The Future of Sabretooth in the X-Men Films

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wolverine 2 liev schreiber sabretooth The Future of Sabretooth in the X Men Films

In our last discussion of the story and characters of Wolverine 2, we talked a little about Liev Schreiber and what his thoughts were on the sequel.

At the time, he seemed not too interested in putting his body through all the physical work again, now that he’s over 40, but he did say that he’s very interested in seeing how the character of Victor Creed goes from how he portrayed him, to what we saw of the animalistic Sabretooth from Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie.

Now, it seems that he’s changed his mindset and is in fact interested in returning to the role.

Schreiber, although a strange casting decision initially, was arguably the best part of the highly disappointing Wolverine origins adaptation. In a movie full of weak plot points, bad characterization and a terrible waste of great source material, Liev’s take on Victor Creed was one of the most enjoyable parts of the film.

Unfortunately, the story didn’t make much sense for him in the end and X-Men Origins: Wolverine concluded with Hugh Jackman’s character losing his memory and Sabretooth completely fine, running off after their team-up. From what was shown, Sabretooth has no idea that his brother doesn’t know who he is anymore. Knowing Victor’s nature and his relationship with his brother, more specifically his desire to compete with and be better than Wolverine, he wouldn’t just disappear – we know at some point, Victor would seek out his brother.

So, what happens to him between the end of that movie and where we see him in X-Men? For the most part, all of the films so far and the ones in planning are all sharing the same continuity which means this needs to be explained.

With the sequel following our favorite clawed mutant on his adventures in Japan, the story doesn’t really allow for Sabretooth to partake. However, Schreiber seems interested again and has an idea of what we could see.

“There’s been some smatterings of conversation about it, but nothing concrete yet… I had a ball doing it, so I’d do it again.”

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  1. @Rob


  2. I really don’t care if Sabretooth appears in anymore films… I’d rather see Deadpool again (comic book version this time) and Omega Red. Any news on that Deadpool spinoff? I hope that’s the next X-Men project that gets released.

    • Actually, Deadpool didn’t died in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the second scene after all credits he appears yet living with the head severed from body, he also stabs the mouth so hat he can speak

  3. what are you talking about? this movie was great. of
    course its nothing like the comic.. non of the x-men relates.
    they said that this is suppose to be a different unoverse of them xmen as a whatif..
    so who cares its a good movie.
    the p\deadpool sucked though

  4. i think characetrs like beak,nightcrawler,chamber,husk,sinister,apocalypse,angek salvador,glob herman,prosimian,mammomax,and other wierd looking characters are the most effective characters when trying to get you to feel their pain living in aworld that fears and hate them and i think all the characters i have named would be great in the films they should have a story dealing with them hideing in tunnels and hidden shacks away from humans then some want to attack back,or something along those lines,the film would be on par with x-1,and2 and a district-x would work with them in it if bishop the detective was hunting wanted mutants that normal cops could not get to. sorry for the spelling and things but these stories would work as well as the sentinel story for first class.

  5. actually it does sound like liev schrieber is being sarcastic, and or just voicing his interest in seeing how you could link both versions of sabretooth, which would take a oscar caliber writing team to pull off.

  6. @ allen,

    And they have an Oscar-winning writer penning the sequel’s script, Christopher McQuarrie :)

  7. They better be paying Mcquarrie millions, he will need it for all the extra relief excedrin he will have to take so he can come up a story that irons out the confusion that is sabretooth in this already made mess of wolverines story

  8. i agree, the movie was good but had some bad points to it, as for the deadpool movie, i heard its not gonna be the first to be made but i think its either the 2nd or 3rd. i personally would love to see a gambit movie, i have been waiting to see him in a movie since X-men 1 and now i saw him but his part was to small. as for a magneto movie, i think it will be really good, and so will wolverine 2

  9. What happened between Origins and the 2000 film to make Sabretooth such a different man? Simple: David Hayter and Bryan Singer are total tools when it comes to adapting, and suck at characterization, and just thought Sabretooth was a throwaway henchman, simple as that. Yeah we the fans need a way to justify it, but really, that’s all there is too it. I say retcon that first movie BS, or just give Liev longer hair when he makes a new movie.

  10. Couldn’t Victor Creed’s devolution be portrayed in the Gambit spin-off as opposed to Wolverine 2? That would give the rumored Gambit spin-off a big-named draw and it would also allow for a semi-faithful comic adaptation as Sabertooth and Gambit have a murky past from before Remy joined the X-Men. The two never had the chance to battle in Origins: Wolverine, but they had heat and Gambit still has a score to settle with the character in regards to film-continuity.

    I’m thinking that Liev Schreiber’s depiction can develop a little more of a beastly physical nature (not Tyler Mane’s Sabertooth or even close to it, but a little more along the way – Perhaps it can be explained that Wolverine was, obviously, the more-humane of the two so his “animal nature” never took control of him the way Sabertooth thrived on such animalistic behaviors. Victor Creed literally devolves into the animal that is Sabertooth by the time the first X-Men movie takes place, and we can watch a little of that de-evolution occur in the Gambit spin-off, as well as Wolverine 3.

    In regards to the argument that Wolverine and Sabertooth don’t know each other by the first X-Men film: Sabertooth obviously knows of Wolverine, taking his dog-tags and claiming them for his own. Wolverine also recognizes Sabertooth’s scent in the opening battle to rescue Rogue. Their is an implied familiarity between the two of them.

  11. If Liev Schreiber has a 3-film deal, then the best way to go about this would be to have Victor Creed cameo in Wolverine 2 as somewhat of a lost man now that he no longer has his half-brother around. Logan and Victor had been through so much for so long and despite their differences at the end of Origins: Wolverine, they did work together once again to defeat the monstrosity that was Weapon XI. With Wolverine losing the memory that was Victor Creed and going off in search to find himself, Sabertooth will no longer be the main villain that Wolverine finds himself up against. Perhaps Victor Creed’s de-evolution can be shown to occur in part due to the loss of his brother.

    In Wolverine 2, there can be a scene or two that show Sabertooth in search of his brother, and maybe an interaction between the two and a short battle before he heads off for Japan. Sabertooth retreats from this fight upon the realization that Wolverine no longer remembers him, and this psychologically puts Victor at loss. Cutting over to a later scene in the film that depicts a more vicious Creed, with growing hair, it can be shown that Mr. Sinister (who is merely scene from behind) hires the frail villain who he witnesses eviscerating someone, as his muscle, ending Liev Schreiber’s role in the Wolverine film/series, but transitioning the character for the role as secondary villain in “Origins: Gambit” as a part the Marauders.

    The Marauders could also be made up of Mystique and Toad, thus explaining the first X-Men’s “Brotherhood” as Magneto adopts them at films end, after Gambit kills Sinister and leaves the trio with no evident leader (Gambit’s spin-off will obviously take place after “Origins: Magneto” and “First Class,” so this would in a way tie each of the spin-offs to the X-Men franchises while maintaining continuity.

    • Looks like Silver Samurai is main villain in Wolverine 2. i wonder if the muramasa blade will come into effect
      my candidates for maruaders are mystique(really on magneto’s side), gambit, sabertooth, Jean Grey, scalphunter, blockbuster, maybe vertigo, and malice with sabertooth attacking everyone as a freelance serial killer. mr.sinister would be the leader but more of a scientist who wants to experiment on mutants. sabertooth would attack rogue after hearing about her hanging out with wolverine but she would be saved form him by cyclops and jean grey. jean grey would originally be on sinisters side looking for a cure for mutants (knowing she’s the Pheonix). of course they would invade the morlocks for more experiment sujects and toad would be one of morlocks maybe leech. x-men excluding wolverine would go there to try and stop them but would fail miserably because pyro would betray them. after capturing rogue because of her unique powers, wolverine would go get her from marauders followed by the xmen

      second movie would have deadpool(who would know he’s a comic character in a movie) as the main villain for the first half and he would be working for the purifiers who would betray him thinking he’s a mutant. he would hunt down his traitors kinda change sides while grayson creed would lead the purifiers killing sabertooth with a muramasa blade and activating the sentinels. however the destruction caused would be caught on video and shown to the world inspiring sympathy for the “heroic” x-men this is movie two for the five movie series. magneto would team up with the x-men until the end where he uses the muramasa blade to seriously injure deadpool and then tries to kill wolverine. kitty saves him and the xmen stand up against magneto who leaves

      Archangel introduced as a celebrity mutant, but secretly unhappy with his life and his father. Proteus would be the main villain of the third following closely to his origin story introducing the idea of a mutant messiah. reality bending powers. he would also exposed jean grey as the Pheonix in battle as the pheonix see’s him as too dangerous for the universes safety and seriously injures him. Pheonix flees and Rogue sits with Proteus as he dies on a bench.

      Brotherhood finally formed by Magneto, toad, mystique, pyro, blob, and basically original members. Phoenix wanting power drains nuclear power plant causing an explosion, killing many. government, x-men, brotherhood fight for her.brotherhood keeps her at their base and wolverine and rogue chase toad to discover his location. but toad releases Omega Red in a crowded place triggering memories in wolverine. they interrogate toad wolverine and cyclops infiltrate base opening the way for the rest resulting in a major battle. magneto and phoenix escape. a conference is held to discuss her fate and Magneto tries to convince Jean to kill all of the humans using her psychic powers but cyclops finds them and tries to convince them otherwise. magneto attempts to kill him. she calls him selfish and starts wiping out mutants. wolverine and rogue go to stop her after she wipes out most of the conference. Magneto rips the adamantium from Logans skeleton seriously injuring him. Rogue transfers Pheonix’s powers to wolverine who fights and eventually cures magneto, but is reduced to a feral state and leaves. Jean is put in a comma and Logan is no longer part of x-men. this is an adaptation of m-day with no scarlett witch.a sad day for the xmen

      im tired of typing but the final film in my mind would be a mix of days of future past in the beginning as there are less mutants and Pheonix’s attacks, and age of the apocolypse. with cable coming from the future to warn them of apocolypse. however hellfire club would bring him to the present as well hoping he is the mutant messiah and use him to control the world. however he will do his survival of the fittest routine and follow closely to the comics. bring the story around and solving the mutant vs human crisis

  12. i am tired of sabertooth & wolverine,show more cyclops iceman beast & introduce marvel girl who is actually jean grey also show moe of the angel! in fact just make the original 1960′s very first original x-men team members in another x-men movie for us fans of the first x-men 1960′s comic book pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze for god’s sake thank you.

  13. I just re-watched the Wolverine movie and X1. In the comics, Sabretooth taunts Wolverine on many occasions that he knows his history and he knows Logan doesn’t know much of it. Also, there was an ongoing plotline that Sabretooth showed up every year on Logan’s birthday to attack him. The link between the two versions of Sabretooth is actually very simple, Stryker mentions to Creed that he is not a candidate for enhancement such as Logan was. What if, Creed insists on the enhancements any way? And Stryker wipes his memory at the conclusion, so that Creed won’t blame him for the deterioration? That would explain why Sabretooth wasn’t aware of who Logan was in X1 and the change in his characteristics. Also, someone mentioned that Wolverine should work for SHIELD. I believe he did that at some point in the comics with Carol Danvers as his partner, she was also a super-hero, I can’t recall her original name (I want to say Marvel Woman though) but she becomes Binary, a member of the Star-Jammers, which is a group led by the father of Cyclops. One of the issues that Logan had with Rogue initially was that she had drained the powers of Danvers when they had battled in the past and now had them permanently. And no one mentions that Lady Deathstrike from X3 is a woman that Logan is involved with during his Japan adventures and that her father was a scientist on the weapon X project (she’s also responsible in part for the mohawked Storm). As far as the Cyclops/Jean thing. Well, there was a story-line that removed them from the present to the far future to raise Cable.

  14. maybe the reason behind that fact is that Liev Schreiber’s Victor Creed had ran into Willaim Styker and insisted to make one more experment only time it will be on him, to become a power fuelled powerhouse to become a tough opponent to Wolverine however just the experment was in process his memories of his past including his childhood with his half brother Wolverine were wiped clean and just as the experment was nearing the end he re emered and started to go through his evoled transformation as seen on X Men 1.5 and as he continued to change he flew into a fit of uncontrolable Vicious anger and lost control of himself forever and fled like Wolverine did when he became Wolverine only he was still trasforming and exlied himself into the forrest that would be later be seen in X Men 1.5.

  15. “These movies are supposted to be based on the men, the comic universe is the legend” ~get over yourselves please.
    Yes, I liked a comics as a kid too, but they stated from the very 1st movie that this was supposed to be the “true life” acount. In other words, these films were about the man, the comics are their legend.
    If viewed in this light, you can easliy see why they were against goin too far with the “yelow spandex”. In the retelliing all great lore the facts are embellished, but hopefully their soul remains… so freekin Deadpool was a smartass b4 his lil surgery & under mind control with the coolest gag ever after his transformation, I except that (& I dug the fight sciene thanks) Also, most of you admit Lee rocked as Creed (he did bring great take to the role), but Psychelock & Gambit (even w/out red hair) were done very well. Stryker & Wade were on point also if viewed as inspiration for the legend they try to pay homage to. I like Jackman as Wolverine in general, but his anger was a lil forced (I’ve always pictured Deniro’s character in Cape Fear as a good primal Wolverine.. weird?)
    Agreed it was dissapointing the 1st director knew so little about the chactors (i.e. Sabertooth as a stiff zombie on a leash & the very mousey portrayal of Storm a character who could easily put Tina Turner to shame wit her stage presents), but alas the director amited he was no fan & not interested in being one. I do however give him credit for on a small budget making a movie that opened the door by appealing to a mass audiance rather than try & appeaze the comic readers every “if you had read issue #117″ rant…
    Btw Sabertooth obviously remembers Wolverine & Woverine’s primal instincts (smell) seems to be very aware of something ominously familar.
    I’ve spent far too many keystrokes already, just to say the movies are pretty good… nothin will be perfect when mainstreamed… shutup & try to enjoy sharing ur comic heroes with your kids.

  16. I think they should just reboot the x-men series (original) so that it follows more closely to the surrounding material. maybe a gruffer wolverine
    Sabertooth and the marauders the first
    deadpool working for Grayson Creed who has the sentinels-second
    Brotherhood and Pheonix-four
    Cable and Apocolypse-fifth and final
    and leave enough loose ends so that the story can be continued in other spinoffs a.k.a don’t kill deadpool
    as for deadpools own spin-off how about him vs the bad deadpool or maybe him and kid deadpool

  17. they should make sabretooth victor son in a new x man movie. So what happen to victor. Sabretooth could be victor creed jr. An victor come after the x men for what they did to this son.

  18. I don’t know if it’s mentioned by anyone above…but if need be why don’t they just briefly explain that whilst Wolverine continued his own journey after Origins, Sabretooth took the whole animalistic trait a bit literally and went to live in the woods, adapting the Sabretooth persona.

    Magneto discovers him in the woods, and recruits him, leading to X-men. Obviously more depth is needed, but thats a rough outline and it would explain how Victor became all hairy, and well yeah…hairier

  19. I feel the same way about what Liev said, what’s the story behind victor? How did the transformation happen with Tyler’s victor, to Liev’s victor? Although they are not similar at all ( except for the claws and what not ) I think a good suggestion for victors transformation is, lets say he goes out to seek his brother ( Logan; aka ; wolverine) and lets say that Logan remembers his scent and starts to have flash backs of his past with victor. Then lets say that victor helps Logan, but betrays him at the same time. When victor betrays Logan, victor goes to ( magneto, or whoever) and he had the same thing done on him that Logan did with his claws, except it goes all wrong, witch brings us to the point of victor being “magnetos pet,” he takes him in and keeps him in the brotherhood. Anyways that’s my thought ( well some of them, I have maaaaany for movies :) ) hoped you like it and gave you some ideas :)

    Yours Truely
    ~ Jessica Kines

  20. You guys ( Marvel Studios ) you should’ve found Liev first other than Tyler Mane.

    Liev is better :)

  21. I think they need to redo all the x men films…just like how they did with batman.

  22. Wolverine Origins wasn’t that bad a movie the only real weak point in the movie was changing deadpool the way they did…i’ m a fan just as much as the next man but people tend to forget ITS A FILM VERSION!!!! so we’re not gonna always get the same exact thing as a comics. if everybody would stop being so anal about it who knows you might even like the movie. i mean SPIDERMAN 3 he did jazz hands… JAZZ HANDS!!!! that by itself makes wolverine origins a better movie lol

  23. I loved Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth, and I hated the Xmen version of him. He was way cooler in the Origins and he actually got to talk there!!! I hope they bring his character back in with Wolverine, rather than just a roaring monster thing.

  24. It would be really amazing if Liev returns to the rolle of Victor Creed.
    I Think there is a lot of stuff about Victor, that needs to be revealed.
    It would be so awesome if Fox made a movie about Sabretooth.
    But only if Liev Schreiber plads the role of Victor.

  25. What if Victor gets some of Brady’s serum from First Class? Perhaps from Mystique when he first joins the Brotherhood. This would explain his more animalistic appearance.

  26. being one of apocalypse’s horseman would be an elegant solution. the transformation from angel to archangel establishes a precedent for mutants being changed dramatically in the comics. And it would be kind of cool how there are mutants walking around post transformation in the older movies.

  27. I must say I liked, Liev Schreiber as Saber-tooth vs Tyler Manes version in X-men. I don’t like the version in xmen of what becomes of Sabertooth To be completely honest with how “Days of Future Past” ended everything in the Xmen world was reset. Raven or Mystique is almost killed by Magneto in the attempt to save the future xmen from the sentinels, thereby that giving Mystique reason not to join Magneto in the future thereby not causing xmen first film. Because of how the movie was reset,you could completely change things up because you have everyone to work with again. So what I’m hoping for is for a different version of what becomes of Sabertooth.

  28. Bring Liev Schreiber’s Victor Creed back, the relationship between the brothers was perfect.

    Time has been changed, which means the entire story can be driven in any direction the writers like, WITHIN REASON.

    (Sabertooth) has so many options to transform or continue as his old self, the later would make a much better story.

    (Mystique) saved (Logan) from the ocean at the end of (Days of Future’s Past) disguised as (Striker), in a time before they met, “But” (Striker) saw (Logans) face when they were trying to rescue (Mystique).

    (Striker) could not meet (The Brothers) at all if (Mystique) killed him for his identity in (Days of Future’s Past), “BUT WE CANT DO THAT CAN WE? maybe making it so he didn’t completely lose memories in (Origins). Meaning (Origins) then has an open ended plot for the future, where as AFTER (Days of Future’s Past) something happens triggering (Logans) memory to come back with the new history (HELLO HIS BROTHERS VOICE, SMELL ECT) Game On.

    (Sabertooth) could transform or stay his original self.
    Thirsting for a way to be better than his brother, mutant experimentaion through (Striker), (Trask) or even be the reason (Logan) made a trip to japan as (Victor) could have been the first option for (Yashida).

    Its a dangerous thing to play with, history was changed during the time The Brothers were in the war fighting together. Before (Striker) knew anything about them. Also (Magneto’s) history was changed, so will (Victor) still become a dull primal (Sabertooth) for (Magneto) to boss around, personally I’ve never been able to see the current (Sabertooth) as (Victor’s) Future.

    If it’s left to a tragedy of 2 brothers with lost memories i know allot of people will be disappointed. But see what they come up with.

  29. I think they should bring him back for sure. I thought he protrayed a likeable character in the Wolverine Origins movie and while it could have been better, I still enjoyed it. I just want them to keep making these movies and out of all the movies that come out the Marvel films would probably be one of the few that I would justify spending 10 bucks a ticket for opposed to waiting for film. I hate when they replace characters and or dont allow them to follow up in newer films. He did just fine as did Taylor Kitsch as Gambit IMO>
    I mean I can’t see Channing Tatum performing that role any better but yet they go to him because he is in the limelight right now. Bring back Night Crawler, Arc Angel, Rogue(for sure) and Juggernaut, Sabertooth etc. Quit recasting and pay out their average worth of what they get, because I know that’s what the deal is these days with keeping the same actors. I mean one story was that Leiv Schreiber don’t want to maintain a physique that he needs to play the part when they give you the trainers and funds/motivation to do so just because he is over the age of 40?
    Come On; It’s money I’m sure especially when they are interested in how the character will play out!