Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

With the news that DC and Warner Bros. mega-tentpole film Batman vs. Superman won’t be out in theaters until 2016, most of the focus has turned away from the casting of Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, turning instead toward the more surprising recent casting announcement that Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor.

Before Eisenberg stepped into the crosshairs, Gadot certainly got more than her fair share of hate from those who question – or outright criticize – everything from her acting ability to her physique when it comes to playing Wonder Woman. Aside from some interviews overseas (in which she took jabs at her critics) the Israeli actress hasn’t had much to say about her Wonder Woman role; but sometimes, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout  570x319 Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

Click image for larger version

Posted to Gal Gadot’s Facebook Page with the caption, “There’s nothing like a good workout in the morning.. Love it! You?“, this photo is no doubt aimed at those who feel the actress lacks the muscle to be a woman wonder. In our own breakdown of the Wonder Woman casting choice, it was (and remains) somewhat ironic that Gadot’s real-life status as both a former athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force AND a professional model had less bearing on people’s opinion of her Wonder Woman qualifications than her waist or bust size. This photo will perhaps serve as a reminder that A) this woman knows workout regiments, and B) that actresses can transform their bodies in fast turnaround.

…Or it won’t.

Arguing for DC movie casting choices seems to be a loaded task these days – and if anything is abundantly clear, it’s that some fans will not be swayed about their notion that this is all wrong. Gal Gadot’s bicep is unlikely to change that.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Gal Gadot Reveals Wonder Woman Workout Photo

New 52 Wonder Woman

For me, she is looking more and more like the leaner, meaner, armor-clad and sword-wielding Diana we see in the New 52 comic series (which is worth actually reading, for those “fans” wondering) or in the recent Justice League: War animated movie (read our REVIEW).  But that’s just me, and you have your own opinion, so let us know what it is!

Just remember: This is the lady who will be playing Wonder Woman in 3 major DC movies, so be thinking about the long-term when dropping your comment.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Facebook (Gal Gadot) via Coming Soon 

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  1. Gina Carano Should have been the pick for Wonder Women. She has all the tarts for that comic book superhero. Sooo upset to find out she was not picked for the roll.

    • Gina Carano is ugly so not happening haha

    • It’s either you have a very aggressive spell check in your phone that you never even bothered to read what you posted or that you are too young to know the difference.

    • No. Porn-star Mackenzee Pierce should be Wonder woman since she has the physique and breasts.

  2. She’s a joke. She should of had the good sense to deny the role.

  3. slap in the face for all the comic books fan out there . she is not fit physically to play that role. and her acting is not that strong either. gina carano or ronda rousey how about that for wonder woman

    • Gal is a bad actress – Lists two actress’ that are worse than her.

      • lool, very true.

      • Kristen Stewart
        Shailene Woodley

    • It takes years to be properly trained as an actor and only a couple of months to build up the muscle for a part. at the end of the day I’d rather have acting ability as a foundation for a part that important. character comes first then physical appearance. I’m tired of watching movies being palooted by M.M.A fighters, wrestlers and athletes in general. acting has to come first. and any ways all thous fight scenes in the movies are choreographed staged and edited so the fighting experience and athletic ability isn’t really that necessary to begin with.

      • I guess this is where we greatly differ. I don’t want to see skinny twerps ‘with great acting skills’ trying to be Hercules, He-man, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Anyone can ‘act’ if the director has the patience to get what exactly what he/she wants on the screen, but it’s hard to make appearances look authentic. Muscle suits, stacked heels, and fake mustaches can only do so much. I’d much rather have people that physically look the part, especially in movies that have action. Great ‘actors’ can go do a play or something. They can do Shakespeare or Broadway or whatever.

        • Will anyone here argue that Christopher Reeve is embodiment of Superman on screen? No, I have never once heard anyone diss Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman because he was a phenomenal actor. Did you know that Christopher Reeve was also incredibly scrawny? He was so scrawny, in fact, that they had to pad his suit. Acting should always come before looks, Chris Pratt was hired to play Star Lord and then hit the gym, body tone can always be changed.

    • Gina Carano is ugly so not happening haha

  4. I personally like Gal as WW, the casting I am not happy with is Affleck for Batman…He will be horrible. Gal is hot and I enjoy her style.

    • I agree with you haha

  5. I personally like Gal as WW, the casting I am not happy with is Affleck for Batman…He will be horrible. Gal is hot and I enjoy her style. I think the movie will be ok, I just hope aside from Ben’s role the movie will be great to make up for the bad Batman casted.

  6. I believe Lynn Collin from John Carter of Mars is perfect for the cast of Wonder woman; From Fighting skills; Muscular tone; Exotic Amazonian Looks; I believe she’ll make a great wonder woman as I portrait her to be; I have nothing against gal Gadot; I believe she’s a Stunningly beautiful woman; I love her on Fast furious Franchise, However; She’s too “model” skinny like; I got my hopes up when she says ” I will gain body mass” however from the looks of it; not much has change.

    I believe physical appearance for such long awaited “movie” is very important; I hope She can live up to the part as real wonder woman should be; If not, why make the movie at all? Thats why I think Lynn Collins is perfect for wonder woman ;

    also for “Gal” never hurts to have larger breast lol

  7. butterfly filet

  8. Gal Gagot as Wonder Woman would not be my choice. Her personality as a feminist icon Wonder Woman from the golden age to the new 52. She does not fit. I been reading comics most of my life. I love what Wonder Woman has become until the new 52 began. Gal Gagot has a future in film but not when it comes to Wonder Woman. Some of you have her back & some do not. I work with women at my firm. Never even knew they were comic book readers until Gal Gagot was cast to be Wonder Woman. Man were they angered. Me personally I believe Wonder Woman should be played by someone with the same personality and what Wonder Woman stands for. I can name a few but I will not because the 3 I have in mind are big time men haters but love men. Anyway, it happened, and now you got to wait to see if she flops or succeeds. Hey most men just proved they like a thicker girl thanks to Zach Snyder casting Gal Gagot. So, do not be to angered, we love women with some meat on their bones. Go read all the comments on the World Wide Web. That Jesse guy as Lex, I am confused about that. I don’t know what he did to prove he can pull it off. I guess we will see what happens. Big Ben as Batman, yeah, I didn’t think Bale could pull it off. He did. Ben probably can too. My conclusion to this comment is that The Film business will do whatever they want. If it was my movie. I would want Wonder Woman to bring in my female viewers. I don’t think this film will, but I can not go past the present.

  9. Gal will Play a Perfect role for Wonder Woman.! And will prove it.! :D

    • I personally think Bridget Regan would have been totally hot and acceptable for the role of wonder woman skiing oh legend of the seeker

  10. Ok, think long term you say…FLOP, Flop, recast lead (too late) Flop.

    It will set on the shelf right next to Dare Devil and Cat Woman.

  11. haha. the writer said her bicep might change our point of view like her bicep is big or something? If she really is a work-out guru and know her regimens why (in 4 months -between the announcement and the photo) has she gained a minimal amount of body mass?!It’s seriously not hard to take on body-weight, especially if thats YOUR JOB. Like thats basically all you have to do – work out- eat/drink protein- work out! I’m a trainer, and I know if she was REALLY trying to gain mass.. she would look bigger by now. I know its hard to balance gaining weight and keeping agility, but like i said. If thats your job- it shouldnt be that hard to achieve. Wonder Woman was made out of CLAY for goodness sake, her goddess of a mother would NOT make woman that could be broken like a twig, and besides that, all they do in Themyscira is battle one another.. trust me her body type wouldn’t remotely look anything like Gal’s. I will blame Warner Bros forever if this movie tanks.

  12. Have Gina Carano play the scenes, CGI her with Gal’s face and dub her voice, and pay Gina 20% of Gal’s salary and pay both a piece of the gross. Everybody wins. And Carano’s not ugly, she is just a fighter.

  13. WTF Carano is NOT ugly. She is in fact quite beautiful. She would have been perfect but alas the DC lovers will get a flop of a movie with a woman that looks like a Twig,

  14. I hope I’m wrong but I struggle to see Gal bringing the necessary physicality to the role. Yes Wonder Woman has never been depicted as overly muscular, but she has been depicted as athletic and strong. Looking at Gal’s most recent photos it doesn’t seem that she has made much effort to get into that kind if shape. I would have struggled to see Batman or superman as credible heros if their actors hadn’t made the effort to get into superhero shape, no matter how well they acted out the role. There is no way a size zero actor will appear authentic as an Amazonian warrior.

    It’s a shame Wonder Woman was the perfect platform for Hollywood to show the mainstream that strong is sexy. A chance to finally move away from the size zero image the media likes to perpetuate.

  15. She’s going to need a lot more than that to be wonder woman!

  16. she gained weight since casting though i dont think its fair for her or anyone else to train like crazy they should have picked someone more musclar but now its to late – at least she puts in the effort – its not her fault they picked her

    im sure whoever casted the actor have more data about what they need for the film than us

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  18. Gal Gadot and Ben Boston, Brooklyn Affleck or whatever his name is are gonna suck hard. Talk about major miscasting.