First Full Terminator: Salvation Trailer (Rocks!)

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terminator salvation First Full Terminator: Salvation Trailer (Rocks!)

Here’s the first full Terminator: Salvation trailer and it rocks pretty hard.

I know people are feeling jaded about this fourth Terminator film, but much as I do with Star Trek, something tells me this is going to be good. McG is capable of directing a decent film and I know for a fact that the man knows what’s at stake with picking up the mantle of this franchise.

In any case, judge for yourselves via the trailer below.


As far as I’m concerned this is a chapter that’s been sorely missing from the Terminator film series and needed to be brought to the big screen – so McG, my boy… please don’t let us down!

For HD versions of the trailer head over to

Terminator: Salvation opens on May 22, 2009 and stars Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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  1. LOL @ ADT, yah yah yah, I’m hearing a lot of people saying he’s using the Batman voice. But I don’t think so, because I can actually understand him. I couldn’t understand a single thing Batman was saying when he was talking to Lt. Gordon… I think I’ll turn on captions when I watch the DVD for that scene, lol.

  2. Yeah Ken I was talking about this post not some statement you made in the archives.
    Ques:,why do you mention that you hate T3 every chance you get?
    Its really getting old… Its like the film molested you on a subconscious level and maybe your acting on a reflex whenever Terminator is mentioned ???
    Mike I get what your saying but I’m just not on board with the direction this is going…

  3. Well, unfortunately for you 790, when you try to put my statement in a context like I’m just jumping on a bandwagon, I’m compelled to point out the fact that I’ve had that opinion long before someone happened to mention it on this thread. But if you somehow don’t understand how that is relevant, then there’s really no reason for me to waste my time trying to explain it.

    And yes, I do have to mention that T3 sucks every chance I get because it took a great franchise and took a huge crap on it. And considering how this is the 4th one and 3 is sandwiched in between this upcoming one, which is the topic, and the first two, which is the original franchise this will be following, I have to mention it. I can’t group 1, 2, and 3 together, because they don’t go together. 1 and 2 go together, who knows where 3 came from, and now we’ll see about 4.

    Don’t worry, if this were an Aliens thread, I would be sure to mention how much I disliked 3 and 4 if they are thinking about a 5…

  4. @Ken,,,
    (it took a great franchise and took a huge crap on it)

    It looks like history or,eh’hemm “the future” could be repeating itself…

  5. I dont really need this one but I will give it a shot.
    You never know after all.

  6. LOLOL great!

    Another winner of a review. We have the main character playing his best, forced-deep Batman voice through the whole trailer, while machines that look suspiciously like Tranformers wander around.

    I’m not even going to mention the sixth-grader that must have written the dialogue. Whoops……guess I mentioned it…..

  7. You know, Charles, if you freaking hate it here so much why the hell do you continue to come back?

    I may just do you a favor and ban you from even being able to visit the site at all, nevermind just taking away your ability to comment.


  8. Now Vic….Playing God with your blog isn’t very nice… LOL ;)

  9. I liked Terminator 3 a lot–it set the bar higher for action movies. I think this movie will be great, but I’m worried about it getting lost in the May shuffle–since 1996 (Twister, Mission: Impossible), there has been heavy saturation of big summer blockbusters coming out in the month.

    With Wolverine, Star Trek and T4 all coming out that month, something’s going to get hurt (think Narnia, Speed Racer, Poseidon, etc.–then again, maybe it’s better to NOT think about it).

    Also, Arnold’s Terminator probably won’t show up until Terminator 5 because this is the early part of the future war. The T-600s (easy to spot) and T-700s are around.


  10. @Heath
    If i had to chose, I would probaly forgo Wolverine in favor of Star Trek or T4.I totally agree with you though, one of those will get lost in the shuffle. My prediction is that Str Tre will comeout on top followed by T4, with the bad luck Fox has been having as of late, it would not surprise me to see them stumble and fall again. Wolverine will put up respectable numbers, but won’t meet Fox’s Expectations.

  11. Perhaps Fox should have moved Wolverine to June or July for better numbers and less competition. But we must remember that this is Fox and lets face it, History shows that they are not the brightest bulb in the bunch.

  12. I wasnt that excited about next years movies but this trailer has officially got me excited.I mean,Ive only seen the first one but know about the films to be able to see this.Cant wait until May 22,20009

  13. Your handle is Mr.Movies and you havnt seen T2 or T3?

    Hjsks?jk sWeudkd#
    65 ;;;k hjkkeufie/g

    Oops dropped my Blackberry in amazement. :-)

  14. CD has such delusions that his opinions are so important to everyone that he can’t help but make sure everyone knows what he thinks because I guess he must feel that he’s doing some kind of service to humanity by “enlightening” us with his discussion ending opinions since they are so definitive, they might as well be considered fact. Thanks Charles, what would we do without you? We would be wandering around blind! :-D

  15. All admit the dialog in the trailer does appear to be written by a 6 year old,,, ;-)

  16. I’m a big fan of the Terminator franchise and am looking forward to the film .. but.. I am really concerned about Anton Yelchin playing Kyle Reese. Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn was hardcore, tough, and rocked when he was trying to take out the Governator. The trailer showing Yelchin made K. Reese sound like an annoying little brat. No seriousness or ferocity like the original. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m wrong and that it was probably just a terrible take used in the trailer. If not, oh well . . . .

  17. Yah, and in the latest episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles she was having visions of Kyle Reese and they have some bratty little geek playing him there too. WTF?? Why all the insults to Michael Biehn?? He was NOT a scrawny little geek in the movie… Not only was he a bad ass in Terminator, he was one in Aliens AND in The Rock. Never was he some scrawny little geek, I don’t get why they keep portraying him that way…

  18. Not to mention Navy SEALs, he’s basically a badass in every movie he stars in.

  19. @shawn

    Yeah, that’s a weird bit of casting IMHO.

    REALLY weird.


  20. great… another terminator. This one may be different but in my experience of the terminator series, its nothing but violence for the sake of violence. Sure lots of action and special effects are awesome but I need some plot line at least, otherwise it ends up nearing to the whole “cloverfield” disaster. In the last Terminator film it was just some crazy woman machine reaching her hands through chairs and ripping out people’s guts… Cool enough but a waste of time overall. Its kinda funny seeing Christian Bale acting in it, except now all I hear is Batman talking.

  21. Your “experience” of the terminator series??

    Yes, you’re showing exactly how much you know about the Terminator movies by saying they have no plot and are just senseless action films… 3, yes, but T1 and T2, definitely not.

    Even my sister, who typically likes dramas with “deep” storyline and all that jazz, have described T2 as a near perfect movie. Which surprised me since she’s not an action movie fan, but for some reason, she LOVES T2 almost as much as I do.

    The more you watch it, the more you notice little details that were put into the film by James Cameron. It has a great amount of attention given to the details to be considered “just” a senseless action flick. It wasn’t made by Michael Bay you know…

  22. I will admit that it has been quite a few years since I’ve seen T1/T2, and T3 will have effected my impression of the Terminator series as a whole. But still I would view Arnold Schwarzenegger running around with a large gun and blowing stuff up a bit of a senseless action flick. You are right though, it did have a hint of a reasonable plot, but I wasn’t impressed.