‘Fruitvale Station’ Trailer: The Story of a Real-Life Tragedy

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On December 31st, 2008, Oscar Grant woke with a sense of purpose. An ex-con looking to build a legitimate life for himself, Grant decided to take his girlfriend out to meet up with friends and watch the New Years Eve fireworks. Unfortunately for Grant and his entire community, a chance encounter on a train would lead to a terrible tragedy at Fruitvale Station.

Fruitvale Station is the first feature film helmed by young director Ryan Coogler. The movie stars possible future Johnny Storm Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle), Octavia Spencer (The Help), and Melonie Diaz (Be Kind Rewind).

Fruitvale Station Jordan Fruitvale Station Trailer: The Story of a Real Life Tragedy

Fruitvale Station garnered a good deal of buzz at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, after which the Weinstein Company acquired the film for a hefty sum. This preview doesn’t exactly show what spurred the fevered purchase, but it does display a good deal of dramatic promise. Jordan is a subtly likable and charismatic actor, and it looks as if his take on Grant will be more layered than a simple hagiography of a martyr.

The Grant case is one of the most controversial and tragic incidents in recent US history. As such, it’s natural that filmmakers would be drawn to the story. The only worry therein is that a film based on the incident might drop into heavy-handed moralization, stripping any ambiguity from the proceedings. Fortunately, the trailer’s confident shot-work and sense of nuanced characterization indicate that it might possibly do the case justice – and could even be the strong opening shot of Coogler’s feature film career.


Fruitvale Station will enter a limited theatrical run on July 12th, 2013.

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  1. This is a Tragic Story. I saw the Incident on youtube and I still cannot understand How this story could have ended this way. Such such such tragic story and as I always say:
    “Life, That’s what happen to you when you are born” :)

  2. Never heard of what happened ! And no idea what this is all about !
    What was the tragic ?

    Here i China youtube isn’t working !

    • The police officer was not satisfied that the guy was handcuffed facing the ground. He said he wanted to clam him down by “tasing” him. How you want to tase a Handcuffed man who is facing the ground and on top of that, he was being controlled by another cop. And even if you wanted to do that, Im sure there is a big difference between their grip. Anyway, It’s the past and We will never be able to go back and fix it. All I can say guys, is send “Love is the Answer”. :)

  3. Could this be Melonie Diaz’s breakout role? She looks amazingly invested in the character. Hopefully this will get her into the mainstream.

  4. A BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit ) Police Officer shot and killed Oscar Grant. When he, the officer mistakenly thought he had fired his TASER and not his Sidearm.

    It happened at the Fruitvale Station in San Francisco.

  5. Mistakenly thought he has his “taser” (rolls eyes)
    i remember this tragic incident, damn pigs always, ALWAYS find an excuse.

    • People do make mistakes. If the race card wasn’t played maybe certain groups could look at it objectively. It really did look like he intended to tase him. Both in what he said, and his actions directly after he accidentally shot him. It looks like the jury saw it that was too. Too bad the Osama Administration felt the need to butt their collective self into the issue.

      • I could have been a mistake or not. I don’t know what when on in that man’s mind. however I did read the entire rundown of the case. Witnesses say that Grant was involved in a fight they also confirm that he was not the aggressor but was attacked.

        Secondly, is this is where the race comes in, after being accosted by the cops and told to sit and line up against a wall one of the cops hover over Grant and said “b**** ass nigger, right?” This is proven by cell phone footage of the incident.

        Lastly. When grant was on his stomach and Johannes threatened to tase him witnesses attest that Grant pleaded for them not to tase him. And then the rest is history.

        I don’t know what your race. But racism is still prevalent in the UNited States, let alone the entire world. And I’m only saying this to put things into perspective, not to reiterate something that should already be obvious. But it is evident through the anonymity of the internet and through the visible groups such as – kkk, aryan brotherhood, and other white supremacist groups that many Caucasians still have reservations towards other races, especially blacks. So it’s not strange that when a white man kills a black man and then get’s a slap on the wrist, 2 years for taking someone’s life isn’t much, people cry foul. It’s inflames already rooted suspicions.

      • A mistake is if I spill my drink on your favorite shirt, it’s not if i shoot u in ur back while you’re detained. If it was your loved one shot I doubt u will have such a sh!+ happens attitude towards it. people get punished more for lesser crimes everyday. He should of never went for either weapon, whether he was trigger happy or taser happy it wasn’t needed at the time.

        • I didn’t say he was right to want to tase him, or shouldn’t be punished for it. I said he didn’t mean to shoot him with his PISTOL. He clearly reached and accidentally grabbed the wrong thing.
          “Officer Mehserle stood and, according to witnesses, said: “Get back, I’m gonna tase him.”[7] Then Mehserle drew his gun and shot Grant once in the back; Mehserle appeared stunned, put his hands to his head and exclaimed, “Oh, my God!”
          It’s why he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and not murder.
          I wouldn’t have shot or tased him, but I also wouldn’t have rioted, looted, or done half the garbage certain groups outside the community (police claim it was people not from Oakland that fueled the riots)felt the need to do after the verdict was read.

          • I doubt he reached for the wrong weapon, as Tasers are carried on weak side and it is a cross over draw with strong side. Clearly he knew what weapon he drew, because the shape, weight are entirely different.

      • The race card really does not need to be played when it is a case of someone being dangerously incompetent and not fit to perform certain duties. If someone can not differentiate between a gun and a taser in their hand I question how fit they are to carry and use either.

        If someone killed an animal in the street that way something would be said about it, so the accident excuse seems hollow. But like you said if the jury let him go then it was justified, and no jury has ever made a mistake either.

        • youre retarded, juries get payed off all the time! the juries let OJ SIMPSION GO!!!! hes a straight up murderer, thats why he got caught again and imprisoned.


        • In the video you can see the policeman pull his gun , point it, and held it there for about 5secs before he even shot this man ! The police got trigger happy and what he did was not right ! He knew he pulled out his gun , they are way heavier that tasers. And why would you tase a detained man? ! The jury and judge should be ashamed of themselves for only giving this police officer a 2year sentence then letting him walk free after only 11months. Our government is corrupt and our lives will never mean anything to a judge or jury if a police has something to do with it !

  6. I saw this at sundance! Amazing film and michael b jordan was incredible

  7. The whole thing stinks.

    TASER are always holstered across your body. Your Side arm is always on your strong side.

    Plus the weights are different, the grips are radically different. If you cannot tell the difference from a TASER and a Sig Sauer 229, then you should not be a cop.

    Not to mention, when looking down the barrel, you know which one is a TASER and which one is a gun.

    • +100

      Why was he even trying to tase in the first place, if that is what he was in fact doing?

      Anyways, Ive liked Michael Jordan in everything I have seen him in (FNL and Chronicle), I think this might be a breakout role for HIM. His name is out there, but because of this film, he will garner more and more roles that will make him a household name.

  8. Wow, such verbiage, to negate the seriousness. I understand, I stand alone against this cult of personality.

  9. Sorry, that video clearly indicates, he went strong side draw, not weak side crossover draw where his Taser would be.


    Tase X26 C similar to what the BART Officer carry weighs 7.20 oz

    The Sig Sauer P229 .40 which is BART Issued weighs 32 oz with full mag.

    So tell me, how did the officer not know the difference between a gun weighing less than 8 oz as opposed to a weapon that weighs 2 lbs?

  10. No-one becomes a police officer because they are a good person and want to help their community…N0-ONE!! People have different reasons for becoming police officers but they are NEVER positive reasons for the people they (should) protect and serve. I am proud of the other watchmen; fire and rescue, ambulance crew, doctors and nurses but not the police.

    • Wow… thats wrong. I know many people who are police becuase they want to help people. Dont group people with the wackjobs who do terrible things like this.

      • Pay check…

  11. Wow, such verbiage, to negate the seriousness. I understand, I stand alone against this cult of personality.

  12. And the cop couldnt tell the different between a hand gun and taser in his hand? b*******. it was done on purpose

    • Yeah he did have a lot of problems and i feel the added scenes that were fabricated were to add sympothy fof a guy who in real life may not get any. I saw the movie again today and i feel my
      Emotions played into saying the film is amazing. In all honest i feel its am average film. The first half had no weight and was really just filler stuff. Idk whats fabricated or what but i believe there wasnt a story to tell. It was a tragic event that got blown up due to the implications of racial profiling. How many murders are their yearly?? A LOT. They are all terrible but that is it. This fil had no story just a very gut wrenching ending.