McKellen revealed that he’d be up for a least a guest role in another X-Men movie so maybe we can see him and Stewart together again, this time on the same side for X-Men: First Class. Perhaps the story of that movie could lead to them becoming enemies and Magneto’s beliefs differing from Xavier’s so much so that he leaves to start the brotherhood and builds his trademark helmet to counter the Cerebro unit he co-constructed with Charles.

Switching gears to the projects we know will happen, Bryan Singer in talks with Fox to possibly direct another X-Men film. If that would happen, I expect that he’d definitely be working with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine again, meaning it’d be either Wolverine 2 or X-Men 4. At this point, it seems unlikely that Gavin Hood will be back to direct the second Wolverine film after seeing Donner and Hood dance around that issue at all of the press events for the Blu-ray release of the latest X-Men installment. After the awful critical reception and partly mixed fan reaction to Wolverine’s Weapon X story adaption, they seem hesitant at giving Hood a second chance and will probably give another director a shot.

As for Singer taking over that job, my guess is that he’d direct X-Men 4 instead since he started that franchise and has plenty of unused ideas leftover from what would of been his version of X-Men 3. The other reason being that X-Men 4 would be a while down the road which makes more sense for Singer whose schedule is seemingly tightly packed for the next few years with the other projects he’s involved with.

That’s it for Part Two of our look into the future of the X-Men franchise. Stay tuned for more as next time we talk about other rumored and speculated X-Men projects and open it up to see what the fans want to see: New Mutants, Phoenix, X-Men 4, Gambit, Cable?

What do you think about solo movies for Deadpool and Magneto? Could they work and what stories and characters should they follow?

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