‘Fringe’ Series Finale Praised by J.J. Abrams & John Noble – A Satisfying Ending?

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fringe season 5 black blotter Fringe Series Finale Praised by J.J. Abrams & John Noble   A Satisfying Ending?

After years of fans continuously championing its renewal, the Fringe series finale will air next week, bringing an end to the tale of Walter, Peter and Olivia. But will the finale provide a satisfying conclusion? According to J.J. Abrams and John Noble, the answer is a very confident “Yes.”

Abrams and Noble both praised the final episode of Fringe, referring to the series finale as “unbelievable” and “perfect,” respectively. After many cases, alternate worlds and a trip to the future, will Fringe be able to once again beat the odds and deliver a perfect finale to its fans?

Here’s what Noble had to say about the finale to  TV Line:

I can honestly say that it was everything I had hoped it could possibly be. It tied up our character lines, it tied up the great story arc…. I was extremely elated.

I hope history will judge it as one of the great finales of all time. I really believe they will.

But after jumping into the future to battle the Observers, essentially sidestepping many of the previous seasons, will the finale provide only a conclusion to current tale of Earth’s invaders and ignore everything that happened previously? Surprisingly, Noble has an answer for that:

If you had asked me in Season 1 where I thought Walter should finish up, it would have been exactly where he does. That’s the remarkable thing — it’s the perfect arc for Walter.

Although Noble’s statement doesn’t reveal much about the finale, the fact that the arc Walter is on remains from season 1 means that the Observers invading Earth, no matter how threatening, still tie in to Walter’s original storyline. And whatever that storyline may be, Noble’s excitement about the finale should relieve fans of the series who have been with the show from the beginning and have been concerned about what could happen in the end.

fringe season 5 episode 6 walter 2 Fringe Series Finale Praised by J.J. Abrams & John Noble   A Satisfying Ending?

If, by chance, you need more to convince you about the quality of the Fringe series finale, check out what co-creator J.J. Abrams has to say to  Entertainment Weekly,:

I mean, the script is unbelievable. I think it will be incredibly emotional.

If it’s not satisfying, I don’t know what satisfying is.

Of course, since Abrams and Noble are both invested in the series, it’s not surprising that they’re praising the final episode of the show. Still, if either weren’t truly excited about it, they would likely give a more canned response about being “excited” and “grateful for the fans.”

With the penultimate episode of Fringe airing this week, the storylines should begin to wrap themselves up and a potential conclusion should start to take shape. Now that the identity of Donald has been revealed, it’s going to be a nonstop dash to defeat the Observers. So fans of Fringe should strap in, because these two episodes are going to be a doozy. They sure need to be, in order for Abrams and Noble’s statements to be true…


Fringe airs Fridays @9pm on Fox

Source: Entertainment Weekly; TV Line

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  1. I was skeptical as well, but not only have Abrams and Noble praised the finale, so has almost everyone else associated with the show.

    I am trying to temper my enthousiasm, but it is getting harder and harder to do so.

  2. That’s what they said about LOST and it was one of the worst cop out endings ever next to The Sopranos. Of course they are going to say it’s a satisfying ending lol.

    • Agreed! This year has been crap in comparison to previous years. Abrams and Noble aren’t being paid to register their disgust with the ending, just as none of the Lost actors were being paid to register their disgust with that show. Of course, some did voice their confusion with it after they were no longer receiving a paycheck.

  3. After LOST, and Sopranos, no… I don’t buy it.

  4. i hope it has a great ending

  5. Either way…I will definitely miss this series.

  6. Maybe a movie….

  7. Look, I get that actors and actresses work for the show and are most likely going to say good things about the finale. That being said, as a fan of CHUCK their finale definitley could have and should have been better. And if we the fans had all listened closely to the actors/actresses when they talked about the finale prior to it’s airing, we would have been able to read between the lines and figured out that they weren’t that happy with it.

    So in regards to FRINGE when Noble says he really likes the finale, or when Josh Jackson (whom is alwasy honest and does not sugar coat the show he clearly enjoys as both an employee and a fan) talks about the finale in a positive way, I am inlcined to believe them. But as I said earlier, I am trying to temper my enthousiasm, becasue they very well could be wrong.

    • Fringe is not Lost. I think the finale will be much more satisfying than the one for Lost. The writers have been much better at tying things back to the beginning. Lost kept people lost but that is not the point of this series. The idea of the Walter arc is clear and the white tulip has everything to do with Walter. The reference to the white tulip from Donald/September specifically about the chance of the plan working in The Boy Must Live is hopeful.

  8. I believe them.

  9. Too little, too late. I hope it’s a great finale, and I believe that they are happy with it, but the show has felt lazy, half assed and dissapointing to me all season. In fact, the excellent White Tulip episode may be their best by far, and the last time I believed that they were putting serious thought, creativity and effort into creating a solid show with whole-hearted enthusiasm and sufficient effort. I feel that they have let us watchers down greatly, even those who are still happy with the show, because they don’t try very hard to make the show compelling or cohesive or believable. I am really frustrated with it. Lost had strong indications of these problems, but felt like more fun than this all the way to the wonky end. This feels like modern Dexter to me, with everybody going through the motions and cashing their checks, but not delivering any brilliance or fun at all. Just an opinion, but I think they have let us down by not keeping the series and it’s characters strong. Reddick and Nimoy are squandered, and the Peter/Walter relationship stagnates while we focus on four or five different Olivias, each lamer than the last, and her super-generic daughter. This is Fringe and Fox at their most aggravating. Try to enjoy though…

    • I agree, Walter is what matters, and through him, Peter. I wish we could leave behind every possible alternate of Olivia, including bad-Spock-impression Olivia, and resolve the heart of the series that has been so clouded by tangents. I don’t believe that there is a cohesive answer to anything, as there isn’t even a cohesive question. The writers are notating much attention, and so they don’t want us to either. The implied message, whispered from the top, seems to be “never mind.”. You may find yourself wondering “Hey, wasn’t it the other Olivia that had that conversation with Pet that one time…?”. The answer to your question is almost always to be insinuated “never mind.”. So just let it go, and don’t worry about what makes sense at all. Not much of a credo. X-files had “Trust no one” and also “I want to believe.”. Fringe, as a weak ripoff of X files can only cling to the embarrassment of “never mind.”. After an aimless first season I thought the show was becoming something better and more cohesive, but the parallels and tangents and reused elements stopped adding up and paying off a long time ago. And speaking of Lost and ripoffs, remember how interesting the Dharma Initiative tapes were, and how seeing Miles’ dad on them was a spooky moment of curiousity? The Fringe tapes are never interesting, and never have been, and yet they are a major stumbling block this season. They are not mysterious, just dull, and yet week after week they talk about those tapes. If JJ is gonna return to his own wells, I wish he’d bring a different bucket. Which is to say, the value of retreading an old idea, such as the tapes or the series the X Files, is to bring new inspiration that justifies not having a new idea. Where is the fresh twist that justifies such blatant, listless self-plagiarism? I really wanted to love this show, but it epitomizes glossy modern popcorn television that lacks soul and ambition. When was the last time Fox had a series worth watching? Was it the X files? It sure wasn’t Alcatraz or any other weak-sauce generic filler. I am exasperated. Sorry to vent all my frustration though. Hope the end is stronger than this season, or I will be forced to wish that it had been cancelled after all. How often does a show you like overstay it’s welcome? Rarely, in my experience. Great stuff gets cancelled, and lowest common denominator thrives. It’s like McTV.

  10. They’ve already started wrapping up some mysteries more than Lost by at least explaining who the Observers are.

    And they are not “invading Earth”… they are future humans “invading previous timelines”.

  11. There’s one thing that’s unclear to me about the finale. If time was reset and the observers never existed, who saved Peter from drowning at the lake when Walter brought him from the other universe?