The Future of Superman & Who Might Be Involved

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superman reboot with wachowskis and mcteigue The Future of Superman & Who Might Be Involved

Our friend Robert Sanchez at IESB has the scoop on the latest details leaking out of the Warner Brothers camp for the Superman franchise.

According to Robert and his search for information on the Man of Steel, WB is treating Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns as a sort of conclusion to the film franchise as it was before, and are heading in new direction with new people.

We knew this already with Brandon Routh’s and Bryan Singer’s contracts expiring, but Robert now has some clues as to who may be involved with the franchise’s future: James McTeigue and the Wachowski brothers!

From what he’s gathered, it sounds like the Wachowskis may produce with McTeigue at the helm, in the same way they’ve been working on the action-packed Ninja Assassin movie.

I guess our reports back in February on the rumors about the Wachowskis being looked at to create a new Superman trilogy weren’t so far off after all. What’s even more interesting is that those Wachowski rumors from the beginning of the year originated from an interview with James McTeigue himself! Now it’s all starting to come together…

There are several obvious factors making this a believable possibility: the history of the Wachowskis working with WB in the past (Matrix movies, Speed Racer), McTeigue’s relationship with the brothers, and the court hearings that are forcing WB to get this movie fast-tracked for a 2011 start at the latest.

A few weeks ago, Screen Rant Editor Kofi Outlaw wrote about the recent ruling by a U.S. District Court Judge on the ever-lasting legal feud between DC/Warner Bros. and the estate of late Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel.

This court decision stated that WB needs another Superman film in production by 2011, or they’d be subject to potential lawsuits from the heirs of the Superman creators.

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  1. I hate to see a movie rushed into production. I would rather see them take their time and do it right. But if they don’t have the time then I’d rather have a rushed Superman movie then none at all. I don’t understand, what happens in 2011? Do the rights go back to the family after 2011? Would this potientially be the last Superman movie WB can produce? If so then wouldn’t that mean this would be a stand alone film, not the first of a new trilogy?

  2. I would love to see the Wachowski’s take on Superman. I hope it’s a reboot a la John Byrne’s Man of Steel/Superman: TAS. I don’t want Smallville. And Brainiac should be the villain.

    I hope this is true and I can’t wait for production to start. :-D

    Thanks for the update, Rob! :-)

  3. If this says that the movie needs to be in production BY 2011, doesn’t that give WB over a year to write a script and get pre-production going? Doesn’t production mean that they have to start MAKING the movie by 2011? IT doesn’t have to be DONE by 2011. My guess is that they spend the next 12-15 months writing the script and getting the casting done and start shooting in December 2010 or January 2011 for a summer 2012 release. Could this be the start of getting Justice League on the big screen??

  4. I love superman to me he is the best super hero I have all the vhs and I replaced them with dvds but I will be passing on this one I think singer did a very good job and Routh was great he reminded me of chris reeves the way he moved and talked he was great so WB can kiss my a$$ I will wait and borrow someone else dvd when it comes out they are not getting my money and for the wash brothers their a joke

  5. If Warner hasn’t started any development again for a Justice League movie, they won’t have it in time to compete with Marvel’s The Avengers. My guess is that they won’t be doing it until after they see how The Avengers does…
    As for the Superman reboot (again), it’s cool, and it’s certainly interesting to see the Wachowskis involved, but I’m pretty sure most DC comic fans would rather want to see new characters from that universe. I mean, what about Wonder Woman or The Flash? I think Superman has had many chances by now… I’d say the same about Batman, but luckily, Nolan has given us something we cant’ refuse to see, and therefore we can’t refuse to anticipate (referrring to a third one).

  6. I guess it’s probably a good thing they’re looking at Superman Returns as a sort of finale to the Christopher Reeve franchise.

    I don’t like the idea of the Wachowskis behind the new franchise though… but I suppose if it bombs, it won’t mean the death knell of the franchise anyhow. This is one superhero franchise that will always come back sooner or later.

    My main wish is: give Superman some new familiar rogues borrowed from the comics. Physically intimidating. Or mentally, as in Brainiac. The Superman movies SHOULD be the most epic superhero action movies of all, but somehow it hasn’t been like that yet.

  7. I wish them Luck.
    I hope the story is as strong as the action.

  8. as if speed racer were good

  9. I agree with Iron Knight; I’m far more invested in the Batman franchise. Also, WB has made two good Superman films and three disappointing ones, so I’d like to see other superheroes from their stable (especially Wonder Woman) get a chance before they try to do Supes again.

    As for the lawsuit, it doesn’t matter that much. WB is appealing the ruling, for one thing, so if they win the appeal all the internet hand-wringing was meaningless in the first place. Even if they lose, though, they shouldn’t rush to meet the deadline because the Siegel and Shuster families are only asking for a few million dollars — peanuts compared to how much a bad Superman movie could cost them.

  10. @ Iron Knight,
    (“I think Superman has had many chances by now… I’d say the same about Batman, but luckily, Nolan has given us something we cant’ refuse to see, and therefore we can’t refuse to anticipate (referring to a third one)).

    – Perfectly said.

    And in each of those oppurtunities, The Bat has soared, Superman …failed.
    I don’t have hopes for the next Superman movie either. The problem with most Superheroes is their ‘Super-Powers’ come in the way of making a great movie. A good movie, yes, but not a great one. And I don’t even like the look of Supie (Blue and red). Even though he is undoubtedly the second strongest (The Hulk comes first), he’s appropriate fodder for children and escapist cinema. But not for adults. The last Superman movie (2006) was the best I think that could have come from the WB (or any) stables. If Wachowski Bros. are able to improve (drastically) on that, I would welcome it but I have my doubts … Anyway, I love Wachowski Bros.’s ‘The Matrix (1999)’ and ‘The Matrix Reloaded (2003)’.

    And, all superheroes dream of becoming The Batman when they will grow up.

  11. @ Jimmy,

    In Kofi’s article on this (which is linked within the post – you should definitely check it out), he explains more in detail, the dates and legal implications.

    @ Andy S,

    You’re right, bud.

  12. Out of all the comic stories how fracken hard can it be to write a kick ass Superman film.

    There’s no excuse!

  13. @rob keyes
    so we can hope not to see nick cage any where near a superman film right ?
    or will they get desperate and whip out Smith’s old
    superman Lives ! script.

    @ all

    and i truly hope this isn’t another Lex luthor Villain Driv’in Movie. ya know Bring in Sum Big name villains like DoomesDay, Braniac, or even Lobo. and would it kill WB to con vert the TV series SmallVile in to a Sups Movie.

  14. just bring in doomsday. You want a strong villian, there’s your answer. A story works perfectly with that villian as every supporting character will be involved watching along with the entire world as supes gets the crap beat out of him. and then the world’s reaction to supes’ death. They can setup an obvious sequel with some kind of coda at the end of the film.

  15. I like Superman but I really hope they use a villain that’s a match for Superman. Lex Luthor is cool but as a physical threat, he’s not that interesting. I would like to see the corporate Lex Luther rather than the Gene Hackman version which was good for it’s time but he needs to be updated more into the current times of our world. I really hope they don’t replace John Williams’ iconic score for the new films because that will piss off a lot of fans for sure.

  16. In my opinion, Doomsday is an awful villian. He has no motivation other than “Smash things.” He has no personality other than “Enjoys smashing things.” Also, he’s inextricably tied to the Death of Superman story, which is terrible. Smallville tried adapting it, but only proved you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. If Doomsday is the villian in the next film, fans’ fears about a braindead action flick with no depth are sure to come to pass.

  17. @ Brodie_Bruce,

    Hah, no Nic Cage, that I’m sure of :) He’s busying making high-quality Ghost Rider movies now ;)

    As for Kevin Smith’s script, it was an entirely different take on the hero. I don’t know if you’ve seen his stand-up where he tells the story about that, but at the time, the producer was telling him to do it without the costume, without the flying, and with a very strange villain, etc. Check it out on YouTube if you want – it’s pretty hilarious!

    I’d be interested in seeing his take on the movie with no restrictions, though. He has plenty of comic-book writing experience and certainly knows the universe and character.

  18. Oh, and I think they’ll finally move past the Lex Luthor thing with this one. I think everyone’s sick of that and wants some super-villains

  19. I still want Terrance Stamp Zod
    And Andy W please no S&M club scenes and no latex and leather bodysuit for Superman and no brooding Nihlism

  20. I want to see the next superman, but I swore to my self that I will never watch another film by the Wachowski brothers. I’d rather do some painful things with sand paper than ever see another one of their films.

  21. Really now, haven’t superheroes been done to death, if you’ll pardon the impossibility? Has creativity in Hollywood completely dried up and blown away?

    I love sci- fi and fantasy films and the magic of CGI, but let’s find some new ground to cover. This overabundance of superheroes and eternal remakes has rooted itself in the minds of movie moguls like the mold on stale bread and could soon destroy the whole loaf.

    When I was a kid I use to read a lot of comic books about superheroes. I was often chided for this “mindless pursuit” by my elders. Today, it’s a billion dollar concept gone mad. What does this say about the maturity of our society? Why, it’s almost as senseless as fighting a war with our fellow human beings. No, I take that back. Nothing is as senseless as that.

  22. Yes, because we all know that wars are fought because people are just sitting around bored and couldn’t think of anything else to do.


    As to superhero movies – it’s escapism and fantasy. They’re just taking the concept of the “regular” hero and turbocharging it. Who wouldn’t want superpowers?


  23. “Flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be, believe it or not its just me,,,” :-)

    Let’s face it, if we all had superpowers we would be crashing into each other. Barfights would get real ugly and everyone would turn into a slacker.

  24. Christopher R. Mohr Sr Most of us still love the super hero movie genre and have no problems with more comic based movies coming out. You are clearly out numbered. Also there is nothing immature about reading comics or enjoying a comic based movie. If that’s immature than so is reading any other book or watching any other movie. Yes I’ll make that comparison because at the end of the day it’s a story some times complex sometimes simplistic, but they can all be boiled down to a story. Would you call me immature because I also read Catcher In They Rye and love it? If you can manage to look beyond the costumes most hero tales are very complex and touch some very deep levels. There are also plenty of emotional comic stories being told stories that really make you think and feel in ways just as powerful as a book or any other movie.

  25. I do not believe a word of this.
    A fabrication from whole cloth.

  26. @Christopher R. Mohr Sr.

    (“When I was a kid I use to read a lot of comic books about superheroes. I was often chided for this “mindless pursuit” by my elders. Today, it’s a billion dollar concept gone mad. What does this say about the maturity of our society? Why, it’s almost as senseless as fighting a war with our fellow human beings. No, I take that back. Nothing is as senseless as that.”)

    – The root cause of your thinking lies in the SECOND sentence of yours — “I was often….”

    Therein lies your problem.

  27. @Christopher R. Mohr Sr.

    I watch these superhero movies because I love the idea of Superheroes fighting evil. Remakes can be surprisingly good once in awhile. If you don’t like Hollywood movies, there are plenty of indy films to watch. If I’m immature for watching these films, then I’m a 33 year old child having a good time watching my dreams, good or bad, on screen and loving it.

  28. Could this potentially be the last WB/DC Superman movie?