‘Terriers’ put down: FX Cancels Show After First Season

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fx terriers fox Terriers put down: FX Cancels Show After First Season

Terriers was one of the best-received of this season’s new cable shows, but FX has shut it down after its initial 13-episode run. Despite positive reviews, the show just couldn’t hold an audience – after its premiere caught 1.6 million viewers, Terriers struggled to break half a million for the rest of the season. Last week’s finale topped out at around 800,000 and FX president John Landgraf announced in a press conference this morning that it would be the end of the series.

Terriers focused on a pair of private detectives outside of San Diego; Hank Dolworth (Donal Logue of Grounded for Life and ER) is an ex-cop who teams up with former criminal Britt Pollack (Michael Raymond-James, True Blood) to solve crimes and make ends meet. The show was executive produced by Shawn Ryan, whose previous work includes The Shield, The Unit and Lie to Me.

The ill-fated series isn’t the first to get the axe from FX, but it is one of the lowest-rated. At the press conference, Landgraf spoke on other shows canceled by Fox with higher ratings, including Damages and The Riches (subequently, Damages has been picked up by DirecTV). The premiere started strong, but still fell well short of other FX pilots. He sighted branding issues and an over-saturated market for crime dramas on cable.

A situation such as this is reminiscent of Lone Star’s cancellation earlier this year. With critical acclaim but abysmal ratings, Fox killed the network show after only two episodes. Fans will appreciate that FX at least allowed Terriers a full season run before putting it to pasture, but that’s small comfort for viewers who have watched Fox executives cancel promising shows in their infancy year after year. It’s as if they expect every show to get a Lost-level following immediately and keep it up indefinitely. The cutthroat environment of American television is becoming incredibly frustrating for anyone who doesn’t want to watch another ten seasons of American Idol or Dancing With The Stars.

fx terriers britt Terriers put down: FX Cancels Show After First Season

Shawn Ryan’s next project is The Chicago Code, (formerly titled Ride Along) a standard police procedural set in the titular city with a focus on corruption. It premieres in February. The previews look promising – Fox may be going for 24-esque action – but if Landgraf was worried about over-saturation with Terriers, imagine the kind of ratings yet another cop show will have to bring in to survive.


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  1. Well..pissed off doesnt even begin to describe my feelings about this

    • I second this. Terriers was definitely one of the best new show of the season and I was really looking forward to seeing what was going to happen after the finale. Damn you Fox.

    • Couldn’t agree more Anthony.

      This was a fantastic show easily one of the best of the new season. I was looking forward to spending the next few years with Hank and his partner. I loved Terriers.

      As much as I enjoyed Lone Star and enjoy still Raising Hope to me this was the show of the year. No other new show was this good in my opinion. FX used to be the channel to watch. You could always count on some quality TV from them, but they have started going down hill the last three years. With The Shield finally ending the cancellation of quite a few quality shows it’s really looking bad from here on. This is way usually i try to wait till a show gets a second season before getting in to it, but I wanted to try starting from episode one this season with a bunch of shows and two of the three shows that I liked have been canceled.

  2. It’s a damn shame. Maybe one of the best acted and certainly one of the best written shows on television. A PI show that was not backwash… very disappointed in the cancellation.

  3. i only watched about 5 episodes total.
    Couldnt really get into the show.
    I enjoyed the first episode, the sedond oone I didnt enjoy
    few episodes later i caught them but they werent pulling me in.

    • its not for folks with ADHD..sorry.

      • I thought the show was ok
        I never said I hated it
        I would watch it if they had a better time slot for it, but they didnt so I caught the others on reruns
        I’m sorry that you can’t be a resonable person.

  4. Too bad, I really enjoyed the show.

  5. I LOVED this show-I think it was the best written show on TV and Donal Logue and Michael-Raymond James make a great duo. I am really disappointed the show was cancelled and not given a fair chance to garner more viewers. I think this season of Sons of Anarchy DRAGGED on in Ireland and I was just glad I had Terriers to look forward to every week. I hope Hank and Britt are sipping those margaritas on a beach down in Mexico!!

  6. I heard it was a good show too and we need good shows like it, but what scares me is, is that society is becoming like that movie that Wilson brother played where he’s the dumbest guy around then is accidentally placed in suspended animation and thaws out in the future to be the smartest man in the world. The corporate suits are too busy feeding the great unwashed masses fast food when they are actually craving for a healthy meal. David Mamet once said that during the Golden Age of Television that any one of the popular shows back in the 50′s/60′s still hold the test of time compared to a lot of junk that’s out there today. Are we becoming a nation of Phi Epsilon Drones? Scary!

    • Uncap I could not disagree more there is not one show from the 50s or 60s that could hold a candle to today’s television talk about dumbing down your audience television was so cheesy and overly simplistic back then that the most complex show on television was not only mature enough for a 7 year old but it was so simplistic the 7 year old could of wrote an episode. I’m not trying to be rude but seriously go back and watch 60s tv and compare it to modern scripted television it’s a joke to even try and compare them. Tv was a dump yard for things no one would Want to see in theaters. At least now tv takes it’s self serious and tries to compete with films.

  7. I loved the show. Since LOST is gone the only decent watchable show that isn’t cliche’d is The Event and even that show is pretty bad..Other than The Walking Dead,Smallville and Sanctuary-the latter two not being as good as i had expected this year, Terriers is by far the most original with cool characters-none of which are copied from any other show.Fox is just a stupid company that keeps shows that no one watches except the shield which managed to survive as long as it did..Written very well, and by great actors- I hope they are able to move this show to another station…TNT???Hello??AMC??It has a fanbase that is consistently growing and a growing cult following-maybe as a film perhaps??
    Add some more action-and a deeoper plotline and you may have your next Lethal Weapon..

  8. Damnit! I loved this show!

  9. This is why I hate it when Fox picks up a show that I might like.

  10. ugh this show was fantastic

  11. This is ridicoulous the show had a bright future but no fox has to go and get rid of another great show its ridicoulous i really wanted to know which road they were going to take but i gues we will never know. Lets just hope another network will pick it up. This is BS

  12. Wow..you have to be kidding…THIS IS NOT THE SHOWS FAULT can’t be…too good…I blame FOX so should you…everyone please urge another network to pick up this excellent show…don’t give up on this show like FOX…also please stop watching Fox so great shows never end up on it in the first place.

  13. If any show had to be cancelled it should’ve been the league.

    Keep sunny though, that lizard skit was classic & was that Tom Sizemore?

    Love that show.

  14. The Finale was so screwed up. Never found out who the father was and it cuts off with out them telling us which way they go at the end. Just a messed up ending. They could of at least let them film one more episode or 5 more minutes of film hell I’d of settled for a voice over at the end or text scrolling

  15. One of the best shows on TV- figures they would take it off !!

  16. I loved this show! If it wasn’t for Sons Of Anarchy I would never watch this channel again. Let’s hope some tv exec with a brain decides to pick this up! Screw you FX!!

  17. Does anyone at FX realize that their quarrel with high prices caused the Dish Network to be without Terriers for over a month half way through their first season? I’m sure that had something to do with their ratings. We had to scrounge around and hope that Hulu would run it. One of the best shows around. Hope TNT or TBS picks it up. How ’bout it other networks?

  18. I’m pissed! FOX, FX, & USA are the few chanels that will actually give a show a year or two to find an audience before canceling it. I’ve stopped watching new shows on the “big 3″ because I know anything I like that doesn’t get good ratings (because it’s actually well written & has good acting) will be cancelled after 1 season. Maybe the new dynamic of a 13 episode season is the way to go if it will keep a series around for a shot at a longer run. I get so sick of investing in new shows & then the plug is pulled on them. I’m hoping my new Fox favorites, The Good Guys & Human Target, don’t keep getting moved around to every different night and are saved, and other new favorites with superior writing, like FX’s Justified, TNT’s Memphis Beat, & A&E’s The Glades can get renewed. (which I think they all have been). Terriers is going to be just one in a long list of shows I fondly remiss upon that never got that 2nd or 3rd season. Fare-the-well Journeyman, Life, Lucky, Karen Sisco, Cupid, Keen Eddie, & Arrested Developement. I’m just glad I didn’t start watching Lost until the 3rd season or we’d have a lot of unanswered questions after one season. Oh wait.