‘Bourne Legacy’ Trailer Showcases Jeremy Renner in Assassin Mode

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A full-length trailer has been released for The Bourne Legacy. The film is set in the Jason Bourne movie universe, but revolves around a different Treadstone agent – one who goes by the name (among others) of Aaron Cross, as portrayed by The Avengers‘ Jeremy Renner.

This new theatrical preview gels with details from the recaps for the Bourne Legacy footage screened at CinemaCon 2012 – by revealing that the timeline for Legacy overlaps with that of Bourne Ultimatum. Furthermore, it appears that Jason Bourne’s actions in Ultimatum directly kick-off the events in Legacy.

Judging by the Legacy trailer, Cross is forced to run for his life when Bourne’s public exposure of Treadstone leads one of the minds behind the program, a man called Byer (Edward Norton) to “clean up the situation” – namely, by killing every agent and/or assassin connected to Treadstone. While evading government forces that want him dead, Cross… er, crosses paths with a fellow assassin (Oscar Isaac) and eventually joins forces with a Treadstone scientist (Rachel Weisz), in order to keep both of them alive.

bourne legacy rachel weisz jeremy renner Bourne Legacy Trailer Showcases Jeremy Renner in Assassin Mode

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner in 'Bourne Legacy'

There are a handful of familiar plot and character elements glimpsed in this new footage from Bourne Legacy, which was written and directed by Tony Gilroy (a co-writer on the Bourne trilogy). Gilroy appears to have traded in Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass’ shaky cam approach to shooting action – for a steadier hand/faster cutting style, similar to that used in this past winter’s Safe House. Depending on how you approach it: one could argue that Gilroy looks to bring some intriguing new material to the table, while also offering a fresh take on recycled parts from the Bourne trilogy – or, that Bourne Legacy so far comes off as a standard rehash of its predecessors. (Head to the comments section for the debate.)

Sidestepping that discussion: here’s to hoping Bourne Legacy doesn’t feature quite┬áso many on-the-nose references to how Jason Bourne was just “the tip of the iceberg” – or expository lines about how Treadstone is more complex that people (re: the audience) previously thought – as are included here, in what is otherwise a pretty decent trailer.

The Bourne Legacy hits theaters in the U.S. on August 3rd, 2012.


Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. Nope. I will NOT be wasting my money on this so called movie. Renner was my LEAST favorite actor in The Avengers, yeah, I said it. He was a LOUSY Hawkeye and no this movie. I’ll pass.

    • Well then YOU don’t HAVE to go SEE the movie. I am SORRY that you thought Jeremy Renner wasn’t a good HAWKeye but I thought he was pretty GOOD. And as FOR the random caps on certain WORDS, I was just trying to seem as WORKED up as you are with all THESE unnecessary CAPATLAIZED words.

      • oh wow, You’re funny

        • All right, that’s enough – let’s get back to discussing the trailer at hand, cool?

        • Glad you think so. I was just kidding around Chris. It isn’t a big deal. I just think going to watch a trailer for a movie you didn’t want to see and don’t like the actor in and then talking about how much you don’t like him is a bit silly. If you said “After seeing the trailer I’m not sure about this movie” or an argument like that it would have made sense. But you came in to this trailer with your opinion preformed clearly. Just a bit silly to come to a page about a movie you didn’t really care to see just to say how much you don’t care to see it.

    • Don’t see the movie then. Anyway, many people see Jeremy as a great Hawkeye and and great actor. WHAT’S with THE random CAPS lock WORDS?! xD

    • Renner Rocked as Hawkeye. But it’s your opinion. Either way, Legacy won’t be missing your money. lol

    • So… You’re basing your issue on one movie? Despite how good he was in The Hurt Locker?

      • @Rio

        Don’t even mention that movie. That movie was terrible. Well, unless you have no clue about anything to do with the military, weapons, the conflict in Iraq or Afghanistan, etc. Then you might just ignorantly enjoy the movie thinking that any of that was any bit close to being believable… *shakes head*

        But anyway, it wasn’t Renner’s fault, I think he’s a pretty good actor… I like him 1000 times more than Matt Damon I can tell you that much. Wasn’t really a fan of the Bourne movies, so hoping this will be different.

        • These an extra option

          Unless you don’t really give a crap if it’s perfectly accurate or not and just wanted to see a good character driven story.

          I spotted many inaccuracies in Hurt Locker and didn’t give a crap because while not well researched it was well written character wise and was interesting.

        • The Hurt Locker was in my opinion a terrrible movie. But the one thing that stood out was Renner’s performance. He carried the whole movie. He was amazing in The Town too. I’m hopeful for this movie.

    • I agree. The trailer did nothing for me. And the part about Renner’s character having had modifications to two of his chromosomes just seems really hokey. Bourne worked for me because it was grounded in realism (i.e., Bourne was special because of training and brainwashing). Leave the genetic mutation/alteration storylines for the superhero franchises.

    • I thought THAT Renner DID a great JOB being HAWKEYE. If you DISAGREE, then that is TOO bad. I am putting RANDOM caps to show YOU what you SOUND like.

  2. I’ll watch it. It looks to be great action fest. I’ll also comment on the state of movies and what we as audiences call repetitiveness, cliche or overly used formulas.

    If I was the manifestation of hollywood I’d probably be pulling my hair out after receiving criticism of what is being released. Because on one side of the spectrum everyone is screaming – more originality, stop the remakes, stop the reboots and then on the other end people are rejecting new ideas, when compared to box office hits an idea that doesn’t come from some already established franchise or lore is stunted by the box office performance of some remake.

    It’s truly ironic. This rant stems from this comment “that Bourne Legacy so far comes off as a standard rehash of its predecessors”

  3. I know this has been answered already somewhere, but can someone please tell me how they can title a film with a lead character whose not even in the film to begin with. I continually refuse to go anywhere near this as it just screams unnecessary ‘cash-in’ (what blockbuster isn’t? i know) But if someone can just explain then it would be great.

    I actually think ‘The Cross Legacy’ would’ve been just as good a title, but just my humble opinion.

    • Bourne’s legacy results in this series of events. Bourne is still the primary target; this follows Aaron Cross, another Treadstone target. I suspect they’ll move back towards Bourne later, but this takes the story and tilts it for another perspective. I like the idea; let’s see how it goes.

    • Branding… people are familiar with the “Bourne” franchise, so calling this movie the Bourne Legacy kinda acts as a bit of free publicity…

      • These movies are based on novels and characters by Robert Ludlum ( and others following Ludlums death.) Although the novels are very different from the films in some aspects. This is why the movie is titled as it is. They are not trying to cash in on the previous movies but rather continuing on with another player in the Bourne universe. But since this is America and no one picks up a good book anymore people get confused.

    • Look up LEGACY in the dictionary.

      • If it were not for strict site rules I’d give you a few words to look up in the dictionary.

        The guy asked a serious question and presented an argument that made sense. You are just being a jerk and treating the guy like crap for nothing.

        • cool story bro. :D

  4. Just as feed-back I like this type of embedded video and youtube embedded videos over the other type you guys use. I never get good quality on the other type.

    • Actually, this kind of video doesn’t even load for me (ended up seeing the trailer on YouTube). Screen Rant’s normal video type works okay for me, but I prefer embedding from YouTube over any other option. Just more feedback :)

    • i hate this video. it doesn’t have a fullscreen button (at least it doesnt show up on my computer).

  5. The trailer looks good to me…
    I’ve never really been a big fan of the Bourne series (I did watch all of them though), but I’ve enjoyed almost all of Renner’s movies so I’ll try to see this one on opening weekend.

  6. Hells yeah! Jeremy Renner is a badass

  7. Umm, yeah, so I gotta say I’m intrigued by what they are doing here.
    Rather than just following another Treadstone Agent doing stuff like Bourne in different locations I like the idea of exploring the results of what happened in the 1st 3 films.
    We always knew Bourne wasn’t the only Treadstone Agent so seeing what happens to the other Agents after Bourne exposed the whole thing is interesting to me.
    This just might be a must see in the theater…

  8. did anyone else catch that line about Jason Bourne not being the only one?

  9. I think they need to say “Jason Bourne” a few more times in the trailer. yeesh. Otherwise looks decent.

  10. I think it’s going to be good. But just in case, I’m going to pretend that this is Hawkeye vs. Bruce Banner. :)

  11. Looks fun. Can’t wait!

  12. i saw them filming some of this in the Manila International Airport last december. Glad to see there will be some cool chase scenes in the Philippines.


    though we pose little threat to a bourne level spy haha.

  13. looks fantastic

  14. The trailer has now peaked my interest even more. The idea of weaving this story into the previous bourne movies gives me reassurance that this isnt just a sequel with another actor. I am also liking the cinematography that Gilroy has brought to this film, with stationary shots displaying the action rather than the extremely shaky tourette syndrome style of cinematography that greengrass employed in the previous 2 films

  15. i can’t wait renners a badass

  16. I’ll go see this on the first day of showing in theaters.
    This will be Jeremy Renner’s next big movie role.
    Hope Matt Damon considers coming back and gets to face off vs Renner in the next Bourne sequel.

  17. Jack7 makes a great point. Keep this trailer-viewing format.
    And though this movie seems a sparrow’s pudding of generic plotlines and cliche’ dialogue, at least it looks visually engrossing.
    The bad news, is also has Edward Norton, the least-believable ‘actress’ in the biz.

  18. Kind of irritating the way they seem to force feed us the fact that “Jason bourne wasn’t the only one” We get it, you want to build a franchise beyond matt damon…but right now I don’t want to see your movie let alone a truckload of sequels because it takes me for a moron.

  19. Renner is awesome so im pretty sure this is gonna be a kick ass movie. Maybe a matt damon cameo in the end?

    • Matt Damon didnt want to be in the film at all, but there’s always that possibility. Maybe for to surprise the audience.

  20. renner will own this role, he was definitly the best man for the job

      • I have the CCCP codec pack, I can play quicktime movies with windows media player, but the embedded videos of quicktime still don’t work…

  21. Can’t wait, this looks awesome!

    Talked to someone who went to the screening in LA a little while ago and they loved it–said Jason Bourne is mentioned the most in the first 30 mins. or so and then it tapers off. She said you don’t miss him at all, Renner owns it, along with the other amazing cast members. Just her opinion tho, regardless I’ll be seeing it.

    However, if for some reason they do name drop Jason Bourne every three minutes in the movie–ummm, drinking game once it comes out on DVD? I do love my buzz with a little Renner…I mean my Renner with a little buzz…

  22. I have to admit I’m a little dissapointed, its what i was afraid was going to happen with this movie. the overplaying of Jason Bourne and hitting us over the head with the fact that this isn’t Bourne. they mentioned his name like five times in the trailer instead of keeping Rener’s character as a completely separate thing. I get that this is a spinoff and he is tied to Bourne through Tredstone but I was hoping they’d not be so blunt about it. still Renner looks like a total bad-ass and Ed Norton is one the best Actors out there so its definitely worth seeing.

    • I totally agree. I love the line, “We have never seen evaluations like this”. That’ll be the reboot line from here on out.

      Norton’s acting seemed a bit off in each of his scenes. His acting seems genuine, but out-of-sync with the scenes. Or maybe his acting is on, but the background music in the trailer is too dramatic for the way he’s delivering his lines. I’ll have to wait for the movie to make a final call on that one.

  23. unbelievable cast this will definitly be epic

  24. Jenner is like a god to me i’m leaving it at that i am seeing this movie

  25. Na saving my money no more hollywood.

  26. Who gave Gilroy all this authority anyway? It’s obvious it went to his head or maybe he’s had a major ego problem the whole time? He alienated Greengrass and Damon from the series and already trying to lay claim to the 5th movie! Saying basically if Damon wants to be a part of my movies I suppose I could find some way to squeeze you into the movie! Are you kidding! Get rid of Gilroy! He’s trashing one of the best series ever!