‘Fringe’ Series Finale – Did it Deliver?

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fringe series finale 2 Fringe Series Finale   Did it Deliver?

Now that the Fringe series finale has aired, bringing an end to the story of Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid (as well as the Observers), the question must be asked: Did the final episode of Fringe provide a satisfying conclusion to the show?

When Fringe decided to take a 5-year time jump into the future for their fifth season and pit the beloved team against a group of time-jumping, invading Observers, the shift in tone for the series’ final season was noticeable, and the early storylines didn’t do much to change some fans’ minds. However, as the season continued, certain episodes began to stand out among the others. Enough, at least, to give fans hope that the much championed amazing” finale promises were true.

In the first hour of the final episode, it was a rush to rescue Michael, the Observer child, from Windmark and the rest of the Observers. After more than a few jumps through time and space, as well as the return of many familiar faces, it was obvious that the two-hour Fringe finale was pulling out all the stops for its final action-packed chapter.

As Fringe moves into its final hour of television, the severity of what must occur is revealed, and each character is given the chance to bid farewell to the audience as well as Walter, who, if all went well, will never be seen again. Many friends and foes were killed in the finale battle before Walter’s required time jump with Michael but, in the end, Walter was successful and time was reset, returning Peter and Olivia back with Etta in the park where the Observers originally came. This time, they didn’t.

fringe series finale Fringe Series Finale   Did it Deliver?

Although the absoluteness of the finale may leave some fans unhappy with Fringe’s conclusion, it could be said that the actual adventure that the fifth season ended on made its barrier for entry (and time commitment) worth it. But in the end, it was you, the fans, who help Fringe return season after season. So the question must be asked…

What did you think of the Fringe series finale?

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Fringe aired on Fox from September 9, 2008 – January 18, 2013.

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  1. I loved it….although it’s not gonna happen continuing the story with Walter 100 years in the future would be fun :)

    • Lame, lame, lame. I was anticipating that it would be bad, and it was. They should have ended the show after the fourth season. This one was completely forgettable.

      • If you go into if with a preconceived notion of course that’s how you will view it at the end

        • My preconceived notion was developed as a result of watching the rest of this season, which I also considered lackluster and lame. I alluded to this below, but why, exactly, did the Observers ever invade and become task masters? Considering their ability to time travel and get into people’s heads, why couldn’t they figure out what was going on? Why did the Observer child, who was supposed to have emotions, display absolutely none? The makeup in this show was also terrible, as the Fringe agents in the alternate universe did not look anywhere close to being over 20 years older than their counterparts. As I said, lame, and I am a fan, or at least was…of the previous four seasons.

          • Best series finale I have seen ever. Name ONE series finale that was actually good. Lost was kind of okay in the end, but I’ve never been satisfied with any other show’s finale off the top of my head. Well, actually, Six Feet Under was pretty good. I loved Fringe from start to finish and I think the final season was super inventive and the finale was super satisfying.

            • Monk. Monks finale was fantastic. Everything fit.

              I also adored Leverage’s finale a few weeks back.

              • Battlestar Galactica the series had a very good ending.

                • It did not…it was just another show where the writers lost their way, and couldn’t be bothered to put in the same effort in thinking about things as the fans. Battlestar, Lost, Fringe…all good shows in the start, jumped the shark in the middle, and went out with a wimper in the end. Fans deserve sooooo much more.

            • the lost finale was way, WAY better

            • Lost finale was the worst in television history, in my opinion, since so many questions were left unanswered, despite promises to the contrary. Even some of the actors, in their post show interviews, confessed that they didn’t get it. Good finales…MASH and Seinfeld, off the top of my head.

            • Babylon 5, The Wire, even TNG all had great finales.

              Fringe was ok.


              • damn…you got the wire before i said it lmao!!!….oz had a great ending as well

            • Star Trek the Next Generation! That was a great finale!

              • The TV show ending, not the weak movie ending of Nemesis.

            • 24…..Frasier….Cheers….

            • six feet under

  2. I thought it was good, it ended happy in the way that they succeeded in resetting time, but on the other hand, imagining Fringe without Walter is just….not the same. Im happy and sad at the same time. One thing is for certain though, I will truly miss Fringe. :(

    • Agreed.

    • And that’s why it’s over. No Walter, no show. I would have loved to at least tagged along to 2176 for a minute. Also rough with that last shot of glimmering realization from Peter.

      What a great episode.

    • I think that was the point.

  3. Shouldn’t the reset have deleted the entire fringe division along with Peter Bishop?

    Didn’t September help Walter see across the dimensions at an opportune moment and also save both his and Peters life? Without The observers (and September) there is no need for Fringe Division and the universes are not ruptured. No Etta, no angry Walternate. Just good old Walter failing at piercing the veil of dimensions or drowning in a frozen lake.

    • If you think about these things too hard,one’s head may explode.

      I thought it was a pretty good episode,but it felt a little lackluster to be a series finale,especially since this entire season was building up to this.

      I wish they would’ve been able to do more,but as fans of the show,I guess we should just be happy that FOX actually did us a favor and brought it back for a truncated season,just to cap the whole story arc off.Sure beats ending it on a cliffhanger and canceling it leaving us to only wonder what could have been.

    • I guess they’re going on the basis that if it happened then, it would’ve probably happened anyway. Or there hasn’t been a Fringe Division and Peter and Olivia met in other circumstances. Or something.

      What I’m wondering is: The Observers came back in time to control the human population. It’s probably safe to assume that at this point in time, technological evolution isn’t really an option anymore since humans are “under siege”. So going by that theory, the moment when humans make the discovery that creates the Observers is already never gonna happen. Since it first happened in a totally different climate of peace. But if the Observers can be erased from existence by not allowing that discover, wouldn’t they also be erased simply by coming back to 2015 and invade?

      Maybe there’s a loophole and somebody can help me here :p

      Also, I really loved the finale and the series. This is not to criticize. I just love to go deeper.

      • I’m wondering if they still created observers just based on the boy and since they had emotions decided not to invade but as I type this i realize it only made sense in my head lol

        • This is actually the pervading theory.


    • Walter answered some of these questions. Everything that had happened up-until-the-day-in-the-park.. Happened as it was. The paradox created by Walter going to the other universe made him ‘vanish’. Thus, he left a tape for Peter explaining why (Peter watched the tape in the future).

      He also left Peter a tulip in the mail. This played on the idea of the previous episode as Walter did not know WHY he received the tulip; Peter also will not know why. He should still get the tulip explaining it.

      You could argue that the observers SAVED Peter from the lake and if they didn’t exist how could he be alive. However, the time ‘paradox’ supposedly alters time at a specific moment and the loop of events leading to that paradox still occur.

      This is fantasy – so, aside from the items they addressed in the show itself you can make up your own conclusions. =)

      • Corrections:

        “..The paradox created by Walter going to the other universe made him ‘vanish..”

        I mean the paradox created by Walter going into the ‘future’ – not the other universe. Too many dimensions to keep track of. =)

        “..He should still get the tulip explaining it..”

        Peter will get the ‘tape’ explaining it..

    • In the current timeline that the episode takes place, September never saved Peter. Peter erased himself from the timeline. This Peter was from the ‘erased’ timeline. Only Peter and Olivia(from weird cortexiphan/ Peter pushing memories on her stuff) remember the ‘erased’ timeline until Michael touches Walter and gives him the ‘erased’ timeline memories. So erasing the Observers has no impact on everyone’s current timeline because all they did was, well, observe.

      • If all they did was observe then Peter would be dead since he was never pulled from the lake?

        • In the last season, Peter did die. This Peter is from another timeline. That is why no one recognized him in the beginning of the last season, and why Walter had a mental breakdown and refused to help him (since his help killed two Peter’s already). The timeline THIS Peter is from would’ve been destroyed by the two dimensions exploding WAY before the Observers would’ve attacked. So what they did in this episode has no impact at all on the timeline this Peter is from.

        • If the Observers never existed, then Peter would never have been taken from the other universe. Walter only took him from Walternate because Walternate missed the cure for Peter’s disease. He missed it because he turned to look at the man who entered the room to witness the event – September. If the Observers are gone, September is gone and Walternate would have discovered the cure, Peter would have survived. But then he wouldn’t have met Olivia and Henrietta would have never existed.

          I loved this finale up until the last minute. It basically took the series continuity and threw it into oncoming traffic.

          • Yeah that’s true but as someone posted below our Peter’s timeline is already gone so anything that would have affected him won’t

          • You know it’s a little funny…..Walter got the tulip by resetting and now Peter got it by resetting time

          • I’m exercising my right to think that Walter realized all of that in 2176 and engineered those events to lead to the exact endpoint of the series.

            • Michael is a veritable Fringepedia.

    • I am not going to get into to much detail, but essentially the Observers were a paradox. Before they invaded in 2015, their future was possible. When they invaded their future was no longer possible (they did not know this, as they did not account for the boy), but in order for their possible future to be erased, they had to at some point in time (seasons 1-4) have a possible future.

      When Walter traveled to 2167 he and the boy became part of this paradox. Like Walter said on the tape, he would cease to exist in 2015, but continue to exist in 2167; he would be there 1 second then gone the next. So everything up to that point (seasons 1-4) remain the same.

      The final scene with the White Tulip and Peter’s subsequent reaction, tells me that everything post invasion (season 5) was being restored to him (and most probably Olivia). Enough crazy things have happened on FRINGE for me to believe this is what is happening in that last scene. But its up for interpertation and I am ok with this because even if they both have no knowledge of season 5, it does not take away from everything they went through to ensure their future. (Although to me it has a bit more of an emotional punch if they do remember all they went throught to get back to 2015).

    • September was the first Observer to do more then observe, by interferring with Walter-nate’s search for his Peter’s cure. Therefore, no Observers, no interferance. Walternate would have cured his Peter, our Walter would not have crossed over (i.e. no need to save the other Peter), and everything that followed would have been greatly changed.

  4. Bad ending to a bad season. In my mind, the show ended with Leonard Nimoy attempting to collapse both universes and enter into a new creation, in his “Noah’s Ark”, in Season 4. This season was never fully explained…i.e., why the Observers invaded, became task masters, and despite their ability to time-travel, couldn’t seem to figure out what was going on. This last show was laughable. The Observer child was supposed to have emotions?! Really?! Didn’t see a hint of one! Makeup was also terrible in this show, as the agents in the alternate universe did not look over 20 years older than their counterparts. Budget must have been slashed this year, as the storytelling and special effects were a step down.

    • To each their own…

      I considered the final season to be the most enjoyable. I’m glad they went into depth getting to know the observers.

      I always find it odd to watch a fantasy show and then be critical of production quality. At some point you’re already buying into the ‘fantasy’ so you have to ignore the obvious reality: It’s a TV show, on a set, with lighting and cameras.

      In either case, I doubt a failing show in a Friday time slot in the last season was given a substantial budget.

      • How did we get to know the Observers? Did I miss the explanation as to why they ever invaded and became task masters, or why, despite all of their abilities, which included getting into people’s heads and time travel, they could not figure out what was going on? Many lapses here, in my opinion.

        • I believe they said in season 4 that they invaded because they started to think that humans couldn’t be trusted to make good decisions

          • If they are from the future, then why would it matter what happened in the past, as that is already over with? This major plot point was never fully discussed, as far as I know, so it is a major failing of the storytelling this year.

            • The observers being there was explained. They sent teams of 12 to various points in time to observe. Those 12 did not know why that just did as were ordered. Later we found out the reason was because they were studying different points in time that would be the most optimal to invade. In this season winmark is talking to his leader and is yold that they chose that timeline as it was determined they had the highest chance of success 99.9percent. Winmark made a comment about the 0.1 i cant remember what. They invaded because there own timeline in the future was not fit to host them anymore and they wanted to start again but without actually restetting themselves which would mean they may not exist.

              Ultimately every show that involves time travel has huge question marks because whenever some pount is reset you are left saying “yeah but if that never happened, then…” think terminator, and more recently “looper”
              The other point worth noting and that is clever is that we all need to remember that technically up until the observers never happened until way in the future and travelled back so peter and liv would live there life as normal and they dont excist until the pount walter now lives where he would make them different. Whos to say Walter being the smart expert in time does not make sure that think happen fairly close to what did “peter being saved from lake ect” but without invading? Sci fi is full of ifs and buts but thats why we all love shows like this because it asks questions of our thought process and entertains beyond the relm of understanding. I loved it! Better ending than Lost by miles! At least we didnt just get told it was all a dream!

              • I would also like to believe that because Walter was successful in explaining the paradox which will occur in the past AND showing them a new level of existence through emotion and knowledge from the child that they did not need to travel backwards and ultimately fixing their own earth…

        • At the end of Season 4 – You had very little understanding of the story of the Observers. I’m glad they took a Season to focus on them; as they were an interesting character to me.

          When you interfere with ‘Time’ in a show; any show, you begin to defy rules rules that we’ve applied to science. There is no answer to ‘why’ someone can’t keep going back in time to resolve an anomaly considering there are no ‘actual’ rules to time.

          The observers did seem to be governed by some set of rules that required a specific outcome. Perhaps the ‘odds’ of them doing as you suggest were not optimal.

          Or perhaps the entire show was fake and there is no answer. Maybe shows that include time travel aren’t for everyone.

          • Well, yes, this particular show, or at least this particular season of it, was not for me. Second worst ending to a series, in my opinion, after Lost.

            • Ignoring other ways in which we simply disagree, I just have to point out that nothing can ever surpass the new BSG on the bad endings list. “Oh, those characters are angels. That one is a ghost. In this pivotal scene in which all is about to be lost, we will have a literal deus ex machina, as God will reach down and cause a dead man’s hand to hit a button, launch missiles, and save everyone. Now, you few survivors out of what was aty least hundreds of billions of people, go live on an undeveloped planet, give up all of your technology, medicine, and knowledge, and die in your 20s or 30s of the damn flu or something. Because God says so, and that is why he killed everyone else, to make you do that. Also, we’re about to show a scene in which he is preparing to also kill billions of your descendants in a few million years and do this all again, just as he did to your ancestors before you. Because God really, really, really hates technology.”

              • I’d also rank the end of BSG as bad, along with Lost and Fringe. I seriously like the end to Season 4 better.

                • +1 BSG, Lost and now Fringe endings…all horrible!

    • Totally agree. They were not sure if they would get season 5 and it showed. Season 4 is the real finale for me. I seriously HATED this entire season. It was dreary beyond belief. I actually was ff through parts tonight to hurry up and see if anything good happened. Gee thanks for giving us 5 f-ing minutes of happiness at the end.

    • Why: Destroyed their own environment.
      Task: They’re an occupying force, and they are changing the environment to one they can survive in, ironically doing the exact same thing they were trying to escape.
      Couldn’t figure out: They’re not omniscient or omnipotent. They still have to have knowledge to gain knowledge.
      Observer child: Yes. He dropped a tear a few eps back. He’s just a really, really good poker player.
      Wah wahhh: yeah, must been.

    • in season 3 one of the agents seth gabel got burned and his burn marks went away
      so in theory the probably have good anti ageing creme

    • They fully explained why the observers invaded; they destroyed the earth of their own era and came back in time to claim ours. As for why the, seemingly, omnipotent observers could not stop the fringe team from erasing them from the timeline, well I guess it’s because the good guys always win. I mean they were going up against Walter and the gang. Overall, I Loved the entire 5 seasons including the finale.

  5. I thought the ending was awesome. I admit, I have not been a fan of the show in it’s last season. I appreciated the past season- followed them each week. This ending made me a fan of the show again. I do wish that the roughness that Olivia had in past seasons had not been softened. I wish she would have stayed a bad-ass. I would have liked to see more of FauxLivia in the ending.

    The way Walter told Peter that he was his favorite thing was cool. However, I feel robbed that Walter and Olivia didn’t have a farewell moment.

    I loved the child playing the song for September- What Child is This… that was eerie.

    Awesome ending to an ALMOST awesome series.

    • Actually, that song is Greensleeves.

      • What child is this = Greensleaves (Sung to the tune of – as we know it)

        Oi. Everyone is so on edge that arguing appears inevitable.

        • It wasn’t meant to be argumentative, just pointing it out. Not really familiar with the one you referenced, so I wasn’t aware the two songs have the same tune.

  6. Still a bunch of unanswered questions for me. December and September admit that they would not exist if the timeline was reset. So how is Peter still in our Universe? Why did they leave the other universe alone? If the Observers really are just evolved humans from our universe then what happens to the humans on the other side? Is there another kind of hyper evolved human? Is the other universe screwed now because Olivia crossed over?

    And this isn’t a question so much as a suggestion that will never happen. When they were in the park at the end, have the camera catch an “enlightened” observer.

    • I am not going to get into to much detail, but essentially the Observers were a paradox. Before they invaded in 2015, their future was possible. When they invaded their future was no longer possible (they did not know this, as they did not account for the boy), but in order for their possible future to be erased, they had to at some point in time (seasons 1-4) have a possible future.

      When Walter traveled to 2167 he and the boy became part of this paradox. Like Walter said on the tape, he would cease to exist in 2015, but continue to exist in 2167; he would be there 1 second then gone the next. So everything up to that point (seasons 1-4) remain the same

      • Also, as I understand it FRINGE has established that never existing and ceaseing to exist are 2 very different things.

        An example: Season 4, Peter was erased and therfore never existed. Whereas season 5, when Walter went to the future he ceased to exist.

  7. an awesome end to an awesome series i just wished they showed walter in the future

  8. Hated the Finale. It took me about halfway through this season to realize I was really not liking it. It is like they took a story and stretched it out into a season. It was dark, slow and the worst sin of all for a show like Fringe, it was dull and boring. I will now try to forget this last season and rewatch 1-4 which I adored and made me gasp with suprise and glee at how clever they were. This last show killed it all. No wonder the ratings were the worst ever. If I had just watched one of these shows in season 5 I never would of watched it again.

    • Serialized storytelling? WHOEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING?!?! It must destroyed.

  9. I was not that pleased with the last hour of the show. They did the best they could with the time allowed to close it. I did read that SciFi may pick up the series which would be cool. What’s to say Walter with help of people in the future can time travel him back to the day the show ended. Hopefully. Very hopeful Fringe lives on in our dimension ha

  10. I like the final two episodes though the ending is too rush. There are unanswered questions left for debate, such as :

    1. Why only this universe is invaded? Why not the other? At first I thought the observer cannot cross to the other side, but in this episode they just crossed over to capture olivia. Now I have doubts. But the commander did say however that they came to this era because they have a lot more chances. But what about other universe, with the same era?

    2. And what the fuss with ‘The Dove’? I think it’s obvious that Broyles is The Dove, but what did he do that he is describes as so infamous? Anil did a better job commanding the resistance.

    3. If we remember correctly, September came to interrupt when Walternate found the cure. So, if the observer did not exist after all, Walternate should be able to cure Peter, and Walter did not have to cross over. And Peter will be staying at the alternate universe too.

    However that is, I love Fringe, this 5 years have been tremendous.

    • by them resetting the timeline to 2015 it was only to stop the invasion it doesn’t erase observers altogether Michael is created from September when he was created they wanted to dispose of him because he wasn’t like the rest of them and they thought because he had emotion it would make him weak by September sending Michael to the past to hide after 25 years (or how ever long they were in amber) Michael ability grew and develop to a much smarter observer so they send him back to the time he was created to show the other observers that they should model their new clones after Micheal at that point since Walter would be there they would know they don’t need to invade the past

      • No Walter and Michael went February 2116? to stop scientists from ever creating the observer technology

    • People keep bringing up the Walter crossing over thing but remember our Peter’s timeline ended 2 seasons ago so he is immune to any changes that happened

    • Maybe that’s why December was so explicit with interfering in the past timeline because at first glance you may have corrected something but at the same time you may have destroyed something else… in this case Semptember’s interference in Walternate was destructive even if it was perceived as necessary thing to ensure everybody’s relationship like Peter and Olivia…

    • The reason the other universe wasn’t invaded is probably because observers don’t exist in it. Remember, it’s a different universe where different choices were made and as a result, differences between the universes would become more dramatic as time went by. In our universe, the Hindenburg disaster marked the end of airships – this never happened in the red universe that still has them. Presumably, the event in Oslo that essentially created the observers never happened in the red universe leading to a very different future of humanity there. If I’m right, the observers were only native to our side; they had the abilty to cross over but kept their focus on our side.

  11. This season was….eh. It was more Fringe Ver. 2 Season 1 rather than season 5. It felt like they pushed too hard into tying things together during this final episode. It was moving slowly then had a quick wrap up during the final 2 episodes. The lack of any inclusion of the alternate universe really made a big impact to how it didn’t seem like a season 5 to me because of the huge focus on it during the past seasons. What also felt odd was that the observers seemed to be “all knowing” with their ability to see into the future, but yet they seemed so much weaker and in lack of the ability to see into the future in their present situation. The only things observers seemed to have knowledge of here were through mental torture and warping in and out of places. There was also a lot of speculated talk about advance tech that only observes had access to, but with the observer takeover, the most advance tech still seemed to be coming from Massive Dynamic and Walter Bishop. All in all, it was a major let down.

  12. Walter told Peter that by going into the future, he would cease to exist after 2015, when the observers invaded. The invasion was the critical moment. So the paradox demanded that Michael and Walter be removed from existence at the same time as the observers wouldve invaded. So, it is plausible that everything happened as it did up to that point in the park. And in that point in the park it seemed pretty clear that the fringe investigations were likely over, like they had somehow believed they were done (and then in the finale were actually done) with the fringe events. It seemed that they had been done for a while. So I think all the events happened up to 2015 at that exact moment in the park. Thats why Walter was able to send the tulip. Because september showed him the future and that he would have to make the sacrifice, so walter had time to prepare that video for peter and send the tulip all before the invasion.

    • The problem with this is there is no indication whatsoever that Walter made the videos on how to stop the observers BEFORE the invasion. Everything indicated that the videos were made after the invasion, when they were putting a plan together to stop them. Remember Donald getting captured by the Observers when he was getting the rocks – this was after the invasion.

      Although I will say that if they simply would have said that September, after realizing the Observers real plans, actually came to Walter prior to the invasion and informed him of the future – that may have wrapped things up a bit better and made a bit more sense. But I didn’t see any indication that Walter made the videos prior to the invasion. And if he DID make the videos prior to the invasion, those videos would technically still exist since the timeline was reset to the moment of the invasion.

      • Maybe he made the goodbye video first? And September did warn them before the invasion remember season 4′s ending? Assuming that was 2012 they had 3 years to locate everything they needed. Make the farewell video before the invasion and then make the other videos after it.

      • I believe that September and Walter were going to implement the plan without telling anybody (this is why Peter, Olivia and Astrid had no clue what the plan was). But before they could implement the plan, September was captured and experimented on (remember they said it was for meddling with the timelines not for warning Walter. Presumably they did not know he was helping them), therefor he could not take the boy into the future. Instead they had to create a device that would allow them to go into the future (this is when Walter made the tape for Peter and sent the White Tulip). However, for whatever reason they did not have enough time to create the device and it was easier to hide some of the essential parts. In order to prevent Walter from being read, September scrambled the plan in Walter’s mind, but had the device (from the priemier) in order to allow Walter to remember. Walter however had a contigency plan, which was to create the remianing tapes and to amber themselves if things got bad (which apparently they did).

  13. Did anyone stop to think that Walter was the scientist who created the observers or the tech the observers had in the first place? I begin to think the boss was actually Walter or a clone of him, stripped of emotions or that when he went to the other side to speak to the head observer, that was Walter and maybe he in fact saw the possibilities and wanted it all to end?

    In any case, Walter did create the Fringe science. Walter existed in the time line the show ended on, until a specific point and then vanishes. Peter knows the connection to the tulip, but knows little to nothing of the Tulip.

    I’m still not clear on why Broyles was saved, considering the timeline reset anyway.

    I would have loved however to get a glimpse of Walter meeting and delivering the child, or at least some sort of scene where the child and Walter were together, maybe remembering a picture of September or with the song playing in the background and then a shot of the current time line that Walter was in.

    Olivia and Walter did have a couple small moments, but I think it was kept from Astrid and Olivia and the boys signal of being quiet and going with the flow kept either of them from getting involved. The boy knew the plan and unlike the observers knew what the current time line’s future would turn out as.

    He went with Walter specifically because he saw the interaction between Walter and Peter and knew that Walter would love him the same as September.

    Sadly, most of you yolks are too caught up in story lines. Yes, some of it was pointless, obvious filler. However, I have the feeling that Walter and Nemoy were the creators after all, yet Nemoy had different views from Walter on what the future should’ve been and how many should evolve so he set out to change the timeline again and create his own, thus becoming god. Walter realizes that humans are not gods, realizes that the future is best determined by technology.

    Re-watch last season’s ending. It will make more sense.

    • I took the ending to mean that Walter had to be gone to insure the future. I expected at some point, it would be revealed that Walter’s increasing loss of emotion and compassion (the reason he wanted Nina to cut out the parts of his brain that William Bell had previously cut out) was going to be the reason the why the Observer’s tech was created. The more intense and focused Walter got with his research, the more he lost his emotions. It makes sense that Walter would have figured that out, and took it even further. I actually choose to believe that is the reason why the Observers were created. Everything bad that ever happened in this show led back to being Walter’s fault. Walter struggled this whole season with reverting back to be the monster he was before William Bell took the parts out of his brain. He stopped worrying about it and seemed to be relieved when Micheal touched him and he knew he had to sacrifice himself. He even revealed to Peter that everything was going to be OK. I think Walter knew he had to leave to insure the future. I just thought the story would have illustrated that point.

  14. The observers invaded because they needed more territory to occupy. The world in their day was overpopulated and polluted.

  15. Having watched this show from day one and never faultering, I will say my only true compliant is that I feel like the end was not really that but a new beginning. I could literally see a whole other season from where it left off, but all in all, I am satisfied.

    So few shows have ever captivatied me like Fringe has and I doubt many others will. Is it perfect? By no means, but what show is? Each season always left questions lingering in my head and they were always addressed in some shape or form later down the road. But yet here we are supposedly at the end of the road and many people wanted answers to every question this show ever raised. Judging from the previous comments, they were left unfulfilled.

    As for me, I like having the open end to fill in my own conclusions to make everything work. It makes you think. You look back at a lot of classic films, they never tie up every single loose end, they pull a Sapranos and just leave it open for discussion. And look folks, here we all are discussing all the possibilites of a show that had endless possibilites.

    So I say bravo, Fringe. You were worth ever hour I spent watching of the last five years, because in my head so much of what happened did make sense. Maybe I am a little off like Walter but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    And yes, the finale made this grown man cry and I am in no way ashamed of doing so.

  16. You guys do get it that Michael now has no origin! He’s now the posterchild for a temporal paradox: He was never created from Septembers DNA as September ( or any Observer for that matter )never existed, so he couldn’t go to the future with Walter and warn the nors scientist about the danger of the creation of the Observers, so they did in fact create the Observers, Michael was created and so around and around we go….you know, a PARADOX!
    Fun fact, J.J. did the same mistake in LOST, the compass ( if you remember ) had no origin!!!

    • However, if the Observers were “created” in a THIRD UNIVERSE then it would ALMOST make sense, because then the Observer invasion would not have any ripple effect on the creation of Observers in OUR UNIVERSE as they were never created here anyway…

      • It doesnt have a ripple effect because what they did was establish that the Observers were from a possible future, not the future. They technically existed out of time, so when Walter travelled to 2167 he was going to a possible future in which the Observers were created. The Observers were so technologically advanced so they could make sure they travelled to that possible future, not a different one.

        You do get a Paradox, but as I explained in a couple other posts, the Paradox doesnt effect the series as a whole.

        • you’re wrong my friend. If the Observers originated in our universe the actions in the final episode will create a paradox. It doesn’t matter if they “existed out of time” ( a poor mans explanation on how to avoid temporal paradoxes ) as it was stated in the series that they ORIGINATED in good old real space-time ie. they were in fact created by mankind.

  17. Would have liked Peter to say I love you Dad before Walter left instead of always calling his dad Walter. Also bothered me about the whole Olivia’s stepfather thing and the man from the Zeppelin although i know that timeline was erased but just seems forced she ends up with Nina. Also would have loved the episode if Lenard Nimoy was in the finale and tried to stop them and Walter had to kill him.

    • Didn’t you see Peter mouth “I love you, dad.” before he stepped in to the wormhole?

    • He did. His last words to Walter were “I love you, dad.” You have to read his lips to see it, but it was very clearly there.

      • Or just use closed captions

  18. I have seen many final episodes from other shows. This finale was superb. Whoever came up with this final episode should recieve an emmy. The storline was spot on mixing suspense and drama just right. The several touching scenes that were placed in the story were very touching. All of the acting was tremendous.
    Werecorded the show to view it later and will now save this for sommetime as it was masterfully done.

    Bravo !

    • lost was better. and it certainly doesn’t hold up against shows like breaking bad, game of thrones and madmen, the writing on those shows is on another level.

  19. I tell you if Abrams ends the Star Trek trilogy with Picard saying ‘End Hologram” and the three movies were only a holodeck program to see what Kirk would do under certain situations i am going to be more than a tad miffed.

  20. I have been a fan of Fringe since day1. I too have been going crazy trying to figure out why the observers invaded and why Peter and Olivia still ended together even after September never existed but as Walter explained it, he created a paradox by resetting time with Michael. All along I thought the observers were just observers but they were looking for the perfect era to invade, hence the reason why we saw them even in history books. For all we know they were even in the other universe but decided to invade this one instead. I wish we would have seen 90 year old Walter and even though September was going to cease to exsist I’m sad he died. Will our future kids look like they child observer???? I followed fringe through Thursdays and Fridays but now it’s over. I wish I would have watched it live and not recorded it on my DVR. Maybe that would have helped ratings. ;) anyway, Peter stayed with Olivia, Etta came back, Walter saved the world, and Astros probably kept Gene. Yay! Awesome finale!

  21. Personally I liked -

    - Boy Walks off train for a reason
    - Olivia has to inject Cortexiphan to Save him
    - Roll forward to end fight scene
    - Olivia sucks all power from city / or shuts it down blah blah blah lol after Windmark is doing well in stopping there plans
    - Boom Windmark gets hit my car as she distracts him
    - Obviously the boy predistined this future :P

  22. yet again a sub-par ending to an otherwise intriguing story. how can you dedicate a whole first hour of the finale to fiding and rescuing michael ? it felt like, just filler. the real finale ( 2nd hour ), while never going to please everyone, was uninspired,by the numbers and underwhelming .
    the moments that peter and walter shared were the highlights,windmark deserved a more epic and cathartic demise and why was septembers punishment to be sent back to an era he admittedly enjoyed ? where the people he was being punished for helping,existed ?
    BSG,lost and now fringe, in terms of ending a show, what is the hurdle that these writers cant seem to get over ? BSG just seems like a bad ending to an amazing show but one that was intended from the start. fringe and lost give the impression of writers beginning a story without knowing where it ends up. granted, with fringe season 4 should have been the end but losts ending was a complete insult to fans.whether you liked it or not, theres is no way that losts finale was what the writers intended from the start. what we were left with was a tagged on,weak,cop out. fringes finale seems to be something similar.

  23. J J Abrams pulled out his old tried and true one trick pony of the alternate universe once again. I know that this time he called it by a different name, ie the timeline reset but it was the same old alternate universe. If you liked the show, I am happy for you but I have grown very tired of the one trick pony and can no longer applaud no matter how they attempt to dress up the trick. Just like he did with Star Trek, J J doesn’t seem to care that the timeline reset trick his pony does completely invalidates those years of story they have been watching. If you remember all of those episodes and aspects of the story that the Watchers were involved in, just forget about them. When J J sent the quickly contrived little watcher to the future / past, he prevented those beings known as the Watchers from ever coming into being.

  24. Why when Windmark learned about team’s plan to send the boy into the future (to 2164, I think)to erase the timeline he did not inform other Observers in 2609? We know that Windmark can easily travel to 2609. Knowing about the plan the Observers in 2609 could have intercepted the boy and Walter at the time of their arrival (to 2164) and before they were able to see the scientist.

    I think it was a nice show especially when they got to some consistent story line after the first season or so.

    • IMO Observers were ultimately built for intelligence and known outcomes… Winmark can’t just go all willy nilly traversing through time and space without knowing percentages and probabilities… and as you see he reported to someone else which I assume had more knowledge and authority… who is to say that acting on his own would jeopardize things further…

  25. It was ok; I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. I still haven’t figured the connection between the lights of the city going out and “the bullet that saved the world”. How did Olivia picking up the pendant do anything and how was it “the bullet that saved the world.”

    I guess it just left too many unanswered questions for my tastes, too many unseen but decisive connections and too much of an old plot ploy about moving in time to prevent an event from ever happening. I mean, do you really believe a group of scientists would give up their life’s work because somebody told him bad things were going to happen? Didn’t happen with nuclear power, gunpowder, dynamite and many other things for which there were dire consequences predicted.

    The one bright spot in the whole two hour morass was the look of realization on Peter’s face at the instant the show closed.

    Standby for a spinoff.

    • Olivia still had cortexiphan in her system, when she is highly emotional it gets triggered, it also gets triggered when Peter is present or in danger. When Olivia looked at the bullet it reminded her of Etta and getting back to her. So add it all up and Olivia is turning of lights and controlling cars.

      It is the bullet that saved the world because Walter shot Olivia in the head in the season 4 finale in order to stop Bell from using her to create his 3rd universe.

  26. I loved it. Personally I dont think the observers didnt cease to exist but they had emotions. I was concerned about season 5 to start but I think once I sit down and watch it, it will be better

  27. how was Walter able to travel to the future with the time travel-enabling inoculation?

  28. i have watched this series from 1 through 5 and though there was a lag here or there i absolutely loved it , and I felt close to each person in this make believe story. Yes,,I had questions unanswered or puzzling, but this is sci-fi. Perhaps its better to leave these open to the each of the viewers to answer rather than to put some outlandish action or tech equipment into the story that would anger or have some object to. I am a senior and i came in to read the comments of others hoping to get ideas and answers and alternate suggestions on this last of a great show, so i could be fair and consider it all . I can overlook the questions and enjoy the story and i will miss these dear people like they were family. They had heart and stregnth, and there was more then just action in this show.

  29. LOVED IT! Especially Walter’s comment to Peter when he gave him the “anti-gravity” shells. Peter said why would you need that when they are already dead? Walter said “Because it’s so cool!” Then during the firefight we see a floating, dead observer and Walter shouts out to Peter “See Peter, COOL!”