‘Fringe’ Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

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fringe season 5 Fringe Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

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The prayers of Fringe fans from around the world have been answered: Fox has renewed Fringe for season 5, which will also serve as the series’ finale.

This news came after months of waiting in anticipation for an announcement. Ever since Fox president Kevin Reily revealed that the network was losing “a lot of money on the show, fans of the series have been preparing for the worst.

Fortunately, Fox has somewhat of a soft spot for Fringe and its many fans. So in order for the series to continue, Warner Bros. has agreed to reduce the amount that Fox pays the studio for each episode of the show.

Here’s what Reily had to say about Fringe’s renewal:

Fringe is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve. The amazing work the producers, writers and the incredibly talented cast and crew have delivered the last four seasons has literally been out of this world. Although the end is bittersweet, it’s going to be a very exciting final chapter.

What makes Warner Bros. so willing to negotiate down their asking price?  With Fox renewing Fringe for a 13-episode final season, the series will pass the 100-episode syndication mark (meaning: more money for Warner Bros.).

And now with Fringe returning for season 5, the highly anticipated Fringe season 4 finale will be edited to include the additional footage which leads the story into the next season. Originally created with two endings that would either be added or left off depending on renewal, the May 11th finale will serve to wrap up many of the series storylines – but not all of them.

fringe season 4 observers statue of liberty Fringe Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

If you’re curious what direction Fringe season 5 will head into, Peter Bishop himself, Joshua Jackson, revealed that the battle between the Fringe team and the Observers in the year 2036 is the key. “If you watch that, you’ll have an understanding of where they want to take the series,” Jackson says.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, it’s always great when a television show is able to end on its own, and allow its many viewers a chance to experience the complete, intended story. That being said, Fringe has certainly earned its position to end its story properly.

Being the only purely science-fiction series on television isn’t easy. With broadcast networks looking to appeal to the masses, science-fiction often doesn’t garner a large enough audience to allow the series to grow into its own. But thanks to the many fans of Fringe, many of whom followed the series through its many moves and awkward hiatuses, network television’s last surviving sci-fi show will receive a proper farewell

Fringe season 4 finale airs Friday, May 11 @9pm on Fox

Fringe season 5 will premiere September 2012

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  1. 13 is better than nothing. At least they will be able to end on there own terms. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad…

    • *their*

    • It would be nice if the show could continue on the SyFy channel.

      • syfy unfortunately couldnt afford to keep this show on the air

    • The answer is sad. I know I am.

  2. Yes!!!! Amazing news for us fringe fans. A proper way to say goodbye to our beloved characters! I couldn’t be happier! 😀

  3. Welp, I couldn’t be happier! I’m glad Fringe gets more time to end the show. Loved it since the beginning and I can’t wait for the ending. Hopefully it gets the excellent ending it deserves.

  4. Finally a network boss who actually does the right thing by it’s show and it’s fans

    Great news

    • Don’t praise them just yet. Remember that Warner Bros. is doing the right thing because it nets them more revenue in the end. If it wasn’t for that, then Fringe could have suffered from premature termination.

      It’s still all about profit.

      • Actually there is talk after every season of Fringe to terminate the series. It has a fan base no doubt but to say the studio is doing this only for profit is a little off. This is for the fans.

      • They are not doing it for the profit. This show generates virtually nothing in the way of profits or ratings. I have to agree that this is more for the fans. What other show that dips under 3 million viewers on occasion remains on the air? Thank you FOX! :)

        • There are things that simply have to be done, simply put.

          It’s not about money, or about fans. It’s about prestige. There are shows that simply pass to history, like dr. Who, Star Trek or Battlestar.

          If Fox cancelled one of those without a proper closure, the world would be blaming them for generations to come.

          • No on will be talking about Fringe in even one generation. It’s a great show but it’s not going to end up in the pantheon of sci-fi TV history. This is purely being done because TPTB think they will eventually recoup the series’ costs in syndication, which is only possible at the 100-episode mark, and DVD sales, which are likely to be higher if the show receives a proper conclusion.

  5. Ya seriously. I’m equally impressed and surprised at the move seeing as it’s from Fox

  6. THANK YOU Fox! Now, to the creators/writers, p-l-e-a-s-e do not end the series as terribly as the show Lost ended…

    • We should be so lucky if Fringe gets as beautiful an ending as LOST’s.

      • Disagree. I was an avid fan of Lost, but as the years passed, the show drifted and ended terribly, not fulfilling, in the least, the promise to answer the many questions that were raised. It was a sham, pure and simple.

        • At the risk of another “LOST finale debate,” the three most common responses by those who didn’t appreciate the finale (“not enough answers”/”got too mythological”/insert random preconceived notion of what the viewer was “entitled” to be “rewarded with” for watching) are bound to be repeated by Fringe. I love the show, but Fringe has more abandoned plot threads, spotty science and discarded story lines than LOST ever did.

          • And so you have discerned the problem with the creators/writers of these shows. As entertaining as they are, they are far from perfectionists, as they have little to no care to “wrap up” any loose ends. It is far easier, after all, to pose a question or a riddle and just let each audience member answer it him/herself, rather than to provide the plausible and satisfying answer or solution. Snake-oil salesmen.

            • Well, I agree with you on the front end– that writers often do pose questions without the intention of answering them. That’s true for LOST, Fringe and any number of sci-fi fantasy shows. With LOST, most of the questions got answered, just not to the specificity that the audience was expecting. The writers felt it was enough to explain that the Man in Black built the donkey wheel to try to leave the Island, but many viewers wanted more than that– what science was behind it, how the MiB knew what to do, etc.

              The point here isn’t “LOST’s ending sucked,” but rather “Remember that you are watching broadcast television.” This isn’t a Michael Crichton novel, it’s FOX. Even the smartest show on TV is written for a lower common denominator than many of us would like. Fringe has great writers. LOST had great writers. But they must work within the confines of their chosen medium.

              You call them “snake-oil salesmen,” but that implies that they’re lying to you about what they are trying to sell you. If you’re familiar at all with J.J. Abrams, you know about his storytelling concept of the magic box. He is very honest about the fact that he thinks questions are more interesting than answers. It is the philosophy that has guided him through most of his career.

              Of course, Abrams had no direct involvement in LOST by the end, nor does he currently have any direct involvement in Fringe. But it’s a safe bet that his philosophy will, to some extent determine what grows from the seeds he first planted. So prepare for landing, and adjust your expectations accordingly. I’m just going enjoy what they present rather than compare it to what I think it “should” be.

              • I’ve been enjoying Fringe too. Although the writers of these shows are entertaining and have some talent, I am not prepared to call them “great”, as it does not take greatness to present riddles and questions without truly answering them. After Lost ended, I remember seeing a couple of the actors on the show express that not even they “got” their parts in it. Now what does that say, when not even the actors playing the parts understand the story? But I digress, as Lost is now a part of history and forgotten in many people’s minds. I really do hope Fringe wraps itself up in a more memorable way.

                • Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t followed Fringe as closely as I did LOST, so if it wraps up well I look forward to buying the series set and doing a big old rewatch.

              • Really well written,and very true.

  7. i want next season to take place entirely in 2036 but if not oh well……at least it seems that will be a major part of next season :)

    • The 2036 timeline, if explained thoroughly, could be a real audience-captivator. If they just make it a barebones Us vs. Observers sort of ordeal, we could see it sticking around a lot longer. No parallel universes, etc. It’s the serialization that lost viewers.. but, also, kept viewers. :p

    • That would mean no more Anna Torv…. I’m betting 2036 is the end game and we’ll see the events that lead up to it.

      • Yes, it would. Personally, the way I want to see Fringe go is the final three eps of Season 4 lead up to the Occupation in Season 5. S5 snaps straight to post-Occupation, and through flashbacks, and the likes, Olivia can appear.

        We’ll see how it goes.. Fringe seems to produce better episodes when it’s under stricter time constraints.

        Here’s oping for Season 5 to be full of mind-blowing episodes that the last 3-4 episodes of Fringe always seem to procure.

        • Yeah…its fringe they’ll figure out away to keep Olivia in the show

        • Agreed!

      • Fringe without Anna Torv and Olivia Dunham is No Fringe.
        She is the lead actress and lead character.

        They never gave her decent material, but still thanks to the brilliance of Anna Torv Olivia is this great character.

        Season 5 should finally be about Olivia Dunham, we know nothing about her, anyone know the name of Olivia’s father? I bet its Henry.

        I want Olivia the Dunhamnator back, the Hero, the Savior, all that abuse must have been for something.

        BTW I hated 2036, and especially the disguting trick of hiring someone who copies every scene of Olivia done by Anna, and gets praise for that.
        And an American actress would be sued for copying someone elses work.

        Does nobody thinks it is strange that this copyactress did not get any praise from her co actors?They saw what was going on, and should be ashamed.

        • are you talking about the girl who played peter and olivia’s daughter? no where in the whole episode did it look like she was trying to be a copycat of anna torv.

          • Well, Leonard nimoy should also sue Anna for stealing HIS mannerisms since Anna had the wonderful opportunity to play William bell and Anna was getting all the love and respect for doing it.

            This is all pure sarcasm, btw, I’m just proving how stupid this Anna torv troll is.

        • I detect a hint of bias here…. call me crazy.

          But yes, there should be no Fringe without the core trio of Olivia, Peter and Walter. That’s why the first half of this season was so awful.

        • Oh, EGNIRF. What message board or comment section about Fringe would be complete without the hilarity of your Anna Torv complex? Sometimes I scroll through comments just to find yours. I’m beginning to have my own complex, I think. Just remember, we all love Fringe. We all love Anna and Olivia. The writers tell the story they want to tell, after all, it IS their story to tell. If Anna didn’t want to be a part of it, I’m sure she would move on. Just don’t attack an actress (Etta) for doing her job. She’s supposed to embody (in a very short time) a person who is the daughter of Olivia and Peter. Why shouldn’t she attempt to share mannerisms or similarities with her “mother?” It’s an homage. It’s flattery. It’s fun storytelling. Enjoy the ride. There’s not much left.

  8. WOW. I can’t believe it. Fringe has been, literally, on the Fringes ever since S2. To ever believe it would get a full 3rd season.. a full 4th season.. and a 5th season would NEVER have crossed my mind.

    Critically-acclaimed shows with widespread audiences rarely make it this far.. heck, Mad Men faced huge issues before getting to where it is now..

    I can’t even express my happiness and gratitude for the folks at FOX, and can’t even begin to imagine the amount of lobbying done on behalf of the producers. What a happy Thursday, and it’s a relief to know tomorrow’s episode won’t be the beginning of the end, yet.

  9. I loved ‘threshold’……and they killed it. I loved ‘caprica’ …….and they killed that one also. ‘The event’ had potential but no, we must kill that show too. At long last, I get to enjoy watching what in my opinion is, the greatest sci-fi show ever created, to it’s conclusion. There is a sci-fi god after all! Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic news……………

  10. Thank you Fox for doing the right thing! It is amazing how your competitor CW continually keeps fair to average science fiction and fantasy shows alive and well and you cannot. But no sour grapes from me. Thank you for keeping Fringe on the air another season. Fringe, in my opinion remains the best drama/science fiction show on television. Well written, beautifully conceived science fiction, with fantastic actors and actresses who play their parts very well. And as I have said many times…Walter is a one of the kind character. What happens if next years viewer ship increases? One can never tell. But thank you!

    • Yesssss!!!! EVERYTHING YOU SAID TIMES TEN!!!!!

  11. Most defiently a scifi gasma for Fringe fans, hope the hot actress will be in the next season whomever she is that plays peter and olivia’s daughter.

    • That is not an actress at all, she copied every scene that Anna Torv did as Olivia.

      When shooting they had a playback camera, it is an exact copy, that is stealing someone elses work in my book.

      Would you want the project you worked on for 4 years copied and presented by the thief like his own??

      She should have been playing Etta, not a ripp Off Olivia.

      That ws the most disgusting thing you can do to an actor.

      • I find your perspective on this difficult to understand. You do realize that mimicking some of Torv’s mannerisms was specifically done with the intention of making Etta believable as her daughter, right? That’s a basic acting/directing technique performed countless times in film. Is Zachary Quinto a thief for aping Leonard Nimoy’s mannerisms? Of course not, he is simply trying to create believable continuity between two different versions of Spock. There is no disrespect or plagiarism, in fact it is more akin to respectful homage, if anything.

      • Yeah she’s Olivia’s younger daughter!Besides the fact that on tv shows they always look for younger actors who resemble the characters they are playing the son/daughter of in order to have them learn to have those similarities and mannerisms. By you’re logic real children/adults that can both resemble a parent depending male or female, and take on many of their mannerisms, would you say to that child/adult that they are stealing their parents personality? That the fact they look and sound and say the same things means they are are a disgusting ripoff of their parent? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? And uh how exactly did Etta copy every scene Olivia did when it’s the future and Olivia never did any of these things, she wasn’t even in amber as far as we know. I mean would you rather they had hired just some random young women they picked off the street not mattering what she looked like and have her talk with a Brooklyn accent? Your post makes NO sense

    • She was pretty hot. I wouldnt mind seeing her as a regular/recurring.

  12. this may just be a me nitpicking but it’s not really passing the 100 ep mark it’s ending on the 100th episode. to me saying it’s “passing the 100 ep mark.” makes it sound like there will be episodes after the 100th but again that’s just me. lol

    • The pilot is a 2hr episode, which would be split into 2 episodes for syndication. 😉

      • ah ok…..i thought it was already considered 2 episodes but guess not lol :)

  13. Oh Happy Days! :o)

  14. Many thanks to FOX. I didn’t get into the show until halfway through season 2, but have been hooked from than on. I wounder if Abrams or any of the other creators will come back to direct/write any of the final episodes? In any case a final ending will be welcome.

  15. I can see them doing a LOST type season 5, flashfowarding into 2036 every episode or so. Regardless I’m glad this show is coming back on.

  16. Great News! Fringe is the best thing on TV in my opinion. Very few shows make you think like this one does.

  17. I wonder which episode in season 5 will be the “19th” episode?

  18. Hey FOX…what about letting my show finish properly????


    • Here, Here

    • Right? FOX totally screwed the pooch with Firefly. I’d love to get just one last taste.

      I will miss Fringe, as it is one of my favorite shows on television. At least we will get a story conclusion.

  19. Fringe fans should be happy. We Heroes fan asked for the same thing, a 13 week wrap up season. NO go from nbc. So congrats to the Fringees!

  20. Can’t say I’ll be happy to see it end, but at least it’ll get the conclusion it deserves. Thanks, FOX.

  21. I was so happy when I heard the news. And even though it’s not getting a full season, having only 13 episodes will really push the series to be completely focused on and hit the ground running with the main story instead of having episodic stories here and there (even more so since this is officially the final season and they don’t have to worry about roping in any casual fans).

  22. I read somewhere that there might be a second part for Fringe Season 5 and that it’ll Warner Bros are negotiating with other networks to air the next 13 or so episodes of Season five.

    So we might just get 13 episodes on FOX or we could see 13 episodes on FOX and another 13-15 episodes on another network like NBC. (They had Heroes and this is a metric-ton better)

  23. “Firefly” wrapped nicely with “Serenity”. Maybe we’ll get one or more “Fringe” movies. I am glad for the renewal, even if it isn’t a full season. I’ll be part of any lobby to have it continue where ever.

  24. Halleluiah! The Network’s Gods heard our prayers!

  25. Thank You Fox. Fringe deserves a proper ending, it’s truly one of the best shows on network TV.

  26. James, while I absolutely would love to see this happen, because Fringe is so awesome.
    I Really think it won’t, for the simple reason that the show is so far along in its storytelling, that the new network would have to start from scratch with the pilot to garner new viewers, while we the loyalist would have to wait until those new viewers caught up.
    I just can’t see any network agreeing to just screen a 13 episode second half of a series that has been previously shown for over 4 seasons on another network just to satisfy the fans (Believe you me that was hard to say, as I am one of those Fans)
    Although its always nice to dream after all both you and I watch fringe and I suppose anything is possible.

    • A back half of season 5 on another network? no, it would be on Fox. just like what NBC did for Chuck. Season 3 renewed for 13 eps. Halfway through airing them it did well and got an additional 6 episodes total 19. T hen they canceled it, brought it back for 13 eps. halfway through again it did well and it recieved another 11 eps! total 24. They were gonna seriously cancel it again but agreed seriously only 13 episode 5th and final season. Well let’s hope it happens anyway

    • I know it’s always hard but consider this, when scrubs moved network it got cancelled after one season but one season would be enough and it wouldn’t even be asking for one season just another 13/14 episodes so I think if they could trick the guys at NBC into thinking Fringe would be as good as it is now on FOX (possibly even better) then we could see another 13/14 episodes allowing J.J Abrams and co to come up with an awesome season five.

      I like fringe but I don’t think 13 episodes will be enough to bridge the gap between Jones trying to create he’s own world to Observers taking over or it will and Season five will be resolved too quickly. Then again maybe they already know how to do all that in the best way possibly. It all depends really. (Maybe hour long episodes like Dexter and The Walking Dead?)

  27. I don’t care what the reason is for renewal – I am just glad we are getting 13 episodes. My only hope is that they wrap the show up properly. And oh yea, I want Olivia too. I am NOT a troll…I just don’t think the show would be right with out Olivia Dunham.

  28. I like Fringe with my life, but most people from today want to see s*** where thinking is not a requirement, so no surprise the show didn’t last longer. And thank you Fox for cancelling another well thought out show.

  29. fringe is an incredible show and i am happy that it will have an epic ending! there are always shows that are great in the beginning but dragging them leads to bad taste. Having said that, fringe never took the low turn, it always had an uncanny vibe to it, great storyline, amazing actors, lovable chemistry between Anna torv and joshua jackson! hoping for an epic ending!