‘Fringe’ Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

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fringe season 4 poster review Fringe Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

It’s been a long, tough road for Fox’s Friday night cult series Fringe. Since making the move to television’s famed “death spot” in January 2011, each season of Fringe has been accompanied with the notion that the series could be coming to an end. While the cancelation warnings still remain, Fox is negotiating the possibility of the series returning for season 5.

Currently discussing the future of the series with Warner Bros. (the studio that produces Fringe), Fox has made it clear that they’re absolutely interested in keeping the series on the air, but only if the price is right.

Fox’s major point of contention with continuing Fringe is the license fee that the network has to pay Warner Bros. for each episode. Previously revealing that Fox “loses a lot of money”on Fringe, the network’s entertainment president, Kevin Riley, plainly stated that the financial arraignment between the network and studio needs to change in order for the series to continue on the air.

One thing that’s working in Fringe’s favor is the fact that, if the series were to receive a full season order, it would pass television’s coveted 100 episode mark – something that Warner Bros. definitely wants.

While Fringe may be struggling in its current position on network television, the ability to position the series in syndication would open another revenue stream for the studio, and might just be worth cutting the license fees that Fox must pay for each episode.

olivia walter fringe season finale 3 Fringe Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

Additionally, the word-of-mouth that Fringe creates may just be what the network needs right now. With House, Bones and The Simpsons (likely) on their way out over the course of the next 3 years, Fox could use the good will from television fans as they attempt to rebuild their once juggernaut line-up.

Of course, even if Fringe does happen to get canceled, fans shouldn’t worry that the series will conclude without an appropriate ending. Familiar with the series’ “on-the-fence” status over the past few years, executive producer Jeff Pinker stated, “Worst case scenario, if this were the last aired season of Fringe… we know what the end of this season is going to be, and it can function as a series finale.”

For fans that need a more optimistic outlook about Fringe continuing, co-creator J.J. Abrams said that “we remain hopeful that Fringe will be able to continue.”


Fringe airs Fridays @9pm on Fox

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  1. i really hope theres season 5 or ill be pissed

    • Please fox, WB, keep Fringe alive for 5! And then some, move its time spot, whatever. Ratings should be through the roof but we are not being counted!
      The writers are great, keeping new material and never writing themselves into a corner. What kept MASH on air for so long? Take notes! Please, I will continue to grew attached to new fox shows, like Touch, but don’t hurt my Fringness! I am old and set in my ways!

  2. Season 5, OR BE DAMNED !

  3. Please, please renew Fringe!!! Its one of the best shows on air.

    • Yeah but it will end someday.

    • You said it!

      • But like many seasons from now, let’s keep the faith

  4. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL FRINGE! It’s my all time favorite show! I actually look FORWARD to the mystery an keeping me on my toes syndrome! Without it tv would surely SUCK!

  5. I will literally need to be committed if Fringe is cancelled. Aside from tuning in every week, I wish there were something else I could be doing to help keep the show going :( .

  6. I just started to watch Fringe and am currently on season 3. Being an ALIAS fan, this show totally has me hooked and dares to go places ALIAS didn’t (anyone remember the fringe division in ALIAS? I figured Fringe was an off-shoot of that, but I digress). Fringe is AWESOME and I am hooked (understatement). I watched 8 episodes straight the other day because I HAVE to see and experience this fantastic journey called Fringe. There must be more seasons to come. From what I can tell, there is a ginormous fan base and following of, dare I say it, what quite possibly could be the BEST TV show made thus far. Bottom line: make a 5th season.

  7. This is probably the best show on TV! If it is cancelled idk what I would watch.. Fox needs a show with this kind of following on their schedule and Ill watch no matter what time slot

  8. Fringe is the best television show of all time. Period. Please keep it going!


  10. Fox needs to cough up some mega bucks, if necessary to keep Fringe. I, for one, only watch Fringe, House and Bones. When they go, so do I. The rest is pitiful and a waste of time.

  11. I’ve been a loyal Fringe fan since the first episode, but the most recent episode, The End of All Things, was the best Fringe show ever. Yes, the story is total science-based escapist fantasy, but it’s the most interesting fantasy show since Lost. With such “jump the shark” story premises, the remarkable acting skill of the entire cast is pushed to incredible, yet believable, performances. Although they are all superb, Anna Torv, John Noble, Blair Brown, and Lance Reddick all deserve emmys for Best Actor in Incredibly Challenging Scripts. This show, like Lost, is TV at it’s best. I hope Fox keeps Fringe on air for another season.

  12. I just started to watch Fringe and it captured me so badly that I have watched all episodes in four days. The thought that this show will not continue for another season is just not accepted by me. So FOX I really hope that you do everything in your power to keep them on the air and at least give them a 100 episode mark!!

  13. This month is going to be a slow one I just know it lol

  14. BEST SHOW OF TIME!!!!!
    Can’t be over.

  15. one of the most original and intelligent programs on the box

  16. i am obsessed with fringe. i came into the series late (season 3) and bought seasons one through 3 just from watching a couple episodes. now i am hooked. please say yes to season 5

  17. poor journalism, Bones is not canceled you mook. It was labeled a “sure thing” weeks before this article. and I believe the simpsons was saved before the 23rd january also. And this is written before the House announcement so that is clearly jsut a guess, but I suppose it was the worst kept secret.

    Hope fringe Stays love that show

    I really hope you got a refund from whoever sold you that load of crap

    • He said over the course of the next 3 years. The Simpsons struggled to get a 2 year contract extension and cut funding all around to get that extension. As for House, this is the last season. And I assume Bones is on its way out in the next season or so, since Booth and Brennan have a baby (storyline wise it would make sense to stop).

  18. PLEASE RENEW FRINGE! IT’S MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME! I don’t know how Fox get’s the idea that it’s not popular. EVERYONE I know loves it–and it’s a constant topic of conversation in most of my social scenes. Please don’t shed your wings for some inane 3′s-Company-grade craptastic suckfest. There’s no complicated math to improving your ratings. Keep showing the quality, and don’t trade it for trash and hope nobody notices. The constant commercials are bad enough. If the show is a waste of time as well, there’s no reason to watch at all.

  19. Please Fox, shell out the cash we all know you have. I’m a loyal obsessed fan who has all of the dvds, I watch live and then eight days later via Hulu. It is one of the smartest and talented shows out there. It’s a respite from Jersey Shore, Kardashians, American Idol, X Factor, and Dancing with the Stars. Don’t take it away! If it’s cancelled I’ll refuse to watch Fox because Fix has a habit of cancelling great shows.

    • Fox does have a history of cancelling great shows. One in particular comes to mind…

  20. Please don’t cancel Fringe! I love this show!!!

  21. Listen up, FOX & WB…. You REALLY need to renew FRINGE for ( at the very least), 1 more season. FRINGE is literally the best show on television. I

  22. Cancel fringe and Fox will loose a lot of viewers, i will stop watching if fox cancels ANOTHER great series because they are killing it with the time slot. Fox really pisses me off why do i even bother with them.

  23. When I started to watch Fringe it was not so clear what the show is all about. The message in the first sesson wasn’t clear enough. I kept on watching the show and believed that the show is more then shown. Also, I think that too much blood and brains taken from the heads of dead bodies left some viewers out. The second and third sesson become greater in each episode. Seeson 4 is the pick of the show and sesson 5 and maybe 6 can creates great interest and a buzz around the show. The mistake of blurred first sesson can be fixed in continuousness of sesson 5 and 6 that push viewers to close the gap from first sesson to be aligned for this great show.

  24. This is the best show on television. We purchase every episode via Itunes. It should end after season 5.

    • I am sure that if fox is not smart enough to renew fringe another station will take it. Why did they move it to Friday anyway? I love fringe and will be deeply disappointed if it is taken off the air. Fringe has so much to offer, I have never missed an episode since it first aired, it is a great show.

  25. All good things come to an end.. every tv show that I’ve loved is over – Star Trek, Married with Children, Everybody loves Raymond, Friends, Farscape, The Event… ..

    I know eventually it will end.. at least make it an epic ending to remember.

  26. I will be pissed too if they cancel FRINGE!!! It is the best show on TV but they are getting screwed being on FRIDAY night!!! WTF put it on Thur. or even Tues. NOTHING comes on either of those nights that are worth watching to me!!! I am so sick of great shows getting booted!!

  27. Good lord…why the freak is everything about money!!? Here’s a thought, make it a publicly funded show and let it be the first good show sponsored by the fans not the freaking exec’s that only see green. Or start selling commercial spots in the show…I don’t care if Peter has to say glad I used colgate today, or man my hair is awesome thanks to playdough…I don’t care, you have creative ways to do this…so freaking do it!

  28. Do you people want the fans wrath on your conscience ??
    NO right? Then PLEASE renew FRINGE for season 4 (and then some)??? We fans watch it RELIGIOUSLY !!! :(