The Next X-Men Films Part Two: Deadpool, Magneto

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x men 4 team roster The Next X Men Films Part Two: Deadpool, Magneto

McKellen revealed that he’d be up for a least a guest role in another X-Men movie so maybe we can see him and Stewart together again, this time on the same side for X-Men: First Class. Perhaps the story of that movie could lead to them becoming enemies and Magneto’s beliefs differing from Xavier’s so much so that he leaves to start the brotherhood and builds his trademark helmet to counter the Cerebro unit he co-constructed with Charles.

Switching gears to the projects we know will happen, Bryan Singer in talks with Fox to possibly direct another X-Men film. If that would happen, I expect that he’d definitely be working with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine again, meaning it’d be either Wolverine 2 or X-Men 4. At this point, it seems unlikely that Gavin Hood will be back to direct the second Wolverine film after seeing Donner and Hood dance around that issue at all of the press events for the Blu-ray release of the latest X-Men installment. After the awful critical reception and partly mixed fan reaction to Wolverine’s Weapon X story adaption, they seem hesitant at giving Hood a second chance and will probably give another director a shot.

As for Singer taking over that job, my guess is that he’d direct X-Men 4 instead since he started that franchise and has plenty of unused ideas leftover from what would of been his version of X-Men 3. The other reason being that X-Men 4 would be a while down the road which makes more sense for Singer whose schedule is seemingly tightly packed for the next few years with the other projects he’s involved with.

That’s it for Part Two of our look into the future of the X-Men franchise. Stay tuned for more as next time we talk about other rumored and speculated X-Men projects and open it up to see what the fans want to see: New Mutants, Phoenix, X-Men 4, Gambit, Cable?

What do you think about solo movies for Deadpool and Magneto? Could they work and what stories and characters should they follow?

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out Part One of The Next X-Men Films on Wolverine 2 & X-Men: First Class.

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  1. Not totally off topic,,,

    Hey Scream Awards are on TONIGHT!!!

    Don’t miss it!!!

    Rob, I’ve scored over 200k on every Firefight level of ODST,,, ;-) Haaa!
    On normal but still took some strategy.

  2. i heard they are going to do x-4,and x-5,andx-6? if so great news. i want to see the magneto film over deadpool really,but i want to see a deadpool done wright. also first class or x-4 should done the sentinel story wright,and have sinister,and apocalypse in it.district-x would make a great film.i also hear they might do mystique’s film,and nightcrawler,and gambit if so awesome.but beak,anole,angel salvador,husk,prosimian,orb weaver,glob herman,rockslide, and chamber better be in one of these films or so help me lol.i think they should add them into the mutants in the new mutants film they are going to do. kinda like new x-men special class mixed with new mutants,and generation-x. even some of the mutants from x-men 2099 would be cool to see. my list of x-men films in order that i want to see are. new mutants if done how i said, x-4,x-5,and x-6,first class 1,2,and 3,wolverine2 and 3,magneto,gambit,nightcrawler,district-x,mystique,and deadpool.

  3. @ 790,

    lol, you love Halo too much. We moved on to better things within a week after ODST’s release ;)

  4. @ Gigan300,

    Ya, can’t say I disagree with ya

    [Big sad face]

  5. Hmm, personally I’m torn now, wolverine 2 sounds like a cop out, we get it, fox loves wolverine, lets stop concentrating on him for a while. I would personally love to see a magneto movie based solely on his branching away from the professor and making his outcast group. Deadpool, although cool, isn’t well known and I fear that it won’t draw a crowd like the more well known mutants.

    So really I think they should just make X4 and then concentrate on the other projects, my reasoning being that the other projects don’t require the entire original cast and the longer you wait the more chance you have of actors losing interest which means recasts, and NOBODY likes that. If I had prof x powers I would just have them make X4, delve into the Prof X/Magneto relationship in either that or an origin movie and really just take a break for a bit. Really it seems that more they make the less quality goes into them and the more disconnects with the original content arise. Just fix the main story and go from there because although all of these projects sound neat, I know half of them are going to be crap.

  6. Personally I really want to see X4 and X-Men First Class, and then maybe Deadpool.
    I also heard they were going to do a Colossus Origins, Nightcrawler Origins, and Cyclops Origins.
    If they do X4 they really need to concentrate on some of the characters they’ve just almost IGNORED or only use to make a point (e.g. Cyclops, Kitty, Colossus).
    I’m a big Kitty fan and also Colossus fan and was cut at the amount of screen time they actually gave these characters.
    I also feel that they need to fix up these storylines they’ve been attempting. I’m sad that the First Class team can’t be the original. They can’t really do the proper comic storylines now.
    Good luck to them, I hope they do a fantastic job, but I hope I won’t be as disappointed!

  7. Whats up with apocalyspe and mr.sinister and the acolytes

  8. If Magneto is not played by McKellen than don’t make it, period! Make the story line happen before the last stand, or make a movie for after it when he gets his powers back? Who cares, we want to see him as Magneto again! ! I have been an x-man fan my whole life, I’m 44 now! Make it happen..

  9. Listen, who cares about correctness, why can’t they make an Magneto movie with Me McKellen?
    He is the best Magneto and the one we want to see period!
    Why can’t it take place after the last stand timeframe ?
    Call it the rise of Magneto, it shows him regain all his powers
    This time he is the victor .I like the present x-men and want to see more. Give us what we want ! You can still do the other movies, any true x-men fans will see them..