Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

With the news that DC and Warner Bros. mega-tentpole film Batman vs. Superman won’t be out in theaters until 2016, most of the focus has turned away from the casting of Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, turning instead toward the more surprising recent casting announcement that Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor.

Before Eisenberg stepped into the crosshairs, Gadot certainly got more than her fair share of hate from those who question – or outright criticize – everything from her acting ability to her physique when it comes to playing Wonder Woman. Aside from some interviews overseas (in which she took jabs at her critics) the Israeli actress hasn’t had much to say about her Wonder Woman role; but sometimes, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout  570x319 Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

Click image for larger version

Posted to Gal Gadot’s Facebook Page with the caption, “There’s nothing like a good workout in the morning.. Love it! You?“, this photo is no doubt aimed at those who feel the actress lacks the muscle to be a woman wonder. In our own breakdown of the Wonder Woman casting choice, it was (and remains) somewhat ironic that Gadot’s real-life status as both a former athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force AND a professional model had less bearing on people’s opinion of her Wonder Woman qualifications than her waist or bust size. This photo will perhaps serve as a reminder that A) this woman knows workout regiments, and B) that actresses can transform their bodies in fast turnaround.

…Or it won’t.

Arguing for DC movie casting choices seems to be a loaded task these days – and if anything is abundantly clear, it’s that some fans will not be swayed about their notion that this is all wrong. Gal Gadot’s bicep is unlikely to change that.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

New 52 Wonder Woman

For me, she is looking more and more like the leaner, meaner, armor-clad and sword-wielding Diana we see in the New 52 comic series (which is worth actually reading, for those “fans” wondering) or in the recent Justice League: War animated movie (read our REVIEW).  But that’s just me, and you have your own opinion, so let us know what it is!

Just remember: This is the lady who will be playing Wonder Woman in 3 major DC movies, so be thinking about the long-term when dropping your comment.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Facebook (Gal Gadot) via Coming Soon 

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  1. Forget muscles, how about those acting skills?

    • Being about 4 feet tall doesn’t help either…

      …OK, I am exaggerating, but not by much.

      • By about a foot and 9 inches. Gadot’s height is above average.

        • Wonder Woman is 6ft tall. Taller in her high-heeled boots.

          I hope for her sake that she’s not done building.

          • Wolverine is 5’3″ while Hugh Jackman is 6′ plus.

            A film version being within a few inches in height is just fine. I’d be more focused on acting, plot, effects. Those things are important.

          • You realise Hobbits don’t exist, right? Height is not a factor in movie making, if it was Tom Cruise wouldn’t have a career.

      • Filming actors and actresses to make them look taller is a trick that has been around since the dawn of cinema. Height is a non-issue.

      • actually, that’s one of the few things that was really never in question.

  2. I really hope this is her before picture Lol…

    • ROTFLMAO!!! I fell out my seat, when I read this.

  3. i have more muscle in my toes.

    • Lay off the steroids maybe?

      • Christ, I just burst out laughing! The mental image…

    • Muscle that is covered by fat and flab doesn’t count.

  4. Oh the negativity. I think she’ll do great.

  5. This demonstrates what terrible casting this is for Wonder Woman.

  6. NO NO NO she’s got too much muscle now I dont want my wonder woman to look like arnold Schwarzenegger.

  7. Haters gonna hate. She is going to kill it. Gadot’s got my support.

    • And what if she doesn’t nail it ? It’s good to have a little faith; but what if, as the movie unfolds before your eyes…you’re like, ” Darn…only if they had cast what’s her name…”

      • Admit that I was wrong; if she indeed fumbles her once in a lifetime opportunity. But taste is relative anyway. Like or hate it there’s always going to be someone around to think the opposite.

      • Since you complainers seem to love that question, I will ask it of YOU: What if Gadot (and Eisenberg and Affleck and fill-in-the-blank_____, if you want to be all-encompassing) DOES kill it and make us believe she is WW and succeeds stunningly well? You and your fellow complainers will (of course) come into this forum with tail(s) firmly planted between your legs and admit you were wrong…right?


        • If Eisenberg does a convincing Lex Luthor, as in true to the way he is portrayed in the comics, I will gladly come into this forum with my tail firmly planted between my legs and admit I was wrong. You can quote me on that when the time comes.

          On the same token, should we expect you to recognize short comings of the movie if they arise? Then we have a deal for 2016.

          • I have QUITE OFTEN admitted I was wrong about something (or have, at the very least, realized WHY someone had a different perspective and admitted that view’s viability), so I have NO problem doing so again (although I doubt I’ll have to for this film, judging by all I’ve seen/heard about its production). I have serious doubts the whiners will be as willing to come forth. If they do show up, I suspect they will have moved on to the next topic (thus, the next opportunity to whine).

            Then again, I haven’t been constantly complaining about any of this stuff since time immemorial (with the exception of my disbelief in and sadness about IM3’s success…and, of course, about the whiners, themselves 😉 ).


          • Oh, and just so we’re utterly clear:

            NObody thinks Eisenberg is going to be exactly like the comic book version of Lex, so I am talking about if he captures the essence of the character and portrays a Lex Luthor encompassing brilliant menace, love of power, disdain for those below him, suspicion/hatred of Superman/aliens, and certainty of his plan(s) for Metropolis and the world.

            Just so there’s no confusion, given how you phrased that initial, seemingly straightforward sentence…

            • Well, that’s the thing, for me Lex Luthor is already perfect the way he is and I don’t think he needs to be revamped at all.

              When Eisenberg was cast, a lot of people threw around the Ledger casting to justify it, but the thing is that Ledger was THE Joker and Einsenberg is going to be A Lex Luthor but not THE Lex Luthor.

              So you see where I am coming from this is what I wrote when he landed the role:

              “Now seriously, I am trying, I really am, but I just can’t see him as the millionaire pal of Bruce Wayne… I can’t see him next to Ben Affleck and make sense of that picture… Lex and Bruce can’t be that different, they are in theory going to be together against the “alien” at some point in the story…

              Sure Eisenberg can play genius but I struggle to see him playing presidential and I think that’s what you need for this role. Lex, as much as Bruce Wayne, is not just the smartest guy in the room, he can also be the most charming and most likeable. Do you guys remember the likeability factor comment from the junior lawyer to Eisenberg in The Social Network movie? Well, it was spot on, this guy is just not likeable.

              Lex has Metropolis eating out of his hands. Lex has a confidence and a presence that I can’t see in Eisenberg. Eisenberg can pull being mean, arrogant and all that, but he is not a popular charmer at all. In fact, Eisenberg is quite the opposite. With all his fast talking and that face, he is a guy that makes you violent and wanting to slap him almost instantly. I get that irritating factor can be well played in the script (Kofi already alluded to this), but Lex should be somehow easy to like, no?

              For me Lex should be more like a Gordon Gekko, loads of charisma, likeable villain, fooling everybody but a mofo in the end.”

              • Right, here’s my thing. The whole Eisenberg/Ledger comparison is nice and all but those Ledger type of performances that changes the face of a franchise only comes around maybe once a decade or so. Point being that it’s very rare and with this movies you generally are counting on 3 actors/actress on providing that kind of performance. Now I believe Batfleck has the chops to pull it off but the wild cards are Eisenberg and Gadot. I hope they pull it off. I want them to pull it off but to say that I have full confidence in them is not accurate at this point. I do have my doubts but I am also not going to favor one and not the other because they both don’t fit the “look” of their characters. Spin it all you want, it’s fact but I also think they can provide a new look into these characters that will be very different from the comics/older past movies. I am willing to give these actors a “wait and see” until the trailer is out and then pass judgement. I wasn’t on board with these castings and it has taken me some time to get used to Snyder’s vision but now I am going to support it until we get that trailer that shows me otherwise

  8. Yeah – uhhh, better get some of that Hollywood ‘roids or some HGH. Or, even better don’t post pics like that olive oil. 😉

    • In all honesty she just posted a regular ol’ pic on her Facebook page. We’re the ones who take this and immediately apply it to “this MUST look as close to the final physique of Wonder Woman as possible.”

  9. She still doesn’t do it for me. But I’m sure she’s going to surprise a lot of people…perhaps myself included. I want this film to do good…but I still wish they had given Henry Cavil more time in another solo outing.

    • @al

      I so agree. As divided as many were on Man Of Steel, it’s safe to say that audiences were interested more in seeing an improved, superior Superman sequel first that an rushed Justice League movie.

      Any solo Wonder Woman movie following this Justice League film , just will not have the same novelty about it either.

      • Although MOS made a profit, there is no…or I should say “little”…debate that it underperformed and was not, by any means, a critical success. I believe the studio is painfully aware of this, and thus, the disguised Justice League movie, instead of a true sequel.

  10. “Fans” are f*cking ridiculous. Wonder Woman has never been portrayed as some masculine, beefy amazon. Lynda Carter was not a muscular woman and every single animated movie/series Wonder Woman is lean muscled and nobody freaks out. Wonder Woman’s strength comes from her character and personality, plus she’s magic so she doesn’t need to be a damn bodybuilder. Gal will look great. She’s still working out. Hell, as is she’s fine. I’m just more worried about her ability to pull off Diana’s personality which is more important.

    • At least you understand the argument I’ve been trying to make.

      • That makes three of us then.

        I dare anyone posting negative comments to look at female fitness models (current and former, like Trish Stratus for example back in her heyday before pregnancy or Jackie Haas-Gayda) for the kind of perfect physique Gal could go for to suit this role. You know, something that shows some definition without being way too big like a lot of you assume she should be.

      • i’m with you, i want a wonder woman not a wonder she-man

    • …and apparently, you’re the type of “fan” (blind allegiance) who could accept and justify anyone in a role…

      • Nah, I just see the potential in people and don’t criticize sh*t before it happens.

    • +1. It’s getting exhausting how much “fan rage” is going on about this when most, if not all, of it is just beyond ridiculous. Gal Gadot is actually committing herself to fit the role and there’s still no appreciation.

    • My problem is she isn’t a good actor in any films she was in, and to be quite honest she’s just bland every time she speaks.

  11. No matter what she does none of you will be satisfied , have fun being miserable because she is still Wonder Woman.


    • People just b*tch for the sake of b*tching. These so called “fans” are so caught up in their fantasies and their own personal favorite iterations of these characters they forget their are more than one version. And that their preferred version is not THE definitive version.

  12. There is a link that reads “Click image for larger version” To which I say; NO amount of clicks can enlarge those puny biceps. Gadot is certainly beautiful but Wonder Woman is an AMAZON that is lean but mean. I hope she pulls a Keaton/Ledger and does great because so far, it’s not looking so promising.

  13. A picture is worth a 1,000 words????? What this picture wasnt worth was an article… This campaign is really becoming embarrasing…

    Kofi, why dont you write about the documentary made by Canal+ in France on Marvel and Hollywood? Latino Review already covered it. I can assure it is more interesting that this pic.

      • Oh C’mon! You call that “covered”?

        It doesn’t even appear in the title of the article (wow, what a relevance!) and it only shows the copied and pasted synopsis with no value added. When I said “why don’t you write about it”, I meant commenting with your own words. How can you proudly paste that link?

        Look, 2016 is really far off and if you are gonna keep commenting on every little fart about this movie, people are going to get tired of it and saturated. This news was a no event and it only served the purpose of attracting more negative comments. Basically it doesn’t do the movie any favors. It’s not helping.

        You might not want to believe me but I like DC, I loved the Nolan trilogy (TDK is in my opinion the best CBM ever), I haven’t even been bothered by the castings of Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot (I am very much annoyed with Eisenberg though), and I certainly want the movie to do great. Once that’s said, there is something about the endless way you guys defend everything about this movie that is starting to put me off. I was as neutral as it gets but your defense is really overwhelming.

        The radicals/haters/trolls are a lost cause, but you might want to think about how you might alienate the moderate ones by taking such a strong stand. Please give it a rest, give some breathing space to this movie and let things cool down. People will come around, but not by forcing them.

  14. Aww. This is cute. It’s still a tiny bicep but she’s getting there. Let’s go Gal!!

    And critics just gonna criticize.

    “She’s too small! She’s not strong enough!”

    ~She’s a former athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force…

    “But can she act though? I bet she can’t act!!!”

    ~I suppose her role in the F&F series means nothing. And if it does have some significance, then why would you still question whether she can act or not? She got cast for a reason.

    “She doesn’t look the part!!!”

    ~She’s more light-Mediterranean than anyone we’ve ever had…

    “But she’s tiny and she has no titties!”

    ~Oh, get a f***in life you dolts…

    • “I suppose her role in the F&F series means nothing.”

      Yes. Being cast in an action movie known for it’s bad acting means very little.

      “She got cast for a reason.”

      Really? That’s your argument? “This supermodel with minimal acting experience must have been given a role in the latest Hollywood blockbuster for a reason. That proves she’s a good actress; what other reason could there be?” I guess Brooklyn Decker must be a great actress as well; how else did she land a role in Battleship?

      • Are you really going to compare these two?

        You’re going take a random sports model who had a throwaway role that I can’t even recall in one of the crappiest movies of the last decade, that crapped on a childhood game and featured RIHANNA and a dude who they went way too far out of their way to give an awkward hero moment…

        …and compare her casting to that of an actress who has multiple roles in a very successful film franchise, who has real-world experience that is actually relevant to her role as a super-heroine, who’s been cast in one of the biggest, most anticipated movies of the decade, in one of the most iconic female roles in modern history, in an unprecedented appearance, by a director who has an AMAZING history of casting in action flicks (Watchmen, 300, Man of Steel)…

        And you’re going to act like they’re the same? Really?

  15. She will never be Wonder Woman. Put a fork in it.

    • You mean she will never be your preferred version of Wonder Woman.

    • Too late, she’s already Wonder Woman. Millions of people will watch this movie, and to them, she is the Wonder Woman for this generation.

      • Six years ago people were saying that about whatshisface- the guy from that Superman movie Bryan Singer directed. A Superman for this generation*

        *until it gets rebooted in a couple of years.

        • lol

          Exactly what I was thinking.

      • Beware…

        You are absolutely correct. What SOME (ahem) people fail to realize, regarding the comparison to Brandon Routh is that his portrayal of Superman was not nearly as lauded as Cavill’s. Even many people who utterly hated MOS (for whatever bizarre reason, imo) still found Cavill AT LEAST acceptable as the character…many more people have happily embraced him as the new Superman. Routh never had that level of support, so until we see at least some solid piece of Gadot’s WW, SOME (ahem) people’s comparison is silly and moot.

  16. Leaner and Meaner…she was already lean to the point of being too think so that argument is invalid.
    Everyone is talking about her body, I’m worried about the acting. Is this REALLY the actress they think can carry a solo franchise on her own? I’ve seen nothing in her acting resume to suggest that. WIth this casting, I’ve actually given up hope on solo films.

  17. Also, I would like for people to LET GO OF LINDA CARTER!! Let her Wonder Woman GOOOOOOOO!
    Her version of Wonder Woman is about 30-40 years out of date. Stop comparing the WW of now, to 40 years ago.
    Yes, she is buff, based on comic book standards of NOW, not when Wonder Woman first came out.

      • yes, because the biceps were the only thing we ever looked at. Carter had other “assets”.

        • …and are those the characteristics you’re using to judge the portrayal of WW? If not, don’t bring them up as a support of why we should be looking down on this casting choice.

          • From a physical standpoint and actually LOOKING like the iconic character from the comics? Hell yes I am since that’s all I can judge right now.

            And I know what you where thinking when I used the word, “assets” but bust size is not as big a deal as her actual body form. Carter had/has an hourglass figure and 10-15 lbs on Gadot who has a banana or rectangular body (ie no hips). You can fake the bust to a certain extent (depending on the costume) but the general body shape is much more difficult to change and not look completely fake.

            • Attractive? Check.

              Brunette? Check.

              Tall (enough for filming purposes)? Check.

              Trained to fight? Check.

              EVERYthing else? Don’t know yet. THAT is the point.

              Hmmm…She seems fine so far.

              • Those are some pretty damn broad criteria you have listed there.

                I could pick out 1000 tall, good looking brunettes and NONE will remotely match WW’s look.

                The only thing she has in her favor is some combat training but that simply gives her a step up and doesn’t make her an expert with say the sword and shield.

                • These are, currently, the ONLY physical criteria we have on which to judge her. As for her thinness, you really don’t think that Snyder, et al, didn’t NOTICE that particular physical characteristic (as well as its implications) when they gave Gadot the role? Really? Why keep criticizing until you have something more tangible to go on?

                  As for not being an expert with the sword and shield after the training she is (and will be) undergoing, you are RIGHT. No one is expecting her to head off to the Crusades or to build a temple to Athena or Ares. She ALSO will not REALLY be able to glide on air currents or call forth inescapable truth by tossing a magically-created/enhanced, looped length of rope around someone. Your point?

  18. I clicked on the image for a larger version, but her arm was still small :[

  19. Before anyone makes a comment about her boobs, just remember what can be done with makeup and wardrobe. Case in point: Cameron Diaz in “The Mask” and Kiera Knightly in “Pirates of the Carribean”.

  20. …no pressure

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  22. I think she will do great. I personally feel horrible that everyone’s bashing on her. Sure, this role is her first major life changing role, but just because that’s true doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give her a chance. As for those muscles, I could care less if she stops where she is or continues, it’s the character that matters for Wonder Woman! Not her looks, that is why I hope DC goes a different route and doesn’t have her looks being taken advantage of for more money (See: Scarlett Johanson in CapAmerica2 Poster)

  23. She need at least the body of oksana grishina

  24. Nope not convinced . Whoever is in charge of the promotion /marketing of this Justice League movie needs to be sacked. There is already enough negative perception with all the casting choices and this picture doesn’t help matters.

    Nothing against Gal at all. She’s obviously determined to prove all the haters wrong, and if she ultimately does , then I will be more than happy in supporting her. If she can at least get close to the body temple of Scarlett Johannson then things can still be good for this movie.

    Still waiting for some news about this movie to convince me that it will work, but nothing yet so far.

  25. When does she get the implants to match Wonder Woman’s large assets?

  26. Look at that Olsen twin girl. She said that she’s not gonna look like her counter part scarlett witch because of her size/not realistic for. I don’t see people talking s*** about that.

    • Ever wonder if it’s not the look, but the acting talent? Elizabeth Olsen already proved her chops in Martha Macy May Marlene. What did Gadot ever do? Her best role was that one hot chick from Fast Five, oh she’s perfect for the side character of Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel.

  27. I’ve seen bigger spiders knee-caps!! Only kidding… I think she will be great… I’m rooting for this movie and all the actors involved. Keep up the good work Gal :-) Make them eat their words!

  28. What a laugh I got from this pic! Just adorable. She’s like a small child who wants to impress after you instruct, “Now make a big muscle.”

    Don’t know who was more miscast…her or Eisenberg, but after seeing this pic, I’m leaning in her direction.

  29. Nope not convinced. Whoever is in charge of the media / promotion for this movie needs to be sacked. There is already enough negative perception of this movie with all the weird casting choices. These pictures certainly do not help.

    Nothing against Gal at all. She’s obviously determined to prove all the doubters wrong and if she does it then I will fully support her. If she can get anywhere close to the body temple of Scarlett Johannson then this movie may have a chance. Though the mere fact that her limited acting experience is not even being talked about yet just shows what a big gamble this whole thing is.

    Still waiting for something positive to come out from this Justice League movie. Nothing ye so far.

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