Gal Gadot Signed For ‘Justice League’ & ‘Wonder Woman’ Solo Film

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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Movie Details Gal Gadot Signed For Justice League & Wonder Woman Solo Film

Good things come to those who wait, and for fans of Batman vs. Superman and the heroine known as Wonder Woman, it may be truer than ever. But even though the chance to see Gal Gadot in the iconic role has been postponed for almost an extra year, the actress recently confirmed that she was committed to portray the character in not one, but three films for Warner Bros./DC.

No additional details seem to have been confirmed, other than WB and DC are taking a page out of Marvel’s book in saving pay where possible, and that the three films in which Gadot will appear are not a total mystery. First comes Batman vs. Superman, followed by the long-anticipated Justice League team-up film, and a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie rounding out the trio.

The report comes courtesy of Variety, who claim that the previously reported 3-picture deal is confirmed by their sources. They add the confirmation of the three previously mentioned films – BvS, JL, then a solo WW – as well as their belief that Gadot stands to make $300,000 for each of the three films, not just her first appearance. If true, then there is no question WB and DC have managed to balance out the cost of landing a major talent like Ben Affleck (and whichever rumored A-lister they land on for Lex Luthor).

Gal Gadot in Fast Five Gal Gadot Signed For Justice League & Wonder Woman Solo Film

If the implication, then, is that Gadot’s presence in all three films is at all comparable, then the story being crafted to introduce both her and Batman, not to mention the rest of the Justice League members is more a mystery than ever. Rumor has it that Batman vs. Superman won’t just feature a cameo of Gadot’s ‘Diana’ as some had initially thought, but an armored appearance. Could she play a larger role than may have been suspected?

All things considered, the films named as the basic structure of Gadot’s deal aren’t too surprising; BvS was already confirmed, and the rumors of a Justice League movie being filmed back to back with the Man of Steel sequel only gained momentum when production was delayed 10 months. If Warner Bros. has decided that a team-up was the best way to introduce their superhero roster (a novel idea we had from the start), then there was no doubt that Gadot’s solo Wonder Woman movie would come after the team assembled.

Even so, it would seem that there at least signs of a strategy and road map coming into view at Warner Bros./DC. And if that’s the case, is this even more evidence that the likes of Aquaman, Cyborg, and other League members could be expected to stand on their own come 2017 and beyond? Only time will tell.

Justice League Movie Character List Gal Gadot Signed For Justice League & Wonder Woman Solo Film

What we do know is that Gadot will have another year to approach the high physical standard set by Henry Cavill – good news for any and all actors who may be signing deals in the coming months. We’ve voiced our opinion that Gadot’s size won’t make or break her portrayal of the iconic superheroine, but more time to train is always welcome. Not to mention the time to figure out exactly where her character came from in Snyder’s budding universe.

What do you think of the proposed plan? Does a Man of Steel continuation, moving to a Justice League story, followed by standalone films seem like a plausible plan? Or would you still prefer DC and WB to follow Marvel’s formula? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters May 6, 2016.

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Source: Variety

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  1. This seemed obvious to me

    • Right?

  2. Well there is no confirmation of a JL movie and a solo Wonder Woman movie. Actor/actress who signed on for multi-movie deal is nothing new. Didn’t Hugo Weaving sign on for 3-4 movies as Red Skull and nothing much happen since then?

  3. NICE!!! Hopefully they do all these movies back to back Have Wonderwoman come out in 2017 along with Justice League.

  4. Its good news. It seems WB/DC have at least a rough plan in the works and now they locked down Gal who, I think will knock it out of the park with Wonder Woman, just good news all around and WB needs some positive buzz circulating.

  5. it’s good that they show respect to her and one of the most iconic woman’s characters in pop culture with a great paycheck …shows confidence

  6. Not exactly following MCU formula is what I like to see. I’m excited to see how her take on WW will be along with the armor. Should be nice

    • People need to stop thinking that as long as it deviates from the MCU formula, it will be good. That’s just wrong. There’s nothing wrong with following that formula, because at the end of the day, I’d rather get a good flow of good movies than a series of unevenly placed movies.

      • Yeah, because the MCU films have been “good”. But the problem with those films isn’t the formula. It’s creative behind them.

        • My and your opinion whether the Marvel films are good are probably different. Let’s just say that most of its audience likes them.

    • +1 I agree, I’m glad they’re not doing the Marvel Cinematic Universe solo films after another.

      I enjoyed Phase One until it got to Avengers. It didn’t live up to the hype for me. It was great to see all the characters together on the big screen but that was it. The story was weak, the villain wasn’t being taken seriously, too many jokes, and no danger or threat was emphasized and if it were it was immediately dismissed. Now Phase Two seems to be stuck in a rut following the same Avengers formula. I’m hoping Captain America: Winter Soldier changes that because that’s my all-time favorite Captain America story.

      I would rather see all the heroes come together at first and then focus on their stand alone movies. Introduce them all to the audience at once and then let them go into character development. I enjoyed that a lot in DC Comics New 52 Justice League: Origins.

      • I have to say, both you and Anton Reyes are right.

        I agree with Anton Reyes because I don’t see anything wrong with DC following what marvel did as long as it works. If they are going to change the way they introduce their characters for the sake of NOT DOING IT THE WAY MARVEL DID IT, even though it was a success, then DC would be silly. That’s not to say there is not another way for them to introduce their own characters.

        I agree with you, Frank, because the very weaknesses you mentioned, with regards to the avengers movie, are the same deficiencies that DC can take advantage of to help ensure that their movies will trump marvel’s (if they are smart enough to realize that).

  7. Man of Steel (2013)

    Wonder Woman (2015)-they need “ALL of this time?” (Shot back-to-back rather thanJL)

    Batman vs. Superman (2016)

    Justice League: Green Lantern already had a movie so they can pull a Justice League: War and just put him in and Flash can do the same, movies after JL if it’s a box office smash hit.

    What do you think?

    • I think if you are establishing a universe you stay as far away from 2015 as possible.

      …whoa, bending my own mind and such…

      *leaves thread, running and waving arms above head*

    • The problem about a Wonder Woman movie is Gal Gadot. I honestly don’t think that there’s a confirmation of a Wonder Woman film. If it’s confirm that there will be a Wonder Woman solo film, make it after the Batman/Superman movie, not before. Can Gadot handle on her own as the main character of the movie? I don’t think so. She has to prove herself in Batman/Superman.

      • I was thinking it would be her origin story which leads up to her appearance in Batman vs Superman. I just have no idea how they will explain her appearance with it not being confusing.

        • It’s a high risk to start off with a Wonder Woman film before Batman/Superman. Gal Gadot needs to prove herself before starting her own movie. Look at Grant Gustin in Arrow, they plan on making a Flash series within the Arrow Universe, but they first have Barry Allen appear as a guest character in two episodes and show us how he’s portrayed and the performance of Grant. Yet since after those two special episode with Barry Allen, Grant provide a great performance and I believe he can do it on his own show as the main character. I don’t want an opposite take on that with Gal Gadot.

        • I actually think she’ll get flack from the other Amazons for allying herself with men and her solo film with focus more on doing something to either reclaim her place among them or maybe they get attacked while she’s banished or something and she has to save them.

    • I think it’s best to set a foundation of her character in Superman/Batman and develop further in Justice League so there is a wider audience for a stand alone Wonder Woman. Let Gal Gadot get comfortable in the role and ease the audience over to become a, potential, loyal fan base.

  8. in Hollywood term 300K is nothing, Quvenzhané Wallis is getting 750k for Annie. ill wager Annie’s budget is much smaller

    • Annie isn’t a potentially career launching role though. It seems to me Gadot wouldn’t mind getting paid less if it meant being recognized as a lead actress via Wonder Woman which would eventually lead to more roles (and paychecks).

    • I don’t think that’s a valid point though. Quvenzhané Wallis, who is an award winning young actress, is playing the role of Annie in “Annie” while Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman in “Superman/Batman.”

  9. Called it.

  10. So with the delay and this announcement, is BvS going to be retitled:

    Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman

    We should stop calling it a Man of Steel sequel (did we call The Avengers a Captain America or Iron Man or Thor sequel?). Just call it Trinity.

    • It does still seem like a Superman sequel..

      1) Nobody else has supporting characters casted other than Superman

      2) They’ve rebuilt ALL of the Smallville sets so that’s more Superman

      3) We haven’t seen a movie like this before so we don’t know what to label it, but I would call it trinity as well.

    • Just because Batman and Wonder Woman are in it doesn’t mean it’s not a Man of Steel sequel. Goyer said a couple months ago that things that happened in the first movie will be dealt with in this one. So, yeah. It’s a sequel.

  11. I like how this is all starting to sound like DC has a plan (they just are moving slowly on it)
    Looking like BvS will be Trinity film – there’s another possible title to throw into the mix until the official one is announced

    Starting to think that the delay to production is to allow writers to work on JL film and tweak the MoS 2 treatment so that they can film both back to back and have a clear script/story plan in place for both before they begin filming – so they don’t go through the issue marvel has with rewrites happening during production getting on directors nerves (as like what supposedly happened with Thor 2 and Alan Taylor for instance)

  12. All this news about a Man Of Steel sequel, with no actual news about the Man Of Steel himself. It’s getting harder and harder for me to get excited for this.

    • Everything we know about Superman was revealed in articles pertaining to the MoS movie. Unfortunately we know close nothing about WW or Bats, so it’s only logical to inform the public on what they don’t know.

  13. I’m excited for this movie in all honesty. I’m hopeful that Affleck and Gadot will portray the characters nicely.

    Also, I still think the movie should be called “World’s Finest”… anyone with me?

    • I like “World’s Finest: Batman vs. Superman”

      And the title “World’s Finest: Trinity” could be used for a trinity movie down the track?

  14. If it’s 300k each, then I sure hope there’s some profit sharing incentives, because that’s a steal.

    • she will get residual automatly with her Sag/Aftra contract. I can’t blame her for agreeing to that price, but if the films do well they will have to redo her control for the last film if not the 2nd.

      • With their Hollywood accounting, they can still screw her out of the residuals. It’s done all the time.

    • Has to be incentives, 300k is nothing. Smart on her part.

  15. The title of this film has got to be Trinity

  16. Anyone else get the feeling DC is biting off more than they can chew? They haven’ even seen audience react to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman yet. They haven’t even seen how audiences react to BatmanVsSuperman yet.

    • The first Avengers movie was in the works way before they know how ppl would react to Thor Or Cap for that matter. So I think pretty much the same is going on here. They will wait before greenlighting any other movies after BvsS, that or they were so damn impressed with her that they are forging ahead.

  17. I am not sure the reason for the delay of Man of Steel 2, we as movie fans can speculate all day for the reason. What I am starting to see is a strategic plan unfolding from Warner Bros regarding their DC properties. I find this fascinating. Maybe Warner Bros had this direction from the beginning with “Man of Steel”. I do not know. With all the casting rumors maybe Warner Bros was casting its Justice League cast and looking at spinning off individual franchises from Justice League. That is the formula Warner Bros has used with the animated features. I know Warner Bros has been very good at keeping information close to the chest and I feel for good reason. I suppose there will be even more news in the coming months.

  18. There’s no way Gal Gadot could carry her own movie.

  19. World’s Finest: The Trinity

  20. Cant wait to see her all buffy.

  21. The wait is too damn long….
    WW on Screen…This is gonna be a brilliant movie. However, I still think this will be a short intro, her origins aren’t really gonna be discussed in this one. Which is good.

  22. This news about Gal Gadot’s casting as WW just keep getting worse and worse. A three picture deal that includes a solo WW movie? Seriously? Are they kidding?

    How can a ‘B’ rated actress like Gal Gadot carry a franchise movie? She was bad in FF, how is she going to pull this off? In addition to that, if she’s terrible in BvS, then what, just start all over?

    Who ever is pulling the strings at WB-DC has a screw loose.

    • See…you gotta be more informed.
      Nowdays, every movie star has to sign a multi-picture deal. Specially for comic book movies. Chris Evans in Cap, All the GOTG people, Chris Hemsworth was a total unknown..had to sign a multi pic deal. Same with Henry Cavill who wasn’t completely proven for the big screen. So does every nearly every other person involved with Marvel. A multi-picture deal is the most normal contract in comic book movies.

      Whoever is pulling the strings at DC…has a pretty fair grasp of things.

  23. Maybe the delay for Batman vs Superman is so that Gal Gadot can get some acting lessons. She really is a bad actress, all kidding aside. I mean…..bad.

  24. I`m just waiting to see a glimpse of a bigger booty

    • good luck…call me when she gets butt augmentation

  25. Well, it’s great to see DC stepping up and planning ahead! Can’t wait to see what they bring!

  26. Danica Patrick sure looks like a Wonder Woman…LOL Heck! make muscles for GalGadoy that s*** looks legit.

  27. I’m a DC. Period. That being said, I think DC missed out on a pretty great dynamic Marvel hit right on the head with their roll-out strategy. A lot of it’s timing on DC’s part, and I understand that. The ability to roll out each character individually enables the audience to form a familiarity and respect for each superhero on their own. That in itself was part of the reason Avengers was so successful. Each was a standalone power, so when they got together it was the best thing to ever happen.
    DC’s reversal of this paradigm just doesn’t give the audience this same feeling. While I don’t think it’ll work as well, I along with everyone else will still support Snyder & DC/WB and see how it turns out. And if “Man Of Steel” is any indication, we’re off to a pretty great start!

  28. Sweet, I was getting worried she would be the “Black Widow” of the DC movies (especially with her casting in Batman/Superman). I’m glad she’ll be getting her own movie. But as others have pointed out, nothing is set in stone until Batman/Superman comes out. Like it or not, Man of Steel did an amazing job at the box office, but we need to wait and see how successful Batman/Superman is to really see if there will be a JLA film or not.

  29. It’s about time WB/DC got their act together by taking an ambitious risk, and giving these characters their own sole roles. All there’s left is giving Batman his own sole film as well.