‘Fringe’ Series Finale Title Revealed – How Will it End?

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fringe season 5 origin story Fringe Series Finale Title Revealed   How Will it End?

With only six episodes left, the highly-anticipated Fringe series finale is just around the corner (sans any Mayan-predicted Apocalypse). And while past episodes may have given a hint about what fans can expect to see as the series comes to a close, executive producer J.H. Wyman has revealed the name of the final episode, “An Enemy of Fate,” all-but confirming what fans had suspected: Peter is becoming the enemy.

Additionally, while speaking with TV Line, Wyman also revealed that the Fringe series finale, while not only being their last, will also be their biggest yet – in more ways than one. Although the show may have had to fight for its renewal each year, everyone is making sure that Fringe, the little show that could, receives the high-budget farewell that it deserves.

Here’s what Wyman had to say:

It’s definitely the biggest season finale we’ve ever had, It’s the most expensive…. It’s massive, really big. I wanted to go out like, ‘Wow, how did they do that?’

I wanted to make sure I handled [the action element] and the emotions with equal importance.

As the series finale title suggests, the transformation that we’ve seen Peter initiate – allowing him to gain the Observers’ powers – is slowly changing him into an Observer, almost certainly resulting in finale’s title coming to fruition.

Even though fans may all know where Fringe is ultimately headed in its final season, it will be the journey beforehand which ultimately proves the success of series’ final moments. As Peter, the boy who shouldn’t exist, continues to transform himself into the Fringe team’s most dangerous adversary, his relationship with Walter, as well as Olivia, will be put to the test, likely resulting in some of the series’ most impactful scenes to date.

fringe season 5 episode 6 walter 2 Fringe Series Finale Title Revealed   How Will it End?

If Walter is unable to save Peter (again), will he be able to make the decision he previously wasn’t able to and let him go – even if that means death?

Like most things, we’ll have to wait and see. However, with Wyman touting lofty promises of an epic conclusion – as well as the actors realizing that this is their final bow, it’ll be interesting to see how the (truly) final episode of Fringe plays out.

Fringe airs Friday @9pm on Fox

Source: TV Line

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  1. I’m hoping that anytime in these 6 episodes September would be making an appearance.

    • September is Peter !
      Or at least his son or what ever :)

      • Peter is not September, September is the little boy from season 1 that Walter hides in the pocket universe. At least that’s what I came up with after revisiting that episode. That is why September is on their side, because they saved him as a child, and if you notice through out the series every time he comes in close proximity of Olivia he becomes slightly different as if she effects him in some way.

        • I agree with the notion that September is the little boy. If I can remember correctly, In the season 1 they did have September look at the little boy as he is released from the hospital I believe.

          • At the very end of that episode when the woman is taking the boy away in the car the camera pans to the sidewalk showing September watching them drive off. I’ve always wondered what they planned on doing with this, always thinking the boy might be some kind of lost link of the observers or something. But it is possible and intriguing to think it might be September at a young age.

  2. My initial reaction to the “Enemy of Fate” title differed, considering the world’s predestined “fate” to be Observer domination, which a Fringe team member will overcome. Here’s hoping to be right on that one.

    • I agree… I don’t see how that title confirms that “Peter is becoming the enemy”.

      What I think is Peter is the person who stops the Observers from becoming what they are which is why they did not want him to live in the first place (and why there were so bent on September righting that “wrong”).

      Whereas September, who we know is more on the side of the humans, wanted Peter to live so that one day he can prevent the current Fringe future from happening. It makes sense why he was so concerned about Olivia dying because he probably knew that she is the only person who can help Peter through what is going to happen.

      • Well if September is the little kid from season 1 then he wouldn’t want Olivia to come to harm since he has an empathic connection to her and would want her to be safe.

  3. For me, the real series ended with the fourth season. This season is just not doing it for me, as it feels very contrived, convoluted, and separate from the first four seasons. Sad to say.

    • It’s funny because after rewatching the first 4 seasons, I decided the real series ended at 3, with 4 and 5 being the odd ones out. Though I’m definitely enjoying 5 more than 4.

      • @jp:

        You could end it on 3… but 3 is a melancholy ending whereas 4 is an “everyone is happy” ending.

        What I like about 5 is it tells about the mystery of the Observers and how they came about… unless we want to go Lost style and not have loose ends tied up.

        • I would have preffered 4 to bring back everyone’s memories.

          5 to me seems to be the story they’ve been setting up all along, and the alt-universe war was a diversion because of September’s meddling.

          I wonder had they not been cancelled, whether this story would have been a second arc over a few seasons, like the alt-universe storyline was. At least we’ve gotten 13 final episodes of Observer goodness, my favourite part of the show by far.

  4. Will Etta return? Will Peter become that which his loved ones hate most? Has Walter already lost the battle to keep his old self at bay? I can’t wait for the finale. Is it 2 hours?

  5. I’m forgiving this season for how its been so far. The wanted to give us a proper ending, but had their budget chopped dramatically., which shows. I have faith that they’re doing what they can to move the story a place where they can finally cut loose and stop reserving their limited budget.

    At least this is what I HOPE they’re doing. Though they don’t owe use anything except the story they want to tell.

  6. Series 3 was the best ‘un for me, but I’m grateful for this series as I’ve been with these characters for long enough to accept any additional material (movie would be lovely). I have one fear though:

    At the end of the last episode, it showed Peter’s hair coming out and cut to a shot of the hair in his hand with Windmark in the background. That’s a purposeful shot and my fear is it was hinting that Peter is on his way to becoming Windmark. We fans all know how ludicrous this plot twist would be. So I hope it was simply to imply he only has a limited amount of time to get to Windmark before he is lost completely.

    But anyways, I’ll enjoy the last few episodes and if need be, end it on season 4 (minus the September scene) should the rest of this season throw logic down the toilet.

  7. The little show that could, receives the high-budget farewell that it deserves.

  8. Peter will save us all !

  9. Any chance Peter goes back in time (with his new powers) and stops the Observer from distracting Walternate? Or offers Walter a cure for this worlds Peter?
    If that happens, Walter never crosses over and all the events after dont happen.

  10. Really worried about Peter.Is he the origin of the observers?I hope they will give us a satisfying answer.

  11. I was mauled on here for suggesting Peter = Windmark, a little while ago. I also suggested he may even be the origin of the Observers. Seems like now a few others share my view which is great. I love having a little fun guessing and enjoying others hypothesis.

    Since the original time line was changed when Peter disappeared I feel that both these scenarios are possible. In the original timeline the Observers tried to delete Peter. But in the new time line, Peter reappears. He is an anomaly and the Observers see possible futures rather than actual futures. He could be deleted without destroying them completely in the future because they exist outside of time, or because they replicated themselves in such a way that they no longer need him to begin their existence.
    Also Windmark seems unsurprised when he notices Peter’s use of the tech.
    Oh well I’ll just have to wait and see and I can’t wait!!