Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Costume Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

It’s odd that even after all these years of superhero blockbusters, a hero or heroine’s costume can still be the biggest symbol of what direction a film will take – or the exact opposite. An audience’s first look at a superhero suit is always certain to draw mixed reactions, but in the case of Wonder Woman, casual and diehard fans alike took their time to process Gal Gadot’s new outfit when it was revealed at Comic Con 2014.

Gadot’s casting may have been deemed ‘controversial,’ but the costume itself received a surprisingly warm reception. But the lack of the classic red, white and blue color scheme isn’t lost on former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter. However, her reservations point to one fact that should be clear by now: the Wonder Woman of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman is no longer just an ‘American’ icon.

The lack of any outrage or controversy surrounding the first image of Gadot in costume may be partly due to the fact that there aren’t other examples for fans to compare – aside from the one made famous on television by Lynda Carter. As one of the few women to play the role of Diana in live-action, Carter’s opinion of Gadot was understandably sought not long after her casting was announced.

The actress seemed pleased to hear that anyone was getting the chance to don the tiara and lasso on film, but with the suit revealed, Access Hollywood asked for her initial reaction to Diana’s new duds:

“Well, I was missing the red, white and blue, I have to say… I don’t know. I haven’t seen it yet, so I really can’t comment. Maybe there’s a lot more color in it than what we saw in the picture.”

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Costume Lynda Carter Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

Those sentiments have been expressed by plenty, with Zack Snyder’s love of releasing monochrome or stylized images of his principal cast maintaining suspense (and for some, concerns). While it’s safe to assume that Wonder Woman’s costume will be more colorful than the first image, it’s all but confirmed that the primary color scheme of the past has been cast aside.

That might come as a disappointment to those who view the comic book version – or Carter’s – as the ‘true’ look of the character. But there’s good reason for the lack of the “red, white and blue” noted by Carter, and it stretches far beyond the cosmetic.

Take a look, if you will, at the costume worn by Carter in the 1970s, and see if a certain… national identity is being subtly hinted at:

Lynda Carter American Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

For us, the fact that Zack Snyder wasn’t interested in bringing an all-American Wonder Woman to his film universe was made abundantly clear when he cast an Israeli-born actress in the role. The idea of a Wonder Woman who wasn’t light-skinned, blue-eyed, or American was problematic for many, but the most common explanation heard for why Batman V Superman‘s Diana wouldn’t be played by an American was a simple one: Wonder Woman isn’t American to begin with.

Snyder isn’t alone in that belief either, as DC Comics has also implemented a similar shift away from the character’s classic depiction. Although Diana was first introduced with a golden eagle on her chest, and wrapped in the American flag, the Wonder Woman on comic stands today has shed much of that imagery.

Although comic book superheroes have risen to the level of “American myths” (according to star Ben Affleck) the idea of nationality or ‘jurisdiction’ in superhero fiction has drastically changed. As globalization and technology have shrunk the world, the idea of bona fide ‘superheroes’ protecting their home states has ended. And if Wonder Woman is expected to take issue with the struggles of women in a male-dominated world, America doesn’t have a monopoly on the problem.

Wonder Woman Costume Origin Comic Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

Although Clark Kent may always possess the values of a Kansas farmboy (as he explains at Man of Steel‘s close, he’s “about as American as you can get”), ideas of nationality or citizenship is complicated when you can cross an ocean in minutes – and didn’t come from Earth in the first place. But it’s been years since comic writers and artists realized that an American identity for Diana doesn’t make much sense. It seems Snyder simply agrees.

Eager to point out the more important issue, Carter went on to explain that Gadot and her colleagues have bigger challenges than what message is sent by their character’s costume:

“It’s almost impossible to play a superhero anyway. You can’t. You just have to play a character that happens to do these amazing things. That’s the only way you can do it. And the costumes all take care of themselves.”

“I’ll have to wait and see. I hate to comment on something that I haven’t seen and I’m very supportive of Gal Gadot. I’m very supportive of them doing Wonder Woman, putting her in any capacity. I think she needs to be out there. … It’s high time somebody took a chance and did it and so I’m really happy about that.”

We tend to agree; it’s far better to hear fans debate the color or design of Wonder Woman’s movie costume than it is to wonder when people will ever get to see it. What do you think of Snyder’s step away from portraying Wonder Woman as an ‘American’ icon? Is Wonder Woman a heroine for every country, or do you have your concerns?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016.

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Source: Access Hollywood

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  1. Welp, it’s official. I’ll be passing on this movie. It is a utter comedy at this point what they are doing behind the scenes.

    • Hey Adam…don’t let the door hit your vagina on the way out. What a ridiculous way to judge a complete production – which, by the way is not even close to being finished – from a couple of casting decisions, photos and blogs. Damn – you’re thin headed.

      • *thick

      • …”thick”…headed.

  2. Diana is from Themiscyra. She’s not American.
    As an illegal immigrant, she’ll be deported if she ever comes to Texas. :)

    • But — since she doesn’t “look” ‘Mexican’ — in the state of Arizona, she will not be forced to issue papers proving her citizenship at any time.

  3. A movie of Xena and another movie of Wonder Woman should have already been made long ago, the mid 1990′s starring Lucy Lawless.

    • Uh, Xena didn’t even premiere until 1995, and didn’t end until the 2000′s…

      • 1995 is the mid 90s.

        • Yes, when the show PREMIERED, unless you meant that she should have starred in a Xena movie when the TV show began???

    • I like Bridget Regan from Legend Of the Seeker (2008). I wish that had given the Wonder Woman part to her.

      • She’s too white. A greek island that had no contact with the outside world since Antiquity would NOT be populated with white chicks.

        • Greek people are white and were white in the days of Antiquity, they might have been tan but they are far from dark complected. and wonder woman has never been portrayed as anything other than white

          • No, they were not, and some still aren’t today. Also, when did I say anything about dark complexion? Gal Gadot isn’t dark but she’s not exactly white either and she does look mediterranean. And it’s not because WW has always been portrayed as white that it’s right.

          • If you are a person of color, you aren’t white my friend. Greeks are of color.

            • I’m sorry to correct you, but Greeks & Italians are considered Caucasian. They may be a bit swarthy, but they are considered to be white.

              • They may be considered to be white by the rest of Europe but where I come from, they are people of color. Some of them were discriminated against for not being white. Before 1994 in South Africa people of color were oppressed including Greeks. White people are usually people who are not of color.

                • Where are you from? Just because Greeks are being discriminated against in South Africa doesn’t mean it’s racial. In American in the 1800′s Irish people (White) were discriminated against horribly by other whites. All I can tell you is that anthropologically speaking, Greeks are considered to be Caucasian.

                  • Contrary to popular belief, caucasian doesn’t mean white. Semites (Jews and Arabs) and Hamites (other afroasiatic peoples like Berbers or Egyptians) are caucasian too. Even Aryan (the third sub-group of caucasian peoples) doesn’t mean white!

                    In fact, the word Caucasoid is more appropriate, since A) caucasian actually means “from the Caucasus” and B) it doesn’t share the same erroneous and sometimes negative connotations about skin color.

                    • Semites (Jews and Arabs) and Hamites (other afroasiatic peoples like Berbers or Egyptians) are indeed White they simply have a tan. put them in a cooler climate with less sun and they become pale. i have friends who are Middle eastern and you could not tell because they are as white as rice. but a couple months in texas and they will come back with a great tan

                  • Kim Kardashian is literally Caucasian: the Kardashian family is from the Caucasus mountains.

                    • You’re point? Indians from India are Caucasian. the term Caucasian refers to skeletal structure not skin color Armenian darker

                • they are considered to be white By science. They are caucasion which is a scientific term referring to skeletal structure also skin color. Greeks are not of color

                  • Nope, science considers them to be of varying skin tones, from the pale white of Scandinavians to the dark brown of Indians.

                    “Caucasian race (also Caucasoid or Europid) is the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. The term was used in biological anthropology for many people from these regions, WITHOUT REGARD NECESSARILY TO SKIN TONE.” (source: Wikipedia)

                    Semites and Hamites ARE NOT white. Some are more pale than others, sure, but unless they have a fair share of european blood, they all have a kind of olive tone.

                    Anyway, all humans come from Africa to begin with, so we probably all were originally black…


                    Check the last line of the paragraph.

                    • Olive skin is white. its just white with a tan. you see a person who is Olive skin and do not know they are Persian or Greek or semite you will not know they are anything other than white. according to Anthropologists Olive and white are the same skin color just different tones of the same skin color

                    • Wrong again. You’re confusing white with pale. Olive skins aren’t white. White refers to the european pinkish tone. You may prevent an olive-skinned man to ever see the sun in his entire lifetime, his skin will never get that pink hue we refer to as white. Also, there are some olive-skinned people who have a darker hue and who will never be pale.

                    • i am sorry but you are wrong. i know many people who Mediterranean but live in the state of washington. they spend a few days in sunny California or somewhere hot and they come back with a great tan but when they are in washington they are all whiter than me

                    • They may be paler than you but in no way have that pink tone we commonly refer to as white, unless they have white ancestors.

                    • it doesn’t matter if they are not as pink as me or you or anyone they are still in the shade of white covers manny skin tones from pink to olive

                    • Terms like white black and yellow are scientifically incorrect. Scientist dont use those terms at all.

                    • Im Chinese and Asian(including Indian) people can be born with olive skin as well as African/black people. Its a universal skin tone. Olive skin has a yellow hue underneath unlike standard Caucasian that has a pinkish tone. Those with pink hue tend to get sun burn very easily and flush under heat. The skin tone looks very similar to albino offspring’s imo.

                    • Nero, I agree except that the middle-eastern and north-african olive-skinned peoples are standard caucasians too. Like I said in previous posts, caucasians range from pinkish white to brown.

                  • *Your

                    Not all Indians are Caucasian, just the ones that describe themselves as “Aryan”. Southern Indians are darker and share characteristics with sub-Saharan Africans.

        • Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that a greek island that had no contact with the outside world since Antiquity wouldn’t be populated by “chicks”, period. We are dismissing the fantasy element here somewhat selectively according to our view of what Wonder Woman should look like.

          • That’s an interesting observation. I think as these movies trend towards a more sophisticated and serious approach, they are feeling their way along. They’re making their fair share of mistakes, but it is important to remember the fantasy element, which is the the core of the superhero mythos.

          • Don’t be a smart-@$$, Jedi. Of course females without males would go extinct in a few decades! What I meant was that if they had no contact whatsoever with more northern european groups, they should look mediterranean and not bona fide white (that is, more like Gal Gadot and less like Lynda Carter).

            • if you did not know gal was Israeli. or did not know any semite, Mediterranean etc etc were where they are from you would think they are white White is a skin color that encompasses multiple skin tones

              this is a picture of Olive skin tone

              they look no different than this


              the only difference is the first pic is of girls with a slight tan

              • You’re always talking about tan. Tan has nothing to do with base skin color. A dark-skinned Arab will never go white if he stops exposing himself to sunlight. And a light-skinned Arab may become paler than a white man but he won’t have the distinctive pink tone associated with white skin color. Of course, with multi-ethnic ancestry, lines are getting blurred but I’m talking about pure, unmixed archetypes here.

                May I suggest you to follow the wiki link you so kindly provided? The first line has a hotlink to the Fitzpatrick Scale page. You’ll notice that the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern types are NOT associated with any white type. And this closes the argument.

            • If you’d take a moment to actually think about what I said, instead of being insulted, you’d realize I was pointing out that something non-terrestrial or magical has enabled women to live for centuries without the need for procreation. What I mean is, that this conversation is going all into the minutia of racial lineage and American iconography, and forgetting that the traditional interpretation of these characters are mythological beings. Such as, they’re women who were killed by men throughout history and reincarnated into bodies shaped from clay. So really, all this talk of what they “should” look like, is ultimately, kinda silly. The question should have always been, can she pull it off?

              • I need more than that to feel insulted. Anyway, we don’t know yet how Amazons will be treated in this movie. Maybe they’ll resort to magic to procreate but I somehow doubt it. Considering Snyder’s grounded approach, they could very well be a society of females who capture stranded ships to renew their stock of male slave breeders.

                As to whether she can pull it off, she does action well and we’re yet to find out if she can act, so there’s no answer to this question until the movie comes out. Judging by the pictures alone, she already makes a meaner and far less cheesy Wonder Woman than Lynda Carter and that’s enough to give me hope.

                • Wonder Womans tribe of Amazons were separated by Goddess Hera or Aphrodite after a long war with men, which the women won. They were sent to their own private island. Through magic, the island remained in secrete and not able to be located by any type of radar. The Amazons didnt need to reproduce and they couldnt. The moment they have sexual relations with a man is the moment when they loose their gift of strength and immortality. Even so, the leader of the tribe, Diana’s mother, wanted to have a child of her own. So Hera created Diana for her and with the thought that everyone could help raise Diana as a little sister and daughter.

              • So, really, Wonder Woman can be ANY race…

            • But wait, since Themyscira was presumably populated in antiquity, wouldn’t they be white like North Italians because of the lack of Moorish influence?

              • Depending on the continuity, Themyscira is populated by the souls of women murdered by men throughout history. So, in essence, their racial identity should be moot. In most of the comics and animated adaptations I’ve seen, Themyscirans are as racially diverse as any American city.

        • Greeks came down from the north to settle the Balkans in several waves starting around 2000 BCE, and mixed with the native population. A fair fraction of them had light complexions, hair and eyes. Alexander the Great was a redhead. Even today some Greeks are blonde.

          So a “realistic” Wonder Woman could range from blonde haired and blue eyed to black haired, dark eyed and deeply tan. Lynda Carter fell well within the proper range. So does Gal Gadot. So would Scarlett Johansson, or Jessica Alba, or Eva Mendes. For a long time I was hoping Eliza Dushku (an ethnic Albanian, next door neighbors to Greece) would be cast as WW, though I think now that ship has sailed.

          But the main point is that anyone who tries to insist on a very narrow ethnic range for a “proper” Wonder Woman is talking nonsense.

  4. I wish I could upvote some of these comments. This movie is guaranteed to make more money overseas than in the US anyway.

  5. i personally like this costume better than the original boring red white and blue

  6. What’s weird, is when this picture came out years ago, the internet and fanboys around the world all seemed to agree that this is the direction a modern movie version of the costume should go:

    • She should look like a guy in drag?

      • Er, guy in drag? Don’t spend a lot of time around girls, do we?

    • Is that… agent Hill?

  7. “Author: Richard Bagg”

    Well…RAZORDORK you FAIL again….. when you master the English language maybe you’ll understand. Until then, go get a job and become a useful person to society, instead
    of spending your days on comment boards.

    That was perfection! Flawless use of grammar & punctuation. 10/10

    • Plus it was funny as s***. Again, bravo!

      • lol It was pretty funny. I love laughing at guys like that fine articulate gentleman. XD

  8. I think she looks awesome. But can she fit into a 40 – 23 – 40.5 costume?
    That would make almost any man do a star spangled salute.

  9. “What do you think of Snyder’s step away from portraying Wonder Woman as an ‘American’ icon?”
    Why not, holly wood leftists are stripping the American identity out over about everything else. It’s now to “offensive” to portray a hero as American to leftists.

    • For Pete’s sake. You realize you were baited into that answer, right? As was pointed out a dozen times in this comment section, she’s never been an American character. She was just created by Americans. Her origins were always, from the very beginning, Greek. And she’s still the same colors she’s always been, but we’ve had overblown fan reaction to a clearly saturated photo. (Even though the colors are still there.) Nobody considers it offensive to portray someone as an American character. If they were, Captain American wouldn’t have even bothered to have been made, much less make as much money as it did overseas.

      • Then you obviously aren’t familiar with the character. The fact that that the character wasn’t born in the United States does not make her not American, unless you and the others posting here are against the notions of immigration and naturalization.

        The character debuted, created by an American, debuted under the All-American Publications label (later merging into D.C. Comics)during World War II as a star-spangled heroine. The character’s secret identity works for the American military. Wonder Woman meanwhile joins the Justice Society of America. Starting to see a pattern? She had no such affiliations with any other country.

        To read this silly blog post one would think the writer and many commentators thought it an incredible accident that her costume evokes American imagery, including colors, stars and stripes. Like Superman, Wonder Woman was intended to represent American value systems. If you want something else, you want something else – not Wonder Woman.

        • Wonder Woman was also created during WWII as propaganda. This Wonder Woman is supposed to appeal to modern movie goers the vast majority of whom are not American. Besides, the team is going to be Justice League, not Justice of America.

          • Propaganda is information, of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view

            the axis power agenda was an evil agenda therefore it can not be propaganda

            • By definition, not entirely true. Yes, propaganda is biased information used to push a particular point of view on large group of people. That viewpoint doesn’t have to be right or wrong to constitute propaganda. It doesn’t even have to be misleading. It just has to be one sided. So, yes, even the “good guys” can use propaganda.

              • Also, Hitler wasn’t “evil” per se. He truly believed he was working for the betterment of mankind.

              • i am sorry but you are wrong. the sole definition of propaganda is bias and misleading information

                • It is “A” definition of propaganda. And you can readily look this up on the many dictionaries available online. Look up the films we made during World Wars I and II. They’re called, by history, propaganda films. Sorry, but this isn’t really in dispute.

                • How is dressing a female superhero in the American flag and having her fight Nazis not propaganda then?

        • You got it exactly right “mojavewolf”.

          • No, he did not.

            In fact, mojavewolf misses the point of both the modern AND earlier representations of WW fairly spectacularly.

            Bilbo…don’t embarrass yourself by supporting his silly blather.

    • Archer…

      I HAVE to ask: Were you actually awake and sober when you typed your comment above?

  10. I think it was settled quite nicely (although I’m having trouble remembering the circumstances, maybe someone who remembers it better can elaborate?) when John Byrne reinterpreted the character, her costume was based on an American flag that was found (along with Steve Trevor, when he was rescued – that’s where my recall gets fuzzy). She doesn’t have to “be American” to have the traditional red, white & blue outfit. To me, from the little I’ve seen of the new Wonder Woman, she seems to look a little too much like Xena, the warrior princess.

    • “She doesn’t have to “be American” to have the traditional red, white & blue outfit.”
      Correct, but she also doesn’t need to shove the american flag in our faces to fight for freedom and justice. This thing with americans and how they constantly flaunt their flag is offensive to the outside world.

      • “This thing with americans and how they constantly flaunt their flag is offensive to the outside world.” LOL! Oh, that is the greatest thing you could ever say to a bunch of Americans! BTW, We invented T.V., Computers, the Internet, Moon Landings, Breaking the sound barrier, Fire, The Wheel, boats, swords and so, so many other things. But don’t feel bad, Europe invented some things too- Bubonic plague, the Crusades, the Dark Ages… Cheer up!

        • Boats, swords and the wheel? You do know that your country wasnøt discovered until 1492 and didn’t become a nation until 1776?

          You obviously didn’t invent stuff that existed before you ;)

          Also, you’re all immigrants.

          • Yes, I know when our nation was discovered by Europeans, and when it was born. Which clearly demonstrates how divinely we manifested ourselves if we were able to invent things before we even existed! I mean, how awesome is that!?? And we aren’t immigrants, we are wanderers who found their way home. There’s a difference.

        • Buckaroo…

          I was born and raised in the U.S. and am (usually) proud of both the nation and its accomplishments. America is not perfect, of course, but it is, for the most part, a wonderful country, full of potential.

          Unfortunately, it still produces dimwitted people like you who spout such !d!ot!c nonsense that rest of us feel embarrassed.

          Stop. Please. Be proud. Don’t be dumb.

          • Did it *REALLY* need to be pointed out that my comment was tongue-in-cheek, I mean,
            “We invented fire”??? It was in response to some butt-hurt foreigner who is somehow “offended” by the flag of my country. Both he & you need to lighten up, Archaeon, or you’ll never make it off this world alive.

        • Notwithstanding the stupidity of your reply, here’s a little history lesson for you:
          - the inventor of TV was scottish engineer John Logie Baird (or, though it’s a bit of a stretch, german Paul Gottlieb Nipkow).
          - the first computer was invented by british mathematics professor Charles Babbage. Or, if you count mechanical computers, it harks back to the Antikythera machine attributed to Archimedes or even the antique chinese Abacus.
          - UCLA developed ARPAnet, yes, but the internet as everyone knows it (that is the World Wide Web) was invented by english computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee.
          - Americans landed on the Moon only thanks to the works of german Nazi engineers… and they rushed it because of the Russians beating them to space first.
          - Chuck Yeager’s record is highly subject to controversy: many WWII pilots before him reached the sound barrier while diving or plummetting but didn’t live to tell the tale. There are also the cases of Heini Dittmar who flew the german Messerschmitt 163 Komet and Hans Guido Mutke who flew the Messerschmitt 262. Anyway, all these pilots did it with an airplane, and it’s not the Wright brothers who invented this machine but Sir George Cayley, half a century before them.
          - I won’t even dignify your other “examples” since they’re such obvious trolling.

          By the way, why are you turning this into a competition?

          • TV (As we know it) invented by- Philo Farnsworth: American.
            (Baird invented a *mechanical TV)

            Computer (As we know it) invented by- Konrad Zuse: German (I was wrong)

            Internet (As we know it) invented by- Arpanet: American

            Moon Landing accomplished by- America

            Breaking of sound barrier accomplshed by- Chuck Yeager: American
            (The others you mentioned are unsubstantiated & the consensus is that it was Chuck Yeager)

            Flight (As we know it) invented by The Wright Brothers: Americans

            Also, I was being facetious with the others, I wasn’t trolling.

            And, as to why I’m turning this into a competition? Because America!

            • Jeez…

  11. Remember Coke vs Coke classic?

    • No, but I remember The Pepsi Challenge…

  12. not a fan of the actress or the costume.

    • This new interpretation and take on Wonder Woman is a dark and neanderthal .I understand Wonder Woman’s storyline and costume has changed since the 70s or say the 1940′s. She has had multiple incanations throughout her existence. Although only one woman has succeeded in acurately portraying the famous Amazon in a humanly, regal and classy manner. Its clear to me that 90% of the public’s reaction is an outpoor of dissapointement as we will not see our beloved star spangeled Wonder Woman portrayed as she should be. As far as I am concerned, without her title, she looks undiedetifiable and foreign. However, The Wonder Woman being portrayed in this new incarnation stays far from the original which most us us grew up reading in the comis and watching her exciting adventures on prime time TV in the late 70s. It would have been nice if Zack did not anchor his decision to execute her classic look, which is beloved and respected all over the world. There has been no credible female suoper heroines since the mid to late 70′s. Girls today need to see that side of the character instead of this new, agressive and dark image that has come to life in the Wonder Woman comics and is now being projected on the big screen!

      • “her classic look, which is beloved and respected all over the world.” America is not the world, no matter how hard its denizens like to believe it. Snyder understands that it’s time for them to stop shoving their flag in our collective faces.

        • Oh, I didn’t know that WW wasn’t known to the rest of the world… Well then the criticism for her classic red, white, & blue outfit is more understandable. I mean since the outside world has never heard of Wonder Woman then it makes sense that they wouldn’t want her in American colors, well, except for those countries that also use red, white, & blue:
          Czech Republic
          Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a/k/a North Korea)
          Lao People’s Democratic Republic (aka Laos)
          New Zealand
          Russian Federation
          United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Island

          But Snyder’s definitely looking out for everyone else

          • Are you dense?

            • are you? the fact is many people out side of the u.s are mad at this appearance most people world wide want the red white and blue

              • Really? Can you back up your “facts” with undisputable statistical data?

                • i know many people who are from out side of the united states who love the red white and blue of wonder women and are pissed at the new color scheme and you can see on numerous sites such as imdb where people around the world mention how they love her old appearance and are pissed at the new ones. also can you back up your statement that most people out side of the u.s are offended by the use or the red white and blue? the answer is no you can not

                  • Yeah, yeah, we know the drill: a few very vocal fanbois have to have their movie superheroes looking exactly 100% like in the comics, no matter what. Thankfully these idiots are a tiny minority and most of us actually know better.

                    “also can you back up your statement that most people out side of the u.s are offended by the use or the red white and blue?” I have not made such a statement. Please hone your reading skills.

                  • Yeah, yeah, we know the drill: a few very vocal fanbois have to have their movie superheroes looking exactly 100% like in the comics, no matter what. Thankfully these [censored] are a tiny minority and most of us actually know better.

                    “also can you back up your statement that most people out side of the u.s are offended by the use or the red white and blue?” I have not made such a statement. Please hone your reading skills.

              • People are not “mad” at this appearance. Because you don’t like it doesn’t mean people world wide are “mad” about it. Also, most people world wide are not privy to make this intellectual property the way they want to see it. The “fact” is people are arguing about this character with the way they remember it no matter how skewed it is from the source material. No matter what they do to change the outfit it is still Wonder Woman. When Superman wears his black suit he is still Superman. At what point does anyone that isn’t involved with the making of this movie have any say on how this character is portrayed?

            • No, are you unable to come up with a worthwhile reply?

              • Funny, that’s exactly what I could say about your own…

                • No, no you couldn’t. You implied that the red, white, & blue color scheme was specific to America and that America should stop “shoving their flag in our faces” My reply clearly and cogently demonstrated that the R,W,&B colors are not singular to America, so that many countries could appreciate those colors. Instead of addressing that point, you decided your best response was to ask me if I am dense. SMH

                  • Yes, I could, because you obviously didn’t (and still don’t, apparently) understand my comment, rendering your reply utterly pointless.

        • That comment was ridiculous. America may not be the world (yet), but American pop culture, including WW, IS global. If you don’t like that…tough. No one forced Europe to have a Disneyland. In fact, when the idea was announced, Spain and France competed vigorously to get it. No one has forced people in other countries to read or watch Superman or Wonder Woman or to listen to rap, jazz, or rock music. If you don’t want to see the American flag on a superhero created by AMERICANS then don’t go see the movie and don’t read the comic books.

          Incidentally, our denizens do NOT think the world is America. Most of them know little, and care less, about the world. Having seen many parts of the world myself, I thank God that America is not like it.Maybe that’s why WE created both the Wonder Woman AND Superman that you whine so much about.

          • Jeez… yet another pehrrrrowd ‘murican who completely misses the point AND puts words in my mouth. How surprising. OK guys, I’m done arguing with the lot of you. XOXO

            • Doesn’t seem like much of anyone gets your point, bub. I think you’re wise to give up.

              • Oh, I wasn’t aware two were “much of anyone”, Blisteringillogic. As for wisdom, you might want to refrain from talking about something that so blatantly eludes you. No need for you to reply, your further messages will be ignored.

      • Okay, has anyone from my generation actually gone back and looked at the Wonder Woman series again? I have. It was campy as ****. (Insert whatever four letters you wish in those stars.) Linda was like no interpretation of Wonder Woman that had ever existed. That goes for Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, et al. Television was NEVER the place for consummate portrayals of superheroes. But it was the best we could get considering the times and budgets. Anyone who says Gadot is this distant cry from the Wonder Woman they read in comics (based solely on ONE photo), and specifically implies they are from the 70s and 80s, and especially if they suggest that the TV show Wonder Woman was an accurate portrayal of…anything, they either have selective memory, or didn’t actually read comics in the 70s and 80s.

        • If there is any unbiased truth in this discussion, it is in this insightful comment.

  13. I am not a big fan of the way that Marvel and DC bring their films to the screen because often they tend to stereotypes or play only to lovers of violence and gore etc.

    I admit that I do like their films, despite their failure to really excel in making a film. I will give this film a chance hoping that they give Wonder Woman a large and honorable role and not just use her for cheesecake and the “typical female hero part”. Show how she can be smarter than Batman, how she can stand up to the Kryptonian and show how she is a hero in ways that the two male heroes cannot be!

    • “I will give this film a chance hoping that they give Wonder Woman a large and honorable role”

      You do realize this movie is titled “Batman V Superman” right? Not “Batman V Superman who get shown up by Wonder Woman”.

  14. So 2014 and wonder woman is still dressed like a novelty stripper …yeah really “feminist”

    “armored” corset and the worlds smallest and most ineffectual looking skirt… FFS

    I got over casting a model with little to no acting talent cause it was cool she wasn’t an american stereotype. I got past the fact she wasn’t getting her own movie cause thats “risky” but for the love of all thats holy why does “sexy” still have to be obvious keyword they were thinking about when designing this arse of a costume. it can be what ever colour it wants she still wearing less material that superman’s pants.

    • “…it can be what ever colour it wants she still wearing less material that superman’s pants.”

      I guess you didn’t read the title of the article you’re commenting on, eh?

    • Yes, really feminist indeed! Many modern feminists use their looks precisely as a means of empowerment (even some “adult entertainment” actresses use their job this way!). When we think with the thing between our legs, women can make us do whatever they want. In fact, we males really are the weaker part of mankind. Women know that and don’t hesitate to play us. And Wonder Woman is a smart woman, so of course she dresses like that! Why the hell would she not? As a feminist, she certainly wouldn’t feel that being objectified by men is a bad thing.

      On a side note, how do you know for a fact that Gadot has little to no acting talent? She’s only been in brainless action flicks so far.

  15. Nothing against Gal Gadot, but aren’t we ready in the 21st Century for a Wonder Woman who displays the physical conditioning and muscle tone to look strong and make a convincing counterpart to Supes himself? In this image, she just looks like a person. She doesn’t project that sense of awesome power.

    • Let me tell you a secret. Muscle doesn’t mean power. I’ve seen plenty of ripped Mixed Martial Artists get a massive beat down from skinny fellows. When you talk about power in terms of fights, skill is above all.

      • That’s a valid point, but my argument would be that in superhero fantasy movies, it really is all about appearance- the spectacle- and not real-world accurate physics or bio-mechanics. If the fighting is going to be choreography of big sword swings, flying shoulder tackles, direct hits and complete misses, posturing and taunting in the middle of the fighting, throwing cars at each other, being knocked through buildings, etc, etc, then Gadot’s build wouldn’t have the right *look* for that and the spectacle suffers. On the other hand, maybe they will play it that when one of the muscular heroes or villains comes at her with a haymaker, she maneuvers around and applies a wrist lock or something like that. That might alienate some fans of the genre. It does all depend on how exciting it looks, and how the rules of the universe set up in the film handle it.

        • I am sorry to butt in but I just want to add that Faora did some convincing stuff like that in MoS and she’s actually 3 inches shorter than Gal Gadot and doesn’t have huge muscles or anything.

          Movie magic is named just that for a reason ;)

          Also, we’ve heard that Gal Gadot is training to put on some muscle.

        • Have to say Lynda Carter looked more like the Wonder Woman from the early years of the comic who looked like she didn’t have that much of a “combat” body. Carter looks to never have never thrown a real punch while Gadot, who actually has some combat training, looks like the more modern depiction of wonder woman and can hold her own in a fight.


          That is Wonder Woman from Injustice: Gods Among Us.

          Gadot looks closer to that than Carter ever would.

          • What’s with the small head?

        • size means nothing. muscles are strong no matter what. Our muscle fibers are incredibly strong in fact everyones muscle fibers are so strong that if you could move every muscle the same direction simultaneously you could move over 20 tons and that is real world people in reality this is a super hero movie in which characters can lift over 20 tons with under normal muscle power

      • So, Bruce Lee would kick the Hulk’s @$$?

        • Give me a break. That’s like saying ‘So, Henry Cavill can kick the Hulk’s a$$?’ instead of ‘So, Superman can kick the Hulk’s a$$?’ If Bruce Lee uses WW’s MAGIC like Superman uses the sun, he would definitely stand a chance.

          • You’re right, I should amend my comment:

            So, Bruce Lee’s character “Lee” in “Enter The Dragon” would kick the Hulk’s @$$?

            To be honest, I’m just giving you a little jazz- When you say “Skill is above all” what you actually mean is “Skill is above all… most of the time”.

  16. just seeing the two pics together for the first time linda carter looks so much better then the new girl i think they shouldve made a bad ass version of the red white and blue costume marvel did it with capt america they could have done it with wonder woman. and pick a prettier girl jeeze linda carter must be gitty because shes still the best looking wonder woman alive.

    • I must say I disagree on all counts, especially regarding the costume: there already are Cap and Iron Patriot, they’re more than enough and we really don’t need more superheroes wearing a flag, be it american or otherwise.

    • While I realize beauty is subjective, I don’t get any criticism of Gal Gadot’s looks. She’s a lovely woman by most general standards. And, again, the colors appear to still be red, gold and blue, but in a clearly saturated photo. Seems the only thing we lost were stars, which make sense on Cap’s costume. Not on a character not from the modern world.

  17. Linda Carter is Wonder Woman and I just don’t see anyone else in that role. Hollywood politics is politically correcting the Red, White and Blue costume that Diana’s mother designed for her in the original comic book. Mustn’t seem to be patriotic, not even if they have to change Wonder Woman’s wardrobe.

    • That’s not political correctness. That’s respect for other demographics. You do know that the comics industry has become global, right?

      As for Lynda Carter (and not Linda), she’s “A” Wonder Woman, and like Digital Jedi said somewhere above, her interpretation of the character is unlike any version from the comics.

    • As a lot of us pointed out before, if there was some amorphous demographic statistic citing how offended people would be by red, white and blue costumes, Captain America and Avengers wouldn’t have made as much money as they did around the world.

      And as I keep pointing out (and will keep doing so until anybody listens) is the colors are still the same. It’s just a darker, saturated photo and different material. She’s still red, gold and blue.

      • Bull! Despite Cap’s costume, I was in the theater to see his movies. Not a fan of über-patriotism but still a fan of Marvel. But my fanboyism doesn’t prevent me to think for myself. And it’s not just a matter of colors. Many superhero costumes share the same red-white-blue color palette yet they don’t recall any flag. Spider-Man is hands down my all-time favorite superhero and he does wear these same three colors.

      • Most of what people are arguing about concerning this depiction really petty. These people will argue till they die no matter how wrong they may be or how idiotic they make their appearance. It comes down to they have no right to or input with how Wonder Woman should look which most likely is a very good thing because these people are idiots. I mean seriously, arguments about what a caucasian is? About the definition of propaganda? Hell, some have taken it upon themselves to represent the world on how offensive the colors of the American flag is. And then there are the people that think their opinion actually is worth more than a grain of salt. It’s just as silly as six year olds arguing over how everyone’s favorite toy should be.

        • Very well said! I must admit guilt in the matter, but you are absolutely correct. I even thought, if Mr. Myagi (the *real* one) were a comic book nerd, this is something he would say except he’d ‘won ton’ it up, so to speak.

  18. I won’t watch the new wonder woman,they are chaging everything, and now the costumes

    • You mean you won’t watch the ONLY Wonder Woman, since she hasn’t appeared on a cinema screen before… Your loss. Do you honestly prefer the Lynda Carter campfest?

    • They are changing everything? What else are they changing? This movie isn’t even about her.

  19. Well I was waiting for this movie for a long time but now I just don’t like going to see it anymore. It just doesn’t apeal to me. Too bland, and I am not an American but a Canadian so it has nothing to do with nationality. Just missing some punch.

    • Er, have you seen a trailer we haven’t, yet?

  20. I, for one, will not be seeing the movie. Her costume should be the red, white, blue and gold of the comics. Remember the Perez reboot of the comics. Comic art at its best and an entirely new, acceptable explanation for the costume. For those who don’t know, Steve Trevor’s mom was a ferry pilot that crashed on or near the island. She became an honored hero amongst the Amazons. The costume was created in her honor to resemble the pilot’s wings and American flag patch.Superman. No light blue cloth, but a latex that looks almost black in some scenes. The new Flash tv series. What’s with all the sewn in ridges. Aerodynamically unsound. Green Lantern. All green instead of the green, black and white of the comics. So far, the best DC movie has been Justice League: The New Frontier. I think the best solution to keep things looking like the comic books would be motion capture and CGI combined. Just like Avatar.

    • Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine in seven movies. Still no yellow spandex.

      • Yup, plus he’s almost a foot taller than Wolverine is supposed to be. He’s still awesome though.

      • Spider-Man has been in 5 movies. Still no blue/read leather… what’s your point?

        • The point is just because the characters don’t wear the exact costumes from the comic doesn’t mean they wont be good like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

          • That’s what I thought you meant, and my point in return was that just because a costume consists of tights, doesn’t mean that it can’t look credible or dramatic on film.

            • Not if you’re going for “badass”.

              • I disagree. Watching Spider-man swinging his way through New York was definitely badass.

                • Yes, and this Wonder Woman will most probably be infinitely more badass than Lynda Carter ever was, even if her costume looks way less cheesy than Carter’s. Costume ayatollahs like John F C Carter are completely missing the point.

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  22. The real hero, or villain; is the mighty dollar. They sell out the originals in order to not make other countries mad. That would keep their world release dollars down. We are slowly selling our country and her ideas away in order to ‘fit’in with the rest of the world. They don’t like us no matter what Hollywood tries to sell them in a movie. Stop trying to sell our soul to make the world like us!

    • I know what you mean. Hollywood tries and tries but the rest of the world isn’t interested. James Bond? Only people in America watch those movies. Titanic? Avatar? Only attracted audiences in the West. Harry Potter? People in Asia don’t even know who he is. Twilight? Nobody give a s*** over here. Transformers? Pacific Rim? Since when have people in Asia been interested in giant robots and monsters? Superman? Batman? Spiderman? Captain America? Iron Man? Thor? Nobody here knows who they are. You certainly won’t see kids dressed up as superheroes for Hallowe’en outside of America! X-Men? Avengers? Guardians? The theaters here have been empty: no interest at all. No, you’re right: no matter what America does the rest of the world won’t be interested.

      In case you can’t tell, that was sarcasm.

    • @Greg Johnson

      Sell out the original? When were the originals not sold out? Back then they got draped in patriotism to sell to an american market. It’s a commercial products. The market has just gotten bigger.

    • People like you keep saying modern movies are selling out America to please other countries, instead of throwing out ignorant comments how about actually showing proof. How was Superman a “sell out” to America? How was Batman a “sell out” to America? How was Green Lantern a “sell out” to America? You are probably one of those knuckle heads that believes we speak the ‘murican language. Lets get one thing straight, other countries make movies to fit in with American movies not the other way around.

  23. What a waste. PC crap strikes again. Wonder woman had an American them because of her contact with the American pilot during WWII and there fight against the axis.

    • So…. you are expecting Wonder Woman to be fighting the axis in this movie which is in modern times and is about Batman and Superman???

  24. Costume and actress are all wrong! Yes, its true she’s not American, duh! That’s not the point! Whoever involved in the decision making is missing it all together! Point taken, she’s suppose to represent what is America! Carter’s Wonder Woman had it right! Sure we knew she wasn’t from the States that’s a given but she did have that Amazon look, she was tall, built not skinny or over toned and had those wonderful blue eyes and beauty that she’s well associated with! In disguise as Diana Prince she carried the look of the all American woman! Straying from that is a slap to the creator and it’s die-hard fans! For some morbid reason todays superheroes are given a muted dark dork look! Even Superman’s costume is daunting and stupid! Don’t get me wrong modernizing it is all good but in doing so keep the colors vibrant and true to what these heroes stand for! Yes, Lynda Carter’s WW is from the 70′s but it worked then and it still works today! It was perfect! If you can’t improve on that classic look or perfect casting of Lynda Carter than why bother! If this is how they want to portray the classic lady and change it for the worse shame on you. At least the Marvel series of Captain American and Avenger heroes kept it’s integrity for the most part! Do the same for WW!!
    You think that common sense of what WW should look like and wear would be obvious!!! New Wonder Woman isn’t even attractive enough to carry the torch of Carter’s legacy!!!! With todays special enhanced movies The WW origin is a wonderful story leading to the arrival of Steve Trevor. To the departure of leaving Paradise Island to helping America Would be a great adventure for years to come! It would be and should be a blockbuster hit!
    Hope someone feeds this new WW AND changes the horrible costume back to the red, white & blue and gives her blue eyes or its a bust!! She’s suppose to be WONDER WOMAN not Xena!!!I’ll give the movie a chance but if this is the direction it will go then I’ll keep Lynda Carter’s WW on Top! Memories of the hit series still shines today! Do the same for the big screen! Ask the only WW we’ve known to help you supposedly improve WW’S look, Lynda Carter!

    • Gee… another “fan” that thinks they know better. New’s flash… Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman wasn’t that great. So forgive people that want someone that can be Wonder Woman that actually knows how to throw a punch. Please get over your 40 year old crush because it was not as good as you remember if you have even watched them. BTW, how dare you represent “die hard” fans and the creator for that matter. Most people that watched the show and think Lynda Carter is the only one that could be Wonder Woman didn’t really even read the comic. So yeah, people do want the outfit to make sense instead of a tacky spandex bathing suit.

      This is why I’m glad people like you have absolutely no influence on the movie.

    • Okay, I’m going to presume you didn’t really look through the previous comments, as this has been pretty well laid out. But let’s address a couple of contradictions, here. For one, Xena had blue eyes, but that’s beside the point. The last time blue eyes were considered the American ideal was right around the time we stopped making people share separate drinking fountains. Pretty sure 70s Wonder Woman fought against that very same concept.

      Second, criticism of Gal Galdot’s beauty, while somewhat unclassy, should at least be consistent. Either Amazons should be muscular, or Linda Carter was perfect. It can’t be both. Linda Carter was no where near muscular. And Gal Gadot has actually weight trained for the film.

      Third, go watch Wonder Woman again. The last thing it does, is stand up today.

      And it’s by no means a slap in the creator’s face. Considering the time period the movie was made, characters were never anything else but blue-eyed white people.

    • Okay, I’m going to presume you didn’t really look through the previous comments, as this has been pretty well laid out. But let’s address a couple of contradictions, here. For one, Xena had blue eyes, but that’s beside the point. The last time blue eyes were considered the American ideal was right around the time we stopped making people share separate drinking fountains. Pretty sure 70s Wonder Woman fought against that very same concept.

      Second, criticism of Gal Galdot’s beauty, while somewhat unclassy, should at least be consistent. Either Amazons should be muscular, or Linda Carter was perfect. It can’t be both. Linda Carter was no where near muscular. And Gal Gadot has actually weight trained for the film.

      Third, go watch Wonder Woman again. The last thing it does, is stand up today.

      And it’s by no means a slap in the creator’s face. Considering the time period the comic was made, characters were never anything else but blue-eyed white people.

  25. You people are so stupid, who cares if she is white or a person of color, who cares if she has blue eyes or brown eyes, or if shes American or from Greece. Wonder Woman isn’t real so they can cast whom ever they wish. Being awoman all I care about is they don’t portray her as some helpless needy woman. And being a comic fan all I care about is whom ever they cast is a good actress. Does she look different, yes.. But its 2014, it’s ok, give the actress a chance to prove she is good, don’t judge her on what she looks like or what the costume looks like.

  26. A one world corporate superhero for one world corporate government.

  27. The reason why there will not be red, white and blue is because of China. All of these action movies do big business in the far east. To keep the appeal to the international audience they have to remove the overt American influence in our comic book hereos.

    • As has been repeatedly pointed out, the costume IS red, gold and blue (Linda Carter’s costume had very little white in it, and a lot of gold) and Captain America and Avengers made millions in China. This is assertion is utterly without merit on several fronts.

    • One problem with that theory:

      The Avengers made $84 million in China. And it’s got Captain America in it. He’s as american as it gets.

      Also, Man of Steel made $62 million in China and he’s still wearing red and blue.

  28. Wonder woman not an American? She wasn’t born in the United States of America but the Amazon is as American as you can get. Stop designating The United States as American’s solely, The America’s/ American’s include the North, Central, Middle, and South America (Amazon). Did the Amazon move, last time I looked it was still in the America’s not from any other part of the world.

    • You might want to learn a thing or two about Wonder Woman before opening your mouth on the subject again. Like, she’s not amazonian but an Amazon, from the mythical greek female people. Last I checked, Greece is in Europe.

    • 1) Explain to me then why people from Mexico, Central and South America aren’t automatically granted American citizenship if they are “American”. There are plenty of people who cross the Rio Grande only to be told they aren’t American.

      2) There are 30 million Canadians who do not consider themselves American and the English speaking light-skinned Canadians always make a point of saying they are not American when they travel overseas.

    • It’s a joke, right? It has to be a joke. Like the people who deliberately mix up Austria and Australia to make a joke. Oh, the laughs they must have had. I hope their sides didn’t split.

      As bfg666 also points out, Wonder Woman, who is an Amazon, is not from Amazonia. The name Amazonia is actuallu based on the myth of the Amazons. It was given by Francisco de Orellana, a spanish explorer, after a war in which the tribal women in the region had fought alongside the men. That inspired him to name it after the myth.

      The myth is thousands of years older. Almost everything of the two Americas is very young compared to the rest of the world. The land did exist before its discovery, but the discoverers did everything they could to erase its existing history.

    • On a side note, I now totally want to do a comic book about an Amazon from the Amazon…who frequently shops on Amazon.

      In America.

      • xD

  29. I like the original Wonder Woman.
    She should be born in the US.

    • Dave…

      Wonder Woman was NEVER born in America, so…good luck with that.