‘Fringe’ Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

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fringe season 4 poster review Fringe Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

It’s been a long, tough road for Fox’s Friday night cult series Fringe. Since making the move to television’s famed “death spot” in January 2011, each season of Fringe has been accompanied with the notion that the series could be coming to an end. While the cancelation warnings still remain, Fox is negotiating the possibility of the series returning for season 5.

Currently discussing the future of the series with Warner Bros. (the studio that produces Fringe), Fox has made it clear that they’re absolutely interested in keeping the series on the air, but only if the price is right.

Fox’s major point of contention with continuing Fringe is the license fee that the network has to pay Warner Bros. for each episode. Previously revealing that Fox “loses a lot of money”on Fringe, the network’s entertainment president, Kevin Riley, plainly stated that the financial arraignment between the network and studio needs to change in order for the series to continue on the air.

One thing that’s working in Fringe’s favor is the fact that, if the series were to receive a full season order, it would pass television’s coveted 100 episode mark – something that Warner Bros. definitely wants.

While Fringe may be struggling in its current position on network television, the ability to position the series in syndication would open another revenue stream for the studio, and might just be worth cutting the license fees that Fox must pay for each episode.

olivia walter fringe season finale 3 Fringe Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

Additionally, the word-of-mouth that Fringe creates may just be what the network needs right now. With House, Bones and The Simpsons (likely) on their way out over the course of the next 3 years, Fox could use the good will from television fans as they attempt to rebuild their once juggernaut line-up.

Of course, even if Fringe does happen to get canceled, fans shouldn’t worry that the series will conclude without an appropriate ending. Familiar with the series’ “on-the-fence” status over the past few years, executive producer Jeff Pinker stated, “Worst case scenario, if this were the last aired season of Fringe… we know what the end of this season is going to be, and it can function as a series finale.”

For fans that need a more optimistic outlook about Fringe continuing, co-creator J.J. Abrams said that “we remain hopeful that Fringe will be able to continue.”


Fringe airs Fridays @9pm on Fox

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  1. I swear on the lives of all the Avengers and Superman and maybe Batman……. I will burn this muther down if they cancel Fringe!!!!!

    • I am right along with you!!!!!

      • I concur!!!! We NEED Fringe. Best serie ever with a great storyline. Why shut down a great, original, touching, thrilling serie. No serie can compete with Fringe.

        • I agree, best written series on TV right now and nothing on TV can compete with the storytelling on Fringe.

  2. They need to move it OFF Fridays. Put it on a Tuesday or something gosh!

  3. I love Fringe! I hope it continues for many more seasons.

  4. Why must most networks put their genre, cult-favorite shows on Fridays? That totally splits the ratings. Fringe needs to move. I’m really hoping it comes back, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

    *crosses fingers*

    • All I know is that Fridays are bad enough as it is. And now there is Fringe, Grimm, Supernatural and Merlin (I don’t watch that, but hear it is good) all on FRIDAY and all on AT THE SAME TIME.

      And wasn’t Chuck on at the same time too?

  5. This is one of the best shows on TV. I really hope they find a way to keep it on. Great acting, great story.

  6. is this show really that good? i have thought about starting to watch it recently but not quite sure if i should. I watch doctor who, sherlock, terra nova, falling skies and the star trek series so does fringe seem like the kind of show i would like?

    • Based on what you watch, Fringe really should be on your list. I will add, you should rent\buy the DVDs from at least Seasons 2 and 3 or you will pretty much lost on Season 4. Season 1 was a good “establishment of characters” type season, but the storyline really takes off with Season 2 and beyond.

      • cool thanks i might just put that on my list now

      • Fringe is fantastic. I highly recommend it to not only you, but anybody with eyes and ears.

    • Yes, it is absolutely worth watching. I started season one less than a month ago, and I’m already caught up. It’s addicting! A bit slow to start, but it totally pays off and the cast is amazing.

      • Totally agree.. what a great show. Fox wil be smart to renew it.. unless it wants to alienate more of its viewers and become another NBC

    • Fringe is like LOST, Alias, and The X-Files. It is part government agent conspiracy procedural, part alternate timeline/universe season-long arcs, part paranormal investigation that ties both of the previous elements together. It isn’t original except in the combination of these elements. But John Noble’s acting is so good, you might like it even if you didn’t watch these other shows.

      • lost is another one im thinking about checking out. im running out of shows to watch with sherlock, torchwood, and doctor who all on hiatus right now

  7. If only it had gone into syndication already! There would be a way for new viewers to see the show in its entirety without having to fill their Netflix queues (without effort, that is). It’s always been tricky for SF shows that have season-long arcs to attract new viewers because people feel like they missed too much to begin watching the show at season 5.

  8. This show jumped the shark when they did that cartoon episode for me. I havent been very into it since season one really. I feel like these types of shows always go down hill after the first season. Its like the they write a season and then are lost as to what to do next or the people who wrote season one leave the show. I dont know but it seems like a trend to me.

    • I thought the cartoon epsiode was awesome!

    • Um, actually this show took off after season 1…obviously u stopped watching after the first season or youd be singing a different tune

    • Actually, it is the general consensus that Fringe has evolved exceptionally since its first season, and truly developed into one of the best shows on television by around the end of season 2. And it’s true. The writers have acknowledged how fascinated people are by the show’s mythology, and they now make an effort to infuse this mythology into almost every episode, making it even more fascinating.
      I absolutely LOVED the cartoon episode. There are only two shows who have been daring enough to actually go down that path in recent times – Fringe and Community. Both brilliant and both pretty low, ratings wise. It’s pretty sad actually.

  9. I love this show and hope it gets renewed. But if it doesn’t, I’m sure the writers have a great series finale planned. Last year’s season finale could have ended the series with a few little rewrites (you know, omitting the stuff that began season 4′s story line).

  10. I hope it tays on the air. It blows away almost everything else on TV right now. If the FOX deal goes south, would they look to another station? FX would be a nice fit. I think there is way more to be told.

    • I totally agree & I also mentioned FX because FX KNOWS when they have a great show & you never have to worry about investing in a show when it is on there BUT there are millions of fans that live all around the world & they don’t have FX.

  11. By far the best show for sifi since the X-files. Dirk you would not be disapointed; continue watching the rest of the seasons. It you liked season one and then stoped at season 2, you done yourself unjustice. This show is just starting in season one, you have know idea what your missing if you don’t continue watching the following seasons. As for any one planing to try to get in to this show start buy streaming it off line or buying the seasons. But still tune in to the current show, without watching the episode so they get the ratings they are looking for, and you have the chance to catch up with the story. And by the time you catch up you will be thankful that the show is still running. I would love to see this show go 9 seasons like the X-files and maybe a Movie?????? That would be awsome! And this is a chance for me to stick it to the S.O.P.A. bill, if I was not able to see the original seasons online, I would have never become such a big fan. It was because I could test the show online first, than I got hooked. Instead of fighting online streaming they should embrace it. Open a website for there shows and let people watch a show that is not yet in syndication, online! Put some comercials in it to create more revenue. If they offered me a good stream, why would I bother going to any other site to be able to catch up on a season. Some may say they want you to buy the boxed season, but if you have only misssed the begining episodes of a season, that will not be out in a box set yet. So it forces you to find past episodes online. So, so much for needing to buy the box set right! So they are losing two revenue streams (commercials & Boxsets) by trying to be greedy.

    • He didn’t. He stopped at season 3, with the cartoon episode, like he said.

      I’ve watched the whole thing, myself, but can’t blame Dirk for losing interest with that episode. Personally, the show hasn’t been totally awesome since Olivia came back from the other side mid-season 3. It started to get intriguing again a couple of episodes ago, but the first half of this season was slowly paced and utterly uninteresting. I hope it gets another season, but I won’t be too torn up about it if it doesn’t.

      • Then youll be in the 1% of people who wont be torn up, cause the other 99% of us love great writing

    • in fact there was no other way than watching it online. I’m from germany, and can’t receive the program.
      Some german tv-transmitter aired it however the dubbed version ain’t as good. Thank god, i had the privilege to stay abroad for some time.
      I hope the seasons continue.

      apparently the one and only problem is that they don’t stop airing at the weekend. Make a requst, sign an appeal, whatsoever, make them notice.


  13. Fringe is one of the most well written science fiction shows I have ever watched on television. I would be very disappointed with Fox if they cancel this series! Maybe they will think twice if they hear from enough fans. Who do we need to contact?

  14. At you guys have it on a regular night in the states, the 9 network in Aus. can’t seem to make up its mind and then takes it off after a few weeks completely.

  15. Every episode makes me say hollllllyyy crap it’s a show worth keeping.

    • AMEN!! I have always said that there is no way possible that the next episode could be any better & they always end up pulling it off! VERY VERY BRILLIANT SHOW!! I don’t think I could imagine my life without it now! lol

  16. just reading you views people and i to am a huge fan of fringe please keep this program on. I am also a huge The Walking Dead fan and it is as good as that. Years ago i watched a small program called Stargate SG1 and after watching 6/7 eps, fell it was going nowwhere then season 6 came and bang i watched it and watched it and then as it when onto season 7,8,9,10 i watch all again from season 1 and fell in love with the charactors and universe brilliant storys, and humour too so give fringe a chance and watch it from the start because if it is stopped i will be revisiting fringe on blu-ray from time to time.,

    • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID!! That is EXACTLY how I feel!! I say take off ALL the singing shows & stupid cartoons & leave Fringe on forever!!! Some people can learn from this show on opening their minds!

  17. That’s really interesting about Fox’s biggest shows starting to go, and needing goodwill from people. I think it’s true – they have a bad wrap for cancelling when they shouldn’t, and they really seem to have learned from their mistakes and are truly trying to save Fringe.

    I hope the show becomes an initiator of change; change of how ratings and success is calculated and where quality counts more than quantity.

  18. This may be a dumb question but what is it about the 100 episode mark that changes the game (financially speaking) for a TV series and is so prizely sought after? I know it means syndication but what does that in itself mean? How does a show benefit from making enough episodes to go into syndication?

    • Syndication means that other venues are open to a show, more than one publisher or broadcaster can offer the show to the public. Say a network like NBC orders a season of a show like Friends and it becomes insanely popular. The show makers are somewhat hobbled by the initial contract to NBC, even though their show is more profitable to the network than almost all of its other shows. After the show is available for syndication, cable and other networks can pick up the old episodes and show them while new episodes play on the parent station. The show can make more money, and the creators and actors get more power in negotiating the terms of their contract because if NBC cancels the show, there are other avenues for the show to make money. “Take what we give you and be grateful because we hold all the rights to your show” no longer applies so much. At least, that’s my limited understanding of the process.

      • That is EXACTLY it in a nutshell! :)

  19. love this show,but tired of the alternate reality ongoing plot would love to see some new plots maybe aliens and natural things happening sometimes like evolution,genetic mutations, love the show tho.

  20. I don’t understand something, why did they move Fringe to Fridays in the first place??????? The ratings for the show were through the roof and then all of a sudden they move it to Fridays????? And now there’s talks of cancellation because it doesn’t attract as many views BECAUSE of the Friday slot??? Does this actually make any sense to you guys?? Or is it just me. renew the show and put it back on the Thursday slot and you’ll have all your problems solved. I am a huge fan of this show and I’m sure there are millions of others who feel the same way. I feel like the network wanted it to fail for some reason.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE!! Take the American Idol off since it has been on for 11 years already & now there are better ones i.e. The Voice & put Fringe in its spot!!!

  21. This is the best show I’ve been hooked to since Battlestar Galactica! Keep Fringe please!

  22. Fringe is awesome !! Don’t know why it’s on Fridays. That’s usually where a show goes when its flaming out. Now another new and interesting show is competing with Fringe so I have to record one or both.

    I don’t know why I haven’t watched Fringe much in season 2 & 3. Time schedules? Not sure but I’m kickin myself now. Perhaps I wasn’t able to follow the story line when I watched it sporadically but now I’m totally on board ! This show rocks. Can’t miss not one. The actors and script are so cool and its refreshing not to have to hear all the shock foul words that other shows have in their script. This is quality TV ! I can watch 2 hour episodes every week. I often need to watch the recorded shows several times to get the most out of them.

    I can’t miss an episode now. Yeah – I’m a late comer to the cult which means it’s ending. My dilemma is I’m trying to catch up on past episodes but the WB website’s advertising totally messes up the point where the episode restarts after an ad. WB doesn’t seem to care. Neither does FOX. If they wanted the cult to grow, they would make more episodes available on Hulu, Fox and fix that stupid WB website. Corporate arrogant greed.

    Im sure there are better spots and days Fringe can kick butt. They take fringe off then I boycott all FOX / WB productions.

    • I PROMISE you if you go to the WB website you can order all 3 seasons for $50 & that will be withOUT a doubt the best $50 you have ever spent! It will be at your fingertips to view over & over again whenever you want. I actually have 2 sets because when someone hears me talking about it.(ALL THE TIME) they get interested & I loan one set out & I have one for myself because I have watched ALL episodes at least 5 times & I love them every time I watch.

  23. Fringe is the best show Fox currently has! They’d be crazy or stupid to cancel it!!

  24. Man, I love Fringe, you can’t cancel it. As said, move it from friday… DAMN!

  25. keep fringe!! at least for a full 5 season!! and then repeat it in sindication for yers :D

  26. They have to do season 5, to finish the serie. To end it for there fans! we are following the story season after season, please end it with season 5! dont be like other tvserie when they cancel and make us be fooled again.

  27. It feels like the Sci-fi word always get the shortest straw, SG Atlantis just died and they said they will end it with a movie, did not happen!
    SG Universe aired two seasons and just got canceled, what’s up with that?
    If you follow Terra Nova, Falling Skies then you will find that all of them could be canceled just like that, we don’t have much to pick from in my opinion and as soon as you get involved with a series they cancel it without warning.
    I wish there was a way to penalize the networks for doing that to the community!!

    I love Fringe and will be quit broken up if they do stop it, but how many series was saved by post like this, if any.
    The main point I agree with will be the time slot and I also believe that they should change that and things will improve.
    Can only hope that we will have Fringe for years to come.

  28. Totally agree with Ezee-T!!!!! FOX you much keep Fringe for another season. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show; it’s characters, it’s story line, it’s spirit of fun, savvy, and imagination. LOVE FRINGE!