Full Captain America Trailer Arrives Early

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Full Captain America Trailer Full Captain America Trailer Arrives Early

While Marvel movie fans everywhere expected their patience to be rewarded on Tuesday with the long-awaited unveiling of the first full trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, it did not happen and instead we were treated to several very short Captain America teaser videos.

The trailer was now set to release Thursday (tomorrow) but someone’s jumped the gun and it’s hit the net just now. We’re not complaining.

The Captain America trailer focuses on the experiences of Steve Rogers leading up to the transformation that redefined his life and let him become the solider he always wished to be, mixed with Tommy Lee Jones’ Col. Chester Phillips character explaining how one man can make a difference.

The trailer also includes a scene with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) talking to the weaker and small Steve Rogers, and it gives us a better introduction to Stanley Tucci’s Dr. Abraham Erskine and his reasoning behind selecting Steve Rogers to become America’s super soldier.

Watch and enjoy:

Directed by Joe JohnstonCaptain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones‘ Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,  Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes and Derek Luke as Gabe Jones.

While this first fleshed out look into Captain America: The First Avenger does offer new footage, they’ve made the right decision in holding back the action and villains for the next trailer. Think of this is as the teaser to get audiences invested in the little guy that could, so to speak.

We all know how Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and why, but before I make up my mind on the movie, I need insight into how the story plays out on his journey as the hero, combating The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and his evil Hydra forces. By far the most impressive aspect of the film thus far is how they made Chris Evans look so scrawny as the defenceless Steve Rogers, and I’m pleased that they chose this as the focal point for the first trailer.

The one part of the film I’m growing somewhat weary about is the over-the-top designs of the Hydra army and technology, even though that’s an important part of the backstory. I’m not going to put this aspect of the film down yet, but seeing the heavy focus on the space-age bikes/planes, flame thrower-wielding armored soldiers and the blue-glowing guns pulls me out of believing this is taking place in the 1940s. If there’s an appropriate balance of this in the film, it won’t be a concern. So for now, let’s just focus on the Shield Throw and Howling Commandos!

Now that we’ve actually watched the full trailers for both Thor and Captain America, how do they compare to Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class?

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Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. I don’t know what some are complaining about this trailer being subpar. I mean GL was not the best looking trailer but that doesn’t mean the movie is gonna suck. I thought this trailer looked very promising. The skinny Rogers is effective looking.

  2. A “Nolan” comment detection! ALERT-ALERT-ALERT!- No…wait…this isnt Superman so I guess Dr. Sam won’t get pugilistic over the name dropping…As you were. Stand down. Breathe.

    • Nowhereman yea it’s very very clear that this film is not attempting to take a realistic approach to anything lol. Who needs logic in film right?

      • Spock..

  3. I’m using my iPod for the screen rant app but it wnt show the trailer can someone send me a link to somewhere else I really wanna c this trailer

    • SonofScorpian,

      I can see the trailer on my iPhone.


  4. Looks pretty awesome. Definitely portrays it as a fun movie, looking forward to it.

  5. I’m not feelin’ this, not at all, but it is what I expected. I was hoping he pull through, but for some reason Evans really does NOT work, they needed a better actor. I hope I’m wrong, but the look and feel of this is very sub-par and mediocre. I will DEFINITELY wait for the reviews, since I’m not that big of a Cap fan anyway.

  6. It was entertaining I will see it no doubt :)

  7. I just geeked out!!!! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a movie, Cap has always been my favorite hero and I think he will finally get a good screen adaptation. I cannot wait!!!!! Looks awesome, even Better than I expected,

    Sorry to be so fanboy lol I just am super excited now

  8. It looks passable, idn’t blow me away like I’m sure it should’ve. It looks like fun though, all this stuff taking place in that seeting, and Red Skull had a cool intro, and yay for Stanley Tucci, he needs bigger movies.
    Same for Haley Atwell, I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her in Any Human Heart, she needs this breakout.

  9. Wow. I have done a complete turn around on this film. From the leaks, I thought it was going to be horrible, but now it is my most anticipated movie of the year! Great trailer. I want to rush out my door and see it right now!

  10. Looks Cool

  11. I had a big grin all the while watching the trailer. 😀 It would just suck if it end up being ‘sucky’!

    • Of course you would have a big grin on your face not every day you get to see someone portray your life story on the big screen.

  12. It looks pretty good. I may be surprised after all.

  13. Another mediocre Marvel film, that I’m supposed to believe is going to be great? Been there and done that. Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder will show them how it is done!

    • Even though I’ve changed my mind on Captain America, I’m still certain that Snyder’s Superman will supersuck big time :(

  14. dark knight rises is going to rape this film

    • That’s gonna be uncomfortable to watch. I guess they don’t call it Dark Knight RISES for no reason at all.

    • Well considering they are being released a year apart, I fail to see how that would happen. Despite what Nolan fan boys want to believe, this film is NOT competing with TDKR. Sheesh.

  15. Was hoping to see the Red Skull more, or at least speak once. Have a funny feeling he will end up making the whole movie worth watching.

  16. july 22 is my birthday…. and it’s gonna be great in my tony the tiger voice

  17. I don’t understand the comments comparing this movie to The Dark Knight Rises. These two movies will undoubtedly be on two very different continents movie wise. Captain America is (hopefully) going to be a very fun, semi-bright and a pop-corn style movie a la G.I. Joe(but in a good way). The Dark Knight Rises will be a dark, gritty and artsy(not the word I want to use(I need better adjectives). We all know TDKR is going to blow us away with story and acting like the prior two films, Captain America will probably give us awesome action scenes and a the escape from our own world vibe type thing(again I have an idea in mind for what I want to write but not sure how to). I really want this movie and all movies to be good because I love the cinema and because Cap is my favorite hero to ever be created. I hope my rant makes sense.

    • Agree, I thought this article was about Capt. America.

    • It’s just all the DC fanbois trying to shake off the fact that Marvel has another winner on their hands while they are still clinging to multiple failed Superman’s and the one, lone DC shining star; Batman.

      • What?! No mention of Catwoman and Jonah Hex? DC isn’t just making Batman and Superman films you know. We are all looking forward to the Flash’s “‘Se7en’ meets ‘Silence Of The Lambs'” movie.

        I shall now retire to my corner to sob uncontrollably.

  18. I wrote off Chris Evans after Fantastic 4, but saw him in Sunshine and walked away a fan. If anyone can do Cap justice it’ll be him.

    • Agree, but I was sold on him after “Another Teen Movie.” I disliked both Fantastic Four movies, but if they had anything it was a light funny energy. Evans made more of the role than a lot of actors would have. Oh, and Sunshine was pretty good.

    • GK if I wanted to bash things simply because people are looking forward to them why don’t I bash Thor or Cowboys and Aliens? Why didn’t I bash Battle for La until it came out ? Because based on the trailers they all looked good. I have no interest in bashing things for the fun of it. That’s pointless. I merely express my opinion and then people like you get upset for no reason. Then after getting upset about me having an opinion they start preaching how they have the right to their opinion. Apparently i’m the only one who’s not allowed to.

      Why do I continue to comment know that it looks bad? Because I love comic books. Because I wanted this to be good. Because when I first heard Cap was being made I was excited and was looking forward to a great film only to be let down. Because it’s something that matters to me. Because I hope desperately that I’m wrong and that it turns out great and that it lives up to the film that I always wanted it to be.

      I’ve always said that I WILL watch Captain America. The films that I refuse to watch I will not watch, but cap is not one of them. I’ve openly stated I plan to watch it. I won’t be there opening day or even week, but I will see it eventually and before The Avengers. Because if nothing else it ties in to The Avengers and I want to see all the continuity of these films.

  19. I honestly can’t tell from the trailer if this is going to be good or bad, which is the same feeling I received from the Green Lantern trailer. So, like GL, I’m going to maintain cautious optimism until this comes out. I really hope this year’s big 4 superhero movies are successful this year.

  20. This appears to be true to the original story. If that is the case, like the original Spiderman, this will be a good flick.

    As to the comparisons to TDKR: Are you freaking kidding me??? There is no way to compare these films. As stated, this will be a fun, popcorn fest. TDKR will be a hard edge piece like the last two.

  21. Anyone want to predict how much this will take in total at the box office? I say around $500 million worldwide.

  22. I am hoping it will be more than a “popcorn-flick”, haha. I do not get why people find it necessary to compare this to Nolan’s Batman films. Yes, they were good comic-book films… But come on, it comes out like a year after The First Avenger. Let’s keep the Marvel vs. DC hate out of this and try to enjoy what brings us all together on ScreenRant… FILM.

    We are all kinda fan-boys/girls here anyway 😉 Anyone who denies that needs a reality check.

  23. Doesn’t look too bad.

  24. I havent seen anything to cause me any concern.
    I will see it as soon as I can.

  25. This might be the first Marvel comic to film adaptation actually made right. The look and feel of it far exceed my expectations. It looks EPIC and respectable to the source material. What more could you ask for? One thing that caught my eye was the way he threw the shield, in an uppercut motion as to be throwing it with every bit of destructive intention in mind. It will definitely be fun to watch Captain America tear through soldiers and machinery as well as watch him interact in modern environments. Heads up to Marvel for being the only company with the guts to cross over characters.

    As far as the “one lone shining star, Batman” quote by mongoose, you forget that Vertigo is a subsidiary of DC and they’ve produced SOLID GOLD films like Constantine, V for Vendetta and Watchmen. Swamp thing is a DC character as well and the films are cult classics, so DC does have a couple of legs to stand on.

  26. Looks good to me. Excited to see it!

  27. It looks ok. Never found the character very interesting. Hopefully the next trailer will have Hugo Weaving actually speaking, as he is my main reason for wanting to see this film.