Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

With the news that DC and Warner Bros. mega-tentpole film Batman vs. Superman won’t be out in theaters until 2016, most of the focus has turned away from the casting of Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, turning instead toward the more surprising recent casting announcement that Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor.

Before Eisenberg stepped into the crosshairs, Gadot certainly got more than her fair share of hate from those who question – or outright criticize – everything from her acting ability to her physique when it comes to playing Wonder Woman. Aside from some interviews overseas (in which she took jabs at her critics) the Israeli actress hasn’t had much to say about her Wonder Woman role; but sometimes, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout  570x319 Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

Click image for larger version

Posted to Gal Gadot’s Facebook Page with the caption, “There’s nothing like a good workout in the morning.. Love it! You?“, this photo is no doubt aimed at those who feel the actress lacks the muscle to be a woman wonder. In our own breakdown of the Wonder Woman casting choice, it was (and remains) somewhat ironic that Gadot’s real-life status as both a former athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force AND a professional model had less bearing on people’s opinion of her Wonder Woman qualifications than her waist or bust size. This photo will perhaps serve as a reminder that A) this woman knows workout regiments, and B) that actresses can transform their bodies in fast turnaround.

…Or it won’t.

Arguing for DC movie casting choices seems to be a loaded task these days – and if anything is abundantly clear, it’s that some fans will not be swayed about their notion that this is all wrong. Gal Gadot’s bicep is unlikely to change that.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

New 52 Wonder Woman

For me, she is looking more and more like the leaner, meaner, armor-clad and sword-wielding Diana we see in the New 52 comic series (which is worth actually reading, for those “fans” wondering) or in the recent Justice League: War animated movie (read our REVIEW).  But that’s just me, and you have your own opinion, so let us know what it is!

Just remember: This is the lady who will be playing Wonder Woman in 3 major DC movies, so be thinking about the long-term when dropping your comment.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Facebook (Gal Gadot) via Coming Soon 

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  1. “Time Lord/Steve/Chuck/John/Jason/Stark/Bob/Kelly/Bill/Jeff/Chester/etc./etc./etc./etc.

    Going over your comments on the site (via the over one dozen different user names… trying to obfuscate who you are to support your own arguments?), you are the last person who should be accusing anyone of bias. Seriously.”

    Is this the same guy? Just wondering.

    • Exactly who are you to suggest this? I don’t recognize your username at all.

      If you are affiliated with this website, and you are referring to me, please let me know, via e-mail, if you believe someone is using my credentials. I assure you, this Jeff is not using any other name.

      Perhaps you are just attempting to imply that only one person is against this casting choice? I could make the same wild accusation against those who are for it. Unfortunately, anyone can pretend to be multiple people here.

  2. That was from Vic, by the way, when a few weeks ago he called out that poster with multiple names.

    Just wondering if this Jeff here is the same guy.

    • No, it is not, and if you desire to start questioning people’s identities, how does anyone here know that you aren’t posting under multiple names?

    • Most likely, it is. Personally, I don’t trust or believe anybody that comments on this site, especially in the DC threads. I think they all have multiple names to support their own arguments. This is what happens on sites when there’s no log in, you have no accountability, then it just gets stupid from there.

      • All I’m saying is anybody can be anybody on this site. “Jeff” can be “Superman’s chest hairs” or he could be “Dr. Mindbender” or he could be “Bob” or he could be “Chester”, or anybody else that comments on here or I could be all of them for that matter. There’s no way to know. The avatars can be replicated easily & anybody can post as anybody else. Basically it’s a free for all on this site. Most other sites are not like this.
        It’s easy to sound “right” when 3 other “created” commenters “agree” with you. This site with how’s it’s set up is a Troll’s paradise & 95% of the commenters on here probably are trolls with many screen names.

        • Exactly.
          I find it funny that mostly all of them post on every article ‘agreeing’ with each other. It’s like this is their day job or something.

          • OR we have the so-called legion of “complainers” that was caught to be just one person. That’s just pathetic.

        • Or maybe the movie looks so bad it’s actually different people!

    • Here’s an idea…let the editors/moderators of this site worry about policing it. You making baseless accusations, questioning someone’s credibility without cause, is just as bad as someone who would use multiple names.

      • I don’t know why that reply went to the wrong comment.

        All I’m saying is anybody can be anybody on this site. “Jeff” can be “Superman’s chest hairs” or he could be “Dr. Mindbender” or he could be “Bob” or he could be “Chester”, or anybody else that comments on here or I could be all of them for that matter. There’s no way to know. The avatars can be replicated easily & anybody can post as anybody else. Basically it’s a free for all on this site. Most other sites are not like this.
        It’s easy to sound “right” when 3 other “created” commenters “agree” with you. This site with how’s it’s set up is a Troll’s paradise & 95% of the commenters on here probably are trolls with many screen names.

        • I’m definitely that one guy.

      • I think people sticking up for this garbage film are really Zack Snyder and Gal Gadot in disguise!

  3. 1. She’s training now and she has time before filming starts. We haven’t seen the final product.
    2. She is combat training in addition to weight training so that makes it a challenge to bulk up quickly because she’s burning so many calories. (And we want the combat training b/c it doesn’t matter how jacked she is if she can’t fight then its waste)
    3. For her body type I imagine the hardest part will be keeping the weight on. It would make sense to have her pack on the weight later in the process. (Btw, that means lots of lean meats and carb loading so please stop with the ” she needs a burger/donut comments)
    4. We don’t know the level of her involvement in BvS. Her role may be minimal and we still may not get to see the finished product. Who knows what she’ll look like for her solo.
    5. As mentioned in the article, if their going for the New 52 look then expect a leaner WW.

    I would love to know her regimen. She referred to her “morning workout” but hopefully she’s training 2-3 times day at this point. Some Crossfit style training would go a long way for her. It’s cute that she wants to flex her biceps but it’s her lower body that will make her believable. She has to have some serious lower body power that won’t come from gym machine training. She doesn’t need a burger, she needs to start hitting the squat rack.

    • Amen. She needs to master the squat and deadlift in order to look powerful on screen.

    • She will be training under Mark Twight of Gym Jones. Snyder used him originally to train the cast of 300 and turned to him again to train the cast of MOS. If you read up on Twight his methods utilise some Crossfit techniques but tweaked so he can call them “his own methods” he seems quite elitist but you can’t argue with the results Butler/Cavill etc turned up on screen looking huge, ripped and most importantly powerful. Twight concentrates a lot on front/back/squats/deadlifts in particular. I remember Shannon talking about never working out before then having to do hundreds of variations of squats and another one talking about Cavill on his fourth set of 305 pound front squats when Twight thought he was done and Cavill gritting his teeth driving his heels into the ground and there are some interesting tailpipe workouts as Cavill/Shannon/Traue did for MOS

      • That posted before I was done but you get the general gist I’m sure!

  4. MAKE HER EYES BLUE like they should be….and i’m good with Gadot :-) Come 1st day of shooting she’ll be physically on top of the role :-)

  5. she still looks like a twig

    • Agreed.

  6. Oh yeah the b**** looks tough alright

  7. @Jeff

    I don’t know why you’re so defensive. I’m just questioning if you’re the same person. Here’s an idea, read it again. I’ve not accused you of anything. Paranoid much?

    And as for having multiple screen names, I only got one here and this is it. And just because you haven’t seen my comments before doesn’t mean that I’ve only commented on this post.

    It had just thought it was very funny for Vic to blast that troll since Vic owns the site and even if you put different usernames/e-mails, he can still check your IP address.

    • I still say I’m that one guy.

      Words on a screen, man.

    • I agree that it was right for Vic to reveal that person, and I am glad that he did. When I saw the name “Jeff” among the many usernames, I knew that, on occasion, some might question my identity. You are actually the first since then.

      Again, I think it best to let the editors/monitors police this website, else we could all question each others identities and motives from time to time.

    • I never understood why anyone would use more than one username/account for anything unless it was a personal account on social media and then a business one (I could understand some celebs doing that, business one for fans to comment on, personal that’s set to friends and family only as being able to view it).

      I did that only once and that was to see if my writing and efforts would continue to be ignored if I used another account on a message board but told the owners about it first. Lo and behold, the people that hated me for whatever reasons (jealous, didn’t like my honest, outspoken nature, whatever, I have no clue even though it all ended 5 years ago) praised the hell out of the second account.

      It was pretty funny actually and even funnier to see them all get mad when I got bored, the experiment ran its course and I decided to retire from writing (until some people convinced me to take it up again) by revealing the new guy to be me.

  8. I think she is going to do well, the extra time she will have until the release of the movie well help her out!!!!

  9. I’m glad Gal is aware of the cynics, and I’m one of them. But I believe all of us will be Pleasantly surprised with her performance.

    ** fingers crossed**

  10. If you have a problem with someone else using your username, email Vic and ask him to clarify things out. That’s what Stark did in Open Discussion when “Chuck” used his username, so Vic came to clear him out of it.

    Having registered accounts still wouldn’t stop trolls from making multiple accounts. I know because one particular registered-based-account site had one of its trolls brag about this.

    Welcome to the internet.

  11. Maybe I’m (happily) poisoned by the simply gorgeous Lynda Carter, but I just can’t quite see Gadot as WW.

  12. I’ll withhold my judgement until after I see skinny Gal in full WW costume.

  13. Stick Girl with a couple bumps on those twig arms…not impressed.

    • She’s barely had any time training. Mark Twight will get her there. Have faith.

  14. Thats more like it.

  15. My guess is that the movie will begin during the invasion of earth by Zod covering what batman was up to to try and save the world.

    Bruce Wayne/Batman has a theory that a meteor that landed somewhere deep in the amazon jungle 20 odd years ago might hold the key to defeating the Kryptonians.

    While searching Bruce and his team are captured and taken before her royal highness Princess Diana of the Amazons. Bruce convinces Diana of what is happening and for her to come back and help him which introduces her to the western world.

    Perhaps the trek is partly funded by lexcorp.

  16. You know what’s hilarious to me, people forget that WW’s strength is supernatural-based, gifted from the gods. Thickness of muscles is unrelated. Of course this only holds true in the film if she’s magically powered like the comics.

    I will be curious to see if DC does the right thing and introduces some supernatural elements instead of making it based on aliens or tech.

    • Just like Superman or any other Kryptonian, and yet they still had to hit the gym to get the right look.

  17. well at least it’s more muscle than i have

  18. I wouldn’t piss all over this film project if it was up in flames. On a brighter note I hope it goes up in smoke. I pray for that daily. DC Comics and Warner Bros. SICKENS me for doing this. F THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Nu 52 Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

    • You, my friend, need to reevaluate your life. So much hate for something that you can so easily ignore.

  19. If this picture isin anyway a response to the online response to her casting then I feel very bad for her. She should not have to satisfy the cries of the immature masses.

  20. I was never 100% behind this, but all the detractors are annoying.

    I will say this, even though I think she still has some work to do there, she now has more muscle tone than the Negative Nancy’s Wonder Woman poster girl Jamie Alexander.

  21. This photo will perhaps serve as a reminder that A) this woman knows workout regiments, and B) that actresses can transform their bodies in fast turnaround.

    …Or it won’t.

    I agree, it won’t. An Amazon (although I have yet to read the new 52) is not a lean mean fighting machine.

    An an Amazon is just that a large, strong, aggressive woman, or a parrot. She (no matter how in shape she gets) wont (IMO) meet those. Not even a parrot.

    Im not doubting she wont be in shape. Im not doubting she is not attractive. Im doubting her ability (and body) to portray a Wonder Woman (Amazon) that is most familiar with people.

    • Yeah, because it would be a terrible, terrible thing if a movie actually surprises you in some way.

      Let’s make sure we keep everything exactly the same in every way all the time.

      Did you not see the Lego movie? C’mon… creativity should be celebrated, not sh*t on by the likes of people like you.

  22. why is she being picked as wonderwomen in the 1st place? wonder woman is a powerful female character. no one would of taken xena seriously as a character who could kick butt if she looked like a twig. just like no one would of gave conan the barbarian a 2nd glance if he was played by mr bean instead of arnold schwarzenegger. wonder woman is a warrior. gal gadot looks more like a side kick who flirts with the hero calling the shots.

  23. This whole thing is just funny to me. People will have a huge problem with Gadot but when it comes to Eisenberg, “oh, he will be fine”. Gadot has as much right playing WW as Eisenberg has as much right playing Lex. People then use the whole Eisenberg to Ledger comparison. Well, I will use the Ledger to Gadot comparison. Yes, it’s possible. I just find the arguements mute at this point. If you have an issue with Gadot because she doesn’t “look” the part, then by all means it should apply to Eisenberg. I personally have lost all confidence in this movie but that’s just me. I think they are taking too many chances and a Ledger type of performance only comes around once a decade. Could it happen again? Yes, but right now I have my doubts

    • I have problems with both so I guess at least I’m consistent ;)

      • That’s my thing. At least be consistent LOL. I just laugh seeing people having an issue with Gadot because she doesn’t “fit” the WW role and yet praise the Eisenberg casting. Their argument just contradicts themselves. I will support their vision for the movie but I am also going to criticize their moves until otherwise proven differently when the trailer comes out because I for one am very concerned with the portrayal of these characters. Now if they come out and say this is a new modern take on the characters and it will be completely new to the comics/big screen, then I might be a little more understanding of the moves they made but right now I just don’t see it

        • I too am also concerned. People sometimes comment on my ranting because they think I’m just hating to hate but the truth is, I really care for these characters and want to see justice done to them.

          The Justice League has never been attempted before so, imo they should do a more traditional take on the JL before doing these completely off the wall takes on them or splicing in elements from other great story arcs (aka “older” Batman from Kingdom Come).

  24. that’s supposed to be an improvement?!

  25. i could careless how Gadot or Eisenberg looks, that is just your first impression of someone, i have met people that i thought looked fuked up but as you get to know them they are great, same as hooking up with the hot chick just to find out she’s a nut job….the only thing i question is can she hold down the role of WW, she doesn’t have a solid resume, but that doesn’t stop you from hiring the right person for a job just because they don’t have the work experience.

    • Does it work? This is really the only thing I am concerned about with this. Not their looks or any of that stuff, but do these casting choices work together? People bring up Heath Ledger’s Joker and to me he was great in the role, but a big part of what made it great was that Christian Bale and Heath Ledger just connected on screen and this is what I want to see with these characters.

      • Right. It’s all about chemistry and their vision of what this movie about. Acting wise, they have some good movies on their resumes but as far as playing different characters along with on screen chemistry we won’t know until the trailer comes out

  26. Comic book fanboys are the worst. All of them act like it was them or a family member that wrote these comic books, when they should be thankful that someone decided it was good enough for a movie. Has WW ever appeared in a motion picture this big? No. So why would you spew such vile vitriol for an actress who hasn’t had a chance to prove herself?

    As a fan, I’m embarrassed.

    • Sad, isn’t it?

    • True, unfortunately we live in that world.

    • I have to agree with you. I can understand some that will say, “I’m neutral. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I’ll reserve judgment.” Those that are vehemently spewing filth about the actors/actresses, however, even before the movie has even started filming and not even seeing what these actors/actresses can bring, pretending to be in the right as if their statements are facts, are just sad, sad creatures….Sometimes I worry about the fate of humanity.

  27. okay go ahead and take away opinions from existing in the world! lets go head 1st into everything and we will make an opinion after the stuff has hit the fan. that’s the mistake history keeps making over and over. all i’m doing and many others are looking at other options and not being hard headed about using other possibilities. excuse me for having a voice.

  28. What bicep? Her arms looks like a little twig!

  29. Nah, a twig is larger!