Gal Gadot Signed 3-Picture Deal For Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Art Stars Gal Gadot Signed 3 Picture Deal For Wonder Woman

Man of Steel was a very polarizing film for fans and critics, but whether you loved it or hated it, director Zack Snyder’s new take on Superman at the very least successfully launched what is soon to become a DC Comics shared cinematic universe. And that’s something many fans have been long been waiting for.

Ignoring Green Lantern and putting Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy behind us, the sequel Man of Steel, currently dubbed Batman vs. Supermanis introducing not only the caped crusader but Wonder Woman as well – an iconic character yet to debut on screen theatrically. Gal Gadot earned the honor of taking that role and she’ll likely be playing the character for two more films afterwards.

Gadot, recognizable for her key role as Gisele Harabo in the last few Fast & Furious films, brings a real-life military background and a modeling career with her to the role of Princess Diana of Themyscira – if she goes by that name in Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer’s cinematic universe. Gadot, while appearing again on the Good Evening with Gai Pines show in Israel, revealed some details regarding her contract with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot Signed 3 Picture Deal For Wonder Woman

According to the translation by Batman-News source, the actress will earn $300,000 for her appearance in Batman vs. Superman which leads us to believe that her role may involve minimal screen time or the studio is embracing the Marvel Studios model of signing talent for cheap and for the long-term. She also admitted that her multi-picture deal involves three films.

The ambitious and exciting project begins filming in May giving the film plenty of time to meet its newly delayed release date of summer 2016. Recent rumors, ranging from casting to franchise planning, indicate that the studio may be considering filming Batman vs. Superman back-to-back with Justice League though as per usual, absolutely nothing on this front has been confirmed. If true however, Gal Gadot’s intro in BvS will set herself up for a larger part in Justice League where she could potentially be joined by Aquaman and a new Green Lantern – if rumors are anything to go by in this day and age.

Still, it’s good for fans to see Warner Bros. planning ahead and taking steps to get more of their beloved key characters on screen. It’s just a matter of time now before we see them team together as Justice League against a greater threat. The question now is whether the three-pic deal could ever involve a Wonder Woman solo feature or if she’s being reserved only for team-ups. Excited?


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Source: Good Evening with Gai Pines (via Batman-News) (Hat-tip Nicholas)

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  1. Clearly someone at WB has some fantasies about WW being a very pretty 14 year old boy.

    No thanks.

    • ^^^ I love comments like this:

      Insists that a fitness model/beauty queen looks like a 14 year old boy, indicating they are part of the crowd who suggests her physique isn’t “bulk” enough… which is a masculine quality.


      • And your comment plays into the idea that all women should be rail thin, 110lb models which is EQUALLY illogical.

        Sorry but she does need “bulk” to look more like WW.

        • No it doesn’t. My comment associates the folly of calling her a boy and then asking for a boy.

          • I agree with moose. Mindbender, remember that the exercised (worked out) female physique looks far different from the exercised (worked out) male physique. The estrogen in the female body prevents women, who exercise or lift weights from looking like the worked out male body. Though a woman who works out will be toned and her FEMALE muscles visible, she still retains her feminine look, again…because of the estrogen in the female body. If she however takes testosterone injections, then she would physically look like a man.

            Don’t be fooled by the phrase “bulk up.”

            • Gadot does need to lift some weights and be a little thicker to look like a credible ww.

              An example of what I said before would be Jillian Michaels. To me, she has the right look. And before I go any further let me just say, that I know JM is not an actress and is too short. I am only saying that she has the right look. She is in shape and her FEMININE “muscular” physique looks nothing near masculine.

              Gina Carano would be another, but she would have to tone up.

          • Gadot looks like a boy because there isn’t enough milk in those things for a cup of coffee


  3. $300,000 ?
    Robert Downey only got paid $250,000 for doing the 1st IronMan movie

    • Inflation.

      • Aliens.

        • Inflated Aliens.

    • Look at the movies RDJ was doing before Iron Man.
      The Shaggy Dog? Really?

      • Iron Man at the time was a B lister to Wonder Woman who is a cultural icon

  4. $300,000 is cheap?

    • In Hollywood that’s considered monthly allowance.
      Welcome to the world of the 1%

  5. A bold move to sign her up for 3 movies straight away. They haven’t even seen her in action yet. What if she fails to portray Diana? Can they just cancel the deal later?

    • Multi-picture deals are the norm for franchise films and they usually benefit the studio, giving them the power over the actor/actress if a film is greenlit.

      The studio isn’t obligated to make more films but, if they want to, the actor/actress is obligated to return due to their multi-picture contract.

    • Yes they some degree. She had to try out for the part, read lines, you know ACT like Diana BEFORE she got hired.

  6. Gal Gadot was cast by Snyder…that’s factual. And a 3 picture deal, in times when multi-movie contracts are the norm, is nothing unusual. But it does show confidence. And that’s important.

    To all those who’re really against this…I’d humbly suggest..suggest..stick to your guns. Don’t watch the movie..and unless its anything other than criticizing her “body type”…don’t bother commenting. Judging an actress based on how she looks…yup..that’s pretty much missing the point of Wonder Woman. ITS FICTION. We have waited sooo long to see a wonder woman on screen. I’m sure..DC and WB are aware of that. Why would they want to spoil a potentially huge franchise ? Trust in Snyder for a bit…and in Gal too.

    In my opinion…Gal Gadot would be a cool Wonder Woman. And this will be a fantastic movie. Affleck is a good actor…Kevin Smith is excited about the new costume..and Cavill owns his own part. If they get the story right..this will be brilliant.

    • “Judging an actress based on how she looks…yup..that’s pretty much missing the point of Wonder Woman. ITS FICTION.” – Hmmm, Ok, then so is Superman…fiction! Why not cast a lean and skinny guy as the Man of Steel? Or a slightly chubby fellow like Rogen? How can one destroy the very essence of Wonder Woman…the body type plays the most important role for these fictional characters cause thats who they are to us! Rest of the character traits are developed by the actors who play them but body needs to resemble them somewhat!! Please answer my question Anim – Why not cast a skinny fellow as Superman?

      • “How can one destroy the very essence of Wonder Woman…”
        This is so fuqing funny! Hey, if you wanna know her real essence, read the comics. And before you say that she’s drawn with a big B plus blossom, i’d suggest to think on the issue again; what is the real essence of WW? Is it humongous breasts? Or is it something else? Riddle, riddle… lol

    • Judging an actress based on how pretty she is would be missing the point of Wonder Woman. Judging an actress appropriate or not for a role based on whether or not she looks like the character is justifiable. Snyder has been and still is hit or miss so I don’t really have faith in his vision just yet. I’ll of course wait for the movie to pass serious judgement, but I do think that her lack of acting experience and the fact that she looks so much different than the source material will hinder the film.

    • People said Michael Keaton wasn’t bulky enough to play Batman back in the day and that he’d suck in the hole…

      • Keaton wore body armor as batman. Therefore, though keaton himself was not muscular for the role of batman the body armor suit he wore was. I have said this numerous times that Keaton was my favorite batman, but he was not bruce wayne. A lot of people are interested in batman and not wayne. It is because of that why folks overlooked the fact that Keaton, PHYSICALLY, made a poor wayne. I think a lot of people tend not to realize that bruce wayne is actually a muscular character.

        It makes perfect sense for the CBMC/film studio to cast people who not only can act, but people who actually look like the character (not just in face, but in body and height as well). I have said this before, there are people in real life who actually look like certain comic book characters (face and body). Cavill was the first muscular (whose muscles were easily visible while he wore the suit) actor to play the muscular character of superman. What took so long?

        As for BA playing bats. I think he would look good under the cowl, but here’s the problem…Ben A. (batman) is 6’4 and Cavill (superman) is 6’1, yet in the comics the characters’ heights are reversed (superman is 6’4 and batman is 6’0). Even the toon got this right. So the movie version will have batman taller than superman, when it is supposed to be the other way around. If this was addressed, someone let me know.

    • People can say what they want to about Gal Gadot…but truth is, I want my superheros looking as close to the source material ass possible. Plain and simple. Henry cavil actually had the superman built, and sold me on the portrayal of Superman.
      I have no doubt Gal will bulk up a bit for the part. They can add a lift to her butt depending on how her costume is made. Women should have curves and an ass, and Gal is certainly lacking in the butt department.
      Anyone happened to check out Justice league: WAR yet ? Awesome. Actually dug Wonder Woman’s costume in that film. They better give her the bikini ! As she put it in that animated film, when someone tells her she looks like a “Whore” Her response: I feel empowered.
      I see nothing wrong why they can’t keep her classic costume intact. Women’s movement have done more to help as well as hurt how women are portrayed on screen. I say, shut the hell up…you’re getting the attention whether it is good or bad, and controversy always bring in the masses.
      Zack did a brilliant job on the costumes in Watchmen…he should stick to giving Wonder Woman something similar

  7. If it was the Nolan brothers writing the script, or picking the roles, then I’d wouldn’t be worried at all about this movie, because they know how to make unlikely actors merge into their roles. But this is Snyder we’re talking about lol.
    Nah, I’ll see the reviews of this movie before wasting my money at the theater.

    • ive been saying that since nolan quit as excetutive producer and writer..from batman and superman when he found out WB hired affleck as batman he knew what was coming..loved MOS.but wont be watching the sequels anylonger

  8. $300,000 is a lot of money. Gal is a good choice for this fictional role. Some fanboys need their head examined.

  9. It is not personal criticism against the actress Gal. She might be great in the role but the casting just is a bad bad decision. I agree with the guy who said please cast skinny superman! LoL…true. Wonder Woman myth destroyed by Snyder.

  10. Had read that Ben Affleck undergoing regiment for physique in Batman role. Why?? Flat Wonder Woman is here….Affleck also should not bother. Apparently, its not important to look the part anymore, at all !

  11. Picture a battle from the movie 300.
    Now put an athletic toned up model type in the armor.

    Now picture Faora-Ul fighting in Man of Steel (stole the show)

    Now add these images together into one.

    Wonder Woman.

    I don’t give a F who you put in the role really, as long as she knows how to do what she told to do, it is going to look unbelievable.

  12. Clearly some just prefer their fantasies over flesh and blood. Must be difficult to know what a woman looks like in real life while spending all your time complaining about frivolous matters they have no control over. Bet most opinions change before the filmmakers blink. BTW, she could kick troll @$$ in her sleep, in real life…

    • Sorry, but they are women of every shape and size; and they have athletic ones out there with awesome bodies. Movies are fantasies; and that is why we go to them. To escape from the Nolan reality crap. I want Wonder Woman looking like she just walked off the comic book page.
      I have my ordinary girlfriend with her curves and little gut…but i still enjoy a good fantasty.

    • Isn’t that the real point. Men and women alike are tired of looking at women who look like week young men. Indicating that someone hasn’t ever seen a woman because they don’t think Gal Gadot fits that picture is projection at best. I have never seen a woman that looks like Gal Gadot. This isn’t a problem with Gal Gadot, she has that very popular body style preferred in modeling and acting. However, Most woman don’t look like an = sign stood on end. I think more women would like to see someone more representative of them play the ultimate amazon wonder woman, than another skinny model.

    • Who cares? She can’t even act! You guys wouldn’t know a good actress if she ran you over!

    • I’m so sick of hearing how this talentless bimbo was in the military! Who the hell cares! She looks like a fourteen yr old boy!

  13. Frankly I saw signing Gadot to ONLY a 3 picture deal as more of WB lacking confidence in their ability to make the character successful. Think about it. 3 picture deal and one of those pictures is as a glorified cameo in BvsS? Maybe one will be the Justice League?

    What a waste. Lets say she’s a smash hit – its WW – odds are the public, is going to go nuts. Then WB is not going to want to drop the coin necessary to bring her back.

    With BvsS getting pushed back to 2016 then by the time we get WW on the big screen Marvel will have not one, but two separate TV shows staring female characters (Agent Carter and Jessica Jones). Likewise there is a strong possibility of having several popular female team characters. Black Widow is already a fan favorite, there’s a good chance that Zoe Saldana breaks out with Gamora. If GotG is a success how long before we get the Kree? If we get the Kree then Captain Marvel isn’t far behind.

    DC could have dropped any believable, attractive acctress into WW with a decent script (goodbye Joss Whedon) and a budget and had a smash hit. It would have been like Disney Princess movies for little girls, and teenage boys and lets admit a few adult men. Instead they will hem and haw and stifle and backtrack and fall further behind Marvel. Again.

  14. $300,000 is cheap when other actors are asking for millions plus the moon.

  15. Great… Wonder Woman finally comes to the big screen, and she’s rail thin and flat chested. We deserved better.

  16. Just to compare . Sofia Vergara got paid $750k. For each episode of Modern Family.
    Hey! Why don’t WB cast Sofia as WW ? Or Salma Hayek?
    DIOS MIO !

    • $750,000 per episode ?
      AY CARUMBA !

    • Better yet, leave the country and take your starving foreign no talent bimbo with you!

    • Hey! How’s about we cast someone who can speak english!

    • Or we could just hire someone with talent?

  17. im holding out on ny judgement on her as wonderwoman. but i have to admit she is not what i was expecting wonder woman to look like. if you read the comics she amazonian and strong rivaling superman at times. she is supposr to look strong gladiator like gal gabot im afraid does not look strong or amazonian .

  18. Gal Gadot must be somebody’s girlfriend. Her body looks like a number two pencil

  19. I don’t find her as attractive as you do lol

  20. I predict three bombs coming our way

  21. Gadot looks like a boy because there isn’t enough milk in those things for a cup of coffee

  22. Gadot got this part rather easily.
    Must be good in the sack

    • Look everyone, Jax wants to be considered for the categories of “worst comment of the day” and “dbag of the week”

      Personally I think he has them both in the bag.

      • up yers

  23. Hey muzachman, Jax is just saying what most of us are thinking.

  24. how dare you Jax! Gadot is a acting genius!

    And I’m certain her knowing the Hershey highway trick has nothing to do with it!

  25. lol

  26. We waited years for a movie like this, and what does Hollywood do?

    Hires a stick to play an amazon

  27. Just saw the new outfit….

    not impressed