‘Frozen Ground’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Hunts a Serial Killer in Alaska

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The Frozen Ground is an upcoming serial killer drama/thriller that takes place in the 1980s and is loosely based on real events. Nicolas Cage headlines as Jack Halcombe – the character inspired by real-world detective Glenn Flothe – an Alaskan State Trooper, who begins a personal manhunt to track down a local serial killer – one who has been kidnapping and murdering young women for more than 13 years.

Vanessa Hudgens costars as Cindy Paulson, a 17-year old prostitute who escapes from the killer’s clutches and seeks protection from the authorities. Problem is, the guilty party – Robert Hansen (John Cusack) – is an upstanding citizen and has left no trace of material evidence that connects him to any wrongdoing. Can Halcombe prove that Hansen is guilty, before the psychopath finishes what he started with Cindy?

Frozen Ground is the feature-length debut for writer-director Scott Walker. The film’s supporting cast includes Radha Mitchell (Olympus Has Fallen), Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), 50 Cent (Escape Plan), and Kevin Dunn (Jobs).

nicolas cage frozen ground Frozen Ground Trailer: Nicolas Cage Hunts a Serial Killer in Alaska

Nicolas Cage in ‘The Frozen Ground’

A sales trailer for The Frozen Ground briefly leaked online last year, but the newly-released official theatrical preview offers a much more clean-cut outline and encapsulation of the film’s narrative. The film’s dreary and chilly color palette – courtesy of Walker and his cinematographer Patrick Murguia (Brooklyn’s Finest) – seems effective, as does the use of shadows and unpleasant lighting, to enhance the neo-Noir atmosphere and weightiness of the story proceedings.

Cage’s final line in the trailer – “Have you ever seen anybody do anything like this before?” – is, admittedly, kind of ripe for mocking, seeing how Frozen Ground mostly appears to be a standard – and not all that memorable – installment in the serial killer sub-genre (save for the aforementioned visual choices). To be fair, this could prove to be one of the better Cage vehicles to arrive in recent memory – but that’s not saying much, is it?


The Frozen Ground will open in U.S. theaters and become available on Video on Demand on August 23rd, 2013.

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  1. Watch Insonmia instead, people. Similar premise, but probably WAY less predictable and cliched.

    • my thoughts exactly.

  2. Ethan Hawker will be first in line

  3. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be anything special, but still looking forward to it, partly because of Cage. Haven’t seen a movie with Cage that was good since The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans but still enjoy his acting.

    • Not Kick Ass?

      • Kick Ass is highly overrated. Sorry, it ranks right up there with 300 and TDKR on my overrated list.

        • It’s great to know you don’t like it.

      • Oh and Kick Ass too, completely forgot that movie.

  4. I like the Alaskian setting, but otherwise it looks very run-of-the-mill.

    • Oops, forgot to change my name back. The Bruiser is me. 😉

  5. Glad to see NicAge and seems better than his previous vehicles…Hoping his talent with John Cusak as antagonist sets well and captivating…Hope to see a good entertainer and both Nic n John lokking trimmer, slimmer n fiiter. :)

  6. Ok, so it’s been Nicholas Cage’s decent into D-Level movies has been well documented so there’s no point harping on that anymore. My question is, what the heck is going on with John Cusack?
    Is he just picking bad roles? Is he not getting many offers?
    I don’t get it. He’s a solid actor, hasn’t messed up his face with bad plastic surgery and still looks young for his age so, what’s going on here???
    He doesn’t deserve to be in the straight to DVD fraternity but sadly with this movie and The Factory he’s become a card carrying member. :(

    • Cage’s slide into D-movies has been far from decent.

      • I think he meant ‘descent’

  7. It’s lame that this movie has such a weak trailer. The issue is that they focused all on Cage and the character he played. They should have focused on Cusak’s character (Hansen) and the twisted way he killed these girls. They could’ve drawn movie-goers in with one heart-stopping, cut-in-and-out build up of watching a young, naked girl literally running for her LIFE through the woods as she is HUNTED down like a deer by a psychopath with a bow and arrow and/or rifle. They should have flashed parts of that sequence in between black screen with the words Have you ever… seen anything… like this before?

    Robert Hansen was a sick, twisted sociopath who flew his victims into the Alaskan wilderness to become his ultimate “trophy.” I guess they decided not to “give away” that part of the story, so it ends up looking like just another tired old cop vs. serial killer movie. Even more mind blowing is the fact that several of the law enforcement officers who worked this case believed (and still do) that Hansen had a partner. Another “ultimate game” hunter with a plane who was never caught. I really hope they did this story justice, because it has the potential to be phenomenal.

    I was barely out of Kindergarten the first time I heard Hansen’s name. My dad helped look for bodies after he was caught. Apparently someone plays my dad in the movie as well, although our family never heard anything from the film makers about what they were doing or how they were portraying any of this. I really hope they took some time to get to know the officer who turned Hansen over to the Troopers as a suspect, because that guy is a “character” in real life.

    • All news reports on Hansen had indicated that his female victims were stripped naked then turned loose in the Alaskan wilderness to be tracked, hunted down and killed like wild animals.

      A question is how graphic will the film portray these events, and how many victims will be seen prior to the female protagonist who brought an end to Hansen’s reign of terror?

      This film version of the serial (rapist) killer has been slow in coming to the screen, beaten to the punch by KISS THE GIRLS and too many others to mention.

      If this adaptation of “true events” fails to detail the killer’s horrors, determine his methods and motives, instead obfuscated by a routine police procedural….

      Not even straight-to-DVD will reward the film’s producers/distributors with much of anything worthwhile.

      You’re right, MidnightSun: a phenomenal story with entertaining real-life characters will have (once again) been squandered.

  8. If Cage is resigned to make straight to DVD bull-ish like this, why not make something we’d actually want to rent like ‘Con Air Part Deux’ or a sequel to ‘The Rock?’

    • Not sure anyone would want to watch that today. Besides how’s he going to make them? Those movies weren’t exactly setting up for a sequel.

      Con Air 2: After getting paroled he gets jailed and transported on a plane again?

      The Rock 2: More chemical weapons? And who’ll play Sean Connery’s role in a straight-to-DVD flick?

  9. This film is why Netflix rocks. Will def check it out once it lands there

  10. Looks like a flop, Not even John Cusak can save this turd, Nick Cage used to be an A list actor in hollywood and stared in alot of great movies in the early to late 90’s after that he just ran out of steam, Or maybe he’s just not right for the roles they are giving him anymore, Either way starring in these B movies aren’t helping him much.

    • He’s always been an overacting boob- even in his heyday. All of his film performances are ham-y and melodramatic, the type of acting one would expect to see on a daytime soap opera.

  11. I’ll protect her…!

  12. Hudgens… I love you dearly

  13. Nicholas Cage… really looks his age. I guess his action hero days are over for good.

  14. So there was this movie called Insomnia. Watch that instead.

  15. This one will all be in the writing and directing. Cage and Cusack have both turned in decent performances in the past as well as terrible performances. This doesn’t sound promising though.

  16. She’s the one, she’s the kidnapper. Mystery Solved.

  17. Just watched the movie. It was pretty good,Vanessa Hudgens does a good job as a victim. 3.5 stars

    • wait till you see her in ‘Spring Breakers’