‘Fringe’ Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

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fringe season 5 Fringe Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

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The prayers of Fringe fans from around the world have been answered: Fox has renewed Fringe for season 5, which will also serve as the series’ finale.

This news came after months of waiting in anticipation for an announcement. Ever since Fox president Kevin Reily revealed that the network was losing “a lot of money on the show, fans of the series have been preparing for the worst.

Fortunately, Fox has somewhat of a soft spot for Fringe and its many fans. So in order for the series to continue, Warner Bros. has agreed to reduce the amount that Fox pays the studio for each episode of the show.

Here’s what Reily had to say about Fringe’s renewal:

Fringe is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve. The amazing work the producers, writers and the incredibly talented cast and crew have delivered the last four seasons has literally been out of this world. Although the end is bittersweet, it’s going to be a very exciting final chapter.

What makes Warner Bros. so willing to negotiate down their asking price?  With Fox renewing Fringe for a 13-episode final season, the series will pass the 100-episode syndication mark (meaning: more money for Warner Bros.).

And now with Fringe returning for season 5, the highly anticipated Fringe season 4 finale will be edited to include the additional footage which leads the story into the next season. Originally created with two endings that would either be added or left off depending on renewal, the May 11th finale will serve to wrap up many of the series storylines – but not all of them.

fringe season 4 observers statue of liberty Fringe Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

If you’re curious what direction Fringe season 5 will head into, Peter Bishop himself, Joshua Jackson, revealed that the battle between the Fringe team and the Observers in the year 2036 is the key. “If you watch that, you’ll have an understanding of where they want to take the series,” Jackson says.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, it’s always great when a television show is able to end on its own, and allow its many viewers a chance to experience the complete, intended story. That being said, Fringe has certainly earned its position to end its story properly.

Being the only purely science-fiction series on television isn’t easy. With broadcast networks looking to appeal to the masses, science-fiction often doesn’t garner a large enough audience to allow the series to grow into its own. But thanks to the many fans of Fringe, many of whom followed the series through its many moves and awkward hiatuses, network television’s last surviving sci-fi show will receive a proper farewell


Fringe season 4 finale airs Friday, May 11 @9pm on Fox

Fringe season 5 will premiere September 2012

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    • fringe is my replacement to lost

  1. Honestly i thought the 4th season was a little silly. The main plot line was amazing of course, but the different plots in each episode were just a little…silly…to me. Season 1-3, every episode was great. Just my opinion. That being said, im still happy they get a chance to wrap things up and not rush the ending of the series. I just hope they can pull it off with a smaller budget.

  2. Thank you so much for renewing Fringe for a 5th season and to complete the series properly. There has been so many times where I have been watching a Sci Fy show and all of a sudden a season finale happens where nothing is explained and then the following season is cancelled. Such examples John Doe, Flash Forward, The Event, V, etc. It’s completely understandable to cancel a show at some point but really the only thing that really makes a fan happy is finishing up a storyline. Fringe is probably my favorite tv show. I watched season 3 – 4 and then watched 1 -2 and realized you were hinting the clues to the storyline the entire time. Your writing and visual effects are fantastic. I am even a compositor graduating from college and the vfx are integrated so well. I very much hope you read this just to see that you are doing a fantastic job. I am sure that the season finale with the observers will be visually astonishing and well written. thanks again for creating a wonderful piece of art!

  3. I’m very sad that fringe will be ending, i have followed this show from the beginning and couldn’t wait until the next episode aired each week. this show is my all time favorite show and i would continue to watch and enjoy it if it were to stay on. it is such a good show even my kids were glued to the t.v. when it was on. and i agree that there were fantastic visual effects and awesome story line that kept you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. i will be very sad to see it go and thankyou to the cast for doing an outstanding job on making such an awesome show.

  4. I just read that Fringe is being renewed for a 5th season. I am so happy. I was bummed out when I read it was the end at season 4. The story lines are so mesmerizing I couldn’t wait till the next Friday’s episode. I love sci fi and it is a shame that there aren’t more tv programs like Fringe. There are way too many vampire series (which I hate and never watch) and not enough fringe science series. Thank you for keeping it on. Maybe consider season 6 too!

  5. Fringe is absolutely the best show, can’t wait to see Season 5. Please let Olivia live, let her be with Peter. Fringe will not be Fringe without the trio: Olivia, Peter and Walter.

  6. well, 2 weeks ago I found out about this series, that’s a great story, but s4 e 1 & 2 were so boring without peter b. Anyway who imagined this series , who wrote it and the director of the series those ppl are about to make history, this is better than Stargate SG1 series great job.

  7. The best show on television: period. Pure genius. Thanks for giving those of us with a better than average IQ a relief from the incredible banality that has become the purview of network TV. Geeks need entertainment too!!

  8. It will surely be a sad day at our house when it ends! Nothing can come even close to the greatest,talented team…all of them… From the actors to the writers to the people we never hear about, but so much appreciate!!!

  9. I absolutely love this show!! I wish it wasn’t ending but I am extremely happy that we are actually going to get to see how it ends. I agree that it sucks to be so into a show and waiting for the next season only to find out that it ended with no real resolution. Thank you warner bros. for letting us have our ending. JJ Abrams is a genius and the cast and crew are wonderful. Fringe will always be my favorite sci-fi show ever.

  10. Favorite show for the last 4 years. Fringe will be missed most definitely!

  11. I love the show and the last 3 seasons we brilliant. Season 4 took a complete different curve which I loved to watch. season 4 was calm than the other seasons. I am waiting for season 5, hope the ending is very excited.

  12. I am ecstatic that Fringe gets to continue for a 5th and final season. Fox, you rock!!! Science fiction rules and one day, it will appeal to the masses. Thank you Fox, thank you Warner Bros and thank you creators of Fringe……..

  13. Thank you FOX for renewing Fringe for another season. My family and friends will be looking forward to see the Fringe team work their magic for another season. Fringe has been the greatest TV series since X-Files and I will be looking forward to see what FOX will bring us next.

  14. yeeeeee super

  15. The most outstanding TV serial today with an equally outstanding cast!!

    The portrayal by Anna Torv in the central role was just marvelous &
    hope to see her again in other new serial/s, kudos!

    Thank you Fox.

  16. Definetly one of the best tv shows ever created !

    Its sad that they end tho because ive been with the series since the beginning of it and it has grown into being a part of my life.

    I hope that the series will go on after they raise enough money for more seasons. We should make a donation or something to help them. :)

  17. Thank you FOX. This is terrific news. Closure. That’s all any TV viewer wants when they invest in watching a series. All you other networks out there, are you PAYING ATTENTION? Watch. And learn.

    • This is great news, but I honestly thought a show as good as this one would have kept going for more than 5 seasons. And why only 13 more episodes to come instead of the usual 22?

  18. please give to seasion 5 two endings :-)

  19. I started watching Fringe in season 3. It was so good I crammed season 1 and 2 in about 3 weeks. By the time season 3 was finished I was totally hooked. I don’t think season 4 was as good but I had to watch every episode and I can’t wait for season 5. I just wish it would keep going after season 5 but all good stuff does come to an end! I just love the characters, especially in the first 3 season’s.

  20. Huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Fringe Is The Best

    I Would Have killed Myslef If it Hadn’t Season 5 & Ending!

    The Best Sci Fi TVShow in The Last Decade!

    • In the hope Dr Bishop would have brought you back to life?

  21. I have just finished watching season 3 and 4 back to back ( 44 episodes one after another). The characters are so likeable and addictive. Walters cheerful approach to autopsies whilst eating and recreational harmful drugs is so acceptable in this series. Both Olivia Dunham@s have incredible sex appeal. I would live in either universe to get close to either. I wonder if my other self thinks the same??. I am however a little perplexed of the Observers. The episode set in the future which is the pre-course to the final season, I found the Observers a little too human without the mysterious cloak surrounding them. Maybe more will be revealed in the final season that will make this more understandable. Roll on September.

  22. i think fringe is the best scientific TV show…..

  23. I enjoy very much watching this show. I already have S-1 thru 4 in BluRay Video, to watch over and over again, and pick all the extra details that come as bonus material, or from watching it another time. Of course some episodes are more entertaining than others, and some steer off the course of the main story, providing for the unexpected.
    My kids are still too young to watch or enjoy this show, but my wife and I have a great time watching every single episode. I particularly enjoy the fact that it gives you something to think about, as it creates so many hypotetical situations, but without taking the everything-is-a-conspiracy road. It’s too bad the end to this show is finally coming on Season 5, but at least it looks like things are coming to a wrap.
    This show was a very good successor to The X-Files, and hopefully there will come another one someday to fill in for this kind of audience.

  24. This Show is the only reason I watch TV… Best thing to come around Since the X-files.

  25. No more Fringe,no more House,Futurama is heading there with Simpsons,How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory…Even Community only has a 13 Episode season this time round…IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!! THIS IS THE WORST TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!! D;

  26. I’m so glad this show is back for one more year. I love the actors, the characters, the storyline… Thank you!!! I own all of the seasons so far and love to re-watch them as I’m working at the PC.

  27. Greatest show since the X-Files! So where do we go from here??