Gal Gadot Signed For ‘Justice League’ & ‘Wonder Woman’ Solo Film

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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Movie Details Gal Gadot Signed For Justice League & Wonder Woman Solo Film

Good things come to those who wait, and for fans of Batman vs. Superman and the heroine known as Wonder Woman, it may be truer than ever. But even though the chance to see Gal Gadot in the iconic role has been postponed for almost an extra year, the actress recently confirmed that she was committed to portray the character in not one, but three films for Warner Bros./DC.

No additional details seem to have been confirmed, other than WB and DC are taking a page out of Marvel’s book in saving pay where possible, and that the three films in which Gadot will appear are not a total mystery. First comes Batman vs. Superman, followed by the long-anticipated Justice League team-up film, and a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie rounding out the trio.

The report comes courtesy of Variety, who claim that the previously reported 3-picture deal is confirmed by their sources. They add the confirmation of the three previously mentioned films – BvS, JL, then a solo WW – as well as their belief that Gadot stands to make $300,000 for each of the three films, not just her first appearance. If true, then there is no question WB and DC have managed to balance out the cost of landing a major talent like Ben Affleck (and whichever rumored A-lister they land on for Lex Luthor).

Gal Gadot in Fast Five Gal Gadot Signed For Justice League & Wonder Woman Solo Film

If the implication, then, is that Gadot’s presence in all three films is at all comparable, then the story being crafted to introduce both her and Batman, not to mention the rest of the Justice League members is more a mystery than ever. Rumor has it that Batman vs. Superman won’t just feature a cameo of Gadot’s ‘Diana’ as some had initially thought, but an armored appearance. Could she play a larger role than may have been suspected?

All things considered, the films named as the basic structure of Gadot’s deal aren’t too surprising; BvS was already confirmed, and the rumors of a Justice League movie being filmed back to back with the Man of Steel sequel only gained momentum when production was delayed 10 months. If Warner Bros. has decided that a team-up was the best way to introduce their superhero roster (a novel idea we had from the start), then there was no doubt that Gadot’s solo Wonder Woman movie would come after the team assembled.

Even so, it would seem that there at least signs of a strategy and road map coming into view at Warner Bros./DC. And if that’s the case, is this even more evidence that the likes of Aquaman, Cyborg, and other League members could be expected to stand on their own come 2017 and beyond? Only time will tell.

Justice League Movie Character List Gal Gadot Signed For Justice League & Wonder Woman Solo Film

What we do know is that Gadot will have another year to approach the high physical standard set by Henry Cavill – good news for any and all actors who may be signing deals in the coming months. We’ve voiced our opinion that Gadot’s size won’t make or break her portrayal of the iconic superheroine, but more time to train is always welcome. Not to mention the time to figure out exactly where her character came from in Snyder’s budding universe.

What do you think of the proposed plan? Does a Man of Steel continuation, moving to a Justice League story, followed by standalone films seem like a plausible plan? Or would you still prefer DC and WB to follow Marvel’s formula? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters May 6, 2016.

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Source: Variety

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  1. I think WB/DC are trying to create something more realistic than Marvel. They Start with MOS and then add Batman or Wonder Woman. Notice one thing: MOS timeline is really quick. Superman Reveal and Zod appears later. It’s just a question of days(and Batman or Wonder Woman don’t have the time to react). In the sequel they will appear for obvious reasons: Superman coming to Earth. While Marve keeps their heroes apart with their solo movies, WB/DC want to tie them not just in JL Movie but in other movies. MOS is the introduction to a JL Franchise and not a SOLO Movie at all like Iron Man or Thor (They just don’t help each other even if they could, only in avengers). It would make sense to do BAT VS SUP and then Justice League and solo movies after that. That gives them more flexibility to work with their material and justify why batman or WW aren’t available to help Sups for example cause they first meeting is caused by the appearence of SUPS on Earth and they are forced to reveal themselves.

    • Well said

    • That is one of the main beefs I have with marvel. How can they claim to be the worlds greatest heroes when they only appear when it suits them.

      I’m glad they are giving wonder woman a true run. An appearence in bvs a full role in justice league and then a solo wonder woman movie.

      It gives hope that the flash and aquaman may have a viable movie chance.

      • For the most part, the Marvel solo films are stories where the entire Avengers team would be big time overkill. Calling Thor and the Hulk in to fend off one guy that Iron Man SHOULD be able to handle? Eh.

      • @Kevin – because there’s no other heroes so they’re the best by default.

      • They are not God. They can not be everywhere all the time. That is what is wrong with DC characters some say.

        I dont understand how you say when it suits them. Could you explain (unless you are speaking books and its been a bit for me) how they showed up when it suits them?

        • The Phase 1 films (aside from Iron Man & Cap) basically all happened at the same time. Plus:

          Thor was stuck in a mortal form a good deal of the time he was on Midgard
          Bruce Banner was trying to stay in hiding.
          Stark was freakin’ dying. And was still considering being part of a “superpowered boy band” And at the moment was probably the best known in the world. The college students obviously didn’t know who Hulk was, and Thor likely only set off alarm bells when he defended New Mexico.

          Anyway, we felt SHIELD’s presence in the individual films. You got me on Iron Man 3, but Thor:TDW took place more in the other realms.

          • IM3 is also pretty easy. Thor was trying to maintain/restore order in other realms. Hulk is a huge risk, too big a risk to be using lightly. Captain America is trying to re-adjust to modern society. And, for the majority of the movie, it’s largely “run of the mill” terrorist attacks that the expectation would be that Iron Man shouldn’t have any real problem handling himself. The reveal about AIM and the Extremis project doesn’t really happen until late, too late to really be bringing everyone in on it.

            • Also, it’s rather vague in my mind right now, but didn’t Stark have an issue with his comlink? Like he couldn’t use it because he needed to stay under the radar until he finished repairing his armor or something?

    • I really am excited for Justice League but I disagree because…

      You are saying Marvel “keeps their heroes apart with their solo movies, WB/DC want to tie them not just in JL Movie but in other movies.” All of the Disney/Marvel movies have done what you just said. All of them tie into each other leading up to the Avengers movies and yet still have solo movies focusing on each character. All of the movies tie into each other as a big long story. The path to the shared universe of Avengers movies was started with Iron Man 1. Nick Fury enters and tells Stark about eh Avengers Initiative. Not sure how that is much different than the way Justice League is being created in the movies. Man of Steel was the first solo movie of a long story of DC movies leading to Justice League just like Iron Man was for Avengers.

      Plus, Wonder Woman IS getting a solo movie and will also tie into Justice League. Same thing as Marvel’s characters getting solo movies then leading to Avengers team up.

      You also said, “MOS is the introduction to a JL Franchise and not a SOLO Movie at all like Iron Man or Thor.” Again, Iron Man was a solo movie and was the introduction to the Avengers franchise AND just like MOS WAS a solo movie and is leading to a shared universe.

      In regards to Avengers never being around to help each other… The threats of the Marvel movies have never been big enough in each of the solo movies to require the Avengers assemble. It took an alien attack on a city for them all to be there. Plus, it’s not like they just “showed up.” The Avengers movie brought the characters together with its plot. Plus each character has their own lives to live too and their own villains from their own lore that they have to deal with. Just like in DC comics, each character has villains in their stories and its not like the Justice League characters always show up to help out. Justice League doesn’t always show up to help Supes against Luthor, and they don’t always show up to help Batman take on Bane or Joker.

      • I don’t think you quite get what saramax was saying.

        Think of it this way, Superman is Dorothy and is heading to the Emerald City (Justice League) and picks up others like himself along the way. These characters are all seperate but come together during the trip to reach the destination together. In Marvel’s case they have 4 main characters that are taking 4 different paths to the same place, Nick Fury may be trying to round them up but their paths never interact until they reach The Avengers, and so far in Phase 2 they have all gone off in completely different directions. If DC/WB are prepared to set up the team up platform this early then it shows that events in their cinematic universe have an actual influence on every other part of it, and we won’t have to wait for a post credit scene to see Bruce Wayne lying on couch boring Clark Kent to sleep… I would love to see Bruce and Clark having their bromance outside of JL business, or Hal and Barry.

        • “Think of it this way, Superman is Dorothy and is heading to the Emerald City (Justice League) and picks up others like himself along the way.” – Exactly! People forget that Iron Man, Hulk and Caps are mainly in American. Don’t give the “oh they are not God to be everywhere” cause they are in the same continent and I’m pretty sure that a national threat like mandarin and the destruction of Stark’s Mansion would be a major WARNING! (not like in Thor or MOS where you can actually picture why they weren’t there in time. And to be honest Thor came to Earth just to capture Loki or something and it wasn’t even a big deal back then, they only found about the invasion later he was a threat like the mandarin or even less by the time Thor arrives.) But, going back, the dorothy analogy works perfect in what I was saying. I’m not a MCU fanboy or DC fanboy I talk as a film student and I think DC is starting like a pos-avengers era having MOS as the introduction to a B VS S and then JL and then the Solo movies giving them more options to reason why they would be apart in the future with their own problems. I’m not going to say that I don’t found strange the MCU separation, but, they give some explanations and try to give them reasons to not be there but they created a major handicap in their own formula. It’s not their fault, they were the first and DC is sencond in this race.

          • ” I’m not going to say that I don’t found strange the MCU separation, but, they give some explanations and try to give them reasons to not be there but they created a major handicap in their own formula. It’s not their fault, they were the first and DC is second in this race.”

            And that is precisely why DC can capitalize/take advantage of that same handicap you speak of. There were several, though I did like the avengers. However, all DC needs to do is to spot the “handicaps” that were in the avengers movie, and make sure that they do not repeat them. It’s the benefit of putting your movies out second.

    • +1
      Dc dont need to go step by step as marvel does(phase 1,2,3 then what?)just mixing movies as JL, then solo, adding more heroes maybe in a solo then include in JL or the other way around could be a excellent move…

      There is a lot of characters to choose from also including villains( i think they are more destructive and very history telling that marvel)
      in a short run marvel is doing great and they are pulling everything what they got, but in a long run there is more material in favor of DC until their starting making reboots again

      • “phase 1,2,3 then what?”

        I would guess phase 4, but that’s just me… ;)

    • Exactly. Totally agree.

      We see these kinda team ups in the DC comics regularly so now they are just translating it to film but in a post Avengers world, ppl would believe they are rushing it to cash in smh. I never knew delaying a movie by 10mths was considered rushing lol :)

      Yes its not a straight up standalone MOS sequel (get over it) but a comicbook movie with more than one Superhero appearing.

    • 1. I think WB/DC are trying to create something more realistic than Marvel.
      I dont think I understand how you are using realistic in this sense. Realistic as in an alien from another planet? Realistic as in Lois Lane surviving sub zero conditions? Or realistic as in they used real time within the movie during certain parts? How is anything DC/WB has done to date (MOS) dictate that it is more realistic then what Marvel has done? Or vice versa for that matter.

      2. Batman or Wonder Woman don’t have the time to react.
      Why would they react? Batman for all intent purposes is a street level enforcer he would be making sure Gotham stayed safe from the over powered aliens and also be working on a way (if need be) to take them out as a last resort. Not to mention he probably has been following Supes/Kent. Wonder Woman and her ilk (at least in comic lore) at one time held no love for ‘mankind’. They never saw the need to get involved in the affairs of ‘men’. That IMO is why they didnt react.

      3. They just don’t help each other even if they could, only in avengers.
      That is because they have other things going on in their lives. The one thing I enjoyed (early on) about Marvel characters over DC characters is they had a life outside the suit. Ive bounced back and forth at times due to writing and art etc over the years but Marvel did it first and does it best (IMO). You can only save the earth so many times as a human and it not start to wear on you. Superheros need time off also.

      4. It would make sense to do BAT VS SUP and then Justice League and solo movies after that.
      If the stories work and make sense who cares what path they take to reveal their characters? It doesn’t have to be different just to be different. It just has to make sense story wise. I can (just a few mentioned above) think of various reasons why Bats or WW was not there to help Supes. Bats ALWAYS (or most times) takes Gotham over anything else. WW could be off training or on another realm with other gods doing something else. Its not that difficult.

      Dont take this the wrong way Im a COMIC BOOK fan. I enjoy the stories and characters some more then others.

  2. “Good things come to those who wait….”

    Based on that opener I was expecting it to be about how Gadot was somehow tossed aside and the real actress was announced. What a bait and switch.

    • Must really cook your goose to know that they’re proceeding without your input. Clearly they’re laughing at your superior intellect. She could toss you aside in her sleep, in real life…

      • If I were in bed with Wonder Woman, she could toss me what she wanted…I wouldn’t be asleep!

      • What because she spent 2 (required) years in the military?

        What because she spent 2 (required) years in the military and saw no front line time?

        What because she spent 2 (required) years in the military and (per her own words) “I was a gymnastic trainer.”?

        What because she stays in shape (which does not mean she is ‘strong’ by any means)?

        She could probably have him tossed aside by someone else however at roughly 110/120 pounds I dont think she could do much tossing in her sleep.

        Im not saying she couldnt defend herself but the pedestal you (and others) are seemingly placing her on based upon her so called military service and ability to fight is inaccurate.

        Dont assume just because she served in one of the toughest military organizations she is tough. Especially since 1. she had to serve and 2. she served as a gymnastics trainer…. (what ever that is). I know Marines that served for 5 or more years and while they think they are all of that they are not. (same for all branches)

      • Hummm, never claimed to have a “superior intellect” and all her being chosen did was make me sad.

        And for the record I think Gadot is very cute. I would let her, “cook my goose” and toss me about in my sleep anytime! Hell I would even date and marry her but WW she is not and I don’t think will ever be.

  3. I think she’s going to be a killer Wonder Woman. I hope she redefines the character and makes her portrayal the new standard. I wasn’t really a fan of the Linda Carter WW. She was too cutesy. I want to see a tough Amazon warrior and I think Gadot can deliver.

    • I thought Lynda as WW was “cutesy”, too…so cutesy that I wanted to “Carter” away!
      (Come with me to the casbah…!!! Woo-woo!)

    • If Carter is somehow too “cutesy”, then I don’t know how to describe Gadot because she is the epitome of, “cute”. The problem is, WW is not supposed to be a cute girl but a rugged and handsome woman. Carter matched that much better than Gadot will ever be able to, imho.

    • She already portrays the horrible standard of a skinny chic that we are supposed to believe can put a beat down on anyone, much less put a beat down on a sandwich. People like her and A. Jolie have ruined the image/idea of a strong female role. the worst that could happen is a villain tripping over a collar bone or getting caught by a floating rib as they are running by. We need Evangeline Lilly, Carla Gugino, Gina Carino. Angela Basset would be awesome too! And if you say any one of them can’t act, I’m pretty sure the Fast and Furious movies don’t count as acting.

      In conclusion: Gal Gadot as a tough Amazon warrior princess is an oxymoron.

      • She was in the Israeli armed forces. I would say that gives her some sweet credit to play tough.

  4. $300,000 for each of the 3 films… Now we know why WB casted her.

  5. 2 years is a long wait…

  6. Gadot just doesn’t have the acting chops or prescience to be a leading lady in my opinion, but who knows she could be great… But really a WW movie? Not interested at all unless it’s a hard R.

    • Hard R? Ha! WB wouldn’t want that to happen.

    • Are you for real?? What part of you think Wonder Woman needs to be R rated in order to be good. I think The avengers, Man of Steel and even Nolan’s PG-13 rated Batman films have shown that the film doesn’t need to be R rated to be good.

      You sound like a massive dud claiming otherwise.

      The only character that could use an R rated edition to be true to the character is Wolverine. Most other comic book characters should be fine with a PG-13 version.

      • The only? What about Deadpool, Punisher, Blade, Spawn, Dredd etc…

        • I agree. Some just lend themselves better to an R rating.

  7. The good thing about casting this,basically unknown actress, is that she will be hungry to make a huge impression. She has the opportunity to not only define one of the greatest female superheros of all time, but this role could totally make or kill her career. We should at least rest easy knowing that she will be putting her all into wonder woman. I just hope afleck doesn’t phone in his batman.

    • Ben Affleck’s not going to phone it in. It’s also a potential career killer for Affleck. He wouldn’t want another Daredevil on his hands.

  8. The way i figure it, Wonder Woman would still be a cameo. Like, shes gonna come down from themyscira, more than likely. And what would she be wearing? Her armor, so technically, theyre not lying about that

    • Yeah right, like she’ll get paid 300,000 for a simple cameo…

      • I’m thinking it might not be a cameo now, Im thinking its actually really a 3 person team movie. Like the main characters will be Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Maybe Sups and Bats featured a lil more than Wonder Woman of course tho.

        That’s why the “Batman vs Superman” or “Worlds Finest” hasn’t been confirmed as the title I think, cause I think Wonder Woman is actually gonna have a much bigger role than people think. Sure not more screen time than Sups and Bats, but def enough to call her a central character and that its a three person team.

  9. Im totally behind DC’s approach. The government got the Avengers together so i think a big threat like Darkseid should be used to get the Justice league together.

    Since Cavil already hinted Cyborg in BvS, I wonder will all the solo Dc movies introduce another hero that would be sweet!

    And if there making and 70 yr old Antman movie and a film about a tree and a raccoon, DC had better make a wonder woman movie. Im just glad a plan seems to be developing and not sitting with their thumbs up their butts.

    Now I can hope for a Flash, Aquaman and a Green Lantern Corps movie. And each one of them can introduce a new DC character and multiply villains.

    • No Aquaman at all would be fine by me. Or at least seriously redesigned and NOT riding a giant hippocampus!

      • Aquaman would definitely have to be the New 52 version. A Bada$$ with more powers than commanding fish. And as far as villains he does have Ocean master and Black Manta so it could be a good movie if done right.

  10. DON’T follow Marvel’s formula, do you WB/DC, we don’t want the same thing again, lets explore other ideas and path. My opinion is this film is better for it, the year’s delay, although I’m not happy about waiting longer I can see how it would help make a better movie.

    P.S – Keep Ryan Reynolds and say that was an else-world GL or event.

    • What same thing again?

  11. Is it too late to replace skinny Gal with Sofia Vergara ? Or Salma Hayek ?
    Both would fill up WW costume nicely.

    • Or Alexandra Daddario.

    • No and no. Just no.

  12. I like the plan very much! Love that they picked Gal and am excited to see what she will do with the role. Just hoping the writers do her justice (no pun intended) I’ve always found it cool when they choose an unknown or semi-unknown actor to play these roles. So excited WW is finally coming to the big screen! The Batman vs. Superman idea I’m not to sure about though. Would have liked to just see Superman and WW cameo. Nolan/Bale did such a great job that for me to reintroduce Batman now feels too soon. Let the other characters get some spotlight.

  13. The novelty of the Justice League and Avengers when they first crossed over in comic book history was that the characters had been established first as their own heroes, with their own titles, their own stories. When the idea came to bring them all together and keep them as a team, there was much rejoicing. It was literally a “bringing together” of the different universes.

    Whether the same can be said for a different medium like film, Marvel has still kept this process in mind. What I enjoyed about watching the Avengers was that I was seeing characters that they made me care about come together. That was where the heart was.

    It doesn’t feel the same to me, the way WB is thinking. Obviously they don’t want people to think they’re copying Marvel and want cash now, but that comes with the mistake of not utilizing your goldmine properties early enough. It feels more to me like a Man of Steel universe, with the other characters happening to live in it too.

    • Hopefully they capture the eventually friendship of Superman and Batman that what makes their team ups special because you can see how they are best friends and in the animated movies Superman trust batman with his life and knows he will be there and vice versa.

      Because when they first announced Mos2 they made it seem like it was just going to be Superman gong against Batman like they are enemies and IMO noone want to see them enemies and not like each other.

      When they do make a Justice league movie it will be Superman, Batman, Green Lantern ,Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman fans in the same room so it will be successful they just have to get a good story.

    • However are they not covering that with an ‘older’ Batman. Meaning while we may have not seen it there has been a Batman, Wonder Woman etc.

      Hopefully in their movies(?) it can be addressed where they were when the world first became aware of Supers.

      Batman is not ‘super’ he is a man that takes justice into his own hands so there is nothing really special about him if you think about it.

      Others WW, Flash etc. may be active just not in the sense that we know. Meaning they are staying under wraps for their own reasons, once they see Supes come out they can trickle out also.

      So a Flash movie could have Flash living as Flash just not wearing the uniform, etc.

      Ive always liked the idea of Batman keeping tabs on ‘curious’ stuff that happens around the world. So I am hoping he has been tracking the reports of a man that can run fast, a child that can lift a bus, an undiscovered island with a race of women, etc…

      Again though if it is not written logically it wont work.

  14. I don’t think it will be hard to explain where the other superheroes were, only because I think the absence of bats, flash, ww, etc. can all be explained logically.

    The amazons really don’t like to meddle in the affairs of men, so it makes sense that ww’s mother would forbid her from interfering in the fight between superman and zod. And although she struggled with not going in to help, she obeyed her mother’s wishes and stayed behind on the island.

    An excuse for flash could be he was fighting captain cold. They could say something to the affect that Central City was hit with a strange cold front in the season of summer or something like that.

    Batman has always been the guy who, because of these beings from another planet, would gain as much information he could get on them as possible before rushing in. He hears of the news of superman arriving in metropolis, then witnesses these other beings (zod and his crew) attacking metropolis via the media, and watches intently (via tv news since the media in the movie was reporting the action as it was happening) to see what superman does as he (superman) is fighting the bad guys. Another possible reason for batman not showing up could be that he was in another country as bruce wayne brokering a business deal or was trying to track down Talia and her father in that other country.

    I’m just throwing ideas out there. There are numerous logical reasons out there that DC could use to explain why the other superheroes did not show up to help fight Zod and his crew.

  15. Sick of all these retarded superhero movies. Write some original sh*t!

    • You do it. We’ll see how you fare against “retarded” superhero movies. Or maybe you’re content with just sitting your @$$ in a comfy armchair with a bucket of popcorn to chew on…? In this case, you have no business complaining.

  16. Boy, this comment board is troll marketing overkill, especially for a movie sequel to an historical box-office disaster flop everyone hated, namely “Man of Steel”. Well, good luck with that, marketing trolls. No one will see “Superman Loves Batman” anyway, just like no one saw “POS”.



    • Gotta love the trolls who call other people trolls…

    • Personally, I thought Man of steel was okay. Just needed to develop the character properly. After hearing about the sequel, we can see that will all be shot to hell

  17. That flat chested stick insect? No way!

  18. She looks like Ralph Macchio in a dress!

  19. Only downside is that Cavill I optioned for Bvs S and JL. After that he is gone. Does that mean no more Man of Steel solos at the same time there will be WW, GL and others solos?

    • How do you know he won’t make any more?

  20. Why are we getting another super model for WW haven’t then seen how s*** it looks on big screen.

  21. Why are we getting another super model for WW haven’t they seen how s*** it looks on big screen.

  22. Ugh, no thanks. The outfit looks stupid, MoS wasn’t very good anyway, and Snyder has pretty much been a letdown since Watchmen. This casting will likely go down in history with such greats as Hayden Christiansen/on. Will they overdub her voice with someone who has actually had lines in a movie before and speaks English? Will they CGI her ribtastic figure like a reverse Steve Rogers? Then, you have to actually rely on the script being good. No, I’m afraid I’m not very confident.

  23. I hope the movie will be nice (that’s all I really care about) but if its not DC/WB has only itself to blame.. Regarding Gadot, I personally feel the Crew should have learnt from MOS that casting an (otherwise) non naturally talented actor may alter ur film a lil (refering to Cavill, don’t argue u know I’m right), that is wat I feel is one of the keys to marvels success, the vastness of talented actors.. Gadot is a certified actress and I wouldn’t mind if she was cast to play Bruces love interest or a star but non intrical role but to play WW?? Don’t know.. It feels like Dc doesn’t understand that WW could be game changing character (for New female demographc) if done is good as Dark Knight 3logy, plus the Princess has the type of arcs that can be easily turned to good films. Though Gadot is an actress(most I can say about her) does she feel like the type of woman that can lead a charge of warrior women (that will prob have to share her phyzic but still prob have some presence about them)? if u feel she does, do you think she can follow that with a good performance?

    (Side note) Auqa and WW are from to dif enviroments that could have been disturbed by the World engine and both with short tempers and mad love for they homes, I don’t think a Fatal Four way is out of the question(just addin my own possible plot)

    • Cavill was/is perfect for the role. Also, you need to work on your spelling.