Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Costume Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

It’s odd that even after all these years of superhero blockbusters, a hero or heroine’s costume can still be the biggest symbol of what direction a film will take – or the exact opposite. An audience’s first look at a superhero suit is always certain to draw mixed reactions, but in the case of Wonder Woman, casual and diehard fans alike took their time to process Gal Gadot’s new outfit when it was revealed at Comic Con 2014.

Gadot’s casting may have been deemed ‘controversial,’ but the costume itself received a surprisingly warm reception. But the lack of the classic red, white and blue color scheme isn’t lost on former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter. However, her reservations point to one fact that should be clear by now: the Wonder Woman of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman is no longer just an ‘American’ icon.

The lack of any outrage or controversy surrounding the first image of Gadot in costume may be partly due to the fact that there aren’t other examples for fans to compare – aside from the one made famous on television by Lynda Carter. As one of the few women to play the role of Diana in live-action, Carter’s opinion of Gadot was understandably sought not long after her casting was announced.

The actress seemed pleased to hear that anyone was getting the chance to don the tiara and lasso on film, but with the suit revealed, Access Hollywood asked for her initial reaction to Diana’s new duds:

“Well, I was missing the red, white and blue, I have to say… I don’t know. I haven’t seen it yet, so I really can’t comment. Maybe there’s a lot more color in it than what we saw in the picture.”

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Costume Lynda Carter Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

Those sentiments have been expressed by plenty, with Zack Snyder’s love of releasing monochrome or stylized images of his principal cast maintaining suspense (and for some, concerns). While it’s safe to assume that Wonder Woman’s costume will be more colorful than the first image, it’s all but confirmed that the primary color scheme of the past has been cast aside.

That might come as a disappointment to those who view the comic book version – or Carter’s – as the ‘true’ look of the character. But there’s good reason for the lack of the “red, white and blue” noted by Carter, and it stretches far beyond the cosmetic.

Take a look, if you will, at the costume worn by Carter in the 1970s, and see if a certain… national identity is being subtly hinted at:

Lynda Carter American Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

For us, the fact that Zack Snyder wasn’t interested in bringing an all-American Wonder Woman to his film universe was made abundantly clear when he cast an Israeli-born actress in the role. The idea of a Wonder Woman who wasn’t light-skinned, blue-eyed, or American was problematic for many, but the most common explanation heard for why Batman V Superman‘s Diana wouldn’t be played by an American was a simple one: Wonder Woman isn’t American to begin with.

Snyder isn’t alone in that belief either, as DC Comics has also implemented a similar shift away from the character’s classic depiction. Although Diana was first introduced with a golden eagle on her chest, and wrapped in the American flag, the Wonder Woman on comic stands today has shed much of that imagery.

Although comic book superheroes have risen to the level of “American myths” (according to star Ben Affleck) the idea of nationality or ‘jurisdiction’ in superhero fiction has drastically changed. As globalization and technology have shrunk the world, the idea of bona fide ‘superheroes’ protecting their home states has ended. And if Wonder Woman is expected to take issue with the struggles of women in a male-dominated world, America doesn’t have a monopoly on the problem.

Wonder Woman Costume Origin Comic Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

Although Clark Kent may always possess the values of a Kansas farmboy (as he explains at Man of Steel‘s close, he’s “about as American as you can get”), ideas of nationality or citizenship is complicated when you can cross an ocean in minutes – and didn’t come from Earth in the first place. But it’s been years since comic writers and artists realized that an American identity for Diana doesn’t make much sense. It seems Snyder simply agrees.

Eager to point out the more important issue, Carter went on to explain that Gadot and her colleagues have bigger challenges than what message is sent by their character’s costume:

“It’s almost impossible to play a superhero anyway. You can’t. You just have to play a character that happens to do these amazing things. That’s the only way you can do it. And the costumes all take care of themselves.”

“I’ll have to wait and see. I hate to comment on something that I haven’t seen and I’m very supportive of Gal Gadot. I’m very supportive of them doing Wonder Woman, putting her in any capacity. I think she needs to be out there. … It’s high time somebody took a chance and did it and so I’m really happy about that.”

We tend to agree; it’s far better to hear fans debate the color or design of Wonder Woman’s movie costume than it is to wonder when people will ever get to see it. What do you think of Snyder’s step away from portraying Wonder Woman as an ‘American’ icon? Is Wonder Woman a heroine for every country, or do you have your concerns?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016.

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Source: Access Hollywood

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  1. Welp, it’s official. I’ll be passing on this movie. It is a utter comedy at this point what they are doing behind the scenes.

    • Hey Adam…don’t let the door hit your vagina on the way out. What a ridiculous way to judge a complete production – which, by the way is not even close to being finished – from a couple of casting decisions, photos and blogs. Damn – you’re thin headed.

      • *thick

      • …”thick”…headed.

  2. Diana is from Themiscyra. She’s not American.
    As an illegal immigrant, she’ll be deported if she ever comes to Texas. :)

  3. A movie of Xena and another movie of Wonder Woman should have already been made long ago, the mid 1990′s starring Lucy Lawless.

    • Uh, Xena didn’t even premiere until 1995, and didn’t end until the 2000′s…

      • 1995 is the mid 90s.

    • I like Bridget Regan from Legend Of the Seeker (2008). I wish that had given the Wonder Woman part to her.

  4. I wish I could upvote some of these comments. This movie is guaranteed to make more money overseas than in the US anyway.

  5. i personally like this costume better than the original boring red white and blue

  6. What’s weird, is when this picture came out years ago, the internet and fanboys around the world all seemed to agree that this is the direction a modern movie version of the costume should go:

    • She should look like a guy in drag?

  7. “Author: Richard Bagg”

    Well…RAZORDORK you FAIL again….. when you master the English language maybe you’ll understand. Until then, go get a job and become a useful person to society, instead
    of spending your days on comment boards.

    That was perfection! Flawless use of grammar & punctuation. 10/10

    • Plus it was funny as s***. Again, bravo!

      • lol It was pretty funny. I love laughing at guys like that fine articulate gentleman. XD

  8. I think she looks awesome. But can she fit into a 40 – 23 – 40.5 costume?
    That would make almost any man do a star spangled salute.

  9. “What do you think of Snyder’s step away from portraying Wonder Woman as an ‘American’ icon?”
    Why not, holly wood leftists are stripping the American identity out over about everything else. It’s now to “offensive” to portray a hero as American to leftists.

    • For Pete’s sake. You realize you were baited into that answer, right? As was pointed out a dozen times in this comment section, she’s never been an American character. She was just created by Americans. Her origins were always, from the very beginning, Greek. And she’s still the same colors she’s always been, but we’ve had overblown fan reaction to a clearly saturated photo. (Even though the colors are still there.) Nobody considers it offensive to portray someone as an American character. If they were, Captain American wouldn’t have even bothered to have been made, much less make as much money as it did overseas.

      • Then you obviously aren’t familiar with the character. The fact that that the character wasn’t born in the United States does not make her not American, unless you and the others posting here are against the notions of immigration and naturalization.

        The character debuted, created by an American, debuted under the All-American Publications label (later merging into D.C. Comics)during World War II as a star-spangled heroine. The character’s secret identity works for the American military. Wonder Woman meanwhile joins the Justice Society of America. Starting to see a pattern? She had no such affiliations with any other country.

        To read this silly blog post one would think the writer and many commentators thought it an incredible accident that her costume evokes American imagery, including colors, stars and stripes. Like Superman, Wonder Woman was intended to represent American value systems. If you want something else, you want something else – not Wonder Woman.

        • Wonder Woman was also created during WWII as propaganda. This Wonder Woman is supposed to appeal to modern movie goers the vast majority of whom are not American. Besides, the team is going to be Justice League, not Justice of America.

        • You got it exactly right “mojavewolf”.

    • Archer…

      I HAVE to ask: Were you actually awake and sober when you typed your comment above?

  10. I think it was settled quite nicely (although I’m having trouble remembering the circumstances, maybe someone who remembers it better can elaborate?) when John Byrne reinterpreted the character, her costume was based on an American flag that was found (along with Steve Trevor, when he was rescued – that’s where my recall gets fuzzy). She doesn’t have to “be American” to have the traditional red, white & blue outfit. To me, from the little I’ve seen of the new Wonder Woman, she seems to look a little too much like Xena, the warrior princess.

  11. Remember Coke vs Coke classic?

  12. not a fan of the actress or the costume.

    • Not a f*** given.

    • This new interpretation and take on Wonder Woman is a dark and neanderthal .I understand Wonder Woman’s storyline and costume has changed since the 70s or say the 1940′s. She has had multiple incanations throughout her existence. Although only one woman has succeeded in acurately portraying the famous Amazon in a humanly, regal and classy manner. Its clear to me that 90% of the public’s reaction is an outpoor of dissapointement as we will not see our beloved star spangeled Wonder Woman portrayed as she should be. As far as I am concerned, without her title, she looks undiedetifiable and foreign. However, The Wonder Woman being portrayed in this new incarnation stays far from the original which most us us grew up reading in the comis and watching her exciting adventures on prime time TV in the late 70s. It would have been nice if Zack did not anchor his decision to execute her classic look, which is beloved and respected all over the world. There has been no credible female suoper heroines since the mid to late 70′s. Girls today need to see that side of the character instead of this new, agressive and dark image that has come to life in the Wonder Woman comics and is now being projected on the big screen!

  13. I am not a big fan of the way that Marvel and DC bring their films to the screen because often they tend to stereotypes or play only to lovers of violence and gore etc.

    I admit that I do like their films, despite their failure to really excel in making a film. I will give this film a chance hoping that they give Wonder Woman a large and honorable role and not just use her for cheesecake and the “typical female hero part”. Show how she can be smarter than Batman, how she can stand up to the Kryptonian and show how she is a hero in ways that the two male heroes cannot be!

    • “I will give this film a chance hoping that they give Wonder Woman a large and honorable role”

      You do realize this movie is titled “Batman V Superman” right? Not “Batman V Superman who get shown up by Wonder Woman”.

  14. So 2014 and wonder woman is still dressed like a novelty stripper …yeah really “feminist”

    “armored” corset and the worlds smallest and most ineffectual looking skirt… FFS

    I got over casting a model with little to no acting talent cause it was cool she wasn’t an american stereotype. I got past the fact she wasn’t getting her own movie cause thats “risky” but for the love of all thats holy why does “sexy” still have to be obvious keyword they were thinking about when designing this arse of a costume. it can be what ever colour it wants she still wearing less material that superman’s pants.

  15. Nothing against Gal Gadot, but aren’t we ready in the 21st Century for a Wonder Woman who displays the physical conditioning and muscle tone to look strong and make a convincing counterpart to Supes himself? In this image, she just looks like a person. She doesn’t project that sense of awesome power.

    • Let me tell you a secret. Muscle doesn’t mean power. I’ve seen plenty of ripped Mixed Martial Artists get a massive beat down from skinny fellows. When you talk about power in terms of fights, skill is above all.

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