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The Best Legal Movies Of All Time

Best Legal Movies 570x405 SR Geek Picks: Everything Wrong With Underworld, Best Legal Movies & More


Everything Wrong With Underworld In 7 Minutes Or Less

With I, Frankenstein coming out soon, we thought we’d take a look at something creepy and monsterish. But also leathery, because everyone loves leather. So we went with Underworld. It’s the best werewolves-versus-vampires-with-a-love-t­riangle movie we’ve seen since Twilight.

Jennette McCurdy Gets Dirty

Jennette McCurdy wants to make the transition from teen icon to adult pop sensation. And she’s doing it the way countless singers have before: getting dirty.

Arnold Works at Gold’s

I wanted to have a little fun and raise money for a good cause, so I went to Gold’s Gym in Venice in disguise. You can help! Please enter for a chance to ride with me on my tank and do some lifts together.

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33 Fun Facts About 33 Colleges

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John examines 33 fun facts about US colleges.

Bill Gates’ Viral Video: GatesLetter.com

Bill Gates wants to promote his website, GatesLetter.com, with a viral video, but Jimmy doesn’t think they have time to make one.

Get Down! – Supercut

When the going gets tough, there’s only one thing movie characters can do: GET DOWN!


SNL Promo: Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill hosts with musical guest Bastille on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Catch the episode Saturday, January 25 at11:30/10:30c!

Men of Full House Reunite in Dannon Super Bowl Ad (Teaser)


John Stamos, Dave Coulier & Bob Saget get cozy for the big game! Watch more videos here.

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Ninja Fast Person Switch Prank

Exploring Gremlins 2 – Good Bad Flicks

A serious episode about a silly movie. This week I look into what happened with the hilarious over the top Gremlins 2 The New Batch.

Top 10 Saw Traps

Waking up in a strange place is the least of your worries… Join WatchMojo.com as they count down their picks for the top 10 traps from the Saw franchise.

How Pac-Man Helped Make Batman Awesome

Fun fact: if Pac-Man was never invented, we might not have awesome Batman movies. Welcome to Internet Rabbit Hole, where Scott Bromley takes you by the hand and guides you through the chain of YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, and (SafeSearch-off) Google searches we all fall into sometimes.

Junk Head 1

This is the full version of Junk Head 1. If you’d like to see the sequel, please donate to the Indiegogo campaign now.


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