Full Captain America Trailer Arrives Early

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Full Captain America Trailer Full Captain America Trailer Arrives Early

While Marvel movie fans everywhere expected their patience to be rewarded on Tuesday with the long-awaited unveiling of the first full trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, it did not happen and instead we were treated to several very short Captain America teaser videos.

The trailer was now set to release Thursday (tomorrow) but someone’s jumped the gun and it’s hit the net just now. We’re not complaining.

The Captain America trailer focuses on the experiences of Steve Rogers leading up to the transformation that redefined his life and let him become the solider he always wished to be, mixed with Tommy Lee Jones’ Col. Chester Phillips character explaining how one man can make a difference.

The trailer also includes a scene with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) talking to the weaker and small Steve Rogers, and it gives us a better introduction to Stanley Tucci’s Dr. Abraham Erskine and his reasoning behind selecting Steve Rogers to become America’s super soldier.

Watch and enjoy:

Directed by Joe JohnstonCaptain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones‘ Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,  Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes and Derek Luke as Gabe Jones.

While this first fleshed out look into Captain America: The First Avenger does offer new footage, they’ve made the right decision in holding back the action and villains for the next trailer. Think of this is as the teaser to get audiences invested in the little guy that could, so to speak.

We all know how Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and why, but before I make up my mind on the movie, I need insight into how the story plays out on his journey as the hero, combating The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and his evil Hydra forces. By far the most impressive aspect of the film thus far is how they made Chris Evans look so scrawny as the defenceless Steve Rogers, and I’m pleased that they chose this as the focal point for the first trailer.

The one part of the film I’m growing somewhat weary about is the over-the-top designs of the Hydra army and technology, even though that’s an important part of the backstory. I’m not going to put this aspect of the film down yet, but seeing the heavy focus on the space-age bikes/planes, flame thrower-wielding armored soldiers and the blue-glowing guns pulls me out of believing this is taking place in the 1940s. If there’s an appropriate balance of this in the film, it won’t be a concern. So for now, let’s just focus on the Shield Throw and Howling Commandos!

Now that we’ve actually watched the full trailers for both Thor and Captain America, how do they compare to Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class?

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Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. This is winning. Tiger blood.

    • Cap makes me feel like a WARLOCK. but from watching all those stupid clips you saw alot of the footage ahead of time. it makes no sense to do that stuff people can be patient. give em credit hollywood!

    • Win here win there win win everywhere!

  2. It’s about GD time, all of those stupid clips were getting annoying.

  3. Diggin it so far…

  4. Feels like the G. I. Joe film. I still think it is going to be awesome

  5. yikes I think I liked the 30 second clip better. He still looks awful Pre super solider formula. It looks weird and and fake obviously it is fake, but it’s not suppose to look that way. Howard Stark looks pretty cheesy honestly and that mustache looks like it was picked up out of novelty catalog glue on and everything.

    Gotta love the tactical squad busting in the door and just walking in a straight line shooting people with almost no protection what so ever. It’s amazing that any of them survived the 6 seconds it showed them walking like idiots being shot at. “Hmm It’s a big warehouse with probably lots of combatants with guns.. We should just stroll in and casually fire at them. Oh and I’ll carry my pistol like a gangster with just one hand. Since we all know that looks much cooler. I don’t actually need to hit my targets. “

    • As you know, I didn´t like the Superbowl spot. But this trailer looks ok to me. Sure, the pre Super Soldier Evans looks strange, but that´s because we know what he actually looks like. Your head on that body would look fake as well, just because you know what you actually look like.

      I agree on Stark. It worked for Stewart, McKellen and Bridges, why didn´t they de-age the guy who played Stark in Iron Man 2?

      And the “busting the warehouse” scene was the one that looked the cheapest in the Superbowl spot. Almost like some kids playing Treat Or Trick on Halloween.

      But I´ll still see the movie. I hope it´s good. I really do.

  6. Grr I forgot about that god awful auto moderation. Let me edit my post.

    yikes I think I liked the 30 second clip better. He still looks awful Pre super solider formula. It looks weird and and fake obviously it is fake, but it’s not suppose to look that way. Howard Stark looks pretty cheesy honestly and that mustache looks like it was picked up out of novelty catalog glue on and everything.

    Gotta love the tactical squad busting in the door and just walking in a straight line shooting people with almost no protection what so ever. It’s amazing that any of them survived the 6 seconds it showed them walking like not very smart people (edited) being shot at. “Hmm It’s a big warehouse with probably lots of combatants with guns.. We should just stroll in and casually fire at them. Oh and I’ll carry my pistol like a gangster with just one hand. Since we all know that looks much cooler. I don’t actually need to hit my targets. “

    • That “god awful auto moderation” catches and stops a lot of trolls.


      • I know Vic lol I was just being bitter I got caught in it lol

        • Amazing how much damage can be averted by flagging one little non-profanity word. 8)


          • yea cause im sure you know alot about tactical shooting and warfare daniel. i happen to like how he retains that naivete and lack of experience when it comes to the horrific experience of war(in his expressions). he may want to fight for his country but im sure he has no idea of the consequences it brings to your humanity. and the cgi pre super soldier rogers looks proportionate to his smaller body no matter how much you wanna nitpick. it looks good. and honestly i dont know why im even trying to argue with you about how “good the film looks” everything iv ever read from you has always been criticism and ignorance. cap looks great it will probably work the only way he can work. i just cant wait to read wants the movie comes out ” i hated it at first but this movie was AWSOME” or mabe you wont then ill just feel sorry for you cause your one of those sad fan boys that cant enjoy amovie for what it is just what hes dreams it never will be..

            • oh and bring on your insults cause i know i got to you more than you can ever get to me Baldy

              • Baldy? Are you talking to me or Daniel?


                • Vic he’s talking to me.

                  Don’t bother trying I’ve been trying to understand the baldy comment for months now. He’s made it to me before and as you know I have a full head of hair so I’m not sure where it comes from. Maybe it’s some new hip lingo that the kids lose that I don’t understand.

                  • but why would he call you bald if youre not bald!!!?

                    • Maybe he´s talking about other regions. Southern regions. But that makes me wonder how he could know…

                • Hahahaha Vic is bald……. ok I’m so immature.

                  Anyway, trailer looks good. Skinny, big-headed Cap doesn’t. Have a nice day.

            • Oh look at that Tank is being insulting and immature I’m shocked.

              Whats up with the Blady thing? Seriously? It doesn’t make any sense at all and is just weird.

              Anyway actually yes I do know alot about tactile shooting. I have professional training. Considering that I was raised with guns and as many members of SR can vouch knowing me pretty well that I was in the military. Moving on.

              You act as if I’m the only one talking about how bad the pre soldier evans looks. Not everyone agrees with me on the trailer but the majority of people seem to agree that part looks bad.

              Why even bother replying to me if all you can do is bash me and belittle me? If you clearly hate me so much and hate every thing I have to say why not just ignore me and move on? Why is your life so dependent on what I think and responding to me with bitter anger all the time? Maybe you needs some more friends.

              • Skinny Rogers is the only part I actually liked lol.

                • Baldy?


  7. Video isn’t working!

    • We were quickly switching to our own. It’s up now :)

  8. No one can say this movie doesn’t look good anymore because of the trailer. Probably will turn out to be a great movie once the actual movie comes out

    • This Movie Doesn’t Look Good.

      • of course it doesnt look good to you Daniel. if its so bad dont go see the movie then… fanboy

        • OMG I don’t agree with you so I must be a fan boy

          Thanks for making that clear to me “MarvelLover”

      • I concur with Daniel.

        • the same goes for you too then Anthony

          • I concur with Daniel and Anthony.

            • Well I agree with Marvel. Trailer looks great. I cant wait to see this movie

              • MarvelLover is bias lol, or can’t you tell???

                • I just love the fact that a guy who attacks me for not liking a marvel film and has the name ‘MarvelLover’ insults me and calls me a fanboy? lol Didn’t Alanis write a song about that?

                  • whats your moms basement?trailers look like? are they decorated like the 40 year old virgins house? do you have a framed picture of asia???

                    • Oh Tank that one is just sad. Now I’m starting to feel bad for you.

                    • oh oh whats your beef tankD?

          • Actually I don’t plan on seeing it LOL…Problem with that?

        • Anthony Funny how he just jumps on me and calls me a fanboy for disagreeing with him rather than addressing the actual points I made. None of which had anything to do with little details like costume changes. Not one of my complaints was about changes from the comic, but of course my dissenting view makes me a fanboy. Thanks for that wonderful article just making people like him feel more vilified in their insults

          • who cares your a pessimistic troll. you feel like everyone on here really cares about all the criticism you bring towards MAJOR HOLLOYWOOD FILMS but its just fun to laugh at you cause you will never be anywhere close to these films. most people like these for what they are and appreciate what they got. but i bet your so highly opinionated the only way anyone will give a damn is if you post it to other hatful ppl like you. im down insulting you its to easy dont even bother trying to com up with som clever comback or insult. i wont read it cause unlike you i dont give a s*** so save your time to type to somone that will really read what you say and think “hmm he might know what hes talking about”

            • Tank you think anyone really cares about your thoughts on me? You think people really want to read your opinion on me ? No, but you do it anyway because your a sad little man who needs to bash someone who doesn’t like the movie he is excited for. I’m the troll? I think Cap looks like a bad movie so I’m a troll? You come and personally attack people and try to start fights. What your doing is the very definition of trolling. Your attacking people in an attempt to start fights. I’m expressing how I feel about the way a movie is shaping up sometimes it’s negative like this and sometimes it’s positive with films like TDKR and Thor. You can call me pessimistic, but I’ll stick with being called a realist. A pessimist is always negative, but if your that interested in my life (Which you clearly are and it’s sad) I can link you to a few articles where I saw positive things. I can also give you a list of films that I’m very positive about.

              So coming from you being called a troll is pointless. Pot meat kettle.

              As for the rest of what you said I honestly couldn’t read half of it. Not sure some of it even constitutes a sentence.

              Nice to see that Auto Moderation doesn’t seem to work all that well for everyone.

              I really hope you stick to the ignoring me think. Would of been nice if you would of done so months ago instead of trolling around and obsessing over me for months now like you have nothing better to do than follow me to threads, reply to me and then insult me.

              Anyway I do hope you have a nice life. I”m gonna go back to watching TV with my Fiance and my new born baby girl. You can go back to playing World of Warcraft waiting for the day you are old enough to drive and dreaming about what a girl actually looks like nude. Goodnight and good luck troll.

          • I know Daniel. Fanboys are a tricky bunch I guess.

      • Daniel F, just because you believe yourself to be an expert on films doesn’t mean you can critique a film based on a two and a half minute trailer.

        But since you have the power of foresight, just don’t see the movie. That way when you go see it, you won’t hate it anymore than you already do.

        It’s amazing that someone can hate something and not even see it first.

        • It’s amazing gary how you didn’t read my comment or in your mind added things I never said.

          My post does not say “This Movie is the most awful thing I’ve ever seen”

          I said that this looks bad. I didn’t say it’s for sure concrete gonna be the worst film ever made. If you can judge a trailer enough to think it looks good so far I think that gives anyone else enough right to judge it and think it looks bad so far.

          The point of a trailer is to give you an idea of what the film will be. You judge a trailer base don what is (Get this) in the trailer. Guess what I did? Yep that’s right I judged the trailer.

          Since your gifted with ESP and can read minds and tell people what they were thinking instead of what they ACTUALLY SAID then maybe you can read my mind and tell me what I’m tell you to go do.

        • Gary, he was critiquing the trailer. And rightfully so.

          • Ive been subjected to the same exact type of counter criticism Daniel whenever a trailer comes out and I offer my opinion. “zOMG you cant J-J-J-JUDGE based on a trayyyylerrrr!”

            They (fanboys) cant get it throught their skulls that some might have constructive criticism directed straight at the trailers themselves once in a while.

            • Netshark please don’t call them Fanboys. They called me a fanboy that’s like lumping me in with them lol.

              It’s just what I said these days the real definition of a fanboy is “OMg You don’t Agree with me so I’m insulting you now”

              I’m willing to bet the guy above who called me a fanboy is a much bigger Marvel and Cap fan than me lol. Hell he probably cares more about comics than me. His name is MarvelLover lol I’m personally more of a DC fan and I don’t real a ton of Captain America either I just know the basics and not one of my complains had to do with the amount it follows the source material. They actual movie quality complaints and had nothing to do with comics.

              • Hell Im probably one of the VERY few on this site who criticizes trailers and movies from an outside and objective perspective. I dont think I ever read a comic book and Im 42. (Well I must have read something as a kid, because I do remember the back advertisemtns of the scawny kid getting sand kicked in his face at the beach and he does something to get bigger and beats up the bully – or something like that)
                Was their like a guy in purple pantyhose called Phantom or something like that? LOL, SEE I dont know anything about comic books.

                The only thing I liked as a kid was the old 60’s superhero cartoons of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Spidey, Submariner, etc.

                But that’s extent of my knowledge so I take these superhero movies and put them into the box of “action flick but weirder”.

                When I see Bruce Willis like one liners and stupid stunts like the one you mentioned about walking through a hail of bullets, I get a really bad feeling.

                • You´ve seen the 60s Marvel cartoons? Well, you could very well say you´ve read comic books. Because these shows were based 1:1 on the Lee/Kirby era.

      • I completely agree with you Daniel, it doesn’t look good…….I looks FREAKIN’ GREAT!

  9. Doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s limited to the U.S.

  10. It won’t work for me :(
    It just has this little white circle that spins around and around.

    • [Editor note: Trailer is working, we switched to our own version – Rob Keyes]

  11. I think I just came a little just a teeny bit….

  12. I’ve updated the post with a trailer that is viewable from everywhere. Once we get a higher quality version I’ll replace it.


  13. That is SO awesome. Much better that the Thor trailer, and MILES better than the Green Lantern trailer. I’m so looking forward to this film.

  14. Awesome

  15. It really does have a “rocketeer” feel to it. And I like the tiny steve rogers, it reminds me of the atlas ad in the old comics.

    “Do you have sand kicked in your face by bullies? Do the ladies pass you by? Well don’t worry, with the help of the Charles Atlas fitness formula, you too can be a man of muscle!”

    Can’t wait for this.

    • Yeap, you can totally get the Rocketeer vibe from this.

    • That is exactly how i feel. I liked the preview and I am stoked for the film. I just wish that I didnt have to wait for it to come out on blu… I hate the theater 3d crap.

  16. OK, we’ve updated to a HD version for you!!


  17. Yeah I cant wait for this, even tho the pre-super soldier Steve looks kinda wierd in some scenes, this movie looks freakin awesome. It does have a Rocketeer vibe and thats a pretty good thing, IMO.

  18. It’s good AND bad here’s why.
    The good is they intend on focusing some on the pre-super soldier Rogers. I actually think they did a decent job with the cgi, very cool.

    The downside, as I said when the superbowl teaser came out, as they’re going to throw in stupid one line zingers like “I feel taller” and “It works” (when she shoots directly at their million dollar human experiment, ugg)

    Another thing that’s bad, Daniel mentioned above and that’s the same ole same ole walking straight through a hoard of bullets looking cool and not getting shot type of action scenes. I dont know if that bothers people, but Ive seen enough of that same stupid type of action over so many decades it’s just tired.

    In the end, I AM looking forward to this, I just will wait for Screenrant’s review first.

    • yeah…Kinda crazy just walkin in like That…
      OH WAIT! We forgot the first “bad guy” rule :
      “Eventhough you may have advanced artillary, a really mean bunch of buddies that threaten other people and each other on occasion, YOU WILL NOT SHOOT YOUR WEAPON ACCURATELY! yOU MAY HIT CARS, OR WINDOWS, OR BUILDING STRUCTURE, BUT NEVER…EVER…YOUR INTENDED TARGET!
      Unless its SpongeBOB or sumthin like that…

      • Well I know exactly why he walked straight in like that:




    • What do you want Netshark? For Cap. to get riddled with bullets? Yeah that would make for an anti-climactic scene.

      Captain America is SUPPOSED to be heroic and that’s exactly what a superhero does, sorry if that bores you. So I guess you are just tired of heroic movies then hum? 😉

      • Mongoose no one is asking Cap get killed. We are merely asking that cap act like he has had at least two minutes of hand gun training and maybe act as if he has at least a little bit of tactical training. We don’t want him shot we want him to act like he knows what he’s doing rather than acting like a 16 year old whos seen to many action films. Not one with even a tiny bit of military or handgun training would enter the building the way he did or hold a gun the way he did.

        • I´m wondering if he had to pass a test to become the super soldier… Like this:

          You´re approaching the enemy base. What do you do?

          a) Look for a back door and sneak in
          b) Place some bombs and blow them up
          c) storm in the front door and yell “Surprise!”

        • He has a bulletproof shield…..so maybe the other soldiers are the silly ones…..haha!

  19. We’ve added a poll, vote on what you think of the new trailer!


  20. This long of a wait for this? Meh..this trailer is nothing special. But fanboys love anything mediocre that comes out when it comes to Marvel films, whether the film winds up being trash or not. It looks contrived and silly. Evans as Cap doesn’t excite me and joe johnston as director? I guess we shall see won’t we?

  21. I think its funny so many people complained about watching those “Stupid” clips. LOL. Yet y’all did end up watching them. lol. Couldnt resist, sorry. The show looks interesting and should be good. But I feel Thor will be the winner for Super Hero movies this year.

  22. Looks good!! Looking forward to it…I think the pre super soldier Rogers looks like he did in the comics..skinny, sickly, pale and weak…how much more REAL can they make it look…some people have been down on this movie since day 1, have made it common knowledge since day 1, yet still continue to post negative comments on Cap threads about how bad it will be..I don’t get it..for some I guess the glass is always half empty..

    • With you on this one GK333. Looks like great fun. I don’t mind that someone thinks the trailor isn’t good, completely natural, but some seem to be trying just a bit too hard to down-play this film. I hope it comes off as well as it’s looking. Heck, so far I’m liking everything leading up to The Avengers (although IM2 was a bit underwhelming compared to expectation.)

      • I agree Greg…Iron Man 2 wasn’t as good as the first film but I still enjoyed it very much with it’s flaws and all..Looking forward to GL and Thor a lot too!!


        • love the trailer but for some reason could not hear the voices

      • GK/ Greg,

        I know what you mean 100%. The trailer looks like the movie has alot of promise. It gets real stale when the same people make it their personal goal online to attack a movie. They nitpick every detail of every trailer and self-proclaim themselves an expert on what makes a movie successful. Yet in still, when the movie comes out they will be the first in line to see it. But only to have more ammo to say why the movie was just as bad as they’ve said all along. lol. must be a sad life to live

    • GK and maybe some people are just “The glass is completely full” all the time and never actually take the time to examine anything. Everything just looks good and is acceptable. If Batman and Robin came out now would you think it looked good as well? Green Lantern is looking pretty close to B&R if you ask me. At least I can say cap will be better than GL.

      Thor is the only comic film of the year that looks good.

      I will agree with you on what you said about IM2 though. I think it’s underrated and gets more flak than it deserves. However, no matter how bad Cap and GL are I imagine you’ll be saying the same thing as well.

  23. Now that’s more like it!

  24. sweet. Tommy Lee Jones is awesome. And I agree with Daniel F about Stark’s mustache, it looks very weird. I am still not 100% with Evans. I need to hear some more lines that are not two or three words long. A la the second Thor trailer that gave Hemsworth some lines.

  25. ya thy tride to hard to make the guy who palys starks dad look like RDJ.But this looks really cool i will be seeing this

  26. Overall I liked the trailer. Seeing the shield flying through the air gave me chills, to be honest. I think the pre-serum Steve Rogers looks very strange. His head looks way too big for the body, but I guess that is the point. I do think that Chris Evans looks awesome as Cap. Overall this has definitely kept me looking forward to this movie.

    • That was my favorite part of the trailer as well.

  27. GK

    Being down on one movie does not make some one an “Always glass half empty” person. I think this movie looks terrible and has for a long time. It looks worse and worse with every bit of news. Except the casting of Red Skull was brilliant and he looks great as well. It’s not all negative just every thing else.

    Switch me over to Thor which I think looks great. I”m sure I’m glass half empty though because I don’t think this movie looks great like you do.

    • How about Green Lantern Daniel?

      I love how you assumed I was referring to you ..LMAO! Have you got a persecution complex Daniel?

      • GK only when it comes to those who persecute me on a regular basis. I think it’s pretty obvious to most that your talking about me anyway. I don’t see anyone else that has hated on Cap as much as me. I think even trying to pretend that your not talking about me is insulting to everyone’s intelligence.

        How about GL ? It looks terrible. That only proves that I can pick and choose what movies I think looks good and doesn’t based on my free will… Impressive I know. One day you’ll learn another way to talk about a film other than “It looks great I can’t wait” some people like quality and some people accept everything put in front of them. We are all different in our special ways. Lucky for me I’m able to think comic films look good and comic films look bad. It would be hell for me to only love them all regardless of quality.

        • i admit and agree GL could look better but iv only have seen one trailer. and i dont meen to beat on your opinions dude you just really bring me down when iv looked forward to these films since i was alot younger. it gets me heated and i apologize. BUT GL? its soo depressing that with all the potential and resouces that these studios have youd think we would all be happy and satisfied but sadly thats not the case. but i do have the feeling gl will surprise you so will cap. i just dont like lving in a world where people are SOO quick to judge and in that fact i apologize and i take back what i said earlier

        • Daniel F…

          I stayed out of this little back-and-forth between you and greenknight333 because, simply put, it’s none of my business and it’s boring. Then, you had to go add this one paticular piece: “some people like quality and some people accept everything put everything put in front of them…It would hell for me to only love [films] all regardless of quality.”

          Believe it or not, you do NOT set the standards for quality. As an example, I happen to think “Green Lantern” will be a great film and LIKED the trailer. You didn’t…In fact, you thought the trailer was a horrid piece of crap and the film will also be. That’s fine. Both of us have our own legitimate opinions and reasoning behind those opinions. The above comments very clearly imply (if not state outright) that anyone who does not share your opinions on certain matters must be wrong…possibly even a bit slow. Ummm, no, not even close.

          Complain all you want; you have that right. Quite often, you bring up very good points…not in the above quotation, however. Heck, I’ve turned complaining practically into an art form in real life; I have no problem with you doing that. Just don’t step on others’ opinions when you do so…the very thing that you say GK333 was doing to you.

          For the record, I agree that he was probably picking on you specifically, but I don’t know for sure, and it’s not my business if he is. You are clearly capable of defending yourself. Don’t bring the rest of us into your little tiff.

          • Sigh…

            Ignore the second “everything put” at the top of my rant.

            Oh, and Daniel…I happen to think that GK333 should not be picking on anyone either, just so you understand that I am NOT picking on you.

  28. I think they might of gone too far with the tiny Steve Rogers CGI effects. It’s just so freaky looking that it’s too much of a distraction for me. It looks like they’ve just super imposed Chris Evans head on some scrawny guys body.
    I know in the comics this was exactly how it happened, but you can get away with & pretty much expect things like that in comics.
    Couldn’t they of just let Chris slim right down for the role before he bulks up or at least keep the scrawnifying effects to more of a minimum.

  29. looks horrible lmao NOLAN SHOW EM HOW ITS DONE! HA!