’s something DC (and Marvel) should be proud of–not ashamed of, as they seem to be (I’m looking at you X-Men).
    Personally, I can “give an actress a chance” on her acting, but her look is what it is. It just is. IMO, the casting director nailed it with Henry Cavill. It’s not a warmongering statement or a slight on the body image of womankind that I expect the casting director to nail it on the WW character too. A look at artist Terry Dodson’s work leaves me feeling like Alison Sweeney would have been a great choice–it’s easier to dye her hair than to build Gal Gadot’s biceps. And, I think, more to the point, it’s not muscle we are clamoring for here–it’s not even about her bustline. It’s her frame–she can be in shape and put on muscle, yes (and good for her), but her frame is SO THIN it just won’t even matter–not even the 10 lbs the camera adds are going to make a difference. It’s not a slight against her. She’s a pretty girl. She’s just not WW. She should never have even been a consideration for this role. It’s awful for her (as a possibly up-and-coming actress, thx to the Fast & Furious franchise) to have been put in this position. Gal Gadot can be described with a lot of nice adjectives, but (physically) POWERFUL is not on that list.

  21. One of the worst part about this criticisms is that even if the critics find out that they are wrong (from casting roles and all other “stuffs”)after the movie is released, they’d never come out to admit that they wrong. Whether you’ll watch the movie or not is non of my business or anybody’s. I for one am looking forward to it.

  22. It seems ironic for fanboys to cite Wonder Woman’s iconic feminist status while simultaneously judging Gal Gadot strictly on her physical appearance.

    • So you when you don`t agree with the `vision’ of directors and producers and all those other `suits`, the best way to defend all those crappy decisions they make is to call you a “fanboy”? I say whatever and f that. If i deem that a movie has been ruined by these horrible casting choices behind these DC characters then I will vote with my wallet and not fork out the ticket prices that require you to sell a kidney just to afford them. I actually hope this flops. It certainly will never belong in the Avengers money making realm.

    • Agreed.

  23. WW abilities have NEVER been from “pumping iron”. She is gifted with magic/demi-god traits and abilities. Lynda Cater was an excellent WW because she carried the attitude and demeanor not just the “look”.

    Amazon are historically greek or eastern mediteranian anyway. IMO the film as a whole will hinge on the Director/Producer/Script anyway. Gal Gadot is a good actress and I think she can pull it off.

    Just please don’t screw this up with cheesy, over-the-top stupid FX to try to show her abilities. The animated versions do it very well withou her being bigger or more massive than all the guys. WW is a princess and a female before a “hero”.

  24. She’s a really great actress and truly beautiful woman who is certainly in excellent physical condition, but is absolutely the wrong body type for WW. It has nothing to do with her beauty or conditioning. She’s blessed with a very svelte shape that is perfect for anything except playing a well known part that has for the past 50 years or so been repeatedly established as a buxom, more classically figured woman. It’s like asking for Eddie Murphy to play Wolverine or Robert Downey Jr to play Hulk

    • What a joke!! Why doesn’t anyone have the nerve to call this what it really is…a JEW-FEST!!! When everyone but 2 of the main stars, are Jews… the math folks..and don’t make rich Jews even richer by giving them your hard earned money…let this crap be what it is..a freaking embarrassment!! You think Cathy lee Crosby was wrong for the part?!? Wait till you see “Wonder KIKE” in action…sorry everyone is so busy trying to be P.C. And can’t admit what is obvious…Jews own Hollywood…along with everything else…and they will turn it into a pile of crap….hope she doesnt steal the GOLDEN lasso…you know how they worship gold.

      • What on earth are you talking about? Nothing you say makes sense.

  25. *sigh* Wonder Woman is supposed to be ATHLETIC. Workout all you want…You need 3 years of training to get there probably. She is beautiful for sure but so dainty that I don’t think she will intimidate a midget villain lol

  26. Seems nearly everyone in the comments has their tights in a bunch. What happened to actually seeing the movie before judging? Anyway, no superhero character has remained the exact same since their creation, and that’s not going to change now. They are always evolving.
    We know almost nothing about the movie or how this actress will do and already it seems people are going nuts over it.

  27. gadoughs arm looks like a piece of knotted spaghetti. R.I.P. DCCU.

  28. Wow…… This looks even worse then I thought. First, they hire Affleck, then they hire eisenberg now they get this anorexia to play wonder women. As a DC fan I am truly disappointed where this is heading. Like Joel Schumacher the biggest threat to the justice league isn’t Darksied or brainiac or even Mongol, it’s Zack Snyder.
    I guess after the release, we can all take comfort in the following: 1- Snyder will never direct for DC again, 2- Affleck will never play a super hero role again ( stick to directing buddy Argo was kick ass) and 3- If someone has half a brain in Warner bros, they’d get Chris Nolan to do all their super hero flicks. This will make Green lantern look like citizen cane.

  29. I also think that Gemma Arterton is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She’s witty, smart and has a strong screen presence in her films. I have a big crush on her so I digress but I’m happy that she wasn’t asked to play wonder women. If I were her, I’d just wait for Christopher Nolan to once again save warner bros and DC from themselves and pull the franchise out of the crapper.
    Man of steel was good right up to the point where the director forgot what superman was all about, SELFLESSNESS.
    There is no way in hell he would have had a street brawl with a super powered being in a populated area.
    Also, the idea that a normal man with gadgets, a bat suit and kryptonite ( because we all know that’s gonna come into play) can beat up a immortal being who can reverse the rotation of the earth mind you is asinine and an insult the Intelligence of the audience. For heavens sake, metallo runs on kryptonite and Supes still kicks his ass. This isn’t a dis to bats I like him very much but this frank miller story crap is just that, crap and to sell it as folklore is crap.