‘Fury’ Trailer: Brad Pitt Goes to War

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Writer/director David Ayer (End of Watch) goes back in time to the final year of WWII in the upcoming historical drama/thriller, Fury. The initial trailer for said war movie, which can be viewed above, offers a small taste of Ayer’s trademark down and dirty filmmaking approach, while also briefly touching on the 300-esque conflict at the heart of the film’s narrative (as featured in Ayer’s original script) – wherein a Sherman tank crew of five Americans battles hundreds of German soldiers from behind enemy lines.

The first Fury trailer, however, is arguably most effective at establishing that Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) – seemingly the youngest and least-experienced member of Sergeant Wardaddy’s (Brad Pitt) tank crew – serves as the guide for the audience, into this cinematic recreation of the final, violent, days of the second World War. Beyond that, the footage also touches upon the sense of brotherhood among the men of Wardaddy’s team – something that was alluded to during interviews with the cast in a previously-released sneak peek video for the film.

Similar to the storyline in his U-571 script, Ayer’s Fury screenplay looks as though it strays away from the facts, in order to stack the odds against the film’s protagonists – and create a “few versus many” melodramatic setup that tends to be popular with moviegoers, but is also capable of providing worthwhile entertainment, if handled well. By comparison, the film’s aesthetics, such as the production design by Andrew Menzies (3:10 to Yuma), seem to be more grounded in realism – though, no doubt, those who specialize in WWII knowledge will have the final say, on that aspect of the movie.


fury brad pitt poster 691x1024 Fury Trailer: Brad Pitt Goes to War

Ayer is better known for his writing (Fast and the Furious, Training Day) than for his directing (Street Kings, Sabotage). That has a lot to do with Ayer’s tendency to be rather inconsistent and hit/miss with his execution as a director, which is why he has a number of poorly-received commercial titles, as well as a handful of accomplished personal filmmaking efforts to his name.

Judging by the trailer footage and details released so far, though, Fury is a project that Ayer really poured his passion into getting made - which is good news for the moviegoing public, as well as studio heads who’ve positioned the film to reach theaters in the middle of the upcoming awards season race. Indeed, between that and being armed with a supporting cast that includes such reliable character actors as Michael Peña (reuniting with Ayer after End of Watch) and Jon Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street) plus a subdued Shia LaBeouf in tow, things are looking good for Pitt’s onscreen return to WWII.


Fury opens in U.S. theaters on November 14th, 2014.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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  1. Big WWII fan and this movie looks awesome. Although it could go w/o Shia LaBeouf and his rape-stache.

    • Yep, I am sure there was not a person watching that, who was not thinking, hope labeouf gets killed close to the start.

      • Well then don’t count me in and don’t behave like you are speaking for everyone.

        • No! ofcourse I am not speaking for everyone, just for smart level headed movie fans, who know the diffarence, between a good actor, and pseudo intellectual, pretetious try hard.

          • Spoiler alert! A German soldier puts a paper bag on his head reading “you lack talent and dignity” and then runs over Shia with a tank.

            • Yeah lacks talent and yet he keeps getting hired by Oscar winning/nominated directors. Looks like David Ayer also begs to differ.

            • That wasn’t a German soldier under the bag…it was a cameo by The Unknown Comic!

          • Being a retarded, arrogant prick does not make you smart level headed movie, more like the exact opposite.

            And I guess the likes of David Ayer, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone and Lars von Trier all think that he is a very good actor, but you wouldn’t know since you’re just a pseudo intellectual online poster.

            • Oh what a shame! could you not find your big boy words, so resorted to swearing, and recycling mine. You are right though, being retarded and arrogant can’t make me a movie, Whatever that was meant to mean.
              Feel free to respond, I love to see weak minded people, who can’t even finish a sentence properly, embarress themself.

              • I hope you guys aren’t getting David Ayer mixed up with David Fincher because Ayer has not won or even been nominated for an oscars, ESPECIALLY not for directing. Yes he might be a great writer but when it comes to directing eh not so much.

    • How does one become a fan of the war? I’m curious.

      • @Sage

  2. I like Brad Pitt and all, but he looks a little miscast here.. Not one of his line readings sounded convincing.

  3. Okay, that’s a Sherman fighting what looks like a Tiger I. Talk about David versus Goliath, eh?

  4. I think it could go without that Logan Lerman kid hes an awful actor.

    • Lerman is already, at a young age, quite an accomplished actor. IMDB glance should be enough to show you that.

      Is he too cute for your comfort?

      • Sounds like someone is in love <3<3

      • It’s probably the wimpy character. Or Percy Jackson the movie ruining the book (not entirely Logan’s fault, but…)

  5. Killing German soldiers, count me in.

  6. Shia doing his best to ruin another good movie, I see.

    • Yeah because you have already seen then whole film right.

      • Face it freek, the whole world knows shia sucks!

        • Yeah and with the whole world you mean yourself. Robert Redford and many others obviously disagree with some fool like you who thinks he is way smarter than he really is. You’re just some random poster, nobody important in any way.

          Now keep on ranting, clearly your biggest achievement in you entire life.

          • It is called ScreenRant.

            Also, i think Shia is most likely a tool to work with but i don’t HATE him on screen. Dude has lots of Charisma even if he is a Diva.

            • Come to think of it i actual find Brad Pitt pushes me away from more movies than Shia. And i’m not trying to Compare acting Chops or anything but I’ve seen most of Shia’s work while actively ignoring almost all of Pitt’s. Also, seeing the Bouf in this trailer actually made me more interested in the film than i would have been without him. That and Shane from Walking Dead. Guy has jerk face but also serious screen presence.

          • Yes your right! all I have is this, that is why I write inarticulate angry rants, then start swearing at people, when I don’t have the vocabulary to properly voice my opinion. Oh wait! sorry thats you.
            Don’t get so worked up at people, its a comments board, relax,
            and stop embarassing yourself, by overreacting.

            • You were the one who started with the angry rants and the insults so don’t even try to give me s***.

              Oh and speaking about someone’s vocabulary is also a pretty lame response and off-topic, but yeah keep believing you’re so out of this world smart. Obviously you’re not.

        • If performance art is that hard for you to get you should maybe just stick to simple-minded entertainment.

          • I am personally a massive fan of performance art, in the hands of great artists, it has brought the plight of oppressed people, to the attention of the worlds media.
            However a petulant child, who can’t cope with being attacked for plagiarism,
            Doing a performence piece, that ironically was also plagiarised (I would tell you, the artist who did it first, but you know your art right)
            does not fill me with awe.

            • The plagiarism was on purpose, it was all part of the project just like the exhibition. He was making fun of the media and its sensationalism. Of course simple-minds like you fell for it and don’t see a great artist when there is one in front of them.

              He even had a twitter post where he explained it all and gave the names of the artists who where part of the whole act. Why didn’t he face legal action? Because it was an act.
              You can’t even do your research yet you call yourself smart level headed, well that’s embarrassing.

              And if that’s not enough for you Marina Abramovic even said herself that it is NOT a direct copy but she finds it rather interesting that somebody in Hollywood showed her influence.

              Just give it up already, you’re the complete opposite of highly intellectual.

              • Oh no way! it was on twitter, then your right! it must be true.
                And with all that back up, from the people involed, like a couple of no name artist, it is clear to me now, you are right. Can’t wait for all the poets, writers, and artists he copied, to come out and tell all us fools, he had permission to use there work.
                Man we are all going to look so stupid.

                • You’re already looking pretty stupid. No need to wait for anything.
                  Happens when you talk crap and don’t know the details.

  7. Who is your favorite brad Pitt character? Fight club brad? Mr. Smith brad? Oceans brad? Mine is inglorious brad.

    • Easy, Inglorious Brad.

    • This is a harder question than I thought it might be.. I’m gonna go back a ways, and stick with A River Runs Through It Brad. He was absolutely perfect for that role.

    • Se7en Brad. That’s my favorite Brad Pitt. What’s in the box!?

  8. Looks a bit lazy and cliched… also the show down with a Tiger is silly. Kelly’s Heroes more honest….

  9. I am willing to give this a shot. But there are a few detractors that I can see right off:

    1. Shia LaBouf
    2. WWII was a coordianted effort. This trailer and all of Pitt’s dialogue suggests they are the only tank that can save the Allied.
    3. I can’t put my finger on it, but something feels anachronistic about the trailer.
    4. I agree with a previous poster; Pitt’s lines sound forced. Like listening to Ron Pearlman give a motivational speech.

    That aside, I love WWII movies.

  10. I had to watch trailer twice to make an assessment on comments about Pitt not being convincing and sounding forced. Considering dialog for all were merely snippets and no one had any lengthy dialog, Pitt seemed -to me- to convincingly, carry his role as a tired, weary, seen-everything, lives-on-line soldier.
    Guess it’s all about perception.

  11. Wait where’s Samuel Jackson?

    • I think he does a brief cameo appearance during the closing credits (not like him to miss an action genre movie)

  12. I loved End of Watch, and while Sabotage wasn’t received this looks much more promising.

  13. Yawn.

  14. Why so much hate on Shia Labouf, I actually kinda like him

    • Just some stupid people who give him s*** for
      1. playing Indy’s son (even though ANY other would have received the exact same criticism, Shia did the best he could with the flawed script.
      2. his “anctics”, which is hilarious since that was all part of an art project where he was making fun of the media and the way people react to. In other words those people are now trashing him for trying to grow as an artist but yet also trash his blockbuster movies.

      Just shows you can never please the fools, they just want to complain.

  15. So this is World of Tanks the movie then

  16. I am not normally that much of a Brad Pitt fan, but I will say this movie looks fairly good. I think I will give it a watch.

    Five Americans against hundreds of Nazi Germans? Sounds like about a fair fight.

  17. Sgt. Wardaddy? Did they get inspiration for that name from “Daddy Warbucks” (Little orphan Annie character)?

  18. Fight Club Brad all day!

  19. Why does Hollywood keep coming out with this garbage?

  20. - – -World War II? —YET? — – - –AGAIN????

  21. were there alot of 50 plus tankers in world war 2

  22. another anti German war movie……how original. I guess the old folks home needs to relive war as do the sadist of the world.

    • I agree with Peter. How is it that even 70 years after the war, they still can’t get the balance right.