Gal Gadot Signed 3-Picture Deal For Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Art Stars Gal Gadot Signed 3 Picture Deal For Wonder Woman

Man of Steel was a very polarizing film for fans and critics, but whether you loved it or hated it, director Zack Snyder’s new take on Superman at the very least successfully launched what is soon to become a DC Comics shared cinematic universe. And that’s something many fans have been long been waiting for.

Ignoring Green Lantern and putting Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy behind us, the sequel Man of Steel, currently dubbed Batman vs. Supermanis introducing not only the caped crusader but Wonder Woman as well – an iconic character yet to debut on screen theatrically. Gal Gadot earned the honor of taking that role and she’ll likely be playing the character for two more films afterwards.

Gadot, recognizable for her key role as Gisele Harabo in the last few Fast & Furious films, brings a real-life military background and a modeling career with her to the role of Princess Diana of Themyscira – if she goes by that name in Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer’s cinematic universe. Gadot, while appearing again on the Good Evening with Gai Pines show in Israel, revealed some details regarding her contract with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot Signed 3 Picture Deal For Wonder Woman

According to the translation by Batman-News source, the actress will earn $300,000 for her appearance in Batman vs. Superman which leads us to believe that her role may involve minimal screen time or the studio is embracing the Marvel Studios model of signing talent for cheap and for the long-term. She also admitted that her multi-picture deal involves three films.

The ambitious and exciting project begins filming in May giving the film plenty of time to meet its newly delayed release date of summer 2016. Recent rumors, ranging from casting to franchise planning, indicate that the studio may be considering filming Batman vs. Superman back-to-back with Justice League though as per usual, absolutely nothing on this front has been confirmed. If true however, Gal Gadot’s intro in BvS will set herself up for a larger part in Justice League where she could potentially be joined by Aquaman and a new Green Lantern – if rumors are anything to go by in this day and age.

Still, it’s good for fans to see Warner Bros. planning ahead and taking steps to get more of their beloved key characters on screen. It’s just a matter of time now before we see them team together as Justice League against a greater threat. The question now is whether the three-pic deal could ever involve a Wonder Woman solo feature or if she’s being reserved only for team-ups. Excited?


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Source: Good Evening with Gai Pines (via Batman-News) (Hat-tip Nicholas)

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  1. Well, there goes hope of them coming to their senses and getting a better actress for WW any time soon.

    I’m cool with Affleck as Batman, but I just can’t accept Gadot as WW. I even read the article here about why Gadot makes sense as WW, and I felt they were weak arguments and couldn’t justify why another actress (who looks more like WW, and I’m not talking about chest size) couldn’t do as good or better.

    • …and there goes my hope that the internet may one day come to it’s senses and not judge something before anyone lays eyes on it.

      “I just can’t picture Heath Ledger as Joker…”

      “Anne Hathaway is NOT Catwoman…”

      “Chris Evans is a terrible choice for Captain America…”

      Blah blah blah. Sentiments like this are proven wrong time and time again… and either people aren’t smart enough to learn a lesson or they just prefer to be negative.
      I’m not saying this proves Gal Gadot will be great. I have no idea just like everyone else. I’m just pointing out that these sentiments are usually wrong. Zack has a clear eye for talent, and has a proven track record when it comes to displaying bad-ass females on film.

      Long story short: there is much more to be optimistic about then there is to be negative, even if the negative voice is louder.

      • +100000000

      • His casting for the huge case of Watchmen was so spot on (even for the most minor of characters) that I don’t question Zack Snyder’s choices in casting.

      • Well, thanks for lumping me in with the rest of the internet, but I never thought any of the above.

        Perhaps I could change my mind after I see her performance, but at this point, based on her previous performances and the look she has compared to all the other incarnations of WW that I’ve seen (though, granted, I’m not a comic book fanatic so I’m basing it on previous live action and animated productions), I still think it was a bad choice.

        I guess we’ll see if she can pull it off. You can’t judge everything based on the look of the actor, but there at least has to be some part of the judgement based on it. For example, Daniel Craig is a great actor, but I don’t see him as Superman. Cavill is also a great actor and has the look, which is why he was so great.

      • Some basement dwellers just can’t handle opinions

        • Hello, pot? Kettle called.

      • I’m making an effort to remain mostly neutral and cautiously optimistic as well, until I see it with my own eyes (2.5 years from now…grrr) – but in contrast to most of the other past controversial actors chosen, it is a legitimate concern that Gadot is not actually a proven actor. Granted, Lynda Carter was pretty new to the game herself, and having a short resume doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but we’ll see…

        One thing that just occurred to me is that Gadot might be a little comparable to Rebecca-Romijn and Famke Janssen in X-Men, both of them models first. Hopefully Gadot can make it work. But I still do wish that they’d cast someone proven as an actor first. I always maintained that acting ability trumps all else.

      • Heath Ledger yes, the other two suck especially Hathaway as Cat woman…

        • Nope, Hathaway’s Catwoman was sublime. Seductive yet could easily handle herself, she outshone Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal and made it look easy.

          • You mean “IMO”.

          • She outshone Michelle Pfieffer’s performance?!?! Are you crazy?!?! You’re a weirdo and need to go take a nap!

          • i agreed that she was really good at catwoman but to say that she outshine michelle pfeiffer your delusional

        • Actually Evans played the Cap role really good.
          And even though i can’t except Hathaway as a Catwoman i know from the comics she fits the Nolan verse quite nicely.

      • +1000

      • Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway were Oscar nominated thespians before they did The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, respectively. Chris Evans has had much acting experience and been moving his way up in his career before the Captain America film came out. Gal Gadot was a model who was put in movies because she was good looking enough. She barely has anything of an acting pedigree. She went straight from modeling to a few minor/supporting roles to being handed a major franchise.

        Also, Zack Snyder did not cast her. Warner Bros executives did. WB would want Wonder Woman in other films and Snyder would not direct every one of them. WB would not give allow Snyder to cast his own choice as they would need someone who can work with every director who is put on films.

        • Other models who got into acting:

          Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, I’m sure there are many more but the point is to show you how silly you are to assume she was hired for her looks and to think a model can’t act.

          Some can’t see why she was cast, that’s fine, the casting directors probably saw many reasons why she was the best they could find. If you don’t like it, it’s too late and can’t be changed now, it’s either continue to hate it and make yourself look bitter or go along for the ride and discover for yourself when the movie releases whether you thought she was a good choice or not.

          • I don’t think it’s silly to think that Gadot was hired for her looks. That doesn’t mean she won’t be good, but it’s highly unlikely that she was hired for her acting ability. Just saying.

            • True but then again, I focus more on acting than looks. I know people who think Anne Hathaway has a career and awards due to the way she looks so…annoying but what can you do?

              • I guess you never saw Rachel Getting Married?

        • Very good point!

        • Captain America was my favorite comic book growing up. I was always frustrated by the lack of a good CA movie. When Chris Evans was cast, I was so disappointed. He, along with almost everyone else tied to the FF4 movies, was terrible in it.

          I WAS SOOOO WRONG. I thought he nailed the part. What that tells you is that many actors can be good or bad based on the script and director. Heck, Halle Berry is an Oscar winner and Catwoman was atrocious.

          I think with the proper direction and script, Gal could be a great WW. Let’s be honest – it’s not like she has done any significant amount of work that was really bad that should give you concerns. People act like she’s a Lohan in Israeli skin.

          • I agree. I think that I am more worried about the script (and the director) than whether or not Gadot will make a convincing WW. Because no matter how she looks, if the script portrays WW in an idiotic way, it won’t matter how the actress looks.

      • Well said

      • well by your own logic it’s as dumb to not understand that everything as big as this is gonna have a ton of haters whose arguments for hating are ridiculous and impossible to prove until the actual movie comes out, but then again, the same could be said about being too positive, it’s equally dumb, this thing could suck, and it could suck because of the casting, it’s a possibility, it’s normal to have expectations, but i don’t see how one could not be skeptical, and i personally don’t agree with your opinion on snyder, but you know, that’s just my opinion, i’m not “not smart enough” to see what you see

      • THANK YOU, geez that’s the same thing I’ve been telling all my friends and all these negative people on the internet. We haven’t seen how Gal performed at the audition? Just give her a break already.

        • It is not about her acting!! She will be great in it probably! But she is not the body type for it nor can she transform herself for this. Needed someone busty for this role. Sin.

      • Right on dude. The Dr. is in the HOUSE!

      • +1. I just watched Fast 6 and have seen Fast 5 and 4 beforehand. Going just by those, Fast 4 shows this girl has the acting chops and Fast 6 shows the stuntwork. Fast 5 shows she has the figure… GG for WW anyday.

        • She has the figure?? Go watch Wonder Woman picture or serial or image or anything dude!! Come on…Blind defending.

      • …what he said.

    • Can I borrow your time machine sometime?

      Because I’ll use it for something a little more interesting than going into the future to see what Gal Gadot looks like as Wonder Woman.

    • aww shut it. whining and u aint even seen the movie

      • There are opinions and there are whining. I think Pyronaut’s falls in the first category.

        But for some…Don’t take the whining away from them, Belize. You’re going to make them even more unhappy and angry in life than they already are. It’s the only fun they have.

  2. From everything I’ve seen her in, I don’t think Gadot a very good actor at all, which is my biggest complaint about this casting. I would have definitely preferred someone who barely looks like Wonder Woman, but who could at least be reliable to act the part.

  3. $300,000 ? damn what a bunch of tightwads

    • yes, $300,000 for what amounts to 3-4 months work. assuming she works every day of the 4 months, even at 18 hours a day, thats 138 an hour. not to shabby. but i guess to the hollywood elite, that’s like minimum wage. I’m not complaining, as i certainly help with paying their salary by seeing their films.

      • not comparing it to mine and your salary…think about it, they pay her salary in 1 or 2 days of ticket sales at 1 theater

  4. I’d be more ready to assume her role is small in this one. 300k is tiny, even by Marvel’s standards.

    Zack Snyder has wanted to make a Batman vs. Superman film for so long, I think the last thing he’ll do is waste screen time on additional characters for anything other than a tease.

  5. She’s a better choice as WW than Affleck as Bat-Man!!!

    • Who is Bat-Man? Is he related to Spider-Man?

  6. Suck it haters.

    • +1

      Words to live and die by, Wade.

      • Do you guys just respond and praise each other in every comment either of you write?

        • Yes. Also we are dating.

        • +100000000000

        • Great minds think alike I suppose.

        • Well if they’re right, they’re right. Why disagree with truth?

          Delay be damned, I’m still looking forward to this movie. People still hold The Dark Knight up as “the best comic book movie of all time” but I think this will surpass it once the movie finally releases.

          All of Snyder’s and Goyer’s previous movies in the genre are just practice before this one is made and released. I’m getting a real 2stars have aligned” feeling here because so far, the casting has been perfect and it only gets better with each official piece of news they tell us.

          • Dazz I agree 100%.

            Screw the delay bvswill rock.

        • @ Art

          Yes, the do. Dr. Mindbender & The Insufferable Deadpool have been an item for some time now. They seem happy together.

          • Why do you think Wade Wilson is so mouthy? Dr. Mindbender messed with him and made him that way. Thats how they are connected. It was in the lost Cable/Deadpool vs. Cobra comic. It lasted 3 issues.

          • @ Andrew

            Aren’t these two the same two conspiracy theory jokers from Man of Steel (“the critics were all bribed by Disney to say it was awful!!”) and the “Thor is copying off of Man of Steel with more re-shoots!”?

            Yep, it’s them.

            Leave these guys alone, I want them to stick around, they’re fun to laugh at!

            Dr. Conspiracy and The Insufferable Deadhead. Sounds like a sit-com.

  7. Batman Vs Superman, Justice League, spinoff Wonder Woman film, then they’re gonna see how things went and move from there. Callin’ it now.

  8. Hey Screenrant, can I get reports on Gal Gadot gaining weight? Or reports that she is getting boob jobs and butt jobs, so her body can at least look like Wonder Woman’s? LOL

    • Because boobs and ass is what makes Wonder Woman important. Get out of here.

      • The artists that work on Brian Azzarello’s current Wonder Woman series never really focus on her curves and yet it’s still one of the best Wonder Woman stories. I think people need to get over the idea that Wonder Woman has to have a ridiculous hourglass figure just “to be” Wonder Woman.

        • YES! MAKE MY MOVIE!!!

        • Seriously. I’m not a huge Deadpool fan, but from what I’ve seen/heard, it would make an awesome movie.

      • You get out of here jerk. She needs a shape. Period. I’m not one of those sheeple fans like yourself, that will watch whatever the studios put in your face. Had to be said, had too.

        • Because Wonder Women needs a shape to be a strong character. Either you can’t see past physicality or you have no clue what makes Wonder Woman a strong character. Jay Is Wrong.

        • If you’re going by looks then this whole movie is off because Affleck doesn’t have the Bruce Wayne look, Amy Adams doesn’t have the Lois Lane look, LF doesn’t have the Harvey look, yet MOS wasn’t all that bad and I thought LF played a good Harvey and Amy Adams played Lois Lane great. Cavill was the only one in the movie that I felt had the “look” for his character.

          • IKR. Bale looked so much more like Bruce than Affleck does.
            How can Affleck be Batman with that square jaw, cleft chin, and black hair?. Also, how can you have a Batman that is 6’4″?!?!?
            Bales 6 foot frame is much more intimidating. 6’4″? What are they, crazy? Especially once they give him the Cavill treatment, it’s gonna look ridiculous, like a comic book character or something.

        • “Had to be said”.

          By who, insufferable people who can’t get over a casting choice before seeing an actual performance in said role?

          Had to be said, had to. Apparently.

          • @The Insufferable Deadpool, JaredDac, and especially Dazz: You three are definitely sheeple. Had to Be Said, Had too! Again, Apparently.

          • Oh, be careful Dazz. After crying all over the AHS comments section that people who disagree with you should be banned. You even went as far as to request the moderator. You cried because you felt “abnormal”, remember? Bwahahaha.

            Here you are calling people insufferable. By your definition in the AHS comments you are personally attacking people.

            Paul! Paul!!!! We have a rule breaker here!!!

    • winning

  9. I think this was a smart idea to sign her on for a three picture deal right away. I hope she’s okay with the money, especially if she’s going to go through a lot of training for the film. She seems to be a very positive spoken woman. It will be interesting to see where Warner Bros. takes Wonder Woman in the DC Cinematic Universe after Superman/Batman. Ever since she was cast I thought Gal Gadot was a great choice, she really represents the beauty of Wonder Woman and I’m sure with her training she’ll represent the expert fighter. I would expect no less from Zack Snyder, he did a great job with Man of Steel and I have faith in him and his choices.

  10. $150,000.00 after taxes. Seems a little to low to me.

    • Remember, that will increase along with her screen time in future.

    • Which is why this is probably just a Cameo. She’ll make more down the line working with the part.

      • or if she doesn’t work out…not a hard pill to swallow

  11. Well hopefully she can pull off such an iconic character. I would’ve thought they would want to go with a more proven actress but hey, she must have done something right. That and the budget. It’s more than a pay day I ever had and could hope to get but 300,000 thousand is pretty slim for a Hollywood big budget film.

  12. This is all rather funny. “Oh she doesn’t have the look”, “Oh, she isn’t experienced”, “Oh, Jaimie Alexander or Gina Carano would have been a better choice”, the list goes on and on. The fact is Jaimie can’t do DC films because she is under contract with Marvel. Gina, from what I understand, is currently doing Expendabellas with other all action females that don’t know how to act. The deal is done and it’s time to move on. You can take a subpar actor/actress and hide their flaws with a great script and storyline. If they focus on that then they will succeed(a reason why I think WB decided to bring in Affleck’s boy in Terrio)

    • they should have cast Idris Elba for Wonder Woman

      • No way, Nathan Fillion for WW.


        • No, obviously Benedict Cumberbatch is the one for WW.

          • You’re all wrong, its Jeff Goldblum.

          • Yes, Cumberbatch is apparently the “new” Fillion.

      • Ah, that made me laugh a little too much. Haha

  13. Can we please stop padding Gadot’s pedigree by acting like she was actually an Israeli soldier. She was an athletic trainer for the army.

    • Which might actually be more impressive when it comes to physicality.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong Rob but don’t the Israeli army train in krav maga, one of the toughest unarmed combat disciplines in the world?

    • With military experience via basic training under the 2 year service she HAD to do as an Israeli citizen.

      Same as Prince William taking basic training then becoming a helicopter rescue pilot. He never fought in war zones like his brother Harry has but he’s still a military guy with the training behind him.

      Likewise pro wrestler Randy Orton being top of his class as a sniper during his time in the US Marine Corps before he was dishonorably discharged. He still trained for several years, still has a military background, even if it doesn’t help his wrestling career in any way, shape or form.

      If it’s on the resume, it’s on the resume, regardless if they saw combat experience or not.

    • Can we please stop stripping away any pedigree she does have because she’s a human and not a busty cartoon with an academy award?

  14. hopefully she will learn to be at least a halfway decent actor by the time she gets a movie.

  15. So by this account it means that if they wanted for Wonder Woman i headline her own movie she would have gotten a larger contract. All evidence places her character in the mix as part of larger ensemble movies and not a solo.

  16. I predict any character not named Batman or Superman will be reserved only for team-ups.

  17. I predict this movie is going to flop. Not because of Gal Gadot, but because of David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder.

    • Because they both have the worst track record in the box office, right? They lack the name recognition and work history to bring people out? And the movie seriously lacks any recognizable branding?

      • Snyder had there straigh flops Watchmen, Sucker, Legend and MOS created a great divide in us fans. Goyer claim to glory is Blade an the Black Ops games. Before you mention the Batman films everybody knows that the Nolan brothers made those scripts work!! Jonathan Nolan is the man the rewrote the whole Dark Knight script.

        • You mean three?

          • I’m confused with your use of the word “flop”…

            • Exactly what I was going to say.

    • +19999999999

  18. I’m pretty sure the idea of giving this woman a solo 100 million+ movie is laughable at WB studios. They’ll wait and see and since I personally believe she’s a mediocre actress who is probably going to look out of place with the giants of B&S I highly, highly doubt she’ll blow us away so much that the studio will give her a WW movie.

  19. Thanks for the hat-tip Rob! I’m cautiously optimistic about BvS. Not because of Gal Gadot’s minor role in the film (which it will be), but because of the fact that Goyer wrote the first treatmentm and Z-Synder is back at the helm.

    I’m glad they got the Argo screenwriter to spruce up the script though.

  20. OH NO!!

    A three movie deal? How about we see if she’s even any good as WW before she’s signed up for three?

    I’m not sure which is worse, Ben as Batman or Gal as WW? This movie will be a joke and this is the only site on the internet that says it won’t. WB/DC are already having trouble behind the scenes on this movie, as has been widely reported and there is no way ANY movie can live up to 2 1/2 years of hype.

    Get ready for a let down everybody with Batman vs Superman, just like Green Lantern and Man of Steel.


    • Lets break this down…

      “A three movie deal? How about we see if she’s even any good as WW before she’s signed up for three?”

      And if she proves herself and demands more money than the studio can afford for her second and third features, what happens? We go through the casting process again. No one knew if an Australian soap actor could cut it as Thor but he signed a multi-picture deal and proved pretty popular in the role.

      “I’m not sure which is worse, Ben as Batman or Gal as WW?”

      Neither. Affleck has played Bruce for most of his career and his Daredevil was just his version of Batman Lite in a horribly scripted movie. Haven’t seen Gadot’s work yet but I have the same faith in WB’s confidence in her as I did when my initial reaction to Affleck as Batman was “Wow, that’s actually a pretty good idea”.

      “This movie will be a joke and this is the only site on the internet that says it won’t.”

      It won’t. I also assume the only other movie sites you visit are non-professional blogs run by people who have no idea what they’re talking about and the closest they get to interviewing major Hollywood stars is waiting in line for 5 hours at conventions for a signed 8×10.

      “WB/DC are already having trouble behind the scenes on this movie, as has been widely reported and there is no way ANY movie can live up to 2 1/2 years of hype.”

      ALL movies have behind the scenes issues.

      • Wow so, unlike the negative people are saying this movie will suck, YOU know just the opposite hum?

        The truth is, until it’s actually made NO ONE knows if it will suck or not. There are indicators however that lend support to both sides of the argument right now.

        • I started reading the response before reading who posted it, got about half way through and thought “this has to be dazz,” and sure enough…he lives in his own little world.

  21. I wish people would stop questioning Snyder’s casting choices… the guy has proven he is excellent at casting. For what it’s worth i think Gal will do great, and I don’t mind the fact that she doesn’t “look” just like the Wonder Women of old… I could give a crap about the casting of super heroes 20 years ago was done. Tired of people venting about how the new Superman was terrible, just because for some reason they are under the impression that the original superman films were good or something… Let me let you in on a little secret…. Christopher Reeves and Superman 1&2 were HORRIBLE. Go back and watch them… acting was horrible, villains were weak, and the story’s were childish.

    I love the new rebirth of superman… and this time he isn’t just a big p**sy like he has been in the past. I am all for whatever take Snyder is going to give us with Wonder Woman… I know i can trust him.

    Batman of Steel is gonna be awesome.

    • Agreed.

      I saw the original Superman movies last year, likewise I saw the original Spider-Man trilogy. People claim they’re amazing, I could barely get through them. They don’t hold up any more and an older, wise set of eyes shows how horrendous those movies actually are compared to the Superman and Spider-Man reboots we’ve had in the past 18 months.

  22. Interesting. Very interesting. Maybe the three picture deal is Man of Steel 2, Jutice League, and Wonder Woman. Fingers Crossed. I am going to reserve judgement until I see her in action. If Wonder Woman will only play a small role in this film, that is for the best. The main focus of the film must be on Superman as well as Batman and the villain. With filming still scheduled for April/May, I feel some BIG announcements will be released later on in the year. Maybe Warner Bros will come out and say Man of Steel 2 is still on for 2015, maybe late 2015. Here’s hoping haha. I feel with the announcement of the delay, Warner Bros has has gained even more respect and confidence from its fanbase. Of course a level of dissapoitment and frustration. I feel Warner Bros does have a plan. Somethings came up that we as fans do not know about but oh well. It is what it is. The final product will be fantastic.

  23. Not sure if this was posted between somewhere in the middle and the last post, but I too feel that Snyder has an eye for acting skills from the most unsuspecting actors. And if he hired Gadot for mostly her looks then she would have every possible curve “required”… to play WW. Maybe he see’s something in that lovely entity that IS Gal Gadot. Time will tell. Patience is a virtue and I choose to maintain mine

    • Someone elso also said that it wasn’t Snyder that cast her, but WB, so that argument is invalidated (if that’s true).

  24. Well look at that people are complaining yet again (yawn) To be honest I rather surprised yall found something new to complain about other then that marvel movie that came out in summer 2013 that wont be mention by name right now.

  25. Well, I’m just glad her character will be sticking around. At this point I don’t care if Rosie O’Donnell plays the role, just bring Wondy to the big screen and make her debut respectful of her stature.

    • uuuggghhh…the thought of rosie o’donell in ANOTHER bustier made me throw up in my mouth a little! thanks for that!

  26. Let’s break down the two complaints for the casting. Looks and acting chops.

    Gal Gadot doesn’t look like wonderwoman in the comic. That argument is taking the stance that looks in comics are canon. So the complaint is that by this casting, they are going against canon. I would argue that looks are not canon, just the actions and stories that involve the character. This would encompass auquaman and the flash not being blonde.

    Gal Gadot isn’t a good actress. This is a more valid argument. You can watch her work and then quantify it in your mind on a good to bad scale. But I would argue against this as well because of her military training. There is a reason that there are Israeli self defense classes popping up everywhere. I would ask this question. Is it better to have a trained actor learn to be a butt kicker or a trained butt kicker learn to act better. I would answer they both have there merits but either way, the fact that she is a trained killer is a plus.

    It’s enough for me to be excited for the casting and look forward to trailers and production photos.

    • So, if looks are not canon, you would be OK with Tom Hanks as Superman. Yea, didn’t think so. Why not? He’s an accomplished actor, who cares if he actually looks like Superman, that’s shallow. While we are at it, I vote Anthony Hopkins as Guy Gardern’s Green Lantern. Remember, looks aren’t canon, nobody should care if the actor looks like the character. Oh, but wait, all the Batfleck supporters use his looks as at least part of their argument? Remember, Affleck LOOKS like how Bruce Wayne is traditionally drawn. Huh…weird how that works. Since looks are not canon, I’d like to see Michael J Fox as Batman. He can add some quirk to the character, yea!

      • Tom Hanks as Superman? I’ll buy my ticket now!

  27. They’re getting The Rock as Jimmy Olsen. :-P

    Makes sense why others can’t see Clark Kent as Superman. With Jimmy Olsen looking like a mountain beside him, who’d see past through Clark Kent as the guy who caused what happened at Metropolis?

  28. Goodbye, DC live action movies.