The Future of Superman & Who Might Be Involved

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superman reboot with wachowskis and mcteigue The Future of Superman & Who Might Be Involved

Our friend Robert Sanchez at IESB has the scoop on the latest details leaking out of the Warner Brothers camp for the Superman franchise.

According to Robert and his search for information on the Man of Steel, WB is treating Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns as a sort of conclusion to the film franchise as it was before, and are heading in new direction with new people.

We knew this already with Brandon Routh’s and Bryan Singer’s contracts expiring, but Robert now has some clues as to who may be involved with the franchise’s future: James McTeigue and the Wachowski brothers!

From what he’s gathered, it sounds like the Wachowskis may produce with McTeigue at the helm, in the same way they’ve been working on the action-packed Ninja Assassin movie.

I guess our reports back in February on the rumors about the Wachowskis being looked at to create a new Superman trilogy weren’t so far off after all. What’s even more interesting is that those Wachowski rumors from the beginning of the year originated from an interview with James McTeigue himself! Now it’s all starting to come together…

There are several obvious factors making this a believable possibility: the history of the Wachowskis working with WB in the past (Matrix movies, Speed Racer), McTeigue’s relationship with the brothers, and the court hearings that are forcing WB to get this movie fast-tracked for a 2011 start at the latest.

A few weeks ago, Screen Rant Editor Kofi Outlaw wrote about the recent ruling by a U.S. District Court Judge on the ever-lasting legal feud between DC/Warner Bros. and the estate of late Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel.

This court decision stated that WB needs another Superman film in production by 2011, or they’d be subject to potential lawsuits from the heirs of the Superman creators.

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  1. Wes, I really doubt it. When the families get the rights back, it will only be for the character as he appeared in Action Comics #1, meaning, if they took the character out of the DC universe, he wouldn’t be able to fly, he wouldn’t work at the Daily Planet, and he wouldn’t fight any villian in his rogues’ gallery. As these and other factors would limit his appeal, it makes much more sense for the Siegels and Shusters to strike a deal with Time/Warner when the time comes.

  2. sometimes being rushed, one can turn out something great.

    In my view just make Supes the hero I remember from the first film.(the best one in my opinion)Don’t make a sequel, just keep the character consistent. As opposed to the selfish, fight crime to impress my girl, deadbeat dad I saw in the last film.

  3. I don’t want to see another Superman film for a long time. What they could do is use Supes to tie together the DC movie universe, like what Marvel is doing with Nick Fury. There’s obviously a place for him in the upcoming Green Lantern film, so why not use that as a starting point? Have a Flash film end with a race around the planet, or show Superman teaming up with Wonder Woman in an opening/origin montage ala Watchmen.

  4. @Robert Palmar

    You need to bookmark this page and come back to it in a few months when Variety “breaks” the story verifying what IESB has said.


  5. Warner Bros. should just cocentrate on adapting Wildstorm and Vertigo characters. Besides Batman, it’s the best they’ve got. They already blew their best chance for Wonder Woman(written & directed by Joss Whedon).
    Non-superhero material set DC apart from Marvel. They’re adapting “The Losers” which is a good sign. Just don’t screw it up like Constantine.

  6. They prob won’t get Wonder Woman right on the first try.
    Think of Ang Lee’s Hulk and then later Norton’s version.

    Or the come and go, “Electra” epic.

    I think Wonder Woman, needs two very important keys to be a success.
    Really good casting and a real good script. If Sandra Bullock could get into the gym and bulk up, (ala Linda Hamilton-T2) now were halfway there!

  7. Sandra Bullock??!?! MY chest is bigger than hers!! :P C’mon 790, there are more physically closer actresses in Hollywood for the role of WW (and I don’t mean Megan Fox). I like Sandra, but she does NOT come to mind when I think of Wonder Woman.

  8. They said the same thing about Norton playing the Hulk.

    Ah what the hell, I’m a Bullock fan!
    Fine, cast some other hot babe. See if I care !!! :-)

  9. C’mon, Norton was great as Banner, but can you really see him going all Lou Ferigno and playing the Hulk? Nope. Although it would be a funny SNL skit… ;)

    Nothing against Sandra Bullock, but what the hell is she doing with that husband of hers? She should have done MUCH better! :P She did look pretty good on Craig Ferguson a few weeks ago, though.

  10. @Vic Holtreman

    I’ll save this page in my reader.

    I do not expect any verification.
    IESB will get a lot of site traffic though.
    Which is the point of all such rumors like this.

    Now if you broke such a rumor Vic,
    to me that would have credibility.

  11. lol hmmm fox as WW bad acting but a tease to the eyes ;)

  12. “Megan Fox is the Seth Rogen of hot chicks…”

    Personally she strikes me as Miss November in the Harley Davidson calendar. *average hotness. 7 out of 10,,,

  13. LOL, hey Rob, thanks for the vote of confidence, bud. :)

    I assure you that IESB has a very good track record and generally very good sources (as does Latino Review).


  14. go with a completely new cast, and use Metallo as a villain…give Superman something to hit and Metallo/john corben is ridiculously easy to introduce

  15. I dont know about the Watchowski bros on this one…so far as far as I am concerned they had one good movie, the first Matrix. They ruined the franchise with the next two installments and Speed Racer, which could have been a hit, sucked beyond belief.

    Nonetheless, the Watchowsli’s def are action oriented which is a big step up from Superman Returns. I just hope they dont OVERDO the action, we still need a solid story and a solid cast.

    In addition, maybe it would not be a bad idea to cast a KNOWN and PROVEN QUALITY actor for the role. Someone taht can bring passion and emotion to the role. (not to say that Routh did a bad job, but lets face it he is no A list actor)
    And as far as Lois I would also do the same with her…maybe Rachel McAdams as Lois?

    As for the story, I think with Superman you need Lex (please a younger guy this time) and if they are thinking a trilogy, he DOES NOT need to be an integral part of the first or even second movie. You just need him to be around causing minor chaos and disruption in the wolrd of SUperman. A good villain for the fisrt would be Zod. You need someone that has the same powers, abilities, and strength of SUpermnan, someone that will give him an evenly matched fight. He would do well with that. Second movie could have Bizarro (which I think would be GREAT if they played him very darkly), Braniac, or the sun god. The third could be the capper with Lex summoning the ultimate destroyer in Doomsday and having the Death of Superman and the simulataneous rebirth of superman in the film.

    Just some thoughts

  16. Overall, I like the Wachowskis and McTiegue but I’m not sure they’re right for the project. They both seem to excel at dark and super-stylized projects… and that’s exactly what Superman isn’t. Moreover, they each have one previous comic adaptation under their belt (V For Vendetta) and they deviated quite substaintially from the source material on that one, including changing the ending and the entire message of the story. It really makes me worry about what kind of liberties they’d take with the Superman mythos.

  17. For some reason Demi Moore pops into my head for Wonder Woman, she was in great shape for G.I Jane and Strip Tease. She has long drk hair and is still pretty attractive.
    I actually liked Speed Racer.

  18. Just do The Death of Superman and turn it into a movie so we don’t have to see constant reboots that are bad.

  19. KEEP ROUTH!!!

  20. Critic: What!?! The Death of Superman? Seriously? That story is terrible, dude. It was done as a stunt to goose sales, it’s just one long fight sequence, with nothing else going on, and it has the most portentious narration you’ve ever read: “Like weary boxers who have gone the distance, the combatants collide in one last, explosive effort…. For those who loved him … this is the darkest day they could ever imagine…. For this is the day — that a SUPERMAN died.”

    The whole thing rests on its own importance — rather presumptuously, as the only meaningful changes to occur in the story’s wake that weren’t reversed later happened to Green Lantern, not Superman. A film adaptation would have to prove to me that it’s not just a dumbass slugfest that won’t have any long-term consequences to get me behind it.

  21. @jj
    I know it was a bad story. I said do it that way as a joke because they will just keep rebooting the franchise with bad movies. So just end it now.

  22. Seriously, they just need to make Superman: Birthright. Start with the graphic novel as the first film in a trilogy and take it from there. It’s really not that freakin’ complicated.

    Singer: stay the hell away from it and stop drooling all over Richard Donner’s film.

    Routh is out. (Sorry! I loved you in Returns, but we gotta start over.)

    Bosworth: Peace out! You’re gone too.

    Spacey: Amazing portrayal, but you’re out too. No more real estate obsessed Lex Luthor; unless you’re giving him a Century 21 business card with his face on it.

  23. They won’t find anyone more perfect for Supes than Routh. They are making a BIG mistake.

  24. The Wachowskis have better chance of making Plastic Man than Supey-man.

    The Supey-man influence was in the Matrix films okay, I get that. We all know that stuff. Big deal. I also wasn’t a huge (film) V For Vendetta fan, but I know many who were. Everyone has character flaws; I’m tolerant.

    While I think a Supey/Kent walk on (fly on?) in Green Lantern would be neat (regardless of whether or not its setup for JLA) I said it before, I’ll say it again.

    I think it is a mistake to restart/reboot Supey-man. There are hundreds of ways to get out of the Returns corner if need be. Don’t want Routh or Bosworth? Recast if needed. Bite the bullet and forge ahead.

    *No Lex Luthor this time around regardless of restart or whatnot. NO LEX LUTHOR. I agree it’s time to see another Supes baddie be it Bizarro, Parasite, Darkseid, my personal choice Mytzlplyk (seriously)

    * Don’t think a script CAN’T be put together. Some of the best films have been filmed using first or second drafts. Fair enough, not everyone is Barry Levinson or Clint Eastwood.

    Now for the bitter pill.

    Let’s say the deadline passes. It’s very possible. Can the film rights then go to another studio? If so…it could still be a restart and I may not like it 100%, but if such were to happen?

    That would be outstanding. This is un PC in the geek world, but y’know something? If that came to pass, it would lighten the load at WB, who would have been overloaded with DC hero related films. I know I’ll catch hell for making such a statement, starting such blasphemy, but it seems to me that the estate that owns the rights wants a new film and are tiring of WB stalling, figuring, over figuring, what’s what.

    I think we have been Supey-d to death, and there’s new LA characters to see. If we get another Supey flick, it should not be an origin story (not needed) and it should not involve Luthor on a major level.

    Note: I notice Mark Millar’s involvement isn’t mentioned much here. If memory serves, he’s one that primarily wants the restart.

  25. Whoever is involved in the next Superman project should treat it as a three pic epic. An iconic hero deserves such a treatment. I’d like to see a trilogy that made the same way the Lord of the Rings was made, all three films at once. I know this idea has been floating around but should be revisted. I’d like to see Supes off planet somewhere, perhaps Apokolips…

  26. Steve, I totally agree, KEEP ROUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Hear that WB???????????

  27. Lol, glad someone does. I’m a broken record now but at least someone else can take up the mantle :)

    Go Routh!

  28. I very much liked Routh as Superman too…his portrayal as well as his more obvious Christopher Reeve resemblance. I wouldn’t mind if they signed him again to another contract as Superman/Clark Kent for whatever film they DO want. If they go with someone else, I just hope they choose carefully: not just handsome with muscles and dark hair…he must also look AND act thoughtfully and intelligently; he must convey a sense of noble humility, compassionate determination, and easy-going awkwardness (for the Supes/Clark dichotomy).

    On a slightly different note, one series they could look to for inspiration for the next film is “Superman: Secret Identity” which posits that a man in our real world is named Clark (last name is Kent) as both tribute and inside family joke to the legacy of the Superman comics. The twist is that, as a teenager, he really DOES develop superpowers and grows to create a secret identity celebrating the hero who inspired his naming. It is well-written and extremely interesting, possessing a lot of action (all of the saves he performs as well as the government initiative attempting to discover his identity and recruit him to government “secret weapon” work), romance (the woman he meets, falls in love with, and eventually marries; she is not Lois Lane but is HIS Lois), and humanity (the source of his powers is never revealed; other super-powered beings are hinted at; he later has a family which further develops the initial twist; he finally meets the agent assigned to track him down all these years…their conversation is actually one of the best and finest scenes in the entire story).

    This would not only meet the need for a new “Superman” movie but would do so in a unique way and perhaps even attract some non-comic-fan filmgoers. Just an idea…

  29. Routh was not the reason Returns wasn’t as successful as it should have been; I felt he made a worthy Superman and can anyone say that first scene where he saves the plane wasn’t fantastic?

    I’ve been looking online about pre-Crisis Superman, and, of course, most of it is about Supes vs. Goku (rather stupid debate). I would love to see pre-Crisis Supes in an animated film; a live-acting one would be too expensive.