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fringe series finale peter Fringe Series Finale Review   The End

After a season of unwanted Observer battles in a future setting, the Fringe series finale managed to deliver a truly satisfying conclusion to those who followed the series from the beginning. As it turns out, the promise of an “amazing” ending from series star John Noble may not be too far off. That is, if you’re willing to overlook a few things.

With Michael, the child Observer, in the hands of Windmark and the Observers, the true powers that the boy possesses are revealed, as Windmark is harmed while simply trying to read the mind of the anomaly. In order to save Michael from the Observers, the Fringe team decides that their only option is for Olivia to teleport to the alternate Earth. After four injections of Cortexiphan, Olivia reunites with her former (now older) self and retrieves Michael. Now with all the pieces in hand, September begins to put together the wormhole device, while Walter inadvertently reveals to Peter what will unfortunately happen if the plan is successful. As the Observers attempt to retrieve the boy, Broyles’ allegiance to the Fringe team is revealed, and September must ask a favor of an old friend.

Although the Fringe series finale was largely driven by the season 5 Observer storyline, which was essentially rooted in a standalone episode from last season, the amount of depth and range the two-hour finale presented for its characters, and their story, was refreshing and unexpected – at least to anyone who stood by the entirety of season 5. Not only does the finale bring back many familiar elements from past seasons, but it does so in a way which makes you wonder why, if the capabilities of exceptional quality were always there, they weren’t more apparent – or made use of – before the final hours of the series.

Notwithstanding a few select episodes, Fringe season 5 was a mixed bag of Observer-driven stories, many of which were used more as fetch quest time fillers than as any true progression of the overall plot. And even though the series finale of Fringe was essentially dedicated to the current seasonal story-arc, the resulting sentimentality speaks as much to the entirety of the series as it does a proverbial book-end to the Observer storyline that fans were continuously wary of.

fringe series finale peter olivia Fringe Series Finale Review   The End

After jumps in to and out of the alternate world, Fringe somehow recaptured – if just for its final episodes – the magic that initially drew fans to the series so many years ago. A magic that was, as some would say, somewhat misplaced when the series jumped 13 years into the future for its final chapter. As the finale entered its second hour, the pieces needed to defeat the Observers were quickly acquired, leaving ample time to give fans what they truly wanted to see from Fringe: the goodbyes.

Despite this season of Fringe being driven by the Observer invasion, enough time was committed to allow each of the characters their own moment to shine, whether it be heroically or tragically, before Water finally atoned for all the stolen moments he shared with Peter and reset time, which reset Peter, Olivia and Etta back in the park where the invasion began. This time the Observers never came.

fringe series finale walter flower card Fringe Series Finale Review   The End

Although Walter never did forgive himself for kidnapping his son from the alternate world, his references to the “stolen moments” he had with Peter revealed that, even though Walter probably shouldn’t have crossed over all those years ago, he cherished every one of them, and he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to make things right for the world – and for Peter. The only question is whether or not by this point, the highly-suspenseful, action-packed finale engaged the viewer to such a level where earlier seasonal contrivances simply washed away – to allow Fringe, the little series that could, to give the impassioned conclusion they’re able to tell. Even if it may not be the one they wanted to from the beginning.

As with any television series, it’s more about the journey than it is the end result. Most shows never get the chance to say goodbye. Thanks to its fans, Fringe had two. So while a jump to the future to battle elite humans may not have been the most ideal adventure, the series still managed to, at times, provide audiences with an exceptional and emotional tale of scientific wonderment. As always, this is where Fringe is at its strongest. Not with Observer battles or high-tech weapons, but with one man’s love and curiosity about the strange and unknown. So it’s befitting that, once again, he used his abilities to save his son, the boy who should not have lived.


Fringe aired on Fox from September 9, 2008 – January 18, 2013.

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  1. From the very beginning, Fringe was doomed to fail because of one fatal flaw: there was no true and consistent villain. Your hero in any story is only as good as his(her) villain. The case to be made here that all of the other issues surrounding the show stem from this one issue. Fringe has never been able to deliver during critical emotional moments.


    Around the beginning of the fourth season we find out that the original story arc with John Scott never happened(not the way it was told to us, anyway.) A big f*** you to the fans.

    After he is exposed as ZFT operative, Harris is set on fire by a pyrokinetic. Not only is there never a line of dialogue acknowledging Harris’ existence in any other episode following, there isn’t even a line of dialogue in that same episode discussing what happened. Nothing…no one eve says: “Hey so, what happened to Harris?” I understand that Broils was pretty pissed off at him…but seriously, the guy was his friend. You’d think there would be a moment for reflection?

    What about Charlie? Charlie and Olivia seemed to be pretty close partners. So, he gets killed and he gets one line of dialogue acknowledging that. Hell, at least the Lee in the alternate universe got a funeral! If Olivia and Charlie were so close, which the show seemed to convey, could Olivia really have never been allowed to have just a single moment of reflection. She’s had a pretty f***** up life…but again, the writers failed.

    William Bell should have been the villain from the very beginning. He makes sense as the villain. It makes sense that William Bell would want to collapse both universes on each other, and in doing so…cause fear and panic between both sides by playing both sides and making both sides think the other is their enemy. It would then make sense that the whole reason the Observers were here all along would have been to stop Bell. There was no indication given in the previous seasons that they were somehow the enemy. There was plenty of that given for Bell. I don’t know. There’s so much wrong with this show that it’s hard to write a consistent criticism.

    • Wow, I have to say that I couldn’t disagree more. The idea that Fringe “never delivered during crucial emotional moments” is one that I find absurd. John Noble brought me to tears during a great number of “crucial emotional moments”. If you were in it for a big bad guy, sure, maybe you were disappointed, but the idea that a show can’t survive unless there us only one villain is silly. Buffy, X-Files, Game Of Thrones, There are a few examples right there.

      • Completely agree Tony.
        A story does not need a set-in-stone, singular antogonist so long as there are external conflicts for the protagonist(s) to overcome. Clearly a short-sighted flaw in Cris’s ‘critique’, as all stories ultimately contain one of the three struggles- man v man, man v nature, man v himself. Anyone with even a minimal understanding of literature should be aware of this.

        • The thing is that the showrunners said that they had 6-8 seasons of plot that they wanted to tell. The Observers invade in 2015, so if they had put the development of Walter’s plan, along with other stuff (such as more Observer mythology, provided by September) in a fifth and sixth season, with the Observers invading in the sixth season finale/seventh season premiere, then the timing of their invasion would be chronologically correct (those episodes would air in 2015). Then during the seventh and possibly eighth season, you would see more development of the problem of the Observers. Possibly Etta would die during the seventh season finale, instead of being shortserved in character development. This Eight season format was the writers’ plan. Instead, they got one more season, with half of their normal 22 episodes, and a reduced budget to boot. I’m not saying that season 5 had no problems, but I don’t think that it could have gone much better given the last minute renewal that they were given.

    • In real life, there are very few true villians. People evolve, are driven by different motives. To think that there needs to be a single villian is childish. Fringe was never truly a show about good vs. evil, though that theme pops up from time to time. Fringe has a plotline driven by the father/son relationship between Walter and Peter- it’s a show that is very much driven by family themes. If the whole show revolved around a villian versus a hero, how would it be any different than the millions of comics with the same theme? (That’s not to say comics aren’t great). Just like in real life, the “heroes” in Fringe aren’t really heroes at all. They make mistakes (BIG ones), regret their actions, and are consumed themselves by evil. The villians aren’t necessarily all evil either.

      • I agree that the plotline was driven by the father/son relationship but I would take it farther, it was driven by all the relationships in Fringe and carried a theme of “redemption”.

        Olivia’s relationship with John Scott, her partner Charlie, Lincoln, her abusive father, Nina and Walter.

        Walter and Bell, Nina, his wife, Astrid… even with Walternate.

        Walternate with Peter.

        Peter with Fauxlivia.

        Broyles and his son.

        September with his son, and ultimately… him and the Observers with the human race.

        I can go on and on… but like Lost, it was the relationships that made up a huge part of the show… not just the mythos. But at least Fringe tried to answer most of the mythos questions in their Finale.

        • Totaly agree with you mate. I’ve been a fringe fan since 9th september 2008 thursday when the pilot episode came. It’s was special series, and a collectors treasure.

    • I seem to agree most part on the suggestion that William Bell’s (or Nina Sharp) role as the villain would have somehow and for most purposes as it may seem befitting. Considering the clear indication of alternate universes trying to save both worlds from obliteration, Bell always seemed to emerge as the unsolved ‘variable’ for destructive role.
      It was almost clear in “The Brave New World II” (S04E21) when finally W. Bell became the antagonist to the efforts of saving both worlds. The story in my opinion would have gotten a meaningful ending in this episode than the S05E13 (Finale).
      Notwithstanding, Fringe with its scientific stories happens to be my best and No. 1 series so far with Walter Bishop and Agent Olivia Dunham being my favourite characters.

  2. Grew to love the characters and enjoy quite a few episodes of Fringe, which inspired lyrics for a couple unfinished songs, so thanks for that!

  3. You guys should REALLY join us over on fringe-forum.com. We’d love to have you.

  4. I really saw the ending coming, still all the way from when Peter stumbles apon Walters tape I was crying. It made me so sad. I really don’t understand, how the hell do 20000 observers get shot yet noone of the rebellion does but when they do its the most important person(summer). I still wish this show would continue ); it’s just so sad. Anyways great show loved it to the end and as for when Peter got tulip I think it all clicked in his mind. I also think that Peter will find a way to get Walter back in a “surprise” season 6!

    • Agree, definitely need a surprise season 6 as the end was too short for some good happiness after Walter brings the boy across the wormhole to save humanity. The kind of brave self sacrifice by Walter definitely deserves more screen time and fans cherishment. At least the producers should show us a glimpse of the future when the scientist took the alternate path for human evolution where increased human IQ can coexist with humane qualities. Crave to see that scene and the amazing fringe techs that can be derived from this outcome.

  5. Whattheshark, the cortexiphan does last for ever but since she was am reed and erased then created, she lost it. Also for the Astrid an Walter moment I really wa touched it shows how even in the worst of times one can feel happiness and forgiveness! Best show ever

  6. Whattheshark, the cortexiphan does last for ever but since she was am reed and erased then created, she lost it. Also for the Astrid an Walter moment I really wa touched it shows how even in the worst of times one can feel happiness and forgiveness! Best show ever.

  7. I loved the finale!
    I also just found fringe2167.com
    has anyone else been to this site? what is it?

  8. What im still confused is… ok so walter crossed over to the alternate universe and stole the peter from the alternate universe. When they get back they fall of the ice to what it will be their death until september saved them… What im confused is if time reseted and all observers disappeared. How will peter be alive if september wasant there to save him?

    • That’s the part that did not make sense to me either, but I still loved the ending. I thought it was beautiful and perfect and had Walter come full circle. I cried. :)

    • It was September’s fault in the first place that Peter needed to be saved in the alt-verse. He distracted Walternate from seeing that his cure worked, so Walter decided he needed to go save Peter. No observers, no distraction from the cure, no need to cross over and save Peter.

      That being said, Peter would not exist in this universe and therefore they would have been reset-reset, he and Olivia would have never met :/

      • But… they could have met in the alternate universe.

        It would have been an interesting ending if when they showed Peter picking up Henrietta and they looked in the sky and saw the air blimps.

        • that would have been interesting!

          i’m sure it would have upset some fans though, i personally did not like it when the show shifted from relationships in general to “who is peter going to love” and peter/olivia being the crux of the show.

          the ending i would have liked to seen (everthing being reset) probably would have upset people just as much.

    • Jose, if u watch closer, the series actually hinted the answer when September was meeting December for the device trigger fix and telling December that the original 12 observers going back in time had no idea that the trip was in preparation for later invasion. So even if the hybrid kid was brought back to future and timeline was reset, the 12 observers may still exist and could very well be on a humanitarian or history recording mission which there will still be a September to save Peter in the lake which the first crossing happened. This is also resonated when Peter first met September in season 4 (if I remember the season number correctly) that the observers were simply time explorers recording significant moments in humanity, and in a way keeping check of multiple timeline progressions…..

    • Good question but remember, September never did save the boy because they were in another time line after Peter was erased. Peter became a paradox and somehow leaked back through the time line. Think of it as just a seperate alternate time line.

    • Well, Walter states that he will become a time paradox. Here is an example of one: The Grandfather Paradox, a time traveler goes back in time to kill his grandfather before he has kids, by killing his grandfather it would be impossible for him to exist in the future (the time travelers actual time) because one of his parents would not have existed therefore he would not have existed.

      It gets kind of confusing when you try to apply this logic to time travel to the future, in order to travel through time, time itself has to be linear so that you can bend time itself and create a wormhole that connects point A to point B and in the show it seams to be like that.

      So when Walter goes through the wormhole with the kid, he becomes a time paradox himself, not existing in the present but only in the future and the past, just like when Peter goes into the Doom’s Day machine, he changed time so that he would die twice yet he still existed and managed to come back to the universe, he was never from a different timeline it was just a shift on his timeline that caused a different path for everyone (Olivia eventually remembers him because of the effects of the drug that Walter give her) so that no one would have the memories of the non-shifted timeline. The show was great because of how complex the plot was, it involved ideas from quantum physics, theoretical physics, philosophy, religion, pure mathematics, probability, amongst others.

      My point is that as Walter walks through the wormhole he becomes a time paradox so that he still existed in the past and saved Peter and shared moments with his son and all that good stuff, yet ceases to exist at some point in the present but still exists in some distant future. Also when thinking about the Observers, it is said that when the boy crosses over, the Observes will realize that it is not necessary to sacrifice feelings for intelligence, not that they will cease to exist, so the probability that they exist in the future with the ability to travel back in time still exists meaning that it is still probable that September saved Peter and Walter.

    • Jose, you have a point indeed, but there is even more to that kind of thinking. Walternet missed out in discovering the cure himself because of September and this wouldnt have happened and therefor Walter had no need to retrieve Peter from the alternative universe and actually nothing of the main storyline would have happen as the anomolies in the alternative universe were caused by Walter crossing over and stealing Peter from Walternet. Anyhow I guess many other things are debatable but in the end…why? :D I really enjoyed the show, im unhappy it is over and hope there is a replacement series out there. (ah yes, i jumped into fringe later and just finished myself).

  9. in the beginning,when olivia crashes through her windshield into a room at world trade one,and for 5 minutes of fringe plot, the 14 friends that I lost in that building,lived again–I can’t tell you how happy and joyous I was,even for a brief instant–that is why I have watched for so long,always waiting for the cheap shot ending, we all had in lost.

    • Has you forgot that when Peter came back in season 4, he had been “erased” from both worlds; the timelines altered. September said that “love” brought him back. So, technically, he appears as an anomaly in this timeline, and the observers disappearance should not alter Peter’s existence.

      • That actually makes sense. I can follow that logic. great post Toni

        • Nice explanation Tony, but Peter became an anomaly after he was erased by September. And with the reset, Peter was cured by Walternate and lives happily in the other universe. Without anyone to disrupt Walternate, to save Peter or to erase Peter, and thus create the anomaly.
          And the future remains a mystery.. since we are in 2013… ;-)

          • dennis you are wrong becouse he was not erase by september he was erase by the macine . september just didn’t reerase him after he apeard again /

            • time was reset at the exact moment of the observers’ attack. everything up until that point would have been unchanged: september saving peter and walter, peter’s erasure and reappearance, all of it.

              saying that the observers wouldn’t exist is incorrect. they would exist, they would also have intact and amplified limbic systems, ergo having even greater empathy than “normal” humans (ala michael).

              so, in fact, the likelihood of september saving them is even greater after the reset because empathy would normal and not an anomaly.

              @big nerd: that would be an interesting twist, but it wouldn’t make any sense. there is only one peter and he is this universe.

              • this is a good theory, there are some things i feel would still be without explanation. in the last few eps they make us believe that september saved peter and walter from the lake because he wanted his son to be saved. if they were reset with a greater capacity (or any capacity) to feel emotion it’s arguable that september would have never distracted walternate. my logic is based upon the fact that september saved walter/peter to save his son, his son wouldn’t need saving anymore so either he wouldn’t have been curious enough to distract walternate or he wouldn’t have saved walter and peter from the ice.

                if they could feel emotion, would they still have travelled back to observe our time period at all? if they ruined their timeline/present planet, it’s arguable they would have still invaded – emotions (in my mind) would have made it even more likely since they would be able to feel fear and anger and would be more motivated to preserve themselves.

                • If u are curious, check out my reply above. I believe my logic to the answer is more possible regarding the Peter existence issue.

      • Dude thanks, that was the only thing i could not wrap my head around

  10. There is problem (spoil).
    At the end they are able to stop watchers, good … but if watchers never exist September could not be able to save the young peter … so ????!!!!!!

  11. Im still on season 3 first episode. I just finished watch season 2 episode 23 and was not impressed at all. The writers have really lost their way. This show is good but they keep screwing up the story, not making sense in many parts. The main one is season 3 episode 23 the final episode in that season. They need Olivia because she has the power from Walter not Walternate. William Bell was only the power to keep it open but Olivia was the key so how can the alternate Olivia not be there? She must be there. The alternate Olivia, did not even know about any of the facts about the other universe. The scientific stuff in the regular universe is not as advanced the tech is less. She did not get any shots as a child they do not have those special kids in the alternate universe. Why can’t these writers get anything right? Of course its sicfi but there is a scientific understanding when they paint the picture for you but then they go back on it and screw it up. In the beginning of season 3 episode 1, Walternate says they need this Olivia because they do not understand how she can travel back and forth without the help of tech. They needed to learn how she did it so that they can learn and win the war. This is not the first time this lack of understanding their own work and ideas. They give you the understanding but they change it. There was no way for them to get back without the original Olivia. Has anyone else thought about this? I really need to get a job with Hollywood as a Consultant. They have the FBI Consultants right so maybe Hollywood needs a writers Consultant to see where they screw up, where there story veers off from the idea or possibilities. Anyone know someone involved? Send them my email. lol They can use the help in many, many of these T.V. Shows. To Hollywood, Get it right writers or send me the job and stop wasting out time. lol. Its still a great show but they need to keep it together and stop screwing up.

    • Correction for my post above. I wrote Season 3 episode 23 its Season 2 episode 23. I hope they keep it together because they are causing rifts in time. Even that episode where Charlie is dead in the last episodes but he somehow comes back to life. I know it was an extra episode that did not air but still, they could have told us or put it at the beginning of the Season telling us and then start the season. They could have made a bonus day with back to back starting with that one and then the new season. They confused a lot of people and it wasn’t in a good way since there wasn’t really anything really important in there was there. I could write all the errors, mostly minor ones but a few major ones, when you know physics, time travel theories and possibilities or the universe and science it kind of makes one laugh that they screw up their own story. This is not the first TV Show that I have seen this. One last thing. I wish these networks would read this stuff on these sites. A TV Show should be a guarantee 2 seasons. They should sign a contract without the possibility of cancelling before two seasons. A third season should be signed before the end of the 2nd because when you end a show without finishing it correctly, you owe it to the viewers to either finish the series properly with a double episode in one or make a movie to end it. I think their a bunch of greedy ass@#$%^s when they don’t. People watch their dumb commercials, they make money, and sell dvds, so why treat the viewers with no respect to at least finish the shows properly. I have so many ideas. But to get into this business you have to be connected to someone. I can write my own tv show or movie just about the theories behind that. lol.

    • Fringe is actually very amazing in showing off tech ideas ( which I think is way cooler than X files with alien tech). It is frustrating how the story flips 180 degrees in terms of story flow. But this may very well be the result of how there is no singular consistent villain. The fact that the whole idea of 2 universes going on a collision course and being completely downplayed in the final season does destroy the original fringe story theme. I rather want to see how so called “higher beings” acting as observers give their best to rectify the universe collision problem. Thing is if season 3 end when Peter entered the doomsday machines or season 4 when both universes cut off their coexistence would reset timeline and heal both worlds, amber tech in final season shouldn’t really need to exist, and yet conflictingly it looks like amber tech was still commonly used (in final season).

  12. I think the finale was great. I liked that the finale recalled things from past episodes. There were some forced plot points, like why the boy stepped off the train. Also, it was a huge turnaround to say that they were assembling parts of his machine throughout the season that in the end was never used. I think the biggest problem with Fringe that kept people from watching it, is the problem with all Abrams shows which is that they seem to be completely different shows with every season. First it was an X-Files type show, which was probably the best incarnation of the whole series. Then it was the alternate universe trying to destroy us, then Peter got erased and dealing with the false quest of getting to a home that he never got to. Then finally wake up the observers who seemed like benevolent angels are bad people who want to invade. I disagree that there were no villains there were some strong villains along the way, Walternate and Windmark were the strongest. William Bell as a villain was a little muddled. I think the main point is that like all Abrams shows, if you try to describe this show to people with all its time reversals, universe changes and the like, they would laugh at you. It’s ironic that the show ended with a time reversal that reset everything back to 2015.

  13. pourquoi les 2 Saison ne sortitais pas de l’imagination de peter bishop.cette machine permeterais toute les éventualités,d’avenir et qu’il serais dans la machine.le finale serait que peter retourne en 1985 Pour empêche NINA SCHARP en lui expliquant que le retenir cela lui fera perdre le bras BISHOP.passe dans le monde paralèlle casse la fiole qui pouvait guérir peter le ramène dans son monde pour le sauvez et le ramenes chez lui. mais il devait coulé.Nina scharp n’ayant rien aux bras reste jusqu’au retour de walter et les sauvent avec la blonde.

  14. Heres’s m’y point of view concerning the paradox thing.

    You have to remember that all the events from season 1 to 2015 are the starting point for what is going to happen. If Peter didn’t get there then the invasion would have been the only possible future.

    Now let’s admit that September went in the past to be sure Peter exist in 2015 and of course in 2035.

    Now the future can be changed.

    Then the only thing that should be maintained is the existence of the Fringe division and Michael and Walter in the future are aware of it !

    So we can also admit that they are able to travel through time from the future where they meet the Swedish scientist to maintain the story line intact with slight changes.

    Michael can have sent is father back in time again to save Peter in order to maintain the story line intact till 2015.

    At this point we also know that at least one travel in the past was done by someone in the future, someone that lived the full story until the finishing event … Someone that posted the white tulip for Peter.

    This is how everything until 2015 remains unchanged, and the white tulip is the proof.

    • What I mean is that all the story we have seen is the first timeline leading to the point where they can change their true future.

      The only thing is that we can see it all over with an other point of view. And we know that if September came to save Peter it was because he knew it was the only way to save its own son. And for that the only possible timeline is the one we saw through 5 seasons.

      I hope it makes sense as I’m French and I’m lacking some vocabulary :-)

  15. je n’ai pas vu la 5eme saison,mais dans la mesure ou zizoom explique les motivation intérèsser de septembre.sa nous explique pas la philo des observateur avant l’invasion et les motivation profonde qui les ont pousser a l’ invasion se n’est pas cohérent.Quelle regle il défendait quelle conséquence a leur niveau cela pourrait produire sur leurs propres espaces temps.il est mêmes possible qu’ils en fut ejecté par la faute des humains d’ou la raison de cette invasion.il font porté le chapeau au humain mais est ce que la vraie raison se n’est pas septembre.

  16. one of the things i do not get is if they reset time to 2015 how come Walter is not there… and if he’s not there when did he disappear? wouldnt that alone cause peter not to exsit?

    • and why if he is in the furture not be able to come back?

      • oh and another question… did olivia kill the observer with her strength or did Michael somehow help her.. because he put his finger up to his lips afterward ??

      • Il n’ont trouvé aucun fin cohérent,à quelle époque a-t-elle reinitialisé

  17. à celui qui detour nos propos,si vous avez la sensation d’etre spirituel inteligent tant mieux pour vous; vous n’avez pas avis ,pas d’imagination et la seul créativité c’est cela je vous plaint.

  18. la vérité,melissa.si olivia à été reinitialiser en 2015 s’est parce qu’elle est dans un autre monde paralèlle.Peter et walter sont en 2015 Dans leur univers. c’est pour cela que walter n’est pas avec olivia.Mais dans cette univers elle ne s’appelle pas olivia mais laura les autres l’appelle comme ça”laura denham”.se monde est encore plus abimé que l’autre, certain attaque fait dans les saisons précédentes au mondes williams bells mais venait de chez eux les jaloux sont enviés si ses 2 reailté disparaissait la leur survivrais elle se trouve dans la situation de fauxlivia a la fin de la 2eme saison et debut de la troisième mais elle n’a pas les même intention que fauxlivia même si elle ne se démasque pas.

  19. malheureusement sa capacité d’aller d’ un univers à l’autre est plus difficile a la limite du desespoir.Malgré l’injection d’une dose de cortexsiphan cela ne suffit . car l’onde de se monde paralèlle est diffèrent dans ce monde william bell et walter bishop n’existe pas.SEUL “laura denham” le peut, mais c’est une méchant une politique servant que ses intérêt et ceux de son monde.comment fait elle pour ne pas être reconnu.elle utilise le système polimorphique dont il sont les inventeurs et plus performant que celui du monde de walter dont il avait volé,persuadé que s’est le monde de walter qui a volé son enfant et responsable de ses attaques.Mais quand ils ont été dans ce monde il ont du s’en rendre compte.non,s’est tellement secret qu’il se sont dis qu’il devrait grimpé dans les arcanes de ses intistution secret pour connaitre la vérité de se monde.Le problème pour olivia s’est que même si elle réussi à aller dans le monde de walter”ministre de la défense”.elle a des difficultés pour retourné dans son mondes paralèlle,car le temps passé dans le monde de “laura denham” a provoqué un déphasage de son corps,il s’est adapté à l’onde de se monde paralèlle pour passé naturellement dans sont monde.1saison chez “laura”,la 2eme saison dans le monde de walter et la 3emes dans son monde pour comprendre pourquoi les observateurs ont envahis la terre.

  20. comment arrive t-elle à allé d’un monde à l’autre?.grace à david robert johns.Il a peur de”laura”dans se monde il est considère comme le responsable dans se monde.IL a subis se que l’on a fait subir à walter bishop.l’ablation d’un par de son cerveau.D’ou la difficulté pour pouvoir rentre chez elle.aidé le visage de sont propre ennemis.Elle emnenera avec elle.

  21. je lis ce que vous ecrivez,tous ce que vous ecrivez est dans le sens de la cohérence logique d’un réalite scientifique de théorie scientifique cherchant a etre des inventeur sans avoir fait des etude dans se sens.je suis dans le même cas que vous.Je ne cherche pas a me faire passé pour ce que je suis pas, créer des histoires pasionnante mettant en avant la science .s’est ce que j’aime,se prendre la tête sur la cohérence scientifique n’a pas d’intéret si elle ne raconte pas un histoire cohérente mélanger a cette science.

  22. I just finished watching all the episodes and reading most of the comments. My conclusion to everything is that most of us is looking at the ending all wrong. We all know Walter was a brilliant man even when parts of his brain was missing. I believe in the season when they were finding pieces of the machine Walter traveled through time to get those pieces and hid them in several locations in the past correct? Walter knew the events that would take place this whole time cause he seen it, just his memory was all whacked out of place. By making Peter get into the machine Walter needed him to be erase from time so his ultimate plan could work. It was about him crossing over to retrieve Peter. I suspect that Walter is trying many ways to not only correct his mistake but also trying to save humanity without the lost of Peter. He knew time wouldn’t change if Peter die. Walter never caused any harm from crossing over, it was when he traveled through time and stole the boy Michael to conduct experiments cause Walter is Walter (scientist) lol. That’s when the observer follow him back through time to try and fix what cause the breakage in time and get revenge on our species. “Why would a God cause so much sadness” hmmm I’m going to make my own universe cause I f***ed up lol. Which failed cause he knew you can’t run away from them cause they can travel to other universes. The future was like the past, meaning history repeats itself lol. Every other season was like a mysterious boy shows up cause later find out he was taken from some other universe or time lol. Walter vs Walternate (No Observers), Walter vs Observers (Cause he stole the boy, that’s why they only appear in his universe) Walter vs himself (Battle between continuing being a scientist or end his career. At the end Walter knew the observers wouldn’t stop unless the boy was back. He went back to the future did what he was suppose to do so the observers wouldn’t come back and he sent the Tulip to Peter because Peter is the only one who wouldn’t get affected by the time reversal because Peter only exist from the time he was erase (It was a reminder that Walter is fine and he doesn’t have to worry about anything.) That’s why only Olivia through Cortexiphan and Walter from Michael remembers Peter.

    There’s is so much to write I wish i could just send an audio message. “Walter can you help me please?” Hit me up with any question and I’ll explain it from my perspective lol Michael Olivia Peter Walter Universes lol

    • @DeShaun
      I also just finished watching all seasons!
      I loved fringe! They shouldnt have stopped but who knows … perhaps, once a day they will continue =)

      I just wanna thank you for your post because it makes totally sense!
      I saw peter at the end and knew they just wanna tell me something.
      But i didnt got it :D
      What you wrote about peter isnt affected by the time reset because its not his time line – dude! Awesome =)
      That makes it perfect. Even if we will never get another season.
      Thanks man!

  23. I will miss Olivia Dunham, if for some reason Fox (which only cares about how many people watch the show so they make really crappy generic shows over and over again) decides to bring back Fringe for one or two more seasons I hope the bring back the original cast, Anna Torv is a superb actress, and incredibly beautiful.

  24. I delayed all this time the viewing of season 5 in DVD… Fringe is my favorite show, and I am sad to see it go. While season 5 is well rounded, it leaves aside the interaction of both worlds, which was the focus of seasons 2 to 4. I think the closure should have revolved around that theme and make the Observers one if its component rather than a separate storyline.

  25. Left hanging…
    Where did the story about the observers being from dinosaur history shift,
    to a future involvement, plus their dimensional travel was left hanging,
    then how could the machine parts be scattered across the planet?

  26. you are all forgeting that the observers still have the tech that anable tham to travel thru time and universes . therefor september now more curiuse than before (becouase he has emotions like all of us) will want to obsere the moment that walternate discover the cure for petter’s illness. therefore triggering al the story once again. see s02e16/

  27. la rose signifie que Peter Bishop est dans la machine pas dans sa réalité avant de rentre dans la machine. Walter lui montre la feuille avec la rose pour lui signifié qu’il ne sera pas dans la réalité(ex:total Recall).IL Sans Extrait les fragilité entre les deux mondes existent et il se rend compte qu’un troisième monde parallèle existe.

  28. I adored this show. It was amazing, despite the many flaws, but absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best “tacklings” of a plot between parallel universes. The question I’ve always had is fundamental. If there is a parallel universe, then there must be a parallel universes infinitely in either direction, “left” or “right” respectively… so what about all those other universes? Fluidic? Non-linear? Higgs boson properties reversed? So many other possibilities that MUST exist, as well.

  29. Suite de ce que j’ai écris il y a un semaine.la régénération des 2 mondes parallèles n’arrange pas le troisième monde,car elle produit une dégénération de leur monde au niveau de la réalité accordant des pouvoir particulier a certain comme Laura.
    Olivia accroupi dans un halo blanc s’est cause du contact avec Laura étant jeune