The Future of Superman & Who Might Be Involved

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 2nd, 2009 at 1:53 pm,

superman and green lantern The Future of Superman & Who Might Be Involved

The timing of all of this is very intriguing to me and since we know the movie must be in production by 2011 in order for WB to avoid more issues, this may have interesting implications on the WB/DC film franchise as a whole.

As our boy Kofi points out, these legal issues may also have an effect on the Green Lantern film that’s scheduled for a summer 2011 release. Their have been reports and script reviews for ages now saying that Clark Kent would appear in that film, giving birth to a possible shared continuity in the DC film universe, similar to what Marvel Studios is currently doing leading up to their Avengers team-up film.

With Superman on the fast track, could it start soon and be released that year along with Green Lantern? I’d go as far as to say that if a live-action Superman movie gets fast-tracked for a 2011 or 2012 release, it’s a sure thing we’ll see at least one cross-over cameo between the two movies. Now, if we could only get Batman involved…

The information on the next Superman film has always been consistent on at least one important aspect of the movie: its action. With the Wachowskis and McTiegue potentially taking command of the project after doing Ninja Assassin, and with their history of incredible fight sequences in the Matrix trilogy, we’re certain to get plenty of that.

Bridging more old rumors together, this latest update also builds on the other reports from back in February on the idea of Superman Unleashed (a title they wont use), which, at the time, was supposedly a sequel to Superman Returns (which we know it wont be) that would have been loaded with action.

Expect more news on this soon if Warner Bros. wants a live-action film out in conjunction with the court rulings. Green Lantern has already come out with a big start announcing Ryan Reynolds as their lead man and if this movie is to come out around the same time or not long after, there will be some big decisions made soon.

Imagine a summer of Superheroes with Green Lantern, Superman, Spider-Man 4, Thor and Captain America!

What do you think of the latest on Superman and where would you like to see the future Warner Brothers DC movies go?

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  1. Hi,

    I feel all queezy and sick inside when I think of Superman Returns, but I will try to get through this posting.

    I am probably one of the top 10 Superman fans in existence, having followed the Superman comic book storylines since I was a child. As previously posted, I also enjoyed Superman I, and loved Superman II (I still enjoy watching that one!), while the remaining of the original films were (let’s face it) jokes (and Christopher Reeve knew it… he essentially did Superman IV for charity).

    I had so many hopes for Superman Returns, and based upon the media coverage thought the new actor, Brandon Routh, could work. However, I was always worried about the comments Singer made about Routh looking like Reeve. “But can he ACT?”, I asked myself?

    The movie had a ridiculous plot which borrows directly from the original 2 films (and so has been WAY overdone now) — the premise that Lex Luthor is *still* interested in part of California. We are in the 21st Century, folks… and people expect a little more than a plot to steal some property, even if it does turn into kryptonite and create a dangerous situation for our favourity Kryptonian. However, we were teased with the fact that Superman had been in space for quite some time, but they do not involve any space-faring characters, or even have a scene with him in space (other than the poster-targeted scene above the Earth).

    Boring plot, lack of creativity, and pitiful, 2-dimensional acting by Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and everybody, except maybe for Perry White’s son (Lois’ husband), but in my books he shouldn’t even be a character.

    The ‘son of Superman’ shouldn’t exist, and the drama and tension should revolve around bigger issues.

    I have to mention again that Brandon Routh couldn’t portray Superman if he was covered by a large cloth bag the entire time… I still wouldn’t believe him, and the same goes for Lois. Neither character showed emotion… they simply read lines.

    We have a large-screen HDMI-capable theatre setup at home, and based upon the cost of movies these days I choose carefully which films I go to see in theatres. If the storyline continues from Superman Returns, and the same primary actors remain, I will certainly purchase the blu-ray kit (but only out of my obligation to the character of Superman, or should I say, habit!), but I will *not* pay to see it in theatres.

    It was just disappointing, and that is my 2-cents’ worth.

  2. This is *great* news I’ve just read–that the next Superman film will likely not be helmed by Singer and will not feature Routh as the man of steel. Great news!!!

    My choice for a villain in the first of a trilogy would be a time-travel tale featuring Vandal Savage. At some point in the story, in the future, something about what happened to the Justice League in the past is revealed, giving Superman a clue about the organization he will eventually become a part of. Somewhere near the end of the film, of course, there will be a guest appearance by a fellow Leaguer (perhaps Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman, Barry or Bart Allen, J’onn J’onzz, etc.), and the suggestion that they coordinate better on the larger threats.

    The second film of the trilogy would feature the intergalactic threat of Brainiac (a space-faring Brainiac and not the earth-bound being served up on ‘Smallville’).

    Due to severe damage and loss of life on Earth in the 2nd movie, a large anti-Superman (maybe anti-superhero) campaign is initiated with media backing, and Superman is forced into exile for the ‘betterment of humanity’. (Yes, this is similar to a story done by DC some years back…) The Guardians of the Universe could be in the film, along with other characters. In his absence, Darkseid’s forces invade the earth. With a contingent of New Gods, Superman returns, the threat is eliminated, and Superman is properly recognized for his place in the world. (A JLA-crossover would be great, too…)

    Dreaming in technicolor, I know…!

    One last comment: producers should *NOT* be afraid to create 3-hour feature film which pay proper homage to the characters and scope of stories comic book fans are used to. Yes, they cost more, but if properly cast and implemented, I’d pay extra money to see it. I really would.

  3. if i was wb i would start filming in 2010. film three movies back to back, and start releasing them in 2011 on a six month window. spring, christmas,and summer 2012. with the right people behind it, it can be huge.

  4. ps. no lex luthor please.

  5. I just hope that Brandon Routh comes back as Superman and I hope they dont delay it soo would be nice to see another Superman Release around the time that Spiderman 4 comes out so we could have a Superman and Spiderman Movie year release. LOL that would be cool.

  6. It would be really nice if they started filming in early of 2010 so they could have a Superman Movie release by 2011…It would be really nice to see Spiderman 4, Thor, Captain America, The Green Lantern, and Superman hit the screen in 2011, maybe even the New Hulk Movie as well. That would be nice and I hope at least that Brandon Routh comes back as Superman..he was a great Perfect actor for that role.

  7. is routh going to be superman again? i hope not, if the movie is going to be completely different it would be kinda wierd to see him again, as if the last movie never happened. also he needs to work out a heck of alot more! if they do pick a new superman, he should work his chest and shoulders hard to get that super look. this may be off topic but WHY RYAN REYNOLDS he is already that deadpool guy isnt he!? great goodness whats wrong with WB their are tons of well known actors that just scream green lantern, ryan reynolds isnt one of them.

  8. This actor Aaron Smolinski who played Baby Kal-El from the original SUPERMAN (1978-film) has the Man of Steel looks do anyone picture him to play “The next Man of Steel”. Richard Donner casted him back then to play Baby Kal-El and I think its time for Christopher Nolan and the Production Crew get involve with him. It will be a great idea for Aaron to Participate in the upcoming Superman films. How does that sound ? If he makes that decision. Its sad for him that Christopher Reeve passed away in 2004 I think it will bring back memories.

  9. They should re-make steel!

  10. Brandon Routh should be brought back as our favorite Man of Steel. He was good, and fit the part. I don’t see why so many people hated him in the suit. I thought he was great…Really no other man could be the new Superman. He’s iconic. Why keep switching his faces? There is no need. Keep with Routh!

  11. Pls make another superman movie

  12. The next superman should be superman vs doomsday, the movie should start out by showing how doomsday was created and how he travled 2 different planets fighting the Raidaint ,the Green Lanteren corps,the Justice League, and finally the man of steel Superman. Superman should be at max, I mean this is superman greatest villain, if you use this idea this movie would do great . My name is Maywonn Gates if u need more ideas pls give me a call@ 616 566 4958 thank u